Powers of a Dragon

Alright! So, I went back and fixed some errors I made Itachi knowing the Chidori. I also thought it would be good to do some flashback on Itachi's training. I want to show Itachi's development of power. I should of instead of doing that time skip, I should have done his training. That was an error on my part, but I think I can still make it work. I-I don't want people to think I went back in time because of the previous chapter. No, I will be showing parts of his training especially his sacred gear. Remember he has a human soul and a devil body. I also decided to finalize Itachi's pairing and it will only be Akeno and Kuroka. Itachi's abilities are NOT easy for him to obtain. Once he does start using his ability to stop time. It will be very hard for him to hold it longer than a second. If you know JoJo, you will know how it works. Itachi can spam it, but it easts up magic pretty quickly.

Itachi was currently sitting in class with Rias, Kuroka, Akeno, and Sona. Itachi has progressively got stronger, though he has still yet to awaken his Mangekyou Sharingan as well. Training with chakra and getting his levels back up was difficult. Itachi has gotten his levels back where he used to have them, though his strength isn't there. He has also awakened his Mangekyou Sharingan about a year ago. Itachi thought back on his training with his mother and then Merlin. At one point during their break, he has been training with Tannin to work with Jikan to help harness Itachi's ability with Jikan. So far Itachi can heal others, turn non-living things into living things, and stop time. Which is an ability that Itachi has slowly begin to work on. Just trying to do it for a second completely winds him. Kuroka has been training him in his hand to hand combat and further into his Senjutsu training.

Flashback Four Years

Itachi was thirteen years old as he was currently training with Tannin the Blaze. Tannin has the appearance of a fifteen meters tall, gigantic western Dragon. With the exception of his lower body, specifically his belly, the inner portions of his long tail and legs, that are beige in color, a majority of Tannin's body is covered in dark purple, draconic scales. Also, Tannin has a triangular head with yellow horns, a pair of large, keen red eyes with lavender sclera, and serrated yet sharp canine teeth. He also has claws with long sharp, yellow nails, on his hands, and large bat-like wings with rigid tips. Additionally, he wears black armored pauldron that extends down to his arms and a loincloth decorated with metallic accessories.

"So, how are you supposed to help me train with Jikan's abilities if you're a Blaze Meteor Dragon?" Itachi asked.

"I'm not going to teach you how to use the powers. I am teaching you how to be a dragon first if you can understand how to be a dragon first. You can learn the abilities easier understanding how a dragon works". Tannin spoke, "Now summon up your magic and learn to breathe fire or whatever you can breathe out". Tannin breathed in as he filled his lungs with fire magic. He shot it out towards a mountain setting the entire place on fire while destroying parts of the mountain too.

Itachi controlled his breathing and began to summon the sun magic within his body. He felt it build up in his lungs and then breathed out a thin sunlight beam. Since Itachi cannot breathe flames, he was breathing out a beam of light that shot a hole through the mountain. Granted it wasn't very big and nor did it go through, Itachi performed very well for his first time, "That's very impressive Itachi, for a beginner most dragon users with sacred gears can't even muster up a flame or a beam. You're going to be very powerful alongside my brother".

"Thank you Tannin-sensei I will be I your debt". Itachi gave a respectful bow.

"Ahahaha! That's it Itachi! Soon you will be able to take on my brother one day!" Jikan chuckled, "Your one interesting host, you might be able to take my powers to new heights!" Jikan said with pride and confidence.

"Well I have good teachers, I'm sure I will grow quite strong". Itachi nodded his head happily, getting stronger to make sure he honors the Gremory name and watches over Rias would be easy then.

Time Skip Year Later

"So there is going to be a competition to see which of the younger devils will be stronger?" Itachi asked.

"Yes, it will be you, your cousin Sairaorg, Sona Sitri, Seekvaira Agares, and your sister Rias. You guys are going to have a bracket battle to see who is the strongest rookie devil". Sirzechs smiled, "Of course I won't be rooting for you or Rias, but I wish you the best of luck. It will be taking place a few days from now. I heard you been training with Kaa-san, Merlin, and Tannin a lot. I heard Kuroka your queen has been teaching you more about chakra". Sirzechs sat down at his desk as Itachi was in his office.

"Yes, they all have been very helpful in my training. Kuroka is an excellent use of chakra and senjutsu chakra is helpful. Kuroka also taught me a few different fighting styles, though I return to the interceptor fist. I can alternate fighting styles thanks to her. Kaa-san's training in destruction magic has been helpful. Tannin's training in being a true dragon has been rough and not easy. I'm hardly able to shoot a beam through a mountain, I can't only get about one-fourth of the way". Itachi spoke with pride in his training, "I'm making sure to honor the Gremory family and to watch over Rias". Itachi smiled.

"Good, you're being a better big brother than I am. Tch busy all the time with stupid paperwork. Seems you will be very strong, rumor has it that Sairaorg is stronger than most rookie devils. He might be even stronger than you". Sirzechs smirked, "Good luck and I'll see you in a few days. Grayfia-chan will come at fetch you once it's time. Also, how is your peerage coming along?" Sirzechs asked.

