Story: Melancholia
Summary: Kakashi's life is complicated, lost his mother at birth, his father to suicide, lost each of his teammates, and even his sensei. And now he has a student with PTSD, a student who self-harms to deal with the emptiness and harsh treatment of his village, and another who, on top of wanting her team to stick together, has emotionally abusive parents. How will he ever manage? Dad!Iruka Dad!Kakashi. Mom!Tsunade Eventual Light NaruSaku (Not as a main focus)
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Blood was everywhere.

Corpses were scattered all throughout the area.

His family. Everybody was dead.

His mother and father too.

Itachi was there.

He'd killed them all.

He had seen it happen over and over again.

"You are not even worth killing. Little brother, you're pathetic. If you want to kill me, settle for hating me… Hate me and live… like the coward you are! Clinging to life without honor! And someday, when you have the same eyes as I… You will find me again."

Sasuke woke up in a cold sweat, feeling bile rising to his throat. Immediately he rushed to the bathroom emptying what little contents he had on his stomach.

It was that same dream again.

It had been two weeks since his fight with Naruto on the hospital roof and they'd barely spoken since. Sakura was clearly becoming uncomfortable with the whole situation and Kakashi didn't really seem how to difuse things all that better.

Ever since his recent run-in with Itachi, since he'd made him re-experience that night yet again, the nightmares had resurfaced. He'd barely been able to eat at all, let alone sleep, living with a constant reminder that he would always be in his brother's shadow, as his father used to say.

Naruto, meanwhile, just kept getting stronger. How…? Just what was he? He used to be the weakest one in class and now, so many people were surprised by his growth. He was supposed to be the deadlast! The loser!

The knowledge of the blonde haired idiot managing to defeat Gaara when he himself couldn't burned in his memory, the recollection of Itachi saying his interest was solely in Naruto… That he was still weak… That he still didn't have enough hatred… It made him want to scream.

Letting the urge get the best of him, he acted without thinking, slamming his fist into a nearby mirror shattering it into a thousand pieces, drawing blood.


"I don't know why you keep on bothering with the ninja stuff. You're really not cut out to be a Shinobi. You can't even follow basic tasks at home, and you rarely ever actually listen to what I have to say."

"No, the problem is you never listen to what I have to say! Neither of you-!"

"Don't you dare put the blame on me! You're the one who needs to get your life together, Sakura, or you'll never find somebody who'll tolerate you."

"Oh, I have plenty of people! You and dad the only ones who ever seem to have an issue with me considering how you're constantly putting me down! I don't need you ruling my life and telling me what to do with it!"

"Sakura, get back here! I'm not through with talking to you!"

"Well, I am!"

This was a typical morning for the Harunos. Sakura's mother undermining her potential and discrediting her accomplishments, Sakura shouting back, the argument escalating before Sakura finally huffed off in a tizzy slamming the door behind her.

Except, this time, she didn't expect to get slapped when she pointed out that her parents didn't understand her. She reached up to feel the sensitive and most certainly red spot on her cheek, trying to ignore the angry tears welling up in her eyes. Why was it always like this between them? Why couldn't they just get along? Why couldn't her mom try at least once to look at somebody else's side of view? Why couldn't her dad actually take initiative and do something about it for once?

Back when she had been dealing with bullying in school, it was Ino who helped her through her insecurities, and the situation, not her parents. And Sasuke, Naruto, Kakashi and some others like Lee, had been through thick and thin with and for her after she started on her path. Yet Mebuki always kept acting like she had always been there for her. She may have raised her, and for that Sakura was grateful, but the woman… She didn't understand a single thing about her when it came down to it and she was always acting like nobody else would possibly ever "care" about her.

"Ugh… She makes me so mad…!"

To be honest, though, all of her relationships were in shambles right now in. Team 7, for instance, wasn't anything like what it used to be. Ever since Orochimaru had come into the picture, Sasuke had slowly been becoming more and more consumed with bitterness and an inferiority complex, jealousy over Naruto. And now he seemed more intent than ever on getting revenge over his family. According to Kakashi, he'd had a run-in with Itachi and his eyes were colder than ever now.

He and Naruto weren't getting along well at all, and Sakura felt torn between the two. Even though she had a mother and father, Team 7 was more like a family to her than they'd ever been. She hated to say it, but it was the truth. But she felt at a loss of what to do. She wanted them to stop fighting and just go back to the way it used to be. Kakashi said things would get better, but from what she could tell, they hadn't made much progress at all.

Plus, Naruto… had kind of seemed aloof himself lately as well. He was still outgoing, but there was often a look in his eyes that gave the impression that something was bothering him, perhaps even aside from the situation with Sasuke. Just… what was happening to them…? What were they becoming…?

