Dr. McCoy's feet felt heavy as he trudged over the hill to Nancy's grave, leaving the ensign behind to watch guard. Jim had been gracious, giving him a couple hours to say goodbye as well as allowing the crew to collect notes and supplies from the camp.

He hadn't brought flowers. It had seemed cheap and a waste of a replicator ration. Still, he wondered if he should have. This cursed planet was so colorless and bland, and empty.

Bones recalled the last time he'd talked to her – the real Nancy. They'd had a conversation about their relationship. Starship life was not for her, as it turned out. And he respected that.

Bones just had to wonder – if things had been different, would she have ended up here, at this little marker on a hill on a forgettable planet? There was no telling now. The doctor chuckled to himself as he realized that Spock would tell him such wonderings were illogical.

He only could hope that she'd been happy.