"Nothing so far, I have Kuroka only. I am still searching. Also, just because it's Rias is my sister doesn't mean I won't go easy on her. I will beat her and the other fair fights". Itachi smiled and remembered something about Sairaorg, "I heard Sairaorg has no devil abilities or anything. I know he is of the Bael clan and did not inherit the destruction magic. He uses an energy source called Touki".

"Seems you did your homework, good luck Itachi I can't wait to see just how strong you have become". Sirzechs smiled as Itachi disappeared in a magic circle.

"Itachi-sama has grown stronger, I can tell he is powerful. He might be even stronger than Sairaorg". Grayfia spoke, "I can feel the magic power within him, how he holds himself".

"It-tan has gotten very strong, but we will just have to see". Sirzechs went back to work, but Grayfia plopped down another large stack of papers.

"NOOOOO! FIA-CHAN! I WANT A BREAK!" Sirzechs whined.

"No Sirzechs-sama you need to do your work; you have responsibilities as a Maou!" Grayfia argued.

"Mah! Mah! I think I'm going to go bug Ri-Tan". He stood up to leave but Grayfia grabbed his ear pulling him back to his seat.

"Rias-sama is at her club you can't bother her". Grayfia scolded her brother, "You need to get over your sister complex its very unbecoming of you".

"IT'S ONLY BECAUSE IT-TAN DOESN'T LET ME SPOIL HIM! HE DOESN'T LET ME HUG HIM OR ANYTHING! HE SO COLD TO HIS NII-SAN!" Sirzechs began crying as Grayfia sighed, she wondered how someone like him became one of the four Maous.


Itachi arrived back at the ORC to find Rias alone in the club room while the others were getting contracts, "Hey Rias, you ready for the mock battle?"

"Oh that, Kaa-san and Merlin-sensei have been training me in the destruction magic. Though my hand to hand to hand combat skills are lacking". Rias sighed, "These make it so hard to move while fighting". Rias looked at her chest.

"Well adjust then? Ask Kuroka how she does it, she can fight me hand to hand without any issues". Itachi spoke.

Then Rias smirked, "Nii-san? You admitting that I have large breasts? Kuroka too? Nii-san you pervert".

"Sorry Rias". Itachi stood up and flicked her in the forehead, "I can't be a pervert if I'm trying to help you fight better. I must address what you have troubles with, I'm saying that Kuroka can teach you".

"Wait! Kuroka has large breasts! You're implying that she does! You're admitting it!" Rias argued trying to find some type of perverted fiber in Itachi.

"Rias your both well-endowed and you both and related. Because of your gift you're able to train together and learn from one another. Learning to adapt to your body changes will make you stronger". Itachi sighed as he began to walk away, "I'm going home, going to do some homework and going to bed. Call me if you need help". Naruto disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

"Phooey! I thought I had him on that!" Rias whined.

"Nya! We'll get him one day! Well once you get a chance to fight him, show him how strong you really are!" Kuroka chirped.

"Yeah, thanks Kuroka. You're a good friend". Rias hugged Kuroka.

"Though I do wonder, does Itachi like boobs or ass? I'm not too sure". Kuroka asked curiously.

"We're like thirteen, right?" Rias raised an eyebrow.

"Nya, what do I care! If Itachi-sama wants to take me any night I will allow him too!" Kuroka smiled putting her hands together.

Rias giggled, "You really like Nii-san, is it because he brought you back to Koneko?" Rias asked.

Kuroka turned her head blushing, "Well I'd be lying if I said no, but that's not all. He is really interesting too; he is a very kind person. He is stoic all the time, he is quiet, mysterious, and he is a puzzle I can't put together".

Rias smiled, "Itachi is pretty quiet, he likes to be alone, but he doesn't realize how many people he brings in. Itachi unintentionally gained many friends and admirers for his genuine concern for others despite his passive nature. He never became arrogant about his own abilities or accomplishments; to which, most views or statements he made were usually well-based, seeing the situation for what it was. Itachi actually does not act for his the Gremory Clan. The only people he ever acts for is either me or his family. He is very self-righteous loyalty to his family rather than his own clan. I found out from my Kaa-san that Tou-san wanted to put me into an arranged marriage. Itachi threatened both of my parents that he would run away with me to keep me safe. If that isn't loyalty to family than I don't know what is. I know Kaa-san didn't want that for me, and neither did Itachi". Ria smiled.

Kuroka smiled, "That's interesting, I wonder if he has a thing for his sister~!" Kuroka teased.

Rias shook her head, "He clearly stated that he wouldn't have those type of feelings to me. I accepted them; all I know is. The man I want to fall in love with is someone who has similar characteristics to Itachi. Though I wouldn't mind if they were a little bit more upbeat and cheerier".

"Yeah, he can be gloomy at times. Which is why I don't understand why he holds his emotions in? How often does he show them?" Kuroka asked.

