Honestly...probably one of my favorite stories ever. Granted, that means nothing cause all of my stories suck :) but this one sucks just a little bit less.

This story is heavily inspired by The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miler. If you haven't read that book, you are truly missing out. There is history in this story but it has been altered a lot. Just a warning for my fellow History and Mythology Geeks.

All my stories are mature so I feel like I don't need to warn anyone but...WARNING for MATURE CONTENT below. Like usual, sorry for errors I do check over my stories but miss stuff because I am human.

Okay, here we go!

The Island Themyscira 480 BC

The cool sand of Themyscira moved as the bodies shifted under the pale moonlight. The woman drove herself farther into the man's side while his arm wrapped around her and the other behind his head full of dark curls. The woman threw her left leg over the mans legs and sighed in relief, she was spent. However, she would enjoy the time the two had together before he had to leave her. They hid at first, fearing the gods would find them and surely expose them the way Hephaestus had revealed Ares and Aphrodite. Yet, it seemed as if Artemis had kept the secret and Hermes had no letters to deliver.

"When will you return?" The woman asked as she used her pointer finger to draw lines on his chest.

"We will push the Persian's back from Sparta." The man said. "If I fall in battle-"

"You will not." The woman said as her hand stopped moving.

She did not like when he spoke about battle as if it was their end, it was not. They would live together once the war was over even if it meant leaving the lives they'd always known. It didn't matter to them, they wanted, no, needed to be together.

"I pray for that outcome, beloved," The man said. "but the God's cannot promise to keep me."

"Ask nothing of the God's." the woman said looking into the mans blue eyes, as if Poseidon himself had lived in them.

She then rose from the position she was once in, letting his Red Spartan toga fall from her body. The man looked upon her bare body and his breath had left him. He saw her many times and every time he was always stunned at the beauty of her. Sitting upon her legs, the man had the perfect view of her. Olive skin that was perfectly sun kissed. Long and toned legs that he loved to have wrapped around him. Traveling up the woman body, the man smirked as he viewed the most sacred part of her. Pushing his thoughts away he traveled to her toned stomach and then her chest and admired the rounded beast that the God's had blessed her with.

Sitting up, the man took the woman's hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it gently.

"I ask the God's to keep you." The man said.

He then took his lips away and looked at the woman once more. Raven curls fell down her shoulders and back, some covering her breast The defined checkbooks colored with a pink blush and rose lips made the man want to kiss the woman even more. His life had not been an easy one and though he could ask for anything in world, he asked for her. That the Gods keep his woman safe and war not come to her Island. That she would not be waiting for him at Hade's gates until it was time for both of them to pass.

"You ask for me and yet not for your own life?" The woman asked.

"You are my life, Diana." Kal-El said. "I will let no harm come to you."

Diana moved closer to Kal and placed a kiss on his lips. Hungry motions signaled for him to kiss her harder. His hands found their way around Diana's waist and lifted her up to sit on his bare lap. The woman smirked between the intense kiss and then moved her head to the side, giving him access.

Kal trialed warm kisses down Diana's neck and she whispered his name. His lips then found one of Diana's breast while his hand grasped the other. Diana never had a lover and neither did Kal and yet their bodies knew how to please each other. Kal flicked Diana's nipple with his tongue Diana gasped as the sensation.

She could feel him growing down below. The Amazon had never seen such a part, and nor did she believe that it could give her pleasure. However, it had given the woman pleasure and she wasn't sure how she survived twenty turns without it. Diana moved her hips and her lover emitted a low groan.

"Are you strong enough, Spartan?" Diana whispered in his ear as she moved her sex above his again.

"Are you able, Amazon?" Kal asked as he brushed Diana curls out of her face. His hand caressed her cheek and he peered into her sky-blue eyes.

Diana smirked and moved both of her hands to his chest and then pushed him down onto the sand. She then flicked her hair to the side bent down, her lips at his chest. She placed a kiss on his pecks, one after the other. Moving down, she trialed kisses down until she reached his manhood. Lifting her head, Diana looked up and she was instantly locked in a trance with him.

