This story is a continuation of the story 'Taicho' by ThisPageHasBeenAbandoned93. The first few chapters will be the original story with a few changes here and there in the grammatical sense.


~~Prologue: Origin-sample 1~~

"Is this thing on? Ah good, ok, now...Experiment TL-09," a hissing, snake-like voice said from a recorder. Three people glared at a white-skinned man with purple marks decorating around his eyes and long black hair during the investigation concerning a recently found spikey-haired twenty-year-old male. The man's snake-like build, similar to that of the famed Yamata no Orochi, and golden eyes gleaming with madness stayed equal to the three scrutinizing him.

"Subject's name; Namikaze Naruto, obviously the younger brother of the Dead Last's star student Namikaze Minato. Ku-Ku-Ku, also known as the second jinchuriki to the Nine-Tails, taking the place of the First's wife, whats-her-name Uzumaki or something...Ah, whatever. I have been decreed by a...Ku-Ku-Ku...acquaintance to create the perfect Shinobi to counter the Iwagakure forces that overwhelm us. You'd think we'd stop fighting, but Iwa must believe in the whole, third time's the charm, eh? Ku-Ku-Ku..."

The elderly man wearing white and red robes with a triangular hat bearing the kanji of Fire narrowed his eyes, enhancing the wrinkles surrounding his face, and felt repulsed when the white-skinned man simply grinned in response. How could he have failed so miserably?

"Tape five. I cannot believe the results I am receiving from these tests! Even now, the nineteen-year-old jinchuriki brat is changing physically. I estimate him to have the build of perhaps sensei's sensei when my experiments are over, despite his age and original build. Imagine, all I had to do was tell him I could help him become a better shinobi and boom! The perfect subject. His healing factor is the only bump I can't get through...unless...Hmm, yes...Ku-Ku-Ku"

A voluptuous blonde woman with her hair pulled back in two ponytails had her arms crossed over her jonin flak jacket and her headband hid a small purple diamond mark on her forehead. Her golden-brown eyes were narrowed in fury and her flawless skin was crinkled around her nose as she gave her teammate a scowl of disgust. How she wished she could just kick him repetitively in the balls and then rip them off, sew them back on, and rip them off again...but knowing that sick bastard, he'd get off on it.

"Tape Seven. Three pain intolerance tests again a success. He has learned to push the pain away for later, and with his healing factor, he probably won't feel it at all. Might he go mad from the phantom pains later on, possibly...possibly...only time will tell, however. I should go to resume the fourth test."

A man with white hair falling down to the small of his backcrossed his arms as his eyes narrowed, a snarl of anger making the blood tears on his cheeks that only barely reached the bottom of his face contorts along with his facial muscles. His fists were clenched and shaking at his side, itching to whip out a toad technique or two to kick his 'rival' and friends ass from here to Iwa.

"Tape Ten. Kami...he's perfect now. I've done it! I've actually created the perfect shinobi to defend our village! Those Iwa shinobi won't know what hit them! Ku-Ku-Ku! I've...Wait...What are you doing? Hey! Don't touch that! You stupid Kid! I am your creator! Obey me!" "Fuck you, Teme! Rrrggh!" "Gaaa-*shhshshshshsh*"

The Hokage clicked a button on the tape and he narrowed his eyes before asking, "What do you have to say for yourself...Orochimaru?"

"Ku-Ku-Ku," the Sanin chuckled out, "Why...I think you owe me a thank you sensei."

Sarutobi Hiruzen was a kind Kage, but he knew Iwa was preparing for one final shot at kicking Konohagakure no Sato from their spot at the top of the 'Food Chain'. What his student had done to that the brother of one of the up and coming shinobi and the container of the Kyuubi no Kitsune no was madness. Simply madness. Now had he been an easily angered man, Sarutobi would have ordered his student to be hung and gutted in the town square for the crimes against the teenage jinchuriki that could barely walk up a tree. But like stated before, he wasn't easily angered.

His other students, however, their fumes were lit and had been burning for the past ten minutes. Before he could stop the white-haired man, said Toad Sanin buried his fist into the Snake Sanin's stomach.

"You Baka!" the forty-year-old man shouted, backhanding the chuckling Hebi Sanin hard before the blonde woman wrapped her arms around his and pulled them behind his back, "Minato already has to worry about his Uzumaki girl because of the sudden attack on Uzugakure no Sato and his new genin team. That's not enough though, because you had to go and pull this on his kid brother? What kind of monster are you?"

"We are on the brink of war, Jiraiya-Baka," Orochimaru chuckled back, spitting a bit of blood to the side, "I'm taking action while your little golden boy focuses on unimportant trivial things such as the falling of one of our meager allies."

"You're twisted, Orochimaru!" the blonde woman shouted, barely restraining herself and her friend from killing their other teammate, "Simply twisted! That boy is just that: A boy!"

"Ku-Ku-Ku...Not anymore," the snake replied with a chuckle, "'ve checked over him yourself. He's perfectly fine, isn't he? One Hundred Percent. Not to mention he's managed to learn through, Ku-Ku, experience..."

