Chance at New Life

A/N 2/9/2020: I want everyone to disregard the single pairing. I think I have a way to keep everyone happy. While having he harem, but don't worry I am not doing the typical Rias and Akeno. Though Rias and Itachi would be incest in this scenario. But I have a harem that I think everyone will enjoy. If you want to see the girls I have in mind it will be in the next chapter. If people still don't like it then I will go back to the single pairing only. That will be Itachi x Kuroka.

Hello! Back with this again! I'm going to try a different approach to this story. I am going to do a single pairing. The pairing is confirmed no harem or anything, the pairing I am probably going to go with will be Kuroka. Rias in this story is out of the question and you'll know why. Itachi can have a peerage of his own. I don't mind trying other characters like Sona, I can't guarantee that I will do a good job with her personality. I can look into others like Rossweisse if its suggested, or maybe even Irina. Grayfia or any of the other older characters in this story is out of the question. I'll see what happens, depending on what people think I'll take into consideration. However, and remember no harem. I think I'll keep it where Itachi was the rare few who learn chakra but can also use magic. I mean like Itachi being able to use chakra I think it is still pretty cool. Itachi will auto receive the EMS. Itachi is going to defy the laws of nature and time in this world. Itachi is being reincarnated or well reborn so technically the soul is human; it's his body is that of a devil. I want everyone to understand what I am doing for reasons for things to happen. It is on purpose it's because Itachi use to be human allows him to have a sacred gear as a devil. I want people to think about it if he is being reborn in a new world. His soul is technically still human, his body is altered to be blood related to Zeoticus Gremory and Venelana Gremory. As for Itachi's past well, I'll keep it where he hides for a while. So, if you don't like the fact that Itachi is a full blood devil, has a human soul, has his EMS, and a sacred gear… welp sorry if you don't like it. The only alteration I could do to make it work easier. Is to allow Itachi's EMS to use Amaterasu and Tsukynomi along with another ability that I want him to have. His sacred gear has multiple abilities, which people will have to get the reference from another anime I absolutely love!

Itachi looked into Sasuke's eyes as he was about to depart for the other world once again. He was called upon by Kabuto and he looped his control using Shisui's genjutsu on himself. He currently has defeated Kabuto. He was now leaving from the world of the living. Itachi put his forehead on Sasuke's forehead, "Everything that has happened, everything I did was for the leaf Sasuke. Don't hate them, don't seek revenge because I did it because I love the village I served. Besides that, Sasuke I will love you always no matter what choices you make you are my little brother. I will always love you". Itachi felt his soul leave as he disappeared in a veil of light leaving his little brother alone once again.

Itachi suddenly found himself in darkness and looked around, "This is different… I was in heaven last time… which is still surprising". Itachi looked around until he saw two figures standing in front of him.

There was an old man with the Rinnegan, he obviously must be the Sage of Sixth paths. Then a woman with blonde hair, violet eyes, and a purple silk dress, "I assume you must be the Sage of Sixth Paths, but I am not too sure who you are".

"That's expected, but I am someone who has far greater power than everyone. I am the being who sits above even Kami-sama himself. I am Eri, I am the Omni-God the creator of this world and many others". Itachi's eyes widen and he stands there. He slowly goes down on his knee, but she stops him, "Please do not need to bow, I have come here to give you a new chance at life. You, out of all the souls I have ever met to be granted access to a new life. I have seen what you did in your lifetime, everything you did. It was very hard and very difficult you suffered".

"I wouldn't say it was good, I'm not proud of the lives I took. However, I do it again to protect Sasuke and the village again". Itachi spoke quickly.

"I see then, Hagoromo-san if you are willing, I will take him off your hands. He deserves more than heaven; he deserves a second chance". Eri smiled.

Itachi was confused, "Out of all the souls why me? I'm not worthy to be given a second chance at life".

Eri smiled as she walked up and tapped his nose, "That's where your wrong, you are worthy because of what you've done. What you did was brave, not many would have the will power to do what you did. You have a new life waiting ahead of you". Eri snapped her fingers as Itachi felt he was returned to his body, "You will be reborn into a new bring in a new world. A world where you will make more tough decisions, but I know you will be able to make the right choices. You will be granted powers and abilities that your enemies will cower in fear for. You won't remember me, but you will remember your past. As compensation for power, you will remember your past life. It's important to open up and live a life you want, you will keep your regular abilities, but you will have to train to obtain your power once again".

"W-Wait it's not necessary I have family and friends to go back to". Itachi stated, "In heaven, my Kaa-san and Tou-san along with my friends are there".

Eri smiled, "No need I already talked to them, they all agreed that you are to be given new life. Even Izumi agreed, she wants you to be able to live a happy life".

Itachi looked annoyed than anything, "Excuse my rudeness but it's really not necessary I'd rather stay in hell than be reborn".

"Interesting response… I'll send you there then". Eri tapped his nose once again. Itachi saw a purple orb shoot into his body. He felt himself shrink smaller, but his thinking stayed the same, but his voice couldn't be voiced. Then he blacked out not knowing what in the world was going on. His memories of meeting Eri-sama and Hagoromo was erased and was transported to a new world.

"Eri-sama might I asked why you wanted to send Itachi there?" Hagoromo asked.