Diana didn't like that war had come to her home country. The Persian's had invaded Greece, but they had not reached her Island. War would soon come, and Diana would be ready when it did. War took a lot from those involved and she would not let it take him. Not before Diana proved her love to him in every way.

Placing her hands on Kal's chest, Diana then lifted herself up. Kal shifted and unintentional or intentional rubbed his sex with Diana's. Diana then positioned herself and slowly let his tip penetrate her sex.

"Diana…" Kal moaned.

"Shhh, my Spartan." Diana cooed as she slowly lowered herself until he was fully in. Kal groaned at the connection and Diana could feel her walls close around him. She loved the feeling of the two being connected like it. She could understand why her mother didn't allow men on the Island. The connect between the two grew every time they bedded or even spoke a word. Speaking with someone you loved was just as dangerous as bedding them.

Diana began to rock her hips slowly, saving the moment. Fast enough to cause the pair to moan but slow enough for them to want more. Diana then slowly lifted herself up and then back down onto his shaft losing herself in every movement.

"I swear to wait for you." Diana moaned as she moved her hips. Kal placed his hands on Diana's rear and helped her move on him. "No other man shall have me like this."

"Diana…" Kal moaned.

Diana swiveled her hips and then rolled them, a new move she had learned. Kal gasped grasped onto Diana's cheek pulled her onto him further, diving deeper into Diana's core.

"I swear to never leave your side." Diana moaned. "As you will never leave mine."

Kal then lifted himself up from the ground, pulling Diana closer to him. He moved his hips with hers until they found a rhythm they both enjoyed. Their lips connected in a heated kiss and their rhythms became frantic wanting to be closer and needed to be one.

"I am yours and" Kal said between kisses. "you are mine. Until the darkness claims us."

"Until the darkness claims us."

Sparta, Greece 480 BC

He questioned why the God's turned on him. The God's had not protected their lands and let foreigners in. Not only did these foreigners bring war with them but disease. Maybe it was the price that their home had to pay for invading others and taking their land as well. However, nothing compared to the troubles the Persian's brought. Skilled fighters, sure but he and his fellow Spartan's were untouchable. Disease however, cared nothing about your ability to hold a sword. The boils had taken the soldiers quickly while the pest had infected their cattle and crops. One sixth of the Spartan army had passed due to these issues and soon they would need aid of other nation. Ironically, they ceased war with Athens and joined in their fight against the Persian's.

"You my friend have grown soft!" Achilleus shouted as he brought his sword down onto Kal's shield. He lifted his leg and pushed Achilleus back, gained some distance.

"Are you certain?" Kal asked as he threw down his shield. "I feel like I could wrestle ten bulls blessed by Poseidon himself."

"Ah, the touch of a woman will surely do that." The Myrmidon said.

"What have you heard?" Kal asked as she twisted his wrist releasing the sword and then catching it again.

"Oh nothing." Achilleus said with a wicked smirk. "I've just woken to you leaving our tent and boating off."

Kal looked at Achilleus and frowned. He didn't need his general knowing the he was leaving in the middle of the night. It was wrong of him to do so but he needed to see Diana once more. Kal had fought many wars and seen many deaths but he never questioned his mortality. He had no one to come back to, so if he died then his soul would be forever lost. Then, he stumbled upon the Island and awoke to Diana's face. From that moment on, he knew where his soul was meant to be.

"I will tell no one, brother." Achilleus said. "You've kept Patroclus and I.I shall return the gift for you and your mate."

"Thank you." Kal said sighing in relief.

"Tell me, Kal." Achilleus said. "Is she the reason you fight so hard now?"

"I have not seen a change." Kal said. "I pray now, if that is what you ask."

"Yes, praying to the God's for your safety in battle is good."