"It's that boy…"

"He should know he's not welcome around here."

"I still don't know why the Hokage allowed him to become a ninja…"

"Mom, why is everybody afraid of him?"

"It doesn't matter, we should get out of here…"

These were things that Naruto was all too used to hearing. The harsh whispers, the glares. Ever since Orochimaru had attacked the village, everybody had been on edge more so than usual. There were some people who had been inspired by his fight with Neji during the Chuunin Exams and some who had been amazed by the rumors of his defeat of Gaara, sure, but there were still plenty of people that hated him for the demon inside of him.

And even though he pretended to not notice them, the fresh bandages underneath his sleeves and the self-inflicted slashes and scars on his forearms was proof enough of his suffering. It was something he had only recently started, but he had nearly made it a daily habit, because it helped ease some of the anxiety just like when it consequently had when he had stabbed his hand with the kunai on the journey to the Land of Waves to get the poison out of his blood. And his injuries healed pretty quickly for him anyway so it wasn't that big of an issue.

Of course, he was fully aware that Sakura, Kakashi, Tsunade and many others would certainly not approve of it, but it wasn't like he was trying to die or anything. He just… needed a release sometimes and this was the best thing that had worked for him so far.

He barely held back a curse when some drunk person bumped into him.

"Watch where you're going, you lil' shit…!" The man slurred, before he looked back, his eyes widening. "Oh, it's you… The fox brat."

Technically, people weren't supposed to talk about that, but now, since the Sandaime, who had passed the law in the first place, was dead, very little would stop citizens like this from speaking their mind.

Naruto tried his best to keep a straight face, but failed miserably, letting his emotions get the best of him. "Got a problem?"

The man chugged a sip of his whiskey or whatever alcoholic beverage he had in the bottle in his hand. "Why, yeahhh, I do…"

He moved up to get close enough to spit in Naruto's face, his breath stinking to high heaven. "You may think yer some big shot af'er defeatin' the Hyuuga kid and that sand ninja, but you haven't convinced me of nothin'. There may be some people in this village who respects you now, but I'll never dream of acknowledging you. Once a demon, always a demon."

In that moment, a part of Naruto wanted to beat the crap out of the drunk man, but the other part knew he would only feel worse if he got into a fight with a defenseless civilian. Plus, Tsunade or somebody else would probably only end up fussing him out over it.

Not to mention… It would prove what the man said to be true, so, with that thought in mind, he allowed the drunkard to push him to the side and swagger off.

He'd already been having enough issues with Sasuke, with his team falling apart, this was the last thing he needed at the moment.

So, pushing aside the matter of his itching arm, the desire to rip his skin to pieces yet again, he tried to ignore the glances he was receiving from the civilians and rushed on ahead towards the bridge to meet up with his teammates at.

Kakashi stood before Obitio's grave, reflecting on the past.

He had dealt with a lot of loss over his life time. His mother died when she gave birth to him. His father committed suicide when he was a young boy. He had lost Obito, Rin ran into his Chidori, he lost his sensei in the Nine Tails Attack, and he grew up during a time of war and strife, the struggle was unspeakable. Sometimes, he felt like the depression and guilt was too much to bear, but when Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto became his students, he had began to feel better, they gave him a hope for a better turn out. He saw the potential in them and they quickly became very important to him.

Unfortunately, they also started to served as reminder sometimes, of his own failures, especially as of late. Even though they were different in many ways… Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke reminded him of Obito, Rin and himself so much so it sometimes hurt. And the fact that their team was falling apart to this extent... He would lying if he said it didn't scare him.

After all, it wasn't like Kakashi didn't understand where they were coming from at all. He just wished… that things could go back to normal. As it was, nobody seemed themselves lately, and the negativity was wearing down on him just as it was them.

Well, that was part of being a teacher, he supposed. And in all honestly, he wouldn't trade that away for anything. Besides, he was sure things would get better eventually. They just needed a motivator…

A mission would probably be good for them.

End of Prologue

A/N: I hope this looks good so far... There wasn't a lot of focus on Kakashi, but I promise I'll give some more insight later.

Also, this will likely end up as some light NaruSaku, because I have a lot of nostalgia for it growing up, even though I also really like SasuSaku and (don't kill me) SasuNaru… Although pairings will not be a huge focus at all. This is mostly a gen/family fic.

This is pretty much set in manga-canon alone, minus for the thing with Sakura's parents in RTN, which Kishimoto originally had the idea to go with but SJ suggested against it.

A lot of things in this story will be based on personal experiences so please ignore me and my unhealthy projection.

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