Eri smiled, "I did so because I've watched his life over and over again. It got boring and it was upsetting that his fate was to always die of a disease too. He was always so powerful and strong, yet he would die of a little respiratory disease".
"I see then, maybe you were right then Eri-sama". Hagoromo looked at the child of Indra.

In the Underworld

Itachi couldn't open his eyes as he felt his consciousness return to himself. He found himself confined, not know where he was or what was going on. For an unknown reason, he figured out that he was a baby for some odd reason. He remembers leaving when he released the Edo-Tensei, but now he was in a new body. He soon then heard talking he didn't open his eyes, but he could feel there was another person in there with him.

After some time they were moving and he was pulled out. He felt the cold hit his body; the person was holding him clearly was a nurse. Soon he opened his eyes to see a man holding him. He had crimson red hair and green-blue eyes, "Ahhh! So this is my son! Hello there!" The man smiled.

"Hello there! I'm you Nii-san!" Another man walked up who had similar red hair and eyes, his hair was a different style. Itachi didn't cry or anything he just stared at them more annoyed than anything else, "Hmmm Tou-san something off about this one".
"Interesting he isn't crying". Zeoticus spoke confused.

Just then another grunt was heard as a cry was heard as Itachi felt movement and they moved to his mother. Itachi saw a baby with red hair like the other two were his Tou-san and Nii-san respectively. Itachi saw the baby that his mother was holding, his mother clearly had brown hair and violet eyes. He had to say that she was very beautiful, then he saw his sibling in her arms. She smiled, "Oh Anata give me the other baby". Venelana spoke as she was given her baby boy and her daughter. Venelana smiled, "Why hello there! I'm your Kaa-san! This is your little sister… let me see how about Rias!" Venelana chirped, "Hmmm your name is…". Then a name magically popped into her head, "Itachi!" She smiled and baby Itachi stared her in awe with his mouth open.

"Itachi? Interesting name… well! He is going to be the heir to the Gremory Clan name!" Zeoticus gently picked Itachi up.

Then Sirzechs gently took Itachi into his arms along with Rias, "So I'm a big brother to Itachi-tan! Then Ri-tan!" Sirzechs nuzzled his nose with Rias as she giggled. He did the same for Itachi, but Itachi didn't giggle he looked at him more annoyed than anything. That was true Itachi wanted out actually, he didn't know why he was given a second chance at life. For some unknown reason, he was wished he was in hell.

"Hmm, interesting Zechy-chan seems Itachi-kun isn't very fond of you". Venelana said shocked.

"What! Not possible! I am going to be the greatest Nii-san there is! I will make It-tan laugh!" Sirzechs said with determination.

"Please Sirzechs-sama it's time to return to work. Your job as Satan isn't going to do itself". A woman with silver hair and a French maid outfit walks over.

"Being a devil is a pain". Sirzechs handed Itachi and Rias back to his mother, "Well Kaa-san, Tou-san be well I'll come to visit when I can". Sirzechs disappeared in a magical circle. Itachi watched in shock, "Devils? The hell? Wait…I was sent to hell… a lot brighter than I thought… they are devils… does that mean I am too?" Itachi was curious, but then he looked up and got a better look at his mother.

His mother had flaxen hair and violet eyes; she had a very large bust. She was smiling down at him, "Little Itachi-kun seems to be a lot more aware of his surroundings. Little Rias-chan is asleep, interesting. I wonder how smart you will grow up to be!" Venelana kissed his forehead and cast a small spell to help her little boy sleep.

Itachi began to feel himself slip tiredly; he was thinking why was he reborn as a devil? What was going? However, those questions were going to be saved for later as Itachi fell asleep.

Time Skip Three Months Later

Itachi was currently on the ground in a playpen. He couldn't move or do anything it was painful not to be able to do anything. He was slowly getting stronger than Rias was. He was trying to move around while crawling. What didn't help is that Rias would get in the way, but that's how babies are. They don't know any better yet Itachi did, then his mother came walking over soon, "Hello you two! You guys playing nicely!" Itachi stared at her without much emotion which caused her to frown, "After three months I don't think I've seen you smile once". Venelana held Itachi up, "Well it's feeding time anyways". She picked up Rias and held them both in her arms. She used magic to pull her breasts out and Rias began to feed. Yet Itachi would look away not wanting anything to do with it. This confused Venelana greatly, "What's wrong Itachi-kun?"

Zeoticus frowned, "I wonder what's wrong this is the fourth time he doesn't want to eat naturally. He has only done it a few times".

Itachi mentally sighed he couldn't believe he had to do this. He would rather be fed the baby food; he forgets that he is a damn baby! It was more annoying than anything, he never dwells or thinks about things like this. He hates not being able to say anything, he, unfortunately, decides to eat.

Time Skip Six Months

Itachi was currently nine months old along with his sister Rias. She just began to start crawling around, and Itachi thought it was a better time than never. While in the family room he was zooming around on all fours while his parents were watching T.V. He crawled up to the couch and began to pull himself up. Venelana smacked Zeoticus, "Anata! Get the camera! Get the camera!" She screams as Zeoticus calls out to a servant to bring it. Once they did Itachi began using the couch to walk. He made his way to one side which was the couch opposite of Venelana. He pushed himself off slowly and made his way over. Everyone watched in shock, "W-What! A six-month-old walking already!" Venelana was shocked, "Ahhh my little baby is so strong! Come here Itachi! Come here Itachi-kun!" She chirped, giggled, and kept cheering Itachi on. Then Itachi lost his balance and fell, and the maids ran over to help. Everyone expected him to start crying. However, he didn't cry and he pushed her hands away and he went on all fours. He used his arms to push up off the ground, he was about to fall back but a maid stopped him from falling. She pushed him upright and Itachi began to walk once again. He made his way all over to Venelana who held her arms open for him.

