This is a Marvel free-for-all. It is not really set in any timeline of the MCU but is based on the MCU characters and not the comic ones. I've used basic storylines from the movies but it's pretty AU. Let me know what you think in the reviews! Thanks for reading!


Avi closed her eyes and focused hard. She could sense the magic beginning to work, but she wasn't fully allowing her brain to wrap around the spell. Sighing, Avi opened her eyes and immediately jumped, shocked at her surroundings. She was in a vast room if you could even call it a room. Perhaps dungeon or cave was a better word for it. It was very dark and Avi was tragically aware of the thousands of dead bodies surrounding her. Each lay on a separate slab of stone, fully dressed in ancient Asgardian armor. Inside, though, was just a skeleton of a warrior. The dead bodies were certainly enough to capture anyone's attention, but what had her in awe was the enormous wolf lying still in the middle of the room.

It was about the size of a house and covered in dust. Avi could tell it was as dead as the warriors around her, but for some reason, it had not decomposed into a skeleton. Whereas such an animal would have scared any average person, it merely intrigued Avi very much and she stepped closer, wishing she knew the wolf's story. She stopped when she remembered how she had gotten here.

"The spell worked," she said out loud. "I barely felt the magic."

She had not, of course, intended to bring herself to this strange tomb, but she realized it must be at the very center of Asgard's core. The spell she had been attempting was one that would allow her mind's eye to see under the surface of the earth. She had tried it once on Midgard and knew this was not at all what it would feel like if it had worked correctly. The words of the magician that had taught her the spell flashed through her mind, "If you don't focus, it will actually transport your entire body underground, and then you've got a problem."

Avi chuckled, "Well, I'm certainly lucky Asgard has a secret tomb in its depths. Otherwise, I would be quite trapped at the moment."

Her thoughts turned again to the enormous wolf, and she ran over, fear absolved and curiosity maddened. She stepped right up to its gigantic shaggy head and studied its face. It was impossible to tell if it had been a friendly wolf or not in its current state, but Avi wanted to believe it had been an excellent warrior that served her father back when he had been conquering the Nine Realms.

"I know how to find out," she whispered to herself. Closing her eyes, she used the spell to take herself back outside and was quite relieved when it worked. She was currently on a hillside above the palace, but it didn't take her very long to run down and hurry to the back quarters where the armory and soldiers were. She often visited while her father watched his troops, so the guards merely waved hello as she ran by. Getting into the treasure chamber was a little harder, but a few quick spells that Loki had taught her cost only a few moments and then she was past the guards.

The Eternal Flame.

Avi wasn't sure if it would burn her or not, so she had brought a torch with which to carry it. Once she had lit the stick, Avi stepped back and took a deep breath. She had decided to try the spell again from the treasure chamber to see if it would work. Avi wasn't sure how to do Loki's parlor tricks to get past the guards while carrying the flame, so it was this or nothing. She closed her eyes and whispered the words. When she opened them, she was face to face with the wolf again.

"Ha-ha!" she cried triumphantly. "The god of stars and magic lives up to her title!"

Avi again found herself in a situation where she wasn't entirely sure what to do with the flame, so she leaned the torch up against the wolf's front paw.

That was all it took.

The gigantic eyes opened wide, and the wolf rose to its feet, shaking thousands of years of dust off of its back.

Avi stumbled back, in shock and amazement that her plan had worked, and a little part of her starting to wonder what she was supposed to do now. She hadn't entirely thought this through, and most of her had been reasonably sure it wasn't going to work. Now that it had, she was at a loss of what to do next.

"Hello, wolf!" she said, trying a friendly greeting. "What's your name, boy?"

The wolf looked down at her, and Avi immediately saw what kind of animal it was. Not at all a friendly one.

"Nice, boy!" she said, taking a shaky step backward and holding her hand out. "I…I woke you up. I'm your friend!"

The wolf threw its giant head back and let out an ear-piercing howl that ran Avi's blood cold. Then the chase was on, the wolf bounded after the girl, who let out a scream and began running. The wolf pounced and Avi slid aside from its jaws but found herself trapped in a corner. She reached up and braced her hands on the upper part of the animal's jaw, and jammed her boots into the lower half, holding its giant mouth open with her height. The brute's jaw strength was immense, though, and the goddess that she was Avi was struggling to keep it open. As her strength faltered, Avi let out a cry of defeat and closed her eyes, sure the wolf was going to snap her in two.

It was then that the animal dropped to the ground, rolling lazily onto its side, causing Avi to land on her back with an oomph. She scrambled to her feet and stared at the wolf, wondering what had caused that to happen. Avi wasn't entirely sure how the Eternal Flame worked. Perhaps she had needed more of it to give the wolf complete life?