"No." Kal corrected. "I pray for her safety. I pray that they watch over her as she sleeps. I pray they watch over her as she goes through her morning and nights. I pray for her when we are together as I pray for her when we are apart."

"You must pray for yourself." Achilleus said. "That you will return to her. For a life with her breath and not yours is a life neither of you should want."

"I shall ask the next time." Kal nodded.


"Spartans!" The General shouted and soon, Kal picked up his shield and rushed to his general tent.

"What is it?" Achilleus asked.

"The Athenian's aren't coming." Leonidas hissed.

"What do you mean?" Kal asked. "the Persian's are a threat to all of Greece, not just Sparta."

"They are not coming because the Persian's have turned their fleet to ashes." Leonidas informed. "They will reach us by dawn."

"What of Agamemnon?" Achilleus asked.

"His troops will not make it on time." Leonidas said. "It is only us against the invaders."

"There are only 300 of us." Kal informed. "The rest have split to cover the eastern border. We need more men."

"We have no time!" Leonidas shouted. "Pray to the Gods and ask they make you a champion the world shall never forget."

The army of Spartans stood on the flat wet sands of the shore. They could see the Persian ships heading towards them. Some prayed to the Gods and asked for acceptance into Olympus, but not Kal-El. He was religious but he didn't ask the Gods for anything until Diana. Now, all of his prayers would mention his mate. He would pray that she never tired nor starved in this world. He prayed that she'd be immune to all sicknesses even those of the heart. He thought of taking Achilleus advice and ask the Gods to return him safely to her. However, it didn't feel right to ask for himself. But as the sun set and the Persian ships sailed closer to the shore he prayed.

"Athena, keep me in your hold." Kal-El prayed. "So that I may make it to Diana."

"Kal-El." Leonidas said turning to him. "It has been an honor to fight at your side."

"There is no greater honor than being your second in command."

"I must tell you that we are outnumbered." Leonidas says.

"I know." Kal-El responds.

"I must also tell you that your prayers may be answered." Leonidas says.

"You cannot promise that of which you don't know."

"Yes, but it seems as if the God's have touched you in ways they have touched Achilleus and I."

"My Lord-"

"No false truths, my friend." Leonidas said smiling at him. "You do not know of your line, but you are blessed by them. I do not believe you will perish in this war for you have others to fight. That is why I pray for you as I do for the rest."

Kal wanted to question his King but then he felt it. The boats had landed on the shore. Leonidas disregarded Kal and looked to his fellow warriors. Part of Kal knew that if he didn't ask the question now he would never get the chance. So, Kal grabbed onto Leonidas and asked him a question. When Leonidas answered, Kal felt a shift in his being. The answer was one he could not think of nor one he thought to imagine. But here it was, the truth that Kal had searched for all his days.

"But…wh-why me—" Kal questioned. "Of al-l… all the—I never—"

Leonidas put his hand up to silence the young Spartan and Kal did such. Leonidas moved his hands and the warriors followed suit. On the sand stood thirty rows of ten men lined behind each other. Their shields up and spears out waiting for the enemy. Kal stood on Leonidas's right while Achilleus stood on his left.

"This is where we hold them!" Leonidas shouted.

"This is where we fight!"

King Leonidas then turned his head and looked back at his soldiers.

"This is where they die!"

"Man these shields, boys!" Achilleus shouted holding up his own.

"Huh!" The Spartan Warriors shouted.

"Remember this day, men," Leonidas said. "for it will be yours for all time."

They watched as the Persians left the ships. Masses of them walked through the water and on to the shore. The Spartan's held as the General rode on a black mare towards the them.

"Spartans!" The Persian General shouted. "Lay down your weapons."

Leonidas smirked and Kal knew that look. He moved his shield and twisted the spear in his hand. He then backed up and threw the spear across the way, landing in the heart of the Persian General. He fell off of his horse and laid on the salt shore of Greece.

"Persians!" Leonidas said and the men then spread their legs apart in a lunge and lowered their spears forward towards the enemy.