"Let me go! I'll kill him! I'LL KILL HIM!" Jiraiya roared before Tsunade pressed a spot on his neck and he went limp instantly. The Hokage called for the ANBU to take the cackling Sanin away while the other was laid on a couch in his office. The busty blonde sighed and pulled her headband off her head before setting it on her sensei's desk, earning a look of confusion from him.

She looked at the Hokage with narrowed eyes and said, "This is the last straw, Sensei. I warned you he was changing...I didn't want to lose anyone else, but you refused to listen to me. ME! A renowned Medical Kunoichi! I could barely handle Nawaki's death, and it was with yours and this Baka's help that I made it through Dan's...this is the last straw though, Sensei. Orochi is gone. Fallen into the lust for power."

Sarutobi held his hand up to stop her and lowered it before interlocking his hands, "I understand, Tsunade. I'm...I'm sorry I never listened to you. But please stay, stay and help Naruto-Kun."

"That's just it, Sensei," Tsunade whispered as she walked to the window and looked at the Konohagakure hospital with saddened eyes, "He doesn't need help...Because Orochimaru, no matter how twisted he was, was right about one thing."

"Oh?" the Kage asked, intrigued, "What's that?"

"He's now a perfect ninja..." Tsunade said with closed eyes, "A Super Shinobi."

"How do you feel, Naruto-Kun?" A young teenaged medical kunoichi named Shizune asked. The twenty-year-old blonde grinned and hopped out of his bed, revealing his impressively built body as he wore nothing but his boxers, and flexed his biceps.

"I feel amazing!" Naruto replied with a grin, his three whisker-like marks on his cheeks curving with his smile and adding a foxy look to his face. His cerulean blue eyes radiated kindness and the younger kunoichi giggled at her senior and friend.

"That's what we like to hear," Shizune replied, her face slightly flushed as the boy examined himself in a mirror, "Tsunade-sempai gave you a clean bill of is it you came here covered in bruises last night, blaming Orochimaru-sama?"

"Orochi-teme, Imouto," he corrected as he sucked in some air and examined his abs, "And...Well, to be honest, I barely remember the past year. Snake-Baka had me hopped up on so many herbs, I doubt I even knew what my foot looked like!"

Shizune giggled before writing down that sentence for her report before hugging the clipboard to her chest and smiling as the blonde turned back to her, his now six feet two inches being a large improvement from his previous five feet six inches. She went to a closet in the room and pulled out hospital issued sweats and a wife-beater, tossing the articles to the blonde who caught them easily and pulled them on while she grabbed a pair of temporary sandals for his increased size.

"Aw, shit," Naruto suddenly said with a groan, "I'm going to have to buy new clothes aren't I?"

"Language, Naruto-Kun, language," Shizune chided with a giggle. Naruto gave her a sheepish smile before sighing and pulling his shirt and sandals on.

"I might as well go get those clothes then, hmm?" he asked, getting another snicker from the black-haired girl and making the man smile in response.

~~Time Skip: 12 Years Later; Yuki no Kuni~~

"Sasuke-Kun, look out!" cried a pink-haired girl with long pink hair wearing a red sweater and cloak over a pair of kunoichi issued shorts with thermally enhanced sandals on her feet. On her head where a hairband would be was her red headband with the symbol of Konohagakure no Sato carved into the metal plate. She stood in front of a fairly dressed knockout woman with a kunai held in the standard reverse defensive stance. Her name was Haruno Sakura.

A black-haired boy with a duck-ass styled hairdo and a single purple mark on his left cheek flipped back as a dragon forged from ice slammed into the ground beneath him. He wore a long-sleeved blue shirt with a dark cloak protecting him from the harsh cold as well as thermal sandals similar to his pink-haired comrade. Around his forehead, keeping the bangs from his eyes, was his own dark blue headband, gleaming in the barely visible sunlight. His name, Uchiha Sasuke; the last loyal Uchiha to Konohagakure no Sato. He groaned as a sudden beam of light reflected off the surface where the dragon had made contact.

"Yo! Teme!" a brash boy with brown hair hollered as he and a white puppy ran up to push the raven-haired boy to the ground, narrowly avoiding another dragon attack while a brown haired girl and three grey dogs ran towards the caster of the attack, a large man with beady eyes and a singlet outfit with chakra armor on his arms. The boy and girl were siblings, both members of the Inuzuka Clan, evident from the red marks on their cheeks, and both wore fur coats that were black and grey, standard issued pants and thermal sandals. All they needed to stay warm, due to their beast-like adaptive skills.

"Get off me, Kiba!" Sasuke snarled, shoving the boy off him as they dodged a female wearing a singlet similar to the large man with chakra armor forming wings for her to speed around as she created a sinister spear of Ice. Sasuke ran until he slid suddenly and fell onto his back. He shut his eyes in pain and the woman took advantage.

"Time to die, Konoha brat!" she cried, chucking the spear at the seemingly helpless boy. The teen grinned before opening his eyes, now a blood red as opposed to the coal-black they were before, and ran through some hand seals.