Itachi was quickly picked up by Venelana as she cheered, "Oh my little Itachi-kun is so strong and smart! He got up to walk all on his own!" Itachi really did feel exhausted from all that as he fell asleep in her arms.

Little did Itachi know that his inspiration caused Rias to try to walk around. Zeoticus smiled, "Honey look! Rias is trying to do what her big brother did!"

Venelana cheered for Rias, "Oh Ri-chan! You can do it! Go, honey! Come here to Kaa-san!" She cheered. Rias fell a few times but kept getting back up. Even though she had a harder time, she was still able to do it. The house of Gremory had promising devils in the future.

Time Skip Three Months

Currently, Itachi was given toys to play with by Sirzechs. He stared at him as they were obviously baby toys. Itachi wanted other things to do, Itachi crawled away from Sirzech's toys. However, Rias was the one who enjoyed playing with them. Itachi slowly walked over to Venelana, she was reading a book. He crawled up on the couch and laid on his mother's arm, he was taking an interest in more books than toys, "Interesting… did you see that Kaa-san?" Sirzechs scratched his head, "To think a baby was more interested in books than toys".
Venelana was pretty shocked too, "Something tells me he is going to be really smart when he gets older. I wish he would act like a baby more".

Itachi just decided to ignore them and read the book his mother was reading. Just then Rias came waddling over with a toy in her hand. She handed it to Itachi, Itachi looked over to her. Itachi sighed and thought that if Rias asked him to play he would. He was going to try to be a better big brother for Rias. Just like he was for Sasuke, but he was going to wait until she came to him. Itachi took the toy as Rias had another one in her hand. The two began to play with one another and Itachi had a small smile on his face. Rias had a bigger and brighter smile on her face.

Venelana smiled, "Well at least he plays with her when she wants to".

"I guess your right, this is surprising but does anyone from your side of the family have black hair?" Sirzechs asked.

"Well I know your cousin Sairaorg has black hair, but it is weird. My Kaa-san and Tou-san didn't have black hair, it must be a recessive gene that we had hidden. Itachi just ended up lucky with it, the one thing that gets me is his black eyes. We don't have a history of black eyes". Venelana spoke.

"I see, well we will see what happens". Sirzechs smiled, "I'm just glad Ri-tan had It-tan to be with, I hate not being able to be here with them".

"I know dear, but you're doing a great job". Venelana placed a sweet kiss on his cheek.

"Well, I need to return to work, goodbye Ri-tan! It-tan!" Sirzechs called out as he left.

Itachi saw the magic circle that he was using. Itachi wondered if he could use magic too, but he also wondered if he could use chakra. Only time would tell.

Time Skip Five Years
Itachi was currently six years old along with his little sister Rias. The two were only had a minute or two difference in delivery. However, Itachi always acted like the mature one. Anyways Itachi currently talking to his parents about training so he could start learning magic. It puzzled them that he wanted to learn magic and how to fight already. Itachi already went through schooling from pre-k all the way to eighth grade. He blew through them when he was four since he was four, he began to reading. He was reading about the devil's and human's history as well, it made them proud that he wanted to learn. He wanted a lot of knowledge, but it did sadden them he wouldn't act like a child. Children play, they don't care, they get into trouble and that's their job. They're supposed to break things, run around, scream, yell, or more. Itachi did none of that, because of that Rias hardly did any of that either. Rias really looked up to Itachi, so she took a strong interest in reading and learning about culture and history. Her main focus was specifically Japanese culture. The two of them would study Japanese and other languages as well, well that was mostly Itachi. Rias would play with him often with toys she received for her birthdays or just as gifts in general.

Right now Itachi was asking his parents about the different magics and energies in the world, "The only energies that we know of in this world is chakra, senjutsu chakra, magic, Touki, demonic magic, and holy magic". Zeoticus answered, "Why do you ask?"

"Well, I was thinking about learning chakra and magic. Thank you for the information". Itachi put his finger on his chin, "Do any of you guys know about gravity seals?" Itachi asked.

"W-What for?" Zeoticus asked curiously.

"For gravity training to place on my body, I think I'd like to start getting stronger. If I am the heir to the Gremory Clan I would like to get as strong as I could. I might be also able to unlock the destruction magic that Kaa-san's clan has". Itachi went to the bookshelf and found a book on destruction magic, chakra, and construction magic seals.

Then Rias came walking in, "Nii-san! When Sona-chan comes over can we play together!"

Itachi smiled, "Sure just let me know when she arrives okay Rias". Itachi smiled as he sat down on the couch and began to read.

"What are you reading about!?" Rias asked curiously.

"I'm reading about Kaa-san's clan, she is part of the Bael Clan and they are known for destruction magic. You and I have her blood in us, we have her genes. There is a possibility that we inherited her abilities". Itachi spoke while not moving his eyes.

Rias asked, "Wait so how do we inherit genes?" Rias asked as she began to read.

