In this Marvel x Street Fighter x Pokemon hybrid project, rules are not what you think they might be...

What this project takes from Pokemon is a handful of creatures from the Pokedex (Above 50 selected across all the Gens), a storyline loosely inspired by Secret Wars by Marvel (the original one !), and an operational system similar to Street Fighter 4.

Still with me ? Let's dig deeper then...

Now for starters like all subjective picks : there are choices that may raise some eyebrows and some others that may be forgotten to some, but these are my personal choices based on the impression the pokemon leaves on me, its capabilities as a fighter, and the overall appeal it has. I have obviously chosen creatures that are anthropormorphic in nature, so don't expect non anthros to be rendered as one. There are probably popular ones that may be snubbed, but like I said, it is how much the original design speaks to me, if just by the look of the design I can get a sense of the Pokemon's personality and background. So yeah, non objective list here we go !

For the setting we're in an abstract reality of Super Mystery dungeon's Pokemon world, where Darkrai, playing a role similar to the Beyonder in Secret Wars and Seth in Stree Fighter 4, has trapped a handful of Pokemon in his dream realm, in hopes of seeing Pokemon's most popular fighters fight to the death, to Darkrai's own amusement. But there's an handful of selected fighters who are aware of the trap, and will do anything to bring an end to his rule, whether it's personal or not.

You know what ? Let's sprinkle some Naruto in there for a bit of lore : so you have the pokemon world see... With it's collection of bases and cities. But as it also the case in Naruto, most areas concentrate individuals that handle the same element or Pokemon type. So as a result, you have the friendly zones in the first mystery dungeons game that will serve as birthplaces for most fighters of the same type on here.

So how will this fanfiction go you ask ?

Each chapter will dedicate itself to one selected pokemon fighter, with his personality, his name, his backstory, and finally his rival listed. You also get to see what is this fighter's catchphrase or taunt, or even a snippet of an exchange with his rival. You understand now : this is going to be loads of fun.

You'll get an idea of the plot throughout the stories of each of these fighters.

Happy reads all around and see ya soon !