"Well it's spontaneous, he typically is happy when around family or people he cares about. I don't think I've ever seen him get excited or even truly laugh. I've heard from Kaa-san saying something about him. I don't entirely understand it though". Rias sighed, "I-I still don't understand it, but do you remember when Itachi first brought you back to your sister?"

"Oh, that? Of course, I do! I could never forget a night like that!" Kuroka chirped.

Rias sat on the couch, "T-There is something that Kaa-san and Nii-san are keeping from me. I-I remember how Kaa-san took Nii-san into the room to talk to one another. I grew curious about why they disappeared. I don't know if remember how I moved out of the picture for a moment. I went to see what they were doing. For a full minute Kuroka… his red eyes stared into Kaa-san's for a full minute. Once they were done, staring at one another for a few minutes. Nii-san said, 'Kaa-san… these are no ordinary eyes that I possess. These eyes are the things that haunt me, the eyes that were brought with me to this life. These are the Sharingan of the Uchiha Clan". Rias said nervously.

"What? The eyes that haunt me. The Sharingan of the Uchiha Clan? I've never heard of that clan before". Kuroka said confused.

"Then after than he asked her to look into her eyes, I don't know what else happened". Rias frowned, "I-I've never asked him about it because I was worried that I might hurt him. It seemed painful for him and I didn't want to bothersome for him". Rias looked down upset.

Kuroka smiled, "I may not know what either of that means, but no matter what you cared about Itachi. You cared about Itachi enough to give him his space. Though it makes me wonder, what is the Uchiha Clan?"

"Well Kuroka, if you're with him please make sure to look after him. I don't know why he is so focused on others instead of himself. Kaa-san even told me that day he went to defend me about having an arranged marriage. Itachi said something that made me upset and annoyed with him. I want to ask him, but I'm too nervous that it would ruin our relationship as brother and sister. I don't know what to say". Rias looks at her hands as they shook.

Kuroka shook her head, "No matter what you say Rias, Itachi will always love you, "No matter what you say or do, he will always love you". Kuroka rubbed Rias back, "Just what I did for Koneko, I-I even killed our Tou-san Rias. I-I did a lot of bad for the sake of family, our own father performed tests on us. So many trying to learn just what we were, our mother was a Nekoshou after she died. He did what he wanted with us because he was a scientist. Once he tried to experiment on Koneko… I caused one of his experiments to explode to kill him. I didn't want Koneko to be used like a testing subject. That's why I did the tests for her". Kuroka smiled.

Rias smiled, "Yeah thanks Kuroka, but it worries me that Itachi doesn't want to find love. He said to Kaa-san and Tou-san. I am quoting him, "I truly do not have any care in the slightest in marriage. Looking for love is not important; I have no time for such trivial things".

"Did he really say that?" Kuroka asked.

"Yeah… something happens to Itachi, I don't know what it is. I think it relates to this Uchiha clan or something". Rias put her finger to her lips, "I just hope he finds someone, Nii-san deserves someone to love. If it's you or Akeno, I don't care I want my Nii-san to be happy. I can't be happy if he isn't happy".

"You're a good sister Rias, do you know that?" Kuroka smiled.

Rias looked up at the Nekoshou and smiled, "Thanks Kuroka, when do you think we should ask him?"

Kuroka smiled, "Well… asking him? When? I don't know… how? Well, I think we can whenever, but I don't know when. I think doing it when you think it's time".

Rias smiled, "Alright… maybe if Itachi ever begins to falter and we need to figure out it was and make sure he knows we're there for him".

"Everyone deserves love too, even Itachi". Kuroka smiled, "I know I will do my best to make Itachi happy".

Rias smiled back while handing Kuroka some dango, "Yeah thanks Kuroka, make sure to look after him".

A few Days Later

The mock battles between the rookie five were preparing for their fights. It was to see where the clan's future was at. Everyone had high expectations for them, Itachi was ready to show his skills off. His training wasn't easy even now he was still using gravity seals on himself. He has been using them for a while now, he was hoping to have a good fight. He wanted to see just ho much Rias has grown in strength. Itachi made his way into the room where they were all waiting. Once he walked inside, he saw Sona, Rias, Sairaorg, and Seekvaira.

Seekvaira is a beautiful young girl in her early teens. She was about Rias's height is about 5'1, She had long green-tint blonde hair and pink eyes. She wears glasses, has speckles, and has a cold, sharp gaze. Her sharp gaze was noticed by Itachi and she realized how similar a gaze they looked at one another.

Then her felt a tug as Sairaorg pulled him into a bro hug, "Itachi! You're looking fine! I can't wait for our battle! I've heard just how strong you've gotten!" Sairaorg is a handsome young man with black hair and violet eyes. He is very tall as he stands over Itachi at a height of 5'5 and Itachi was only 5'3.

"You're looking good too Sairaorg, how are you doing Seekvaira-san, Sona-san". Itachi gave them a small wave.


Itachi began to have bad flashbacks about the green spandex man with bowl-cut hair and bushy eyebrows, "Hai, yes its good to see you too Sairaorg".