"Supreme Fireball Technique!" His voice rang out as he suddenly shot an enormous ball of fire from his mouth. The heat resonating off this attack melted the ice he rested on and he fell down onto...a body?

Not taking time to be distracted by whatever he fell on, Sasuke growled as his attack managed to melt the woman's attack, but failed to do much damage to her. Before he could jump up, an arm lifted up, covered in dark blue ANBU-like armor with a grey skintight sleeve underneath it, and pulled Sasuke off whatever person he rested on. Sasuke landed on his hands and knees in time to see a man he had only seen in photos back home climb out of the small hole he was once in.

The young Uchiha was slack-jawed as a man wearing armor similar to the Second Hokage, only without the fur and a dark navy blue, with a skintight grey shirt underneath rolled his neck and adjusted his helmet on his head. The helmet was the same color as the armor he wore, looking like a simple bowl with two holes for eyes and a strap on the left side to attach under his chin. On the forehead of the helmet was a dark grey Konohagakure no Sato symbol. His hands had dark blue and black gloves covering them and he wore navy blue shinobi slacks, dark kneepads and shin guards attached to the pants and steel-toed boots covering his feet. Around his waist was a dark red-orange belt with several pouches of various sizes scattered around it.

On the man's chest was the grey kanji for Fire. On his back was a large circular shield, which he instantly reached for and attached to his left arm. He looked down at the stunned Uchiha and offered him his right hand, allowing Sasuke to see his face, part of it anyway.

His face needed a shave only because of the blonde shadow growing and on his cheeks were three slashes, parallel to either side. His cerulean blue eyes bore into Sasuke's own Sharingan eyes, causing the boy to instantly memorize them.

"What's your name, Green?" the man asked, his voice sounding awfully young. Sasuke remained silent for a moment before the man suddenly pushed him away, exclaiming, "Watch out!"

"Ooh, a new friend to play...with..." the flying girl said as she glided over the newcomer and Sasuke. She hovered in midair as the blue-clad newcomer narrowed his eyes and slightly jerked his left arm down, loading his hand with three kunai.

"I...I thought you were a myth..." she whispered with wide eyes. The man didn't reply, but he did throw the kunai in his hands with unnatural accuracy before turning one-hundred-eighty degrees and tossing his shield at the large man that attempted to blindside the young Inuzuka heir. The shield rebounded off the man's nose, causing him to swerve to the right and fall in the water, barely managing to swim back to an iceberg. The flying girl had hit the ground near the larger man and a third shinobi wearing chakra armor, this one a man with a natural build looked over the newcomer with wide eyes.

"Doto-sama is going to want to know about this..." he muttered before throwing a smoke bomb down to cover their escape.

"Damn!" Kiba shouted, running to where the three once were, "They got away! Come on, Akamaru! We gotta get a scent!"

As the puppy yipped and ran alongside him, the blue-clad shinobi caught his shield and reattached it to his arm, saying, "Don't bother. They're gone."

Kiba stopped running as he took notice of the newcomer and went into a defensive stance as well as his sister, Hana, did. The Inuzuka heiress was brought along to further her knowledge in the human medical field as well as to help Kiba keep Akamaru calm.

"Identify yourself!" Hana called, narrowing her eyes. The blue-clad man looked at her, faltering slightly in his confidant stance.

"...Tsu-chan?" he whispered when another thump in the snow earned his attention and he turned to face it, his shield up covering himself defensively. His eyes widened as he looked at a man with gravity-defying white hair with a mask on his face and his headband branded with the Konohagakure leaf was angled over his left eye.

"Captain?" the man whispered in shock, "Captain Naruto?"

"Kakashi..." Naruto replied with equally wide eyes. Sakura and their client, not to mention the film crew also under the Konohagakure no Sato's protection ran up.

"Sensei?" Kiba and Sakura chorused before glaring at one another and looking back at the white-haired man. Kakashi held his head and took a half step back.

"Captain...y-you're alive...YOU'RE ALIVE!" he exclaimed with glee before rushing to the man and embracing him in a hug, earning a brotherly hug in return. The two broke off before the five-second rule could even consider being in effect.

"Kakashi...Look at you!" Naruto said in awe as he held the white-haired man at arm's length, "You're...old! How long have I been gone? Six years? Seven?"

"Twelve, Captain," the white-haired jonin confirmed before worriedly looking at him with his one eye, "Where have you been?"

Naruto furrowed his brows before holding his head as he tried to remember, "I...I don't remember anything after..."

He suddenly fell forward as his vision went black, Kakashi barely managing to catch the Super Shinobi. Carefully, he eased him to the ground and said, "Hana! Give him a once over, check his vitals. I'll tell you what's normal or not."

"Sensei..." Sasuke finally said, stepping forward, "Is this...Is this who I think it is?"

"Hai, Sasuke," Kakashi said looking at his student as everyone slightly crowded while still giving Hana room to work, before he looked back at the unconscious armored man, "This is Captain Konoha...the younger brother of the Yondaime Hokage."