The voice was cold and threatening and held more power than any tone Avi had ever heard before.


Avi spun to face her father, who was standing a few feet away, his staff still aimed at the wolf. "The beast is dead," he said. "As it has been and always should be. It will not hurt you now."

Avi couldn't speak. She had no idea what to say. It seemed explanation was unnecessary for the next instant found her body forced against the wall behind her as Odin held her by the breastplate armor she wore, her feet several inches off the ground.

"Papa!" she cried. "Please, sir!"

"Silence!" rumbled Odin. "You have used dark magic today, girl! And you have stolen something that belongs to me. How dare you use the Eternal Flame to resurrect that beast! You will surely learn what pain is today, my child." With that, Odin flung his cape over both of them and when Avi stood up again, she was standing in her father's chambers. The All-Father ordered all servants from the room, and the several standing about hurriedly obeyed his orders. Odin shut and locked the door and left the two of them alone in the room. "You leave me no choice," he hissed, taking Avi by the neck and leading her to a sofa bed nearby. Stopping just long enough to wave aside all her armor magically, Odin forced her down over the back of the seat, leaving her bottom turned nicely upwards and the toes of her boots just touching the floor.

Avi was wearing just a pair of trousers and a shirt, so there was little between her backside and the thick strap of leather Odin was now holding. The All-Father wasted no time and bringing the strap down sharply on the girl's bottom.

"Papa!" shrieked Avi, grasping the edge of the sofa tightly and trying not to move.

Odin said nothing but continued wielding the strap over and over, meeting his mark perfectly every time. Avi's shrieks and pleas turned to sobs as Odin mercilessly strapped the child.

Just as he had raised the leather for the twentieth blow, the door opened with a bang, and Loki entered the room in a rush.

"Stop!" he cried out, crossing the room. He caught Odin's arm in one hand, the strap in his other. "Father." His eyes pierced into Odin's, and the pleading the All-Father saw in his son's green gaze caused his heart to jump.

"You stop me unjustly, Loki," he said. "But, I will show mercy for my children's sake."

Loki tore the strap from his father's hand and threw it across the room before gathering his distraught sister into his arms and holding her. They were promptly joined by Frigga, who cried out when she saw her sobbing daughter.

"Odin, what is this?" she demanded, hurrying to her children and placing a hand on Avi's back as Loki held the girl close.

"This?" seethed Odin. "This is a child fraught with disobedience who needs to learn her place."

"What has she done?" snapped Loki, holding his beloved sister tight against his chest and glaring at his father.

"She has performed dark magic," said Odin, his face grave and his body pulled to full height. "She has stolen from the Eternal Flame and used it for evil."

Avi's heart tore as she heard her father use such harsh words against her. She had surely not meant to be as terrible as he said she had been, but Avi knew her father was much wiser than she was and probably knew what he was saying.

"What do you mean?" asked Frigga, standing beside Loki, one hand on her son's shoulder and the other on her daughter's head, comforting the sobbing girl.

"Loki, you will leave us," instructed Odin, ignoring Frigga's question.

"Father, I…" Loki started to refute, but Odin lifted his hand.

"I gave an instruction, boy, it will be obeyed!" he thundered. "Leave."

"You treat me as a child," spat Loki, allowing his sister to fall into her mother's arms. "I am a man, sir! I have fought battles. I have lead armies!"

"You have warred against all that is good and shown trickery and deceit in your actions," said Odin. "There is no maturity in your character."

"No maturity!" cried Loki. "This from the man who has just now beaten his little girl!"

"Leave!" roared Odin, and with a movement of his hand, Loki was thrown across the room and into the door, the suddenness of his father's magic catching him off guard. Loki scrambled to his feet and gave Odin such a look that meant trouble would come soon, and then stormed off, slamming the massive door behind him.

Odin turned to Frigga and sighed deeply, "Frigga, I have not finished with the child. You will leave us."

"Leave you!" said Frigga, Avi huddled close in her arms. She shot a glare at her husband, "you were beating this child just moments ago. You will tell me what she has done."

"He thinks I'll become like her," said Avi softly in her mother's breast, but loud enough for both parents to hear it.

"Become like her?" asked Frigga. "What do you mean, darling."

"Hela," said Avi.

Odin and Frigga froze. Neither one spoke for a moment, both of them with eyes locked on Avi. Frigga lifted her gaze to her husband, questions and accusations racing through her eyes. Odin met her stare and shook his head, denying knowledge of how Avi knew about the couple's oldest daughter.

"Hela," said Odin, finally breaking the silence.

