Author: Pumpkinbelly

AN: This is set after the final battle.  I have no idea how it is going to happen as I remain unspoiled so no worries there.  Any mistakes are my own please don't hate me for them.  Any mistakes in characters I'm sorry just go with it.

Summary: After the final battle people go their separate ways.

She stood over her bed looking at what was left of her room.  She was really leaving.  Everything she wanted was packed.  This was the end of her life in Sunnydale.   She couldn't take living here any more.  There were to many reminders of all the people she lost in the final battle.  The hellmouth was finally closed but not without a price. 

After all the people that had died she wondered if it was worth it.  To many people had died for a cause that didn't seem important anymore. 

The house seemed empty without all the slayers-in-training staying there she thought as she walked down the stairs carrying her two suitcases.  After the battle the surviving SITs had left.  They had gone to there homes or whatever families they had. 

The Scooby gang were few now.  Giles had died during the battle.  So had Anya, Andrew, Willow and her sister.  There were to many memories of them here.  She couldn't be around here with the constant reminder of all the pain. 

She shut the light off and locked the door.  Someone would come and take the things that were left, Xander or Spike or maybe someone else. 

A horned honked letting her know it was time.  She looked at the house one last time and said "Goodbye".  Then turned around and walked to the car.  The tears that she had been holding in were slowly and silent falling down her cheeks. 

Xander was driving her to the airport.  He didn't say anything about her tears as she got in the car.  He just turned and started the car.  Before he drove off he patted her knee "Are you sure you wanna do this?" 

"I'm sure, I'm very sure." She said giving him a watery simile, "now lets get going."  Xander turned back to the road and drove to the airport. 

The ride was spent in a comfortable silence.  When they got to the airport Xander helped her carry her bags. 

He sat with her while she waited for her flight to be called.  Making little comments the whole time about how she had to write him and let him know how she was.  To call him when she got there.  She nodded and agreed to do what he said.  Knowing that he was trying to hold back tears.  She was one of the only people he had left and she was leaving.

When her flight was called they stood up and gave each other a hug. 

"I'm gonna miss you Xander.  You've been so much like the brother I never had all these years. I promise to write. I love you."

"I'll miss you too.  I promise to write also.  I love you too."

Their goodbye was given in tears of sorrowing and longing for something that wasn't going to happen.  They both wanted nothing more then to have everyone that had died to be a live again.  Then she wouldn't be leaving and the Scooby Gang would still be together. Everything would be like it was. 

As she walked off to catch her flight he whispered

"Goodbye, Dawn, Goodbye."

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