Olivia groaned and reached back to grip the headboard - the fingers of her other hand combed through his hair, one leg over Barba's shoulder and the other around his waist as his tongue swiped over her clit and then sucked eagerly.

"GOD! Rafa!" She gasped and closed her eyes, then forced herself to look down and watch him.

She had woken just minutes ago, feeling momentarily disorientated and then recognising the unmistakable sensation of Rafael slowly kissing and licking up the inside of her thigh.

He looked up at her now, eyes gleaming with playfulness and desire as she arched up off the bed towards him and rolled her hips. "Jeeeeeeeesus…." She hissed and clenched her legs around his body as she came with literally breathtaking ferocity against his mouth.

Rafael nuzzled into her, kissing and licking through her climax and then trailing a slow journey up her body - between her breasts and then along the side of her throat, causing her to shiver as his mouth met hers and he smirked against her lips.

"Morning…" He whispered and kissed her gently.

Olivia chuckled and stroked her hand languidly up his spine. "Yeah, it is…" she whispered happily into his mouth and then nipped his bottom lip, "…I can't imagine a better morning."

Barba reached between them, rolled his hips and then Olivia's breath caught as he slid smoothly into her body. "Rafa…" she smiled and stroked her tongue against his as her eyes closed with pleasure.

"Did I dream last night…or did you say that you would marry me?" Rafael asked her as he lazily pushed home again and filled her to the hilt.

Olivia laughed and reached down to glide a hand over his ass. "This is mine!" She teased as she gripped him firmly, then groaned when her lover began slow and steady thrusts into her body and she felt her climax build again.

They moved together in a slow and easy union, Olivia coming with a gasp and clawing over his shoulderblade as Rafael nestled his face against her neck and emptied himself into her.

"All yours," he answered with a slight delay, causing Olivia to laugh and then encourage him to move with her onto his side, wrapping him in her legs and holding him inside as they kissed lazily in the morning sun.

"So…" he murmured against her skin, "…will we book the Weylin, The Rainbow Room…maybe The Plaza…?" Rafael caressed Olivia's shoulder with his lips and then nipped her collarbone lightly.

She grinned and snuggled closer, "Mmmmmm… Rafa, I want to be married to you. I don't care about the wedding and I've never wished to be a Disney princess."

Rafael laughed now and rolled them, slipping from her body as Olivia moved to lay on her back as he looked down at her. He brushed a lock of hair back from her face and brought the corner of his mouth up in an adoring half-smile, "I want…" he paused and shook his head, "…actually, I have no idea what I want. I just want to make you happy."

"Done," she assured and beamed at him before stretching up to kiss his lips.

His eyes scanned her face, still seeming almost incredulous that he was gazing at her lying beneath him. "What do you want?" He asked earnestly.

"Something simple - just you, me and Noah. We could just tell everyone when it's done?" She smiled and bit the corner of her lip lightly, then reached up to run her hand down the side of his face. "Do you think that would be rude?"

Rafael's eyes shone, "If that's really what you want I can't honestly tell you that I give a damn."

Olivia smiled, kissed him and then turned away, encouraging her new fiance to spoon behind her before snuggling back against him. "You wouldn't mind?" She checked.

"I meant what I said, I want whatever will make you happy…" He wrapped her in his arms and tangled their legs together, nuzzling in to kiss her neck. After a few peaceful moments, Rafael added, "How do you feel about City Hall? I know someone who would love to help us…"

Early on one Thursday morning, Olivia walked through the unit and into her office with an almost imperceptible smirk on her face. Her thumb ran over the band on her finger and she bit her lip as a bubble of excitement welled up and very nearly escaped in the form of an uncharacteristic giggle.

She looked up as Fin walked through and sat in the chair opposite. "Drinks tonight? It is the counsellor's last day…"

Olivia looked up at him and nodded, "I'll text Rafa and then check in with Lucy."

Fin rolled his eyes, "No need to look so smug, who the hell knows what we're going to get as his replacement and you know that I blame you entirely." His eyes danced with amusement even as his eyebrow arched.

"I don't know what to say to you, sergeant, but I'll admit I decided to be selfish on this one…" she grinned at her friend, "…he's mine!"

"You're happy…" Fin observed with a smile.

"There aren't words," she confirmed and brought her hand up to tuck her hair behind her ear.

Fin's mouth dropped open briefly in comical shock and then he shook his head, "Damn, is that...? You two did it on the sly?"

Olivia waggled her eyebrows salaciously, "Trust me, regularly…"

Fin groaned and covered his face, "Liv, you're like a sister, I don't need to hear details!"

She laughed, "What my husband and I get up to in the privacy of our own home will remain there."