Itachi scratched his chin, he remembers reading about sex. He already knew what it was, he just didn't tell his parents that he read that already. He wanted to know if reproduction was different at all in their world. Clearly, it's the same but for devils its harder to get pregnant and their fertility rate is low, "Rias come closer".

"What?" Rias leaned in.


"Ow! Mou what was that for!?" She whined rubbing the mark on her forehead.

"Maybe another time". Itachi spoke as Venelana and Zeoticus couldn't believe their ears. It was insane how much Itachi wanted to learn. He was also smart enough to talk about certain situations and knew what topics to not talk to Rias about.

For the rest of the day, Rias's friend Sona came to play and Itachi was invited to play. The two would play chess or they would watch anime together. Sona didn't show her emotions a lot, but when she is with friends. She is a lot easier going and enjoys the same things that Rias likes. However, on the other hand, Itachi could feel that Sona like him a bit. All this did was remind him of the fangirls days back in the academy. Itachi was currently beating them both in chess, Rias and Sona have yet to beat Itachi at all in chess, "You see Sona! It's almost impossible to beat Nii-san in chess! He is too smart!"

"I know I can't even beat him! Tell us how you do it!" Sona demanded.

Itachi poked both of their foreheads, "Maybe later, I'm going to try to get my magic and chakra unlocked. He began to walk away as the two looked down upset. Itachi stopped and without having to turn his head, "You guys can join and watch me if you want". He let a small smile out as the two smiled happily as they got up from their seats. They ran over next to Itachi to watch him.

Outside at the Training Ground

Itachi opened his book and sat on the ground. Sona and Rias were watching from afar. Itachi moved away from the book and stared off at the distance. He closed his eyes and put his hands out as he began to picture their Gremory clan crest in front of his hands. He then searched within himself as he found a giant ball of energy. It felt much different from chakra, he reached up and grabbed it. He pulled down, but no success as the magic wouldn't budge. This time he grabbed on with both hands. He then began to tug and pull at the magic Itachi gave one final yank. The giant ball of magic gave way as it fell down on him. Itachi felt his magic surging throughout his body.

Rias and Sona watched Itachi in the beginning as nothing happened. Just then they felt a spark as they felt Itachi's power begin to rise. Everyone in the Gremory Estate could feel the sudden spike in magic power. Everyone came running, even Sirzechs felt a sudden rise in power. Once everyone arrived, they watched Itachi in shock. His body was radiating red and black magic that gave off the power of destruction. Once Itachi felt all of it a giant circle appeared below him which was the Gremory crest. When Itachi opened his magic reserves it used a lot on its own to allow him to even activate it. Obviously, he would be fine, but the amount that it took to even open the amount he had was hard.

Itachi soon relaxed as he allowed breathing to continue as his magic power came under control. Itachi was controlling it and the amount of output it gave. Everyone was shocked, typically destruction magic was very difficult to control. Itachi began to imagine the shape of whatever he wanted. He held his hand in the air and focused his magic into the palm of his hand. Like that the magic in his hand formed as a crow appeared. It was created in red and black flames, but it had the sound of a crow. Itachi opened his eyes and mentally commanded it to attack the rock in front of them. The crow smashed into the rock disintegrating it completely.

Itachi then finally met the strain he was waiting for unlocking his magic powers. He didn't realize it, but he heard a voice call within him. No one saw it but Itachi's eyes flashed blue and black for a moment until they turned back to normal and he passed out. Itachi had no idea what that voice was, but he passed out quickly. Rias and Sona ran over to his side, "Nii-san! Are you alright!" Rias shouted.

"Itachi are you okay!" Sona asked worriedly but Itachi did no respond to either of their calls.

Sirzechs walked up and crouched, "It-tan will be fine, he is exhausted for unlocking his magic, but not only did he unlock it. He tried to even control it right there and then, that takes a lot of mental thought and control. He created a random spell that took the image of whatever he wanted it took the form of a crow. It was almost perfect it was insane, It-tan is very powerful and special indeed". Sirzechs said with proudness in his voice.

"Wait! Nii-sama you mean that Nii-san is super strong and powerful!" Rias asked with amazement.

"Yes, It-tan is very powerful. He might very well pass me and your Kaa-san in power". Sirzechs picked Itachi up and handed him to Grayfia. Sirzechs looks at Venelana, "Just what has he been doing?" As everyone looked at Venelana and Zeoticus curiously.

"H-He simply asked us about the different energies of this world. I-I'm surprised he even unlocked the ability to use destruction magic at such a young age". Venelana had her hand on her mouth still shocked.

"You felt his levels, right? They were beyond normal for any young devil to have". Sirzechs asked with a serious tone in his voice.

Zeoticus and Venelana nodded their heads, "Itachi will have to go through some training to control his power". Zeoticus smiled proudly, "Our Itachi-kun is going to be very powerful… I just know he is going to be".

Then a maid came walking up to Zeoticus and Venelana, "Venelana-sama, Zeoticus-sama we have received letters from the houses of the other 72 pillars".

Venelana frowned, "Marriage contracts already? That was quick". Venelana didn't want anyone taking her children away just yet.

Zeoticus thought about it, "I mean it couldn't hurt, I mean Itachi is the heir of the clan already. What about Rias, I bet we could find someone for her".