"Yeah, that's my rival! I hope you're ready! I'm not losing to you again like last time! I've done some serious training, I'm ready to take you on!" He began pointing to himself with his thumb.

"Well, I look forward to our battle then". Itachi smiled as Sairaorg let him go. Itachi walked over to Rias and put his hand on her head, "I hope you've been training; I can't wait to see how much stronger my Imouto has gotten". Itachi smiled at her as she had a small blush appear on her face.
"D-Don't embarrass me Nii-san". She turned her head away, but she did return her gaze back to Itachi smiling, "Thank you Nii-san, I'll show you just how much Kaa-san's and Merlin-Sensei's training has paid off!"

Soon they were guided to the stage where their battles were prepared. The first fight was going to be Rias vs Sona. Then Sairaorg vs Seekvaira, Itachi vs Rias, Sairaorg vs Sona, Seekvaira vs Itachi, Sona vs Seekvaira, and then Itachi vs Sairaorg. Many of the 72 pillar members were there wanting to see the future devils. Many of the other devils families were where who giving the Gremory Family Marriage proposals for Itachi. When Zeoticus would ask Itachi he would decline and say no. Itachi went and sat down next to his parents along with Sirzechs. Itachi sighed as he saw Sirzechs with hats and merchandise that says Rias and separate ones with Itachi. Sirzechs was cheering for Rias, though he wasn't the only one. Serafall, Sona's older sister was doing the same thing cheering for Sona. Rias, Itachi, and Sona were majorly embarrassed by their older sibling.

The first battle was Rias vs Sona, the two were standing in the arena. Rias was ready to fight with her arms folded to her body. Sona had her right hand on her glasses keeping them up, "Alright! Don't do anything that could kill each other but go all out". Grayfia stated, "Begin!"

Rias showed off first firing a ball of destruction. It began to track Sona; Sona was by means not fit. She began to move quickly she began to cast. Before the attack could hit her, she summoned a wall of ice that blocked her attack. The two began throwing magic attacks one after another. Sona and Rias both showed excellent magic attacks and defensive moves. Rias could produce powerful barriers.

Rias and Sona were even when it came to magic. Then Rias began to run at Sona and engage her in hand to hand. Sona wasn't experienced in hand to hand, she began to shoot out water needles from her mouth. She tried to dodge her attacks; Rias had a hard time avoiding her quick magic attacks. Rias did her best to keep Sona on her toes, Rias was able to cause her to lose focus trying to dodge her attacks.

Soon Sona began to slow as Rias's attacks began to land, she was able to beat Sona. Sona had to give up, "You did well Rias, to think that you picked up hand to hand". Sona sighed.

"Yeah, I got a friend of mine to help me with that". Rias looked up to see Kuroka cheering for her. Sirzechs was cheering louder than before for Rias, Rias could only sigh in embarrassment.

"You did well Sona, it was a good match". Rias smiled as the two girls walked over and were given Phenex tears.

The next fight is between Seekvaira vs Sairaorg. Once Grayfia gave them the okay to fight, Itachi watched intently to see how Sairaorg fought. What he saw was pure strength, speed, and raw power. Seekvaira's abilities were noticed once Sairaorg was within range and Seekvaira was able to stop time when Sairaorg was inside the barrier. Though she could not hold it long, she did what damage she could too. However, Sairaorg was too powerful and was able to overwhelm her and win.

Itachi and the now healed up Rias, thanks to the Phenex tears, made their way to the field. Itachi smiled, "You better now hold back Rias, I want to see just how much stronger you've gotten". Itachi smirked as he prepared himself.

Rias smiled, "I want you to use those eyes of your, I want you to go all out". Rias smirked.

Itachi closed his eyes and smiled, "Rias you better not disappoint". Itachi's eyes opened back up as his Sharingan flared to life. All the devils saw this surprised; many began to ask if this was a new ability that Gremory or Bael Clan had. It mutated for Itachi; Beelzebub told everyone that it was indeed a mutation that Itachi inherited. Thought he chance for it to continue was rare because of the mutation.

"Begin!" Grayfia announced.

Everyone watched as Rias began to fire off volleys of destruction magic. Itachi simply swatted them away without much force, "Commo little sister is that all you got?" Itachi raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah! Try this!" Rias's body erupted with a crimson black aura and she fired her attack at Itachi.

Itachi easily dodged her attack. He brought his hand up as a ball of destruction magic appeared. His attacks began to take shape of crows. Then the crows began to turn into real crows as Itachi's hand was glowing. Itachi sent them towards her, Rias did her best to dodge them. Once she destroyed one of them it turned back into a sphere of destruction. She realized she was surrounded so she surrounded herself in a barrier. The attack hit her shield which caused dust and debris to be kicked up.