"Come and get them!"

The Spartans fought bravely as they always did. But with more ground that they gained more ships had come. Kal had wished the ships had come from Athens, but the God's didn't answer his prayer. He slashed his way through Persians left and right. He covered his men and gave them the strength to keep pushing on. Kal needed the strength to push on and his mind drifted to Diana. He had to make it back to her the way he planned. He didn't promise he would come back for he didn't believe in false truths. Kal had something to fight for, someone to fight for and he had to make it to her. Leonidas moved on with other Spartans while a few of them fought along with Achilleus and Kal. Every Persian Kal and his members put down, another twenty came. It seemed as if all hope was lost, weapons that usually glided off of Kal's skin seemed to penetrate him. Now, Kal was covered in slash making his death ever more present than Diana's smile.

"GAH!" Achilleus shouted.

Kal turned quickly to his brother, Achilleus was one the ground. In that moment, Kal knew something was wrong. Kal cut through Persians as he made his way to his injured brother.

"Achilleus?" Kal questioned as he bent down.

"My le-g." Achilleus hissed and Kal looked over his body quickly. An arrow had made its way through the back of his leg.


"It is the only part that can wound me." Achilleus said. "I see this is where I die."

"No!" Kal shouted. "You have many battles to fight."


"Come with me, I will get you somewhere safe." Kal said as he picked up Achilleus.

"Your strength still surprises me."

"You have many years to get used to it."

Kal then moved and shifted Achilleus on his back. Achilleus wrapped his arms around Kal's neck and Kal grabbed his shield and spear. He ran quickly through the people, dodging when he could. Other times, he had no choice but to stop and fight. He could feel Achilleus slipping from him and Kal shifted again. If he could make it to the hill then he could send Achilleus off to find his love.

"Ah!" Kal ground as a spear made its way to Kal's side. Kal then fell and rolled making Ahcilleus fall to the ground as well.

"Kal!" Achilleus shouted.

"Gahhh!" Kal shouted as he felt the spear in his side. He touched the spear and groaned his hand began to burn. In fact, his whole body began to burn and his face loss its color. Achilleus crawled to Kal and looked at his struggling brother.

"Kal, what is—"

"TAKE IT OUT!" Kal cried as he shook his hand in pain. Achilleus reached for the weapon and then pulled back. The weapon seemed to hurt him as well.

"It's cursed!" Achilleus shouted.

Kal screamed again as his hands grabbed the hot sand. Tears ran down his face and he cried out to the goods. Achilleus had never seen the kind of pain that Kal had faced. He wanted to help his brother, but he couldn't touch the object. Slowly, a sickening green from Kal's side spread to his torso and then to his chest.


"It seems as if this is my end."

"No!" Achilleus shouted. "You have to live for your love."

"It is false to believe that I will make it." Kal said as he shed another tear. He felt his life slipping away from him. He could barely see Achilleus face through foggy eyes. So, he thought of a site he wanted to before he died, Diana. He pictured her in all her beauty standing before him. He drowned out the sound of colliding metal and replaced it with her laugh. The burning sensation passed when he thought of her hands on his body.

"I will go to her." Achilleus said. "What is her name, where does she dwell?"

"Diana." Kal whispered. "Diana of Themyscira."

Achilleus moved closer to Kal and pulled him into a tight embrace. He thought of carrying Kal off to a peaceful place to die but he was a warrior, the battlefield was his home.

Then, Kal did what all heroes do when the epic is done; he died.

Achilleus shed a tear as he moved around Kal's body. He took Kal's spear, cape and sword off and held it close to him. He then placed a kiss on Kal's forehead and slowly stumbled off of the field and into the night.