"Anata! No, I don't like this idea! Not yet! I would rather wait until they've gotten older!" Venelana argued heavily as she was about to kill him herself.

"Fine, fine dear but I do think it's important to keep the pure line going. Don't you think?" Zeoticus asked.

"No I don't think so and you know that I'd be mighty happy if Rias could fall in love with the person she wants to be with". Venelana argued.

Time Skip Week Later

Itachi has been relentlessly training since he unlocked the power of destruction. Since the news of the Gremory's heir of unlocking the power of destruction. Many marriage proposals have been sent to Venelana and Zeoticus. Venelana grew more annoyed by the moment, "I swear if more keep coming, I'll destroy them all! Do they know the meaning of no!"

"Well Itachi is the heir and he'll need to have an heir one day too. It's normal for things like this, remember Rias could also get an arranged marriage as well". Zeoticus pointed out.

"Anata what did I just say! No! Rias isn't the heir of the clan, so she doesn't need to be put into an arranged marriage!" Venelana shouted, "Remember how you didn't want the old time's mix with the new. Let Rias chose who she wants, I think Itachi should be allowed to love whomever he marries". Venelana argued.

"Think of your parents too Vene-chan I know they will want Itachi to be with a pure-blooded devil too. If Itachi has done enough of studying and research, he would understand". Zeoticus had an idea, "I know how about we call for him. Excuse me but could you go fetch my son please". His maid bowed and left.

"Anata I'm sure Itachi doesn't want to have a marriage contract either, I mean he is just a boy". Venelana argued, she knew it was typical, but something is special about Itachi. It makes her want to allow him and Rias to live a life they want for themselves.

Soon Itachi arrived in the room where his parents were, "Kaa-san, Tou-san you called". He replied.

Venelana got a good look at her sweet little boy. She might not look like them, but in flesh and blood, he is hers. Itachi has grown much over the years. His own facial features and his own facial features were different from hers and Zeoticus's looks. Itachi had onyx eyes, under which were long, pronounced tear-troughs. He had jet-black hair that was pulled back in a low ponytail and his face was framed with center-parted bangs that extended to his chin. Zeoticus spoke up, "Itachi we've been talking about how would you like to be in an arranged marriage. You're a smart boy I'm assuming you already read about our customs, right?"

Itachi nodded his head, "Yes, I read up on the laws and traditions as a pureblood".

"See, and what do you think of them?" Zeoticus asked.

"Well what I think of them, well the rules are completely and utterly pointless and stupid. We have a civil war to bring change within the devils. The traditions and culture that were practiced with the old Satan Faction are no different from what we do now. All you older generation want purebloods just like old Satan Faction. I honestly truly do not have any care in the slightest in marriage. Looking for love is not important; I have no time for such trivial things. The need to continue on the bloodline is my choice as well. All this does is please the higher-ups, this doesn't please me. If you either put me or Rias under these laws you are going against what you guys fought for in the civil war. If you were to try to drag me or Rias into your affairs, I will make sure that you never find us again. I do not live for the sake of others wanting children. I live for myself and no one else to please. I live to protect the people I care about. I want to protect my family even if it means protecting Rias for you dear father and mother. I do not see the need to force us into a loveless and pointless marriage if we aren't even ready. If that is all then I am going back to training". Itachi turned around and left not wanting to deal with this. If marriage was already on their minds, leaving would be the best option. He doesn't feel like being made into a devil breeding machine along with Rias being the incubator. If Itachi has learned one thing, family is everything and he will do anything for family.

Venelana was shocked by Itachi's words. Zeoticus was surprised as well, "D-Did we just get told off by our own son? He is only six?" He looked at his hand.

Venelana giggled, "Dear I'm pretty sure it was more directed towards you. I don't like the fact that you want to sign Itachi into a contracted marriage. Though I am worried I mean I would like it far in the future that he did get a wife. Having kids won't be a bad idea… but not wanting to find love at all? I hope that changes when he is older".

Zeoticus sighed, "Itachi-kun is certainly an interesting boy, never in a million years that I'd be told off my own son… let alone by a six-year-old".

Time Skip Month Later

Itachi has been practicing with his magic and felt like he has made a lot of progress. Currently, he was working on unlocking his chakra. He still remembered all the hand signs, just making sure he could still do them fast was important. So he did have to practice that a bit, but he got that down in no time flat. Rias and Sona were watching from afar in the Sitri Estate, "What is Itachi doing again?" Sona asked.

"He said he is trying to unlock his… ch-chakra or something like that. He said it's an internal energy that comes from your body". Rias replied though Rias did like watching him train. Just a week ago he helped her unlock her magic. Low and behold Rias also inherited the ability to wield destruction magic.

Itachi currently found himself deep in his mindscape. He was rather confused, but he kept walking to the center and finally found chakra. It was much bigger than his magic reserves. So like his magic, he began to tug at his chakra and tried to pull it out. Just trying to do this was harder than his magic. Which was weird because he was one of the strongest and back in the elemental nations. Finally, Itachi gave one final pull as his chakra came rushing into his body.

Rias and Sona watched as Itachi had a thick layer of blue energy coming off of him. Rias and Sona both felt the chakra coming off of Itachi. It was warm and welcoming, "Woah! It feels so warm!" Rias ran over and hugged Itachi.

Itachi felt a sudden hug but kept concentrating. Sona did the same as they both felt his chakra coming off him, "Wow it is warm!" Sona said shocked.