Once it cleared up Rias let her barrier down, but Itachi was gone and out of sight. Itachi was standing right in front of Rias. He simply used a genjtusu around himself to make himself seem invisible. Itachi made some shadow clones that charged towards Rias in a hand to hand combat. Rias and his clones engaged into heated battle; Rias was very well rounded in her hand to hand. Once she erased the two Itachi's, much to her surprise, "Nii-san! Stop hiding!" She took her fist and punched the ground sending a shockwave of destruction energy around the arena.

This distorted his genjutsu, but it wasn't that big of a deal. Itachi was clapping, "You did very good little sister, but this battle is over. It's been over since you looked into my eyes". Itachi's eyes deactivated as Rias charged him, but then one went to punch him. She re-opened her eyes to find Itachi in front of her sending a punch to her stomach. Rias was sent flying to the wall where she hit against the wall.

Rias has never felt such a brute force punch before, "W-What power and strength! Kaa-san has never been able to punch that hard!" Rias panted standing up feeling her stomach not liking the attack, "Impressive, I was holding back on that punch. Otherwise, it would have killed you, though I can't do that to my little sister".

"Tch! I ask you to go all out! NO HOLDING BACK!" Rias shot forward angered by her brother's rejection of using his full power.

"Your losing focus". Itachi's lips readout.

Rias went to strike Itachi, but he simply slipped past her guard. He simply punched her stomach with his fist. A shockwave of air could be seen exiting out of her back. Rias slumped out knocked out. Itachi gently laid her in his arms bridal style, "Not bad little sister… not bad at all". Itachi walked over as Grayfia smiled.

"You did well Itachi-sama, Rias-sama also did very well". Grayfia applied the Phenex tear to Rias.

Soon Rias woke up in Itachi's arms, "Hey how are you feeling? I had to end the match because I saw just how strong you were. You certainly made me use more strength than I thought. You've really grown up Rias, I'm proud of you". Itachi rubbed her head as Rias accepted the head petting. Receive praise and recognition from her Nii-san for some reason felt better to get than from her Nii-sama.

Venelana and Zeoticus walked over, "Rias-chan you did a great job! You've grown very strong! You too It-chan". Venelana placed a kiss on his forehead.

"Kaa-san I ask you not to call me that". Itachi mumbled.

Zeoticus put his hand on Itachi's shoulder, "Good job Itachi, a well-done battle. You did great too Rias, keep up the good work. You've already made us proud".

"Next up Sairaorg vs Sona", Grayfia spoke, Itachi was given a Phenex tear, which he really didn't need, but took it graciously.

The next battle was one way with Sairaorg overpowering Sona even with her magic. He was able to plow through her water attacks. Breakthrough her shields, and land solid punches on her. The match lasted about five minutes until Sona admitted defeat.

They went back to the stands in happy spirits and given a Phenex tear. Itachi and Seekvaira went to the floor to fight. Itachi fell into a fighting stance, Seekvaira also ready to go as well. Itachi already saw some of her abilities, Itachi has yet to show any of his true power, "Begin!" Grayfia called out.

Seekvaira fired some lighting magic towards his direction. Itachi quickly dodged, "Your strong Itachi, I want you to use those eyes too. I want you to use all your power!" She cast at large time bubble around them. She began to slow time down on him, "What will you do now?" She walked up charging lighting magic in her hands. Once she went to fire her magic, Itachi disappeared and appeared behind her. He punched her which sent her flying out of her time bubble. She was sent flying as she did a backflip to land on the ground. She held her side feeling the powerful punch he packed, "W-What! You can move in my time-space!" Seekvaira said shocked.

Itachi smirked as he let out a few breaths. Seekvaira knew she can't use that time stop that much, "I don't know try it again and see how I fair". Itachi fell into another stance ready to fight.

Seekvaira had to wait a few seconds before she could cast another time bubble. What she doesn't know if he can do it again, how long he can hold it. She can only manipulate time in an area, she doesn't know what Itachi can do. Seekvaira made it ran water over the field. Itachi had a feeling she was going to use lighting to her advantage. Itachi went through a set of hand signs, Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu! Everyone watched at the speed of Itachi's hand signs. Everyone has heard Itachi had a knack at learning Ninjutsu like the Nekoshou race can. To see a devil being able to harness that power was very rare. Most die just trying to unlock it because it uses their life force as a weapon.

Seekvaira saw the water she used was pulled away by Itachi and he shot it at her as a large water dragon. She quickly dodged it and ran forward again and produced a time bubble that Itachi was trapped inside of. Itachi knew he had to cast his own time stop to move. When he felt the time bubble stop his movements. He felt as if he was able to move, once she began to charge up another lighting attack. Itachi began to move in her time stop, Seekvaira's eyes widen, "Y-You can move in my time stop! H-How!" She yelled shocked.

