Hermione reached for another helping of sausage, and of course, her mother found reason to criticize her for it.

"Keep eating like that, dear, and you'll have to buy a new wardrobe soon."

Hermione glanced across the Sunday morning breakfast table and chewed her sausage with a rebellious gleam in her eye. Her mother frowned at her. Her father hid behind his newspaper, as usual, refusing to get involved.

In truth, she loved her parents, and was thankful for their guidance and nitpicky love growing up, as it had forced her to become self-reliant, but the truth was they were both more than a little toxic—especially when it came to issues of consuming sweets. In that one thing, they were well-match by such an unnatural obsession; her father in regards to how sugar affected the teeth and her mother in how it affected a woman's waistline.

Perhaps she should have left that memory charm in place after all, for they'd been much kinder under the façade she'd created for them during the war. There were somedays, she was tempted…

"That's okay, Mum," she told the woman as she finished off her breakfast and sipped her coffee. "I have enough money to buy new clothes if I need to."

In fact, Hermione knew she was not terribly overweight, nor that her wardrobe was in danger of needing replacement anytime soon. Her snacking habit was sensible and controlled, and she and Draco 'exercised' enough to help her keep strength where it mattered. Her health was good, her body fit. So, really, her mother could go take a leap off a tall building. She had nothing to prove to the woman—nothing to prove to anyone who attempted to make her feel inferior.

"Besides, Draco enjoys my curves," she said as she stood and checked her watch. Five minutes to go… "He says they're sexy."

Behind his paper, her father groaned. Her mother gasped as if scandalized.

Hermione ignored them and headed for the door. "Thank you for the breakfast and the talk again," she called over her shoulder. "We'll do it again next month!"

As she hit the front door, she let out a relieved breath…and met her boyfriend coming up the walkway.

"Hello!" she greeted him with a kiss, tasting apples on his tongue. "I thought we were meeting later at that little donut shop in Muggle London?"

He tucked an arm around her and guided her towards the gate. "About that…Zabini needs our help."

She stopped and gave him a look that said, "Spill it or else."

Her man chuckled, admiring her spunk. "He finally is ready to try for his shot with Little Red, and wants to meet with us to sit down and strategize."

"You mean 'scheme'."


She sighed. "And what, exactly, has he offered for our help in this endeavour?"

Draco kissed her soundly, right there in her family's front yard, unconcerned with voyeurs. "Merlin, I love your mind."

"And I love your body. Aren't we a perfect match?"

"Blaise offered these for our help," he said, reaching into his pocket and taking out a set of gold tickets. "Private V.I.P. box seats for the Holyhead Harpies, for the entire season." He tossed her a naughty look. "Paper-Scissors-Stone you for the center seat?"

She took the tickets from him. "That's a good start. What are you offering for my help? He is your friend."

He knew then the negotiations were in earnest.

As usual, however, her lover had preempted her and came prepared. "I've got a box of dark chocolate covered strawberries waiting for you at home. I'll even feed them to you tonight while wearing my old game uniform, if you agree."

Her mouth began watering at the thought and she tugged him to the Apparition point as quickly as possible.

"Why wait for later?" she countered, running with him and laughing in joy. "I can have it all right now!"


Some girls got hearts and love and body positivity and an everlasting supply of chocolates.

Some girls got Quidditch tickets.

Hermione was one lucky witch.




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