Itachi soon opened his eyes and felt his chakra in his system. It was easier to manage this time since he knew how to prevent chakra exhaustion the first time you unlock it. Itachi picked up a leaf from the ground. He poured his chakra into the leaf; however, the leaf was completely ripped to shreds. His chakra control was atrocious and needed to be worked on. Itachi began to do some regular chakra control exercises. This piqued Rias's and Sona's interest watching Itachi work on it balancing leaves on his forehead. Itachi quickly regains his control as if it was muscle memory to him.

Rias and Sona watched in awe as Itachi began to climb up a tree with just his feet and chakra. Itachi was rather surprised by the turn of events. Rias and Sona began to cheer for Itachi, Itachi could only give them a small smile. He dropped down, "Nii-san! How did you do that! Can you teach me!" Rias said shocked.

"I want to learn too!" Sona asked.

Itachi smiled, "I can teach, you but it's hard and it is not easy. You have to sit down and focus deep within yourself. You need to make the ram hand sign; you need to focus on your self internally. If you can find the power you need to draw it out, every living thing has chakra". Itachi watched the two sit and do what he asked. It didn't last ten minutes until they wanted to do something else.

Itachi went back inside to grab some water. When he came out, he had water bottles in his hand ready to give it to Sona and Rias. However, they were nowhere in sight, he was slightly confused. He closed his eyes and cast a search spell, he sensed the two went into the woods. Itachi quickly ran into the woods to look for the two. He made his way around and found them playing by a tree, "Sona, Rias-chan you guys shouldn't have gone into the woods. Common let's get out of here before something bad happens".

Itachi moved towards them, but he looked up to see a giant figure charging towards them. Itachi pushed the two away and he jumped backward. He stayed standing up to see wild griffin angry at the three devils. Seems they were its territory and it didn't like it, "Rias, Sona get out of here I'll distract it!" Itachi ran forward to attack, but the issue is he hasn't any real formal training. He just unlocked his chakra and his magic wasn't that well either. Itachi flared his magic signal to alert anyone nearby.

The griffin squawked and attack Itachi swinging it's massive claws at Itachi. He dodged as fast as his legs could push him. He held his hand out as he created a ball of destruction magic and fired it at the beast. The attack hit it directly, but it's magic resistance was too high and Itachi saw it lunge at him. Itachi put his arms up and felt the weight of it's claws strike him. He was sent flying into a tree.

"NII-SAN!" Rias shouted.

"ITACHI!" Sona screamed.

The ran over to Itachi as he slowly stood up as his arms and legs were cut and bleeding. Itachi's magical power wasn't enough to start destroying things. His chakra was still new to his body, but he had to do what he could to protect Rias and Sona, "I said to get out of here! The others will be here shortly!" Itachi waited for the beast to come back here, "If only I had my Sharingan it be easier to take this thing on! Even then I don't know if I could keep up!" Itachi sped through a set of seals, Fire Style: Great Fire Ball Jutsu! A large fireball shot out of his mouth and hit the Griffin head-on.

The Griffin was stunned as it took a couple of steps backward. Itachi went through a set of hand seals, "I hope this works!" Itachi's hand began to swirl chakra together. It was fairly new and he has no practice with this. Rasengan! His attack landed, but the griffin overpowered the attack. His attack broke as it backlashed on his arm. His arm was mauled by the spinning chakra. Itachi couldn't move and he was within Griffin's reach, "I said get out of here girls!" He shouted as Rias and Sona began to listen to him for the final time. The Griffin swiped at Itachi as he was sent flying and sailed passed Rias and Sona.

Itachi looked up to see that Rias and Sona were in front of him in shock. They were scared, "Itachi! We need to run together!" Sona yelled.

"NO! I said get out of here!" Itachi protested by the Griffin landed behind the girls and let out a terrifying screech. It went up on it's hind legs and both of it's claws were up and it lunged forward to impale Rias and Sona. Itachi's weakened body told him that he didn't want to move. However, Itachi didn't care he felt his eyes clear up and everything slow down. Itachi rushed forward, "It's the big brother's job to protect his siblings! It's also my job to protect my friends!" Itachi shoved Sona out of the way from Griffin's claw. He pushed Rias out of the way as well, Itachi felt a pain running throughout his entire body.

Rias and Sona looked up from being pushed down. The only thing that could describe the looks on their faces were pure horror. Rias looked up to see a large Griffin claw impaled through Itachi's stomach. His eyes were glowing red with a black dot in the middle and two around it. On Sona's side, she saw that the Griffin has completely torn of Itachi's right arm. She also saw that his eyes were red with a black dot in the middle and two dots around it. Itachi felt his eyes returning to normal, he knew it was over already. To think that he was reborn in this world just to die again.

The Griffin went to pull it's claw out of Itachi. However, the Griffin found resistance as Itachi used his last good arm to keep it's claw inside of him. Itachi roared, "I-I won't let you hurt them, that is my precious Imouto! This is her friend! I won't let you hurt them!" Itachi glared up at the giant Griffin, just then Itachi's eyes began to glow yellow. His eyes were glowing golden light. The light was like the sun that began to burn the Griffin. Itachi didn't know what was going on, but he summoned what remaining magic he had. That attack or whatever it was increased as he destroyed Griffin's arm that was in his stomach.