Itachi opened his mouth as he began to gather light into his lungs. When he breathed out, he shot a beam of sunlight out. Seekvaira was hit directly shooting her out of the time stop and into the stands where Sairaorg caught her, "Ring out, winner Itachi!" Grayfia called out. Itachi let a sigh out and caught his breath. Moving in her time bubble and then performing a magical attack drained him. Just stopping and moving in time was hard, "Hey partner, I just want to let you know. You've improved your time-stopping abilities to two seconds now. You can now move in another's time stop bubble-like Seekvaira's only for a few seconds. I think its tops three seconds, think of it as resistance to time magic". "Interesting so, the only way to increase my time stop resistance is for others to cast it on me… if I use my shadow clones and have them stop time. Then I could try to move and my time resistance would increase? Will it work?" Itachi asked. "I must say that's really smart human, but no you cannot use your own time stop to train. Because of my abilities limited me, not many can manipulate time. That's why my resistance to time was weak. The longest I could ever stop time was about five seconds max".

Itachi made his way back to the stands where Kuroka jumped onto his back praising him. Rias and Sirzechs congratulated him. Akeno was putting her hands all over him like Kuroka. Much to Itachi's annoyance, but no one but Venelana saw the annoyed expression on Sona's face. Venelana couldn't help but giggle, "I wonder is miss Ice Princess has a thing for Itachi-kun!" Venelana giggled, Mrs. Sitri saw where Venelana was looking. They both could see Sona looking at how Kuroka and Akeno clung to Itachi. Mrs. Sitri looked at Venelana, "No way! Sona has a crush on someone! That's hilarious! Hmmm?" Mrs. Sitri made a mental connection with Venelana, "Do you think that my little ice princess has a thing for Itachi!"

"Oh! I know so! Look how she is staring at Kuroka and Akeno clinging to him! It is so adorable!" Venelana giggled.

"I hate to ask this but, would that mean a possible family in the future?" Mrs. Sitri asked.

Venelana remembered Itachi's past and his words about not wanting to love anyone, "Well Itachi is very stubborn as of right now he cares little for romance or any type of relationship. He puts all his time into training and spending time with Rias or Sona when she comes over".

"Interesting, well I'm sure one day Sona might try". Mrs. Sitri giggled.

The next match between Sona and Seekvaira went normally. Before Seekvaira was given a Phenex tear at the end of her match. Sona was all ready to go, once Grayfia gave them the word they began to fight. It was a fairly even match, both of them were tacticians and strong magic wielders. They both were pretty even if terms of magic, but Seekvaira using her time stop bubble gave her the upper hand. She was able to knock Sona out, but not before Sona froze Seekvaira in place. This immobilized her not being able to move. Grayfia called the match a draw as they both were immobile.

Soon Grayfia called Itachi and Sairaorg to the field, "This battle will conclude which one of you two will be declared the top rookie devil. May the best devil win!" Grayfia spoke.

Sairaorg smiled, "You better show me everything you got Itachi! I'll give you everything I got!"

Itachi nodded his head, Itachi's Sharingan flared to life. Sairaorg smiled, "I will show you everything I got. I've been trying to keep most of my abilities on the low. I need something to help get the advantage over you".

"Begin!" Grayfia shouted.

Sairaorg and Itachi jumped forward as they slammed their forearms together. This caused an explosion to shake the arena and the stands. Itachi saw that Sairaorg was using Touki a form or Senjutsu chakra which he learned to do on his own. Itachi and Sairaorg both were using chakra to enhance their bodies. Itachi had a layer of blue and Sairaorg had a layer of white covering their bodies. Their speed, strength, reflexes, and vision enhanced. They began to exchange blows, but soon Itachi began to gain the upper hand. He began to land more hits than Sairaorg could get.

Itachi noticed that Sairaorg began to speed up to matching Itachi's speed, "What his speed is increasing while fighting? No… he is learning to fight better through fighting me?" Itachi began to dodge and block his attack. Sairaorg smirked, "Noticed?"

Itachi smiled, "Yeah I've noticed, most people would say your movements are speeding up. That's false… you're not speeding up, you're merely adjusting your fighting style to countermine. You're improving not speeding up".

"I like you Itachi, your smart and perceptive! Though! Smarts aren't everything in battles!" He disappeared and appeared behind Itachi. He punched Itachi in the back of the head, but he disappeared in a murder of crows, "What?" He said confused.

Itachi reformed in front of him, "You punched a shadow clone, I replaced myself once you said notice".

"Hmm impressive, that won't be enough to win! I will win! I wasn't born with anything! You were born with the power of destruction! You were given those eyes! You were given everything to make you powerful at birth! I like you; you didn't take your abilities for granted! You honed them, to be the strongest you can be!" Itachi and Sairaorg were punching another fist at the same time causing shockwaves, "There is only one reason why I will win! My resolve! I fight for my mother! I fight for my clan and honor the Bael clan! For my mother! I'll rise above all devils! I WILL WIN!" He made a strong punch that broke Itachi's guard, "His resolve… his resolve is so strong… his will… his ideals… his personality! He is amazing! He was given nothing in this world! He drove himself into the ground training".

"Sairaorg you a worthy adversary! You are a worthy rival, show me your strength!" Itachi smiled as he took a punch to his face where blood began to drip. He landed a blow on at Sairaorg's stomach.