"Yes, Hela," repeated Avi.

"How do you know about her?" asked Odin.

"I know," said Avi. "Does it matter how?"

Odin's initial shock wore off, and he crossed the room, grabbing his daughter out of her mother's arms, "You will answer me this instant, Avila! Who told you of Hela? Where did you learn of this black magic? Was it your brother? Loki?"

"No, sir!" said Avi, slightly caught off guard by his sudden wrath, but refusing to lose her composure. "Loki has taught me only harmless magic."

"Odin, please," insisted Frigga, placing a hand on her husband's arm and another on her daughter's back. "You mustn't be so harsh!"

"My child, you have the next few moments to give me the whole story, and if you refuse, I will certainly punish you very seriously," said Odin, his piercing gaze staring into his daughter's dark brown eyes.

The three of them fell silent. Frigga was partly horrified at her husband's wrath and slightly shocked at her daughter's revelation to knowing of Hela. The memory of her eldest child stirred many emotions in Frigga's heart, but she tried to force them down in light of the current situation with her youngest.

"Fine," said Avi, returning her father's cold stare. "I'll tell you. I learned about her on Midgard. Loki showed me one of the other portals and I went down a few weeks ago. There I met the doctor Stephen Strange and he taught me much magic. He possesses one of the Infinity Stones and his power is unmatched in our kingdom, next to you, sir. He told me about my sister and all the evil she has done."

Odin released Avi and turned away, standing with his back to his wife and child. Frigga put her arm around Avi and sighed. "Darling," said the queen, "why didn't you tell us that you knew."

"Why didn't you tell me I had a sister?" shot back Avi, immediately regretting her sharp tone against her mother.

"For your good and the good of your brothers," said Frigga, turning and taking Avi's shoulders in her hands. "Believe me, love; we had your best interests at heart, not knowing of Hela."

"You went to Midgard through a separate portal," said Odin, his back still to them.

Frigga and Avi turned to look at him and Avi nodded, "Yes, sir."

"After the battle of New York, did I not expressly forbid you to ever travel through a portal other than Heimdall's ever again?" asked Odin.

Avi breathed in deeply but nodded, "Yes, …sir."

"And while on Midgard, you learned magic and then used it to rouse the fiercest beast Asgard has ever possessed?" continued Odin.

"Odin…" said Frigga, but her husband cut her off by spinning around and advancing on them quickly.

"No," he said, taking Avi in his hands and pulling her from her mother. "I cannot allow this disobedience and use of power to be unpunished."

"Papa, please!" cried Avi, wrestling in his grip. "I won't do it again! Please, you've already whipped me!"

"Odin!" cried Frigga in a very matter of fact and powerful tone. "Stop it at once!"

Odin stood unmoved, though, and he deposited his daughter once again over the back of the sofa.


Odin spun to face the voice, as did Frigga, and Avi stopped her fighting, her ears straining to identify the speaker, while her body pressed slightly at Odin's hand, hoping he would give way to her and allow her to stand.

"And who are you?" asked Odin, pressing even harder on Avi's back.

"I am Doctor Strange," came the reply.

Avi's heart leaped and then she found herself in a state of confusion. What was the doctor doing here on Asgard?

"I would like it very much if you would let the girl stand up," said Doctor Strange, stepping closer to Odin.

"You have no power over this land, my child, or myself," replied Odin. "Leave this place now, or I will have cause to bring you great harm. I will not have sorcerers teaching my child dark magic and dark secrets."

"I taught her no dark magic," said Strange. "And as for secrets, you seem to keep plenty from this girl. Why did you not tell her of your daughter?"

"It was for her greatest good," said Frigga, stepping into the conversation. "Please, sir, we love our children and felt it best not to tell them!"

"Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it," quoted Strange. "You fear your child will become like her sister, yet you do not tell her of the horrors that occurred because of it. Besides, you can't tell me you think this child with her curiosity and innocent mischief would ever be as tragic as Hela, do you?"

Frigga shot Odin an accusing look, solidifying her agreement with Strange. Avi was everything that Hela had never been.

"I have no time for this trifling talk," said Odin. "You will leave this place now."

"As you wish, All-Father," said Strange. "But, I'm taking the girl with me." Before anyone could react, Strange had opened a portal directly under Avi, and she fell through. He closed it before Odin could drop in, and then began a second portal beside himself, "Besides," he said, "we all know she isn't your daughter. You have raised her, yes, but she is not your child. Her birth mother and father could only have passed on courage and kindness. I doubt you need to fear a second Hela." And with that, Strange was gone.


I'm pretty excited about this story. Now I just need to keep timelines straight in my head! Thank you for reading!