He smiled affectionately, "I can't believe you actually did it…got hitched, I mean."

Olivia walked around to him as Fin stood, they hugged briefly and then Olivia stood back and looked at him, "I wasn't about to let this one get away."

Fin shook his head, "Trust me, Liv, that man ain't going nowhere...but I'm pleased for ya, for both of ya."

"Drinks tonight then?" Olivia confirmed.

Fin nodded, "Want me to tell the others or keep it on the down-low?"

Olivia shrugged and returned to her seat, "It's not a secret."

Fin had been out of the office for all of thirty seconds before Olivia closed her eyes in amusement at the sound of Amanda's gasp and then two sets of footsteps rushing toward her door.

Fin looked at the time. "They're running late…"

Amanda smirked, "They are newlyweds!"

He pulled a nauseated grimace, "Damn, roll back on the vivid imagery would you?"

"I think it's wonderful…" Sonny said with a grin.

They looked up and saw Olivia and Rafael walking into the bar. Apart from that one occasion, when Fin had caught them in her office, they had only seen them at work over the last few weeks...and, of course, they were consummate professionals. So watching them out as a couple was a revelation to most of the small group.

Rafael held the door open for Olivia, then they exchanged brief playful banter before looking up and noticing their friends - she waved at them and then pointed at the bar.

They all signalled that they already had drinks and then sat and watched Rafael slide his hand down to her hip as they walked over and waited to be served. Olivia leaned in and whispered something in his ear, causing him to laugh, then turn and lightly kiss her neck.

Rafael retorted and then Olivia leaned into him and giggled happily.

"Wow…" Amanda said softly as she watched them.

"Yeah…" Sonny agreed with a smile.

"She's really happy isn't she?" Amanda observed to Fin.

"She is," he smirked, "…but that don't mean that I want to think about what the two of them get up to in bed."

Sonny laughed, "Based on that body language I'd say that's one very happy couple."

Fin winced, "Man..."

They were all still laughing when the couple joined them at the table.

"What's so funny?" Olivia asked as she sat and Rafael slid into the booth next to her.

"We were debating just how good the counsellor is in the sack…" Amanda exaggerated bluntly, "…based on the satisfied smile on your face, boss, Sonny reckons very."

Olivia shot them all an evil (yet somewhat amused) glare and Rafael laughed awkwardly.

"I guess…thanks?" He rolled his eyes at Olivia and then slipped his hand into hers under the table.

"So how is married life treating you?" Fin asked, trying to move the conversation on.

"Excellent," Rafael smiled at Fin, grateful for the distraction. "Perfect actually, but it's only day one so we're definitely still in the honeymoon period."

"Hey," Olivia nudged his side playfully, "are you trying to suggest that it's downhill from here?"

Rafael laughed and smiled at her, "Hell no, mi amor…we're just at the beginning."

After a moment, Sonny cut through the silence, "So what is your next move?"

Barba tilted his head, "I finished up earlier than I needed to, Noah is off soon and Liv obviously has some time booked…so…family vacation first. Then when I get back I'll review my options. It's not like I left under a cloud so I'd say I'll have a few."

"The best ADA we've ever worked with," Olivia smiled proudly.

"Now we have to break in a new one," Fin rolled his eyes.

"As I told you earlier, you'll just have to come to terms with the fact he's mine now and move on," Olivia winked at her friend.

Amanda laughed, "The boss has her hooks in, we should have seen it coming from the start."

"More like Rafa has his hooks into me," Olivia appended and squeezed his hand, "I was struggling to imagine myself finding someone, now here I am - married to a man who adores my son and getting ready to go on a family vacation!"

"What changed?" Fin asked.

"I fell completely in love with my best friend...and I highly recommend it," she winked at Amanda.

Olivia had met Rafael Barba on a Wednesday - when Captain Steven Harris introduced her to an ADA with a 'big brass...ego' who could win cases that no one else would touch - he went on to become her closest friend and ultimately win her heart. More than a year later, on another fateful Wednesday, she walked into a motel room and met Noah Porter, lying in a bedroom draw and waiting patiently to meet his mommy...a woman who would grow to be the centre of his world.

The Wednesday that Noah Porter-Benson met John Stuart Coren could easily have been the worst day of all of their lives, but watching Rafael walk into that room to save her son led Olivia to decide that she was not going to waste one more day on fear.

On the day that Olivia and Rafael both asked for personal days and took Noah out of school, it should have been just another Wednesday - but Judge Bertrise Winchester was waiting at City Hall with two witnesses to join them as husband and wife. A promise to each other, and to their son, that from now on they were a family and would face the future together.

And for the first time in a long time, the future looked clear, bright and actually more than a little enticing.