This pushed the two back as they both took a breather. Sairaorg smiled, "I will keep fighting! I will keep going until my knuckles are bloody! I will keep going even if my limbs are broken! If my organs are ripped out, I'll keep going until my body fails! I'll keep going! I will be the strongest devil! I will make sure! NO ONE LOOKS DOWN ON ME AND MY MOTHER! I'M PROUD TO BE BORN WITH NOTHING!" Sairaorg's body exploded with chakra.

Itachi saw his power increase and his speed as he felt resolve push him further. Itachi found himself being whaled on; his entire body was being absolutely beaten down on. Sairaorg did one final punch as Itachi was sent flying into the wall. Sairaorg took a breather, "Stay down Itachi, that was a good fight".

Itachi stood back up smiling, "That was really good… I couldn't beat you physically. I will admit that… your way stronger than me physically. That means I will get stronger, but the only reason I win here today. Because of what I was born with, I would insult your strength and power by not using my full power". Itachi's smiled, "You fight for your mother and your clan. That's honorable, but I fight for my Imouto and my family. I fight for my peerage; I fight for my clan. I will show you the true power I hold". Itachi's body began to glow golden as his eyes let a golden shine out and his entire body was healed instantly.

Sairaorg smiled, "Thank you Itachi for giving me a hell of a fight. Though just because you start trying now! Doesn't mean I won't try to still win!" Sairaorg charged at Itachi.

Itachi felt his body's blood boil and run throughout his body. Sairaorg's fist was just mere inches from Itachi's face, Za Warudo Toki Wa Tamare! Itachi stopped time as he sighed, he stared directly into his eyes placing a genjutsu on him. Itachi slipped behind Sairaorg, "Yare, Yare daze. That was a good fight, I would have lost physically. I only won because of my powers I was born with. Time Resumes".

Like that the world continued and everyone saw Itachi behind Sairaorg. Sairaorg fell to the ground out cold in a genjutsu. Seems he hasn't had any training in protecting his mind, hopefully, next time he will get stronger. Grayfia walked over to check on Sairaorg, "Winner Itachi!" She called out. Itachi released the genjutsu as he woke up.

"Ahhhh damn… good fight Itachi". Sairaorg smiled, "Your strong, I will win next time".

"Yeah, I look forward to see how much stronger you will get. Next time I will try to defeat you physically only. I only won because of what I was born with". Itachi gave him a respectful bow, "Everyone else also put up a very good fight". Itachi said while bowing to everyone else. Everyone took notice of Itachi's very respectful personality.

"Itachi Gremory". A voice rang out from the crowds as a man spoke up.

Itachi turned his head to see a young man about his age, with short blond hair and dark blue eyes. He was wearing a burgundy blazer with gold embroidery on the right with matching pants and black dress shoes. Underneath his open blazer is a white dress shirt that is not fully buttoned, "Hello Riser Phenex". Itachi recognized who he was pretty easy.

He walked over smiling with a smirk on his face, "Since you are the next heir to the Gremory Clan, I was wondering I could ask for your sister's hand in marriage?" Riser gave a polite bow.

Itachi began to analyze his facial expression, his tone, actions, the look in his eye, and he looked at his peerage he had with him. Only 13 years old and he almost has a full set, they were all females. Itachi turned away from him, "No, you do not need her hand in marriage. No one is asking for her hand in marriage from unless she approves".

Riser saw Itachi walk away from him like he didn't mean anything! He is Riser Phenex! He is the third son of the Phenex Clan after his elder brother! "Wait a second! I want you to please reconsider! Keeping the pure devil bloodline is important is it not?" Riser asked quickly before he lost his cool.

Itachi stopped walking as Venelana and Zeoticus knew of Itachi's hate towards the ways of keeping the pureblood devils pure. Itachi slightly turned his head with his black eye changing to red. His eyes began to spin with his one tomoe, then two tomoe, and then his third tomoe. Itachi said in a cold murderous tone, "I said no, to answer your question why I said no? Is because the elders of the devils are a bunch of old coots who hold onto the past rules. They fought for change in the civil wat, yet the old boomers still hold onto the old rules. Forcing it down the throat of the future of the devils. If you think I give one damn about keeping the pure devils pure? Please I could careless, Rias is going to love and marry whomever she wants. You asking for her hand? Its always going to be no, now bow". Itachi said coldly as he used his Sharingan to manipulate the flow of magic in Riser's body. Itachi used a genjutsu to force Riser to his knees, Riser saw Itachi in front of him and another Itachi pinning him to the ground. This made Riser look like he was bowing just how Itachi said.

"D-Damn you! I-I am Riser Phenex! I am an immortal Phenex! Let ME GO!" Riser snarled back at Itachi after he finally lost his temper.

"Please to me, your nothing but a weak flamboyant chicken. You hold no power, you have no power, to be your nothing". Itachi coldly said as he released the genjutsu and began to walk away back towards his family.

Once Riser gained his bearings, he stood up growling at Itachi, "I am the next heir to the clan! I Riser Phenex challenge you for Rias's hand!"