Diana leaned on the railing of her palace balcony. She looked out at the sea and sighed. She was looking in the direction of Sparta and the war going on. She wanted to aid Kal in his battle, but she couldn't. Women didn't fight and if she joined it mean Themyscira would join the fight sooner then they planned. Diana didn't want to fight, she just wanted to be with Kal in every way. She prayed to the God's daily that they would keep him safe and return him to her. No one was promised tomorrow but she hoped that she would never live a day without her love.

"Princess." Philippus called as she knocked on the door and then opened.

"Yes?" Diana said meeting the gaze of the General.

"A Spartan is here." Philippus informed. "he says he is here to see you."

Diana was taken aback for a moment. Kal and Diana had discussed a time to inform her people of their union. It was after the war once they were settled. Then Diana drifted off into her thoughts.

Had the Spartans won the war?

Was he coming to claim her?

Diana didn't care what the reason was, only that he came to see her. Without another word, Diana lifted off the ground and flew to her love. She would not meet him in their usual hide out, he had exposed himself to the Island. It was likely that the Amazon's were holding him in the Senate building. Quickly, Diana flew through the sky and landed at the building. She ignored the Amazon's and the whispers, she had to see her man. Diana pushed opened the doors and saw a Red Spartan Cape.

"Kal!" Diana shouted and then quickly ran to him but then stopped as the man turned towards her.

This was a Spartan she had not seen before. His hair was long and blonde nothing like Kal's short and dark hair. He was strong but he could not compare to the mass or height of her love. Diana then looked down at his flexed muscles and followed them to the items that he had in his hands.

Red Spartan Cape…

The cape was folded and upon it lay a sword and Diana could feel her nearing death. Her chest rode and feel quickly as she tried to catch her breath. Her mind then thought of all the tragedies that could have befallen her love. Diana hands shook and she took a step back. Her mouth fell heavy, frightened to say the words that were true. Then a tear had managed to slip through her eyelids and her right hand came to her lips. Diana shook her head, denying the truth that stood before her.

"No…" Diana whimpered.

"I'm sorry." The man said. "He fought bravely."

Diana let out a shallow breath and shook her head again and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, Kal didn't stand before her. It was real now, the sad truth that her love now danced with the God of death.

"His body…" Diana trailed off.

"In Sparta." He said. "I know he would want to be buried here, with you."


"Diana." Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons said. "Who was that man to you?"

Diana had forgotten that she and the foreign Spartan were not alone. She turned to look at her sister who watched the two. This wasn't how she wanted them to find out, Kal needed to be there. Kal should have been by her side like they planned. She didn't know how to answer her mothers' questions. Kal was not just some man to Diana, he was her man. Kal was the love of her life. Kal was to be her husband. Kal was the be the sire of her kin. Kal was to be placed among the God's but only when she was with him. Kal was her sanctuary. Kal was her relief. Kal was her peace and her stability.

"Everything." Diana whispered.

"If I may." A voice said and Diana looked up.

Another man stood next to the Spartan. He was shorter and carried a harp with him. He was older though; time had gotten to the man.

"And you are?" Artemis, another Amazon asked.

"Homer." The man said. "I was a friend of Kal-El."

"Speak." Hippolyta said.

"I am a poet, a bard." Homer said. "I have tales of Kal's life, and I wanted to share them with you, if you would like."

"Diana?" Hippolyta questioned turning to her daughter.

"I will gladly listen." Diana said through watered eyes.

So, Homer played his harp and the Amazon's gathered around to listen to the music. Though most of them were angry at their Princess for lying to them about her love life, there was no time to fight. They had to comfort Diana for she had lost the love of her life.

Hippolyta had slipped away during the bards' song. She could not watch her daughter weep for a lost love. A sickening feeling filled Hippolyta's stomach as she watched her daughter cry. She wanted to keep all the pain from her daughter for she knew the pain of love all too well. Hippolyta didn't think her daughter actually loved the Spartan, he was unworthy of her. Sure, he was a warrior, but he was not of noble blood.

The Queen of the Amazon's slipped through the maze that lived under the Senate floor. She had commissioned the room so she could meet with him in private. Once she reached the center of the room she didn't feel a cool breeze enter.