The Griffin screamed in pain as it's arm was burnt off. Blood was pouring out of its leg, but now it was even more pissed than it was originally. Just then Itachi saw two mops of red hair and a mop of brown hair appear that had its arms reached out. Itachi relaxed as he fell forward losing consciousness, but he did that person catch him. Itachi barely said, "K-Kaa-san". He finally passed out completely as she began to heal Itachi with what she had. She immediately summoned her servants which were her bishops who began to start healing Itachi and stop his bleeding.

Sirzechs eyes the Griffin down and so did Zeoticus, "Itachi did good fending this beast off, I must say for a Griffin to attack devils are rare. I saw this one is strong".
"I must say this has to be at least four hundred years old, seems to be in it's prime. I can see why Itachi had such a hard time". Zeoticus scowled, "No one… I mean no one harms my family!" His own aura shot to life.

"No one harms my It-tan, Ri-tan, and So-tan!" Sirzechs had an explosion of destruction magic surrounded him.

Just then the two felt a larger power explode behind them. They turned their heads to find Venelana covered in Itachi's blood. They stopped his bleeding and her servants were giving him an emergency blood transfusion. The unconscious Itachi felt the massive amounts of power being unleashed. He slowly opened his eye to see his mother with a very large power of anger. Sirzechs and Zeoticus took a step back they began to feel bad for the Griffin that harmed Itachi and tried to harm Rias and Sona.

Zeoticus saw that Itachi was awake, "Wow awake so soon? Well, this is why I married your Kaa-san". He said proudly.

Itachi watched with one eye open as Venelana had six left wings and six right wings on her back. She had a total of twelve wings. She snarled back at the Griffin, "You dare attack my children! YOU TRIED TO TAKE THE LIFE OF MY CHILD! I'LL HAVE YOU SUFFER A THOUSAND DEATHS OVER!" Venelana went full-blown mama mode. She charged at the beast as she slammed her fist into its gut. Her hands were coated in destruction magic, she was beating the thing around like a rag doll. She took it's wings and ripped it off and it screamed in pain. The snake tail tried to bite her, but she didn't even flinch, and she grabbed the neck of the snake tail. She added destruction magic and destroyed it instantly, "NOW PERISH! BE GONE FROM MY SIGHT!" She screamed as she raised her fist as she opened her palm to face the sky. Then a giant ball of destruction magic formed instantly in her hand. She condensed the ball into a tiny gumball size. She grabbed the Griffin by its throat and pried it's mouth open. She shoved the ball down it's throat. She took the beast by it's neck and threw it into the air, "NOW DIE!" DESTRUCTION NOVA! She yelled as the bird imploded from the inside out killing it instantly.

Everyone watched in awe if anyone took anything away from that lesson. NEVER mess with a mother with children. Itachi had a small laugh as he began to lose consciousness once again until he saw his mother's eyes looking down at him worriedly, "S-Sorry I-I wasn't strong enough". Itachi's finals words were spoken as he fell into a deep sleep.

Venelana held her child close to her and rubbed his head, "It's okay dear you did something very brave. I'm very proud of you, you're okay now baby. Kaa-san is here". She kissed his forehead as they all teleported away and took him to the nearest hospital. To think that Itachi fought against a high-level monster, a Griffin of all monsters and Itachi survived the fight.

For three days and nights, Venelana, Rias, Zeoticus, and Sona stayed by Itachi's bedside as he was taken in critical condition. They were able to reattach Itachi's arm as it didn't completely lose all its blood and die. He woke up quickly once they got their hands on a Phoenix tear. Itachi was instantly healed, but he didn't wake up. He was in a small coma for the two days and that took the toll on Venelana, Rias, and Sona. Rias and Sona felt most of all guilty for thinking of going into the forest in the first place. The thing the two both realized is they had to start getting stronger like Itachi was. If it wasn't for Itachi wanting to start training now, and his quick thinking. None of them might have made it out alive.

Itachi's Mind

Itachi was looking around but he looked at himself and found himself being almost 18 or 20. It confused him as he was wearing the original outfit he had on back in the Elemental Nations. Then he looked up and he felt a massive presence inside of his mind with him, "So my new wilder has finally shown himself. I'm mighty surprised that the human soul was transplanted… no… reformed into a devil's body. Yet this is still your old body from your old world".

Itachi looked at the massive beast with yellow flames surrounding it. The yellow flames were so bright it was as if the sun was directly in Itachi's face, "W-Who are you?" Itachi asked while trying to get a good look at who his partner is.

"I am the being who was put inside of you… it is interesting no full-blooded devil has ever been able to receive a sacred gear. It should be nay impossible for any full-blooded devil, yet here I am. Your special boy, you were once human, so I wonder if that part is allowing this". The dragon spoke, "Excuse my tardiness in my introducing myself, I am known as Eon the Sun Time Dragon Emperor. I am the only Emperor who surpassed the Vanishing Dragon and Red Dragon Emperor".

"Might I ask why your inside of me?" Itachi asked.

"A higher being even stronger than god and the Sage of Six Paths is what you call it. Revived you, turned your body into a devil, but kept your human soul. Then the being crammed me inside of you". Eon spoke, "Well it was fun talking if you ever wish to speak, I'll be here. Just talk to me mentally, oh and I am also quite interested in this chakra you so to speak of. Your Sharingan should prove quite a powerful asset to my abilities. I'll tell my abilities once we grow stronger". Eon's voice began to fade as Itachi felt himself leaving his mindscape.