Itachi turned his body to Riser once again, "What is your reason for going after my sister? You gain nothing from her because you don't love her. Accepting your petty little challenge would be a waste of time. I am not giving her hand to anyone but the one whom she loves".

"How dare you! I AM RISER PHENEX! I AM THE IMMORTAL BIRD THAT ALWAYS RISES FROM THE ASHES!" Riser shot forward aiming for Itachi. He had a flame spear in his hand. He stabbed Itachi in the head as he fell to the ground dead. Riser smirked and flew over next to Rias. He put his hand on her shoulder, "If he couldn't even stop me is was weak! Therefore is worthless to the Gremory clan! That would make Rias the next heir!" Riser smiled evilly.

"I don't think so". Itachi's cold voice spoke from behind Riser.

"W-What!" Riser screamed.

Itachi punched him across the face sending Riser flying. He was sent towards the feet of his peerage. Riser looked up to see the dead body of Itachi disappear in a murder of crows. Itachi was standing next to Rias the entire time. Everyone couldn't believe the quick and fast reflexes from Itachi. Itachi stared at Riser, "You're going to regret trying to kill me, not just that. You tried to kill me so you could have your shot at my little sister. If you want a fight, I'll fight you. I'll even put my chair as the heir of the Gremory Clan up. If you beat me, which is very unlikely, I'll pass the chair of being the heir to Rias, then we can talk. That's IF you beat me if you couldn't even see through my illusions. Then you're going to have one hell of a time to beat me. Now if you beat me, you're going to owe me a little favor".

Riser smirked, "Just you wait Itachi! I'll kick your ass! I accept your deal!" He shouted as he turned to smirk as he disappeared behind.

Rias ran up to Itachi as Itachi kept his cool, "Nii-san! You're going to give up your seat as Heir if you lose!"

"Rias". Itachi looked at her.

"What?" Rias asked.

*Poke* "Ow! Mou! Nii-san! What was that for!" Rias said annoyed.

Itachi smiled, "If you think that flamboyant chicken can beat me? Then you must be crazy".

"I-I guess your right, but can you beat him? He is immortal because of his clan". Rias said nervously.

Itachi smiled, "Rias, he won't even be able to make it a challenge for me. The difference between him and I is he likes to talk and boast. I like to train; my mind is strong, I kept my cool and stayed level headed. He blew up and screamed, I was easily able to use a genjutsu to force him to bow at me. His body might be durable, but how durable is his mind. Now with him even thinking he could take my little Imouto away from me? I'm going to make him suffer for it". Itachi put his hand on Rias head patting it.

Rias smiled, "Thanks for sticking up for me Nii-san, I hope you find someone special one day to love you. So, you can love them back". Rias gave Itachi a hug as he returned the hug.

"Nya! He is going to marry me!" Kuroka jumped on his back.

"Ara! Well, I'll get him to cheat on you then". Akeno giggled as Itachi rolled his eyes.

"Kaa-san, Tou-san are you guys okay with that?" Itachi asked.

Venelana smiled, "I know you can beat him Itachi! That just means we will have to amp up your training!"

Zeoticus smiled, "You did good son, a fine heir. I have no doubt in my mind that you will do the job".

Recap of Itachi's Training

The rest of Itachi's training from when he was twelve to seventeen. He did most of the training he had with Venelana and Tannin. Alucard along with Seras and Walter were already strong, Seras did he vampire training with Alucard learning to be stronger. Kuroka helped Itachi with hand to hand combat and learning to master Senjutsu chakra. Itachi doesn't use sage mode, he uses like Sairaorg. Though Itachi learned to use nature chakra to his advantage to use it as an extension of his fist. While training with Kuroka, she used senjutsu powered genjutsu for Itachi. In turn, it caused Itachi's morph into his Mangekyou Sharingan. He asked her to make an illusion for him to see Rias, Kaa-san, Tou-san, her, and everyone else dead. He made her do it as strong as he could and as realistic as possible. Itachi did this when he was sixteen since then he has been training his Mangekyou Sharingan. Though he did not go blind he figured it that he didn't go blind because there would be no other person with eyes like him.

End of all Flashbacks and Recaps

A/N: You know I was going to continue but I decided not to. Lmao, not that I want to stop but I feel like I can come up with a good scenario here. I am going to do a small arc before Riser and everything. Obviously being the Raynare but I actually won't even do anything. I plan on leaving that out. I think Itachi would stay out of Rias's business with something like this. Maybe I'll do an arc of some sort where Itachi finally tells Rias, Kuroka, and Akeno about his past life. Unless you guys think I should wait, which is fine by me, or I'll do something else. Let me know what you guys think! I had to have Riser attack Itachi, and not get punished. Its more of an Heir vs Heir of sizing one up, if one was stronger than the other. They had to right to do so, I mean the society I think in hell is different. If you aren't strong, you die, if your strong you live and prosper. That how is it, I think how they would look at it. Idk maybe it's hard but I think it is going to work. Anyways! TitaFall007 OUT! Ja Ne!