"So, you decide to abandon me now." Hippolyta stated as she licked her lips.

She didn't expect the man to be a coward. He answered her calls and prayers in person. Now, he decided that she wasn't worth his time. It angered her that he could decide when she was his priority and when she wasn't. This was why Hippolyta didn't want for her daughter to fall in love with an inconsistent God.

"I didn't think you would answer my prays!" Hippolyta shouted through the halls.

She had asked the Gods for a multitude of things and they answered her. When she prayed for this instance, she didn't know what it would cost her. She didn't know the pain it would cause her daughter. Diana had been seeing the man for a year now and said nothing to her. Hippolyta would have never let them marry but it annoyed her more that her daughter hid it. Hippolyta believed that if her daughter hid it then it meant the man was on worthy of her. She was angry at Diana for giving herself to that man and promising herself to him. Hippolyta could not sit in the room and pretend to be said for his passing.

Hippolyta wished for Kal's death.

She didn't know what it would cost her. She didn't know Diana felt so deeply for a man that was below her. Diana was worth more than all the treasures in the world and she lowered herself by being with him. But now, Hippolyta could see it, she hurt her daughter and she needed to fix it.

"Bring him back!" Hippolyta shouted. "it is hurting her!"

Almost as much as Hippolyta hated Diana being with Kal she hated the mans he fell in love with. He was inconsistent and selfish and for a second Hippolyta wondered how she could love a man like him. But he was no simple man, and neither was Diana.

"Your daughter cries for you! Hippolyta shouted.

The world shook.

Diana and the other Amazon's watched at Achilleus and Homer sailed off back to Sparta. Diana wrapped herself in Kal's red cape and held it closely to her body. His sword was placed where hers would normally be. As for his spear, Diana held it in remembrance of her love. This was the way wives showed respect to their fallen mates in battle. She would wear his clothing until Achilleus returned with Kal's body and she would bury it in their sacred spot.

As the men floated farther into the distance, Diana let out a deep breath. She wondered how she would sleep through the night now knowing that every time she woke, Kal would not be by her side. It was-

The world shook.

Diana placed the spear in the sand to hold her balance. Once she looked up, there stood the Queen of the Gods, Hera.

"Goddess Hera." Diana said and then took a knee towards her patron.

"Oh, now you cower before me?" Hera questioned.

Diana looked up at the Goddess, not understating her words. Diana had always been respectful to her Goddess, she prayed to her daily.

"Goddess, we—"

"Diana!" Hippolyta shouted as she ran towards the crowd.

"Ah," Hera said annoyed. "The woman of the hour."

Hippolyta didn't stop to speak to the Amazon's she threw herself at the feet of her Goddess for she knew she had sinned against her.

"Forgive me, Goddess Hera." Hippolyta cried.

"Mother, what is going on?" Diana asked.


"It seems your mother has had a very interesting life." The Queen of the Gods says glaring at Diana. "She bedded my husband."

Gasps fell from the Amazon's mouths. They didn't care that their Queen had laid with a man, they did it to reproduce. Some of them took lovers but none ever left the Island to be with them. Above all, none slept with a God no matter how many times Apollo visited the Island shirtless. But their Queen had betrayed them by sleeping with Zeus. He was King of the God's and Hera's husband. They knew he was never loyal to his wife but be was off limits.

"Hera, please." Hippolyta cried. "Forgive me for my sins."

"How can I, when one prays to me daily?" Hera asked.

Hippolyta shot her head up and shook her head, begging the Goddess to say nothing.

"What is she talking about?" Aleka, another Amazon asked.

"Tell them, Queen." Hera hissed. "Tell them who Diana's father is."

Hippolyta turned to Diana and she looked down at her mother. How much more pain could Diana take until she broke?

"Mother…" Diana trailed off.

