"On A Day Like Today..."

By Darren Shier (chapters I~VII), Nes Mikel (chapters VIII~)


All characters, places, and other miscellaneous things that appear in this story is the property of Squaresoft.

The original seven chapters of "On A Day Like Today" belongs to Darren Sheir. The following chapters are based on the original work. Published with permission.

Please note that the following story is of my own creation. It is not, however, the official continuation of Darren Sheir's "On A Day Like Today". You can say that this fanfic is the fanfic of that story. Note that the story will start in Disk II. If people wish to know exactly what that transpired before that, it is recommended they read the first seven chapters of Darren Sheir's "On A Day Like Today". A quick search on this website should locate the original story.

- Nes Mikel