"Oh, hey there you."

"Nya" was the response he gained, as the creature looked at him.

As Hachiman was about to enter through the front gate of the Hikigaya residence, he stopped in his movement to address the animal now currently nuzzling his leg and and vying for his attention. He kneels down and begins to pet the head of this white and brown Japanese Bobtail, and smiled as the cat pushed forward against his hand, purring to full effect.

After a time, he stood up, and with a final pet, began to make his way inside the house. The cat followed him through the gate, and waited for Hachiman to open the door. Hachiman looked down, and saw what had happened. While he after the short interaction liked the cat, he was unsure whether he should let it in despite it now waiting, patiently for him. There was no collar and he was curious about the origins of the cat.

The cat gazed back at Hachiman, now seeming anticipating his decision. Scratching the back of his head, he eventually caved.

"Ah.. Ah right then fine, uh… would you like to come inside?" He asked the cat, feeling a bit odd for talking to the cat.

"Nya Nya!" Was the cat's response, and it rose to its feet. Hachiman opened the door and entered, with the cat walking beside him.

"Tadaima" He said to no one in particular as he crossed the threshold. No utterance was heard in response.

Must be Komachi is running late today. He contemplated.

Setting his stuff down, he entered the kitchen, the cat following close by him. Hachiman takes one of Kamakura's dishes, and fills it with scraps of food. As he sets it down, the cat does not eat it, but instead looks up curiously.

"Not hungry then I take it?" The cat does nothing.

Hachiman leaves the dish, and moves to go upstairs and leaves the cat where it is. As he changes from his Uniform to his casual clothing, he finds the cat now on the couch on to one side.

As he moves toward the couch, now with his PSP at hand, he sits then positions to lay on it, his back propped up by the couches arm. The cat repositioned itself to be next to Hachiman, now laying down in a sleeping position.

After a time, Komachi arrived, and embraced the new cat with joy upon learning from her Onii-Chan about it. While she tried to hold the cat it did not respond well and when receiving affection from Komachi, and ran back to Hachiman.

"Eh? Why? What does Onii-Chan have that I don't?" Komachi pouted.

Hachiman pats Komachi's Head.

"Don't worry about it, she'll get along just fine over time." Hachiman uttered.

"I suppose your right, but for a stray, isn't she usually attached to you?" Komachi Asks.

"I can say the same with you and Kamakura." He responded Half jokingly.

They both laugh.

Their routine went on as usual apart from a new cat roaming around its surroundings.

In order to identify their new pet, Hachiman found a spare collar for Kamakura, and placed it on the cat. The cat stood still, and both He and Komachi were contemplating on a good name.

"What about Haruko?"


"How about… Kanade?"

"Kanade sounds nice."

"Kanade it is, how do you like your new name?"

"Nya" Was Kanade's response.

"Well, I guess she likes it." Komachi smiles.

Hachiman smiles in return.

The day was coming to a close, and dusk soon fell upon them as well everyone else.

For a time, the Hikigaya siblings, along with their new pet passed the time via television programming, soon both retired to their rooms, moving upstairs so did Kanade, still following Hachiman.

As Komachi and Hachiman began to enter their respected rooms, they turned to on another while halfway in their doorway.

"Good night Onii-Chan!" a lively utterance by Komachi.

"Good night Komachi." Hachiman responded with less vigour.

Kanade followed Hachiman into his room, and jumped on his bed. After he closed his door, he turned to see Kanade already there.

"So you're staying with me tonight?"

Kanade's response was immediate.


"Well, okay then, I just hope you don't need a litter box during the night"

A new day has arrived, and both Komachi and Hachiman readied for school, Kanade too was also bustling about.

As the Hikigayas departed from school, and were out of sight, Kanade was outside, and made a dash for the gate, in which she gained free reign to move.

After dropping off Komachi at her school, Hachiman made his way to his, eventually entering his homeroom and settling at his desk, his music device at hand. With his head down he waited for class to begin, and overhead his peers discussing miscellaneous things.

He heard of different places to eat, gossip of who likes who and oddly enough the complaint of the theft of a spare Soba uniform. He glanced around and saw everyone in their cliques, the populars, and bookworms, the otakus and so forth and so on, and waited for the class to start.

As the bell tolled, and Ms. Hiratsuka walked in, she was accompanied by another individual. The class quieted down after Ms. Hiratsuka's boisterous voice and their ritualistic morning began.



"Sit." uttered the class Rep.

With everyone looking at the new student, she stepped forward to introduce herself. Scanning the room, her eyes made contact with Hachimans. A beautiful smile spread across her face, as Hachiman was taken aback.

Do I know this girl? I'm pretty sure I haven't met her at any time in my life." He glances around to see now some of his male peers staring daggers at him.

She had short brown hair, average in height, and gave a sort of bubbly demeanor surmised Hachiman.

With a deep breath, and a recollection of herself she began her introduction.

"Good morning everyone!" My name is Kanade Suzuki, and I look forward to getting along!" She cheerily said.

"Why don't you take a seat next to… Hachiman? He's the one over ther-." She was cut off.

"Hai, Hai!" She takes the seat next to Hachiman, surprised that she knew his name.

As she sat down, they turned to face each other. Before Hachiman could say anything, she spoke first.

"Let's be the best of neighbors! owner."