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Mistaken Identity

Chapter 1

The Deal

            "What do you think Mother?" Kikyou asked.

            "You look wonderful, dear," Mrs. Higurashi replied with a big smile on her face.

            Kikyou admired herself in the mirror for what seemed the hundredth time to Kagome. 'Of course she looks wonderful. She always looks wonderful. How could she look anything but wonderful? The day Kikyou doesn't look absolutely drop-dead gorgeous will be the day pigs can fly,' Kagome thought to herself as she flopped down onto her mother's bed. She had been waiting for ages to get approval on her own appearance from her mother, but she had been too preoccupied with making sure Kikyou looked perfect, as usual.

            Kagome looked down at herself. She was wearing a sky blue kimono with reddish-gold birds flying through the light pink cherry blossoms that were floating down from the collar all the way down to the hem of the robe. A dark purple obi (the little sash thing that goes around the middle of a kimono) was tied tightly around Kagome's waist, nearly choking her. She hated all of these fancy clothes she was forced to wear whenever she went out anywhere with her older sister. She remembered a conversation she had had with her mother not long ago.

"But why can't I just where my normal clothes to the dinner tonight?" Kagome grumbled as her mother pulled her obi even tighter.

"Because Kagome, dear, we don't want to embarrass your sister by dressing like bums now do we?" her mother asked with a smile on her face.

'Sure we do,' Kagome thought to herself. But aloud all she did was sigh and let her mother finish dressing her up.

But Kagome was used to it by now. Since Kikyou was the number one model in Japan, she had been forced to get used to it. Going to fancy parties or expensive dinners twice a week or so was beginning to feel like a normal routine.

Kagome looked at her older sister again. She really was pretty. Nobody could think otherwise. What with her long, flowing black hair that reached her lower back, and her soft creamy skin that looked like it had been kept indoors all her life. She reminded Kagome of a doll. Always perfect.

The two of them had never been very close with eachother. Even when they were little, Kagome would want to go play outside while Kikyou would sit and sew or read a book in her room. Kagome would get average grades, but Kikyou would always get A+'s. Kagome would try skiing in the winter or surfing in the summer while Kikyou remained inside perfecting her beauty.

Actually, Kagome and Kikyou had looked a lot alike up until about 8th grade. At this point people began to notice differences between the two sisters. Kagome's skin was slightly tanned from being out in the sun all the time. Kagome's hair was more wavy and bounced when she walked. Kagome had a youthful look about her. Kagome was always too happy. Kagome was clumsy. Kagome was immature. Kagome was just an ordinary girl. Kikyou was completely different. Kikyou's skin was pale, almost like the moon. Kikyou's hair was straight and glossy. Kikyou never made a mistake. Kikyou was elegant. Kikyou was exotic. Kikyou was everyone's perfect angel. Kagome hated her sometimes.


            The limousine pulled up right in front of The Sakura which was the restaurant the Higurashis would be meeting some rich, important family that wanted Kikyou to be on the cover of their new magazine or something like that. Kagome always wondered why she had to go to these stupid things anyway. It's not like they concerned her at all. And besides, her little brother Souta didn't have to come. But Mrs. Higurashi explained that away saying that Souta needed to study the Higurashi Shrine in Tokyo where they used to live since he was the heir to the shrine. Kagome whished she had been able to stay at the shrine with Souta and her grandpa. But Mrs. Higurashi had insisted that she move to the huge mansion they had bought since Kikyou was so famous now. Kagome sighed and followed her sister towards the restaurant.

            As soon as Kikyou took her first step into the building, everyone gasped and stared at the beautiful young lady that had just entered their presence. But why shouldn't they stare? Kikyou looked amazing. She was wearing a silver kimono with tiny blue flowers decorating all of the edges. The obi was also blue, just a shade or two lighter than the flowers. On Kikyou, the outfit looked fit for a queen, but on Kagome it probably would have looked a dull gray rather than sparkling silver.

            'I must look like such a wanna-be next to her,' Kagome thought as she was led with her family to a nearby table that already had some other people sitting there. 'Hmph. These must be the people we're supposed to meet.' Kagome looked them over. They were all adults and all looked very boring. With yet another sigh, Kagome steeled herself for an evening of extreme boredom.


            "Oh come on Inuyasha. You and I both know that you aren't going to be able to pull this off," a man with short black hair in a pony-tail said reasonably.

            "Just watch and see Miroku. And when I'm rich, you won't be getting any of my money!" replied another man. But this man looked peculiar. He had long white hair and piercing golden eyes. And on top of his head, two furry little dog ears twitched and swiveled checking out every little sound.

            "You weren't going to give me any in the first place," the man called Miroku said with a smirk.

            The other man, Inuyasha, glared at this friend. "Still, you'll be sorry when everything works out perfectly."

            "With your luck, you'll be lucky if you're put in jail for only one lifetime. And when your plan does come crashing down all around you, I'm gonna laugh in your face," was Miroku's cocky reply.

            "I don't give a damn Miroku! But can I count on you to keep the police off my trail?" Inuyasha asked.

            "Fine. But only because I'm such a kind and generous person," Miroku said with a sigh. "But if you get caught, I was never a part of it."

            "Deal," and the two men shook hands.

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