We came to the Resistance when we were three years old, with baby fat in our chubby cheeks, but no innocence left in our eyes. My twin brother Tyan and I were captured in a raid on our home in the Tulara Ravine, the desolate wasteland where we lived on Ryloth. We were saved by a Rebel named Lupoza. She infiltrated the ship and got us to safety, taking out the traders before they could make another stop. There was no one there for us, our parents had died in the raid, and we didn't know of any family. And no Twi'lek would want us because of our appearance. When you see us, it's painfully clear that we are hybrids. Instead of lekku, we have light blue hair that I wear in two long braids that curve into buns, and Tyan chops his off. Light blue swirls over our skin, making it almost impossible to hide. Outside of the Rebellion, there is nothing there for us. So at eighteen, Lupoza adopted us. In between her missions she braided my hair, looked over Tyan's creations and listened to our endless rambling stories. She got Tyan an apprenticeship with a medic and trained me in her line of work so that I could carry out missions when she got too old to complete them. But I never thought that I'd have to start so soon.

One night, she went out on a routine mission, something that she'd done hundred of times before. But something went wrong. When she was captured by the slave ship, there was an engine malfunction, a fire started and...

That night, Tyan and I told stories of our adopted mother through our tears, desperately trying to find a light in the darkness. Tyan's was my favorite.

Lupoza named Tyan and me after an old story that her mother told her when she lived in the Jixuan desert on Ryloth.

In the hidden jungle, deep in the desert, there live a people. Many thousands of years ago, they lived with our ancestors as one nation. But there was something different about these people. They did not feel. They did not feel pain, but they did not feel joy either. They were numb. And so they were feared. The people were driven out of the village, so they hid away in a secret jungle in the middle of the desert. And they were never heard from again. The ancestor's hearts filled with regret. Now these people would never feel. They had condemned them to a half-life. But one day, two children will return to their homeland to bring emotion to the cursed people. Sahren and Tyan will unleash the weapon, and break the curse, bringing peace to the ancestors in the stars.

She thought that it would bring us strength. I spent many nights lying awake, imagining myself as a hero, with Tyan at my side... But fantasies pass, and as I grew older and saw the suffering around me, I dedicated myself to something achievable. Maybe I couldn't save a planet, but I could save children, and maybe they would be the Ones. I think that Lupoza thought that too.

Our last name, Athykyna, is even more special to me than my first. Athykyna was Lupoza's last name. Looking back, I don't know how she did it, mothering two wild children while still going on missions and trying to live a normal life. I think that it was because she lost her parents at a young age, and didn't want us to have to struggle with growing up as orphans. But now I'll never know.

So Tyan and I struggled through the days. He threw himself into work, and I trained, knowing that now I'd have to work alone. We tried to comfort each other, but there was no escaping the silence in our old room. Everything seemed empty now that she's gone.

There was no time to prepare. The call came in the middle of a meal, and then everything sped up. I hugged Tyan goodbye and ran to the hanger. We jumped to hyper speed immediately, racing to intercept the traders and plant me for infiltration. In the back of the ship, I struggled to control my breathing, as my panicked mind realized what was ahead. My first solo mission.

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May the Force be with you 3

-Sahren Athykyna