"I was in a time of grief." Hippolyta informed. "He came to me after I lost a child and at the time we were just friends and I-"

"Friends with the King of the God!" Hera shouted. "You should have never thought yourself good enough to speak to him!"

Diana looked at her mother and then back at the raging Queen. She had just lost the love of her life and now she was finding out the truth of her parents. It was too much for her to bare and she didn't want it anymore. All she wanted was for Kal to take her away from this Island, but he too was gone.

"I'm sorry." Hippolyta sobbed.

"Oh, you have much to apologize for." Hippolyta said. "Tell Diana the truth of her mate. The one you sentenced to death."

If nothing caught Diana's attention, that sure did. Diana looked down at her mother with a questionable look. There were more secrets about her and Kal. What possibly could Hippolyta have done to Kal-El that Diana didn't know. As far as Diana as concerned, no one knew of their love, she had made sure.

"What is she talking about?" Diana asked sternly.

"I—I prayed." Hippolyta stated. "I asked the Gods to not let the Spartan return to you."

The truth of Diana's life now stood before her. Her mother had betrayed her in many ways than one. She had lied about her sire and now Hippolyta had killed Kal, the only man Diana loved. Hippolyta reached for Diana, but she pulled away from her mothers' reach. She couldn't believe her mother would betray her and hurt her like this.

"How could you?" Diana whispered with a clear break in her voice.


"I loved him!" Diana shouted and the world shook again.

Diana had never felt that power before. She had unlocked many truths and it seemed now if one was spurring from her body.

"That is why I did it!" Hippolyta cried. "He would have taken you away from us and from me!"

"So you prayed for his death?"

"I prayed for your safety!" Hippolyta shouted. "he would have broken your heart!"

"But he didn't!" Diana shouted and lightning struck the ground causing the Amazon's to flinch. "You did!"

"As much as I would love to see you char your mother, I have plans for you." Hera said as she folded her arms.


"Silence." Hera shouted. "You have done too much."

Hera then looked at Diana and then towards the Amazons. She didn't show it but she was hurt that she had to punish them all for the actions of their Queen. She loved every warrior and knew them by name. She protected and watched over them as if they were her own children, which was rare for her. Yet, they all had betrayed her by hiding Hippolyta's actions.

"For tongue that didn't speak, you will now only use them."

With a snap of her fingers the Amazon's shifted into snakes.

"Sisters!" Diana cried as she looked at the multitude of snakes surrounding her.

"Hera, please!" Hippolyta cried. "They've done nothing."

Hera closed her ears the to cry of the Amazon Queen.

"For the lie of Diana's birth, you shall know what it is to be of clay."

Hera snapped her fingers again and Hippolyta turned into clay.

"Mother!" Diana cried as he touched her mothers cold and wet face.

"And as for you…" Hera said as she rubbed her hands together, thinking of a plan to torture the bastard child.

"Mercy!" Diana pleaded as she closed her eyes. She had already lost so much, she needed to rest. Maybe the Goddess would kill her and send her to meet Kal at Hades Gates.

"I wish I could." Hera said softly and then placed her hand under Diana's chin pulling Diana's face towards her. "But you will always be a reminder of my husbands ways."

"I'm sorry, Queen Hera." Diana cried.

"I am too."

Hera then looked into Diana's blue eyes and sighed. She wondered how she didn't see it before, Diana had Zeus's eyes.

"I love him the way you loved Kal-El." Hera whispered. "So I will give him back to you but you will not have him."

"I do not understand." Diana admitted behind sobs.

"I will return him to you." Hera said. "The curse I bestow up you is this. You two shall meet until the end of time. He shall die after every true loves kiss. Neither will make it to your prime. Until the reign of tides change and the moon bleeds. When the King of the Gods takes his own life and no longer shall I be his wife."

Tears streamed down Diana's face and Hera joined her in the sorrow. It was the first time Diana had ever seen a God, let alone the Queen of the Gods cry.

"That is when the curse shall be broken; let this be true, the words I've spoke."

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