Real World

Itachi opens his eyes and sits up in and find Rias and Sona on the bed sleeping next to him. On the side, Venelana was sleeping in the arms of Zeoticus. Itachi looked at his right hand to see it attached once again. Itachi slowly made his way off the bed and into the bathroom. He went into the bathroom, "Eon you there? How do I activate this… scared gear?"

"Send magic to your eyes instead of chakra". Eon Spoke.

Itachi did just that as his eyes began to let out a shine of golden color. His eyes had a dimmed yellow iris, but around his iris was bright gold. Itachi didn't know the abilities, but he deactivated them and he let a sigh out. He then sent chakra to his eyes as his eyes shifted to the Sharingan with two tomoes in each eye, "Even now the accursed Uchiha Clan still follows me even in this world… I'm just glad I unlocked them with a meaningful purpose".

"I-Itachi-kun?" The voice from his mother was heard as he looked at her, "W-What happened to your eyes".

Itachi looked into the mirror and said, "I-I don't know".

A few Days Later

Itachi was sitting in the office with Ajuka Beelzebub, currently with him was Zeoticus, Venelana, and Sirzechs. They were all curious about this rather sudden development with Itachi. Ajuka was looking into a magnifying glass to look at Itachi's eyes. He took some blood and ran some tests with him too. Once that was over, they waited for the results to come back. Ajuka came back with some rather surprising discovery. Ajuka did a double-take and smiled, "Well there nothing seems to be wrong with his eyes at all. It seems his eyes seem to rely on his chakra source which he surprisingly has. Devils have chakra, but the amount devils typically have its small. Not important to train, but Itachi's reserves are large and it corresponds to his eye powers. Upon further testing".

He flipped the page, "I can conclude that this is actually not harmful in any way. This actually seems to improve his combat capabilities allowing him to anticipate the opponent's moves. He can cast power and direct genjutsu, copy ninjutsu, and other things, but I can't tell. It seems the eyes are still maturing from what I'm getting. There is also another kicker". Ajuka put his notes down.

"What is that? Nothing bad right!?" Venelana said worriedly.

"Well, it appears that Itachi's eyes were genetically inherited. Means, there might have been a mutation. It's a high possibility that the eyes are hereditary". Ajuka stated.

"Which means they can be passed on". Itachi and Ajuka said at the same time.

Ajuka sighed, "His intelligence for a six-year-old never ceases to amaze me. Lady Venelana, Lord Zeoticus it might be smart to enroll them into a school of some sort. I was even thinking of giving them their own set of evil pieces too. They look for peerage members, but if I recall Itachi doesn't… have my many friends besides Sona Sitri am I right?"

Itachi began to tune everyone out, "Again with this? Is the Uchiha clan and the Sharingan always going to follow me… is this some sort of cruel joke!?"

"Well, you may never know until you die again. Then you ask the being above Kami-sama and ask then. For now, all you can do is live your life to the fullest. Try not to die a twenty-year-old virgin". Eon voiced his opinion.

"I'd really rather not". Itachi spoke annoyed just thinking about the fangirls.

"Itachi what do you think about going to school?" Venelana asked.

"I'd rather be home school or study on my own. Besides I'm already past eight grade, I've already started studying Chemistry, Biology, and Algebra. I'm diverse in Japanese, English, French, Russian, Korean, German, and more. I don't see a need to go to school". Itachi stated quickly as he look to the side and what caught Itachi's eye was the package of dango off on the side.

Ajuka shook his head, "It might be a good idea Itachi, being social to other people might help out. You are missing the true point behind schooling. It's to help build friendships, maybe even leading to finding a nice girl".

"No need, girls are annoying. Besides Kaa-san, Rias, and Sona are the only ones I can tolerate the others will just fangirl. I don't feel like dealing with trivial love affairs well". Itachi spoke clearly for them all to hear. Venelana looked at Itachi and she puffed her cheeks out, he was hiding something. She was going to get to the bottom of it. Itachi sighed and thought some more, "Ajuka-sama I have a question".

Ajuka smiled, "Please you can call me Oji-san if you wish. What do you want?" He gave Itachi and a happy smile.

Itachi had no emotion, "Ajuka-sama I was wondering, you're smart, do you know if you can develop a training facility that allows me to fight against the supernatural beings of this world. I would like t to get stronger so I can protect Rias".

Venelana found it a perfect time to tease Itachi, "Ooooo? Itachi has a thing for Rias-chan!"

"No, I do not Kaa-san that's wrong. Besides, that's… weird". Itachi gave his mother a strange look.

Zeoticus spoke, "Incest is not uncommon, it isn't frowned upon, but neither practiced much".

"No thanks I'm good, I'm sure Rias will find someone to love on her own'. Itachi quickly shut that opportunity down hard.

"What if she likes you". Venelana nudged Itachi in his side. Itachi gave her a bit of a glare as she stuck her tongue out, "Ooooo now that Itachi has these eyes, he thinks he all high and mighty!" Venelana giggled, "How cute". She changed her voice and her aura quickly. Itachi began to sweat a little bit as he decided to be quiet. Venelana pats his head, "Good boy". "Sometimes I forget how scary mothers can be".

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