Toya: Hello everybody and welcome. This is something that I just started and I hope you enjoy it. One day I was wondering what would happen if Yusuke had a sister what would happen. Then I thought about a twin sister, and it ended up into this story. Well I hope you enjoy! -

Yusuke Has a Twin Sister?!

Chapter 1

When the Hell Did You Die?!

One day Yusuke came home to his mother actually sober and happy. When he walked in he noticed she was talking to a girl his age. She has chin length straight black hair with auburn highlights. She has brown eyes exactly like Yusuke's and is the same height also. When she sees Yusuke she walks over to him. "Well hello little brother. Well a couple seconds younger than me."

Yusuke apparently annoyed answer back. "I thought this foreign exchange thing would last longer than that, Toya. And why didn't you just stay over there?"

"Well it was supposed to last longer but I graduated. College also. Then I came back and guess who I found. Your principal. He told me you weren't doing too well at school so I decided to go to your school with you and be your own personal tutor. Won't this be fun? Just like the old days back in elementary when we use to beat up anyone who got in our way. Those were the days weren't they?"

"Yeah whatever. So how was America? I've heard a lot about it."

"Oh it was great! Though getting all of the English was sort of hard. But they have all these cool bands an' things. Nothing much is too great but still it was cool."

Yusuke and Toya, his twin sister, spent the rest of the night just talking. Toya was about the only person he could tell about what is happening and then not get mad and yell at him. Instead she just listened and was able to see things from his point of view and then tell him what the other person was probably thinking. Even though every once in a while they got into fights, they could understand each other.

The next morning they dragged themselves out of bed and got ready to go to school. When they got there, Toya got to meet Keiko. But after she talked to Keiko, she saw Botan and went to go talk to her alone. After that she went to the principal's office to get a copy of Yusuke's schedule and also a copy of his grades.

"So your first class is History... which you hardly ever attend." After noticing this, she gives Yusuke a really cold look.

"What? I like to sleep in the morning."

"And that is the attitude that will get you into summer school, bro. Don't you care about your future?"

"Why should I care?"

"Because I am not going to take care of you forever. I guess I will have to force you to get better grades and study and get up in the morning." Yusuke tried to say something, but Toya interrupted him. "No, buts Yusuke! Now it's time we get you to your first class and don't even try to sneak away." Toya literally had to drag Yusuke to his class. When they finally got there, unlucky for Toya, Kuwabara saw her.

"Well hello, I am Kuwabara. And what might your name be?"

"Oh so your the one my little brother beats into the ground."

"What?! Who the hell is your brother?!"

"Oh so, he didn't tell you. Yusuke why didn't you ever tell him?" Yusuke just pretends not to hear. "Oh well. I guess I can't tell him to do everything. Anyway, I am Yusuke's older twin sister, Toya. So how long have you known each other?"

"Well for a long time." Then Kuwabara started laughing. "Yusuke has a older sister! Hahahaha!"

Yusuke was starting to get really annoyed, but instead of Yusuke punching him, Toya did. "What's so funny?! So what he has an older sister? From what I've heard so do you! So I would shut my big mouth if I were you." Kuwabara was in complete shock that any girl would be able to hit him to the ground. Well, except for Keiko. After this, the bell rang, and the teacher walked in. Toya sat beside Yusuke to help him take notes. Of course, she also made him take all of them word for word. The same thing happened through the rest of the day.

When the bell rang for the time to go home, Yusuke was relieved to hear Toya say he could go and take a break. After that, her cell phone rang. "Hello this is Toya speaking. Who is this? Oh, hi what do you need me to do now? All right, I'll be there in a minute Koenma. Bye."

Hearing this Yusuke was yelling at her in a shocked way. "How the hell do you know Koenma?!"

"How do you know him?"

"I asked you first."

"Fine I guess I can't keep it a secret forever. When I was little I was a miscarriage but I wasn't supposed to be so they let me come back as long as I agreed to be a spirit detective. Of course, I didn't start until I became seven. Now it is your turn to tell how you know him."

"Okay. I got ran over by a car trying to save a kid. But they didn't think that I would do that. Then I got to become a spirit detective." Botan then appeared right out of midair in her grim reaper form.

"Toya come on, you have to come get this. Oh Yusuke, um you didn't hear that."

Yusuke looked at Botan annoyed. "You mean you knew all the time and you didn't tell me!"

"Of course not. It is supposed to be kept a secret. But she is a much higher level detective than you are. But since you now know you might as well come and help her."

Toya then butted in. "Do you know how to fly yet Yusuke?"

Yusuke looked at her confused. "NO! Can you?!"

"Yeah. It isn't that hard you know. Well if you have enough spirit energy. Oh well, I guess we get to just walk." Yusuke was about to punch her right then but she had already started walking away so he missed. For a while they walked in silence, but after about ten minutes Yusuke ended up having to ask questions.

"Toya I know we are going to go somewhere to beat up some demons and all but there are some things I don't know. So what about you just answer these questions. Who? What? When? Where?"

"Fine I'll tell you. The who and what is a dragon demon that has taken the shape of a human named Diron. The when and where is as soon as we get to the other side of town. Which means we get to take the subway. Yusuke, this is going to be great being able to fight with you anytime we go on missions."

When they got to the subway Toya jumped over the bar and so did he. The train was about to leave so they ran even faster so that they wouldn't miss it. When they had gotten on the train it was quite empty so they found their way to a secluded spot so Toya could tell him more about Diron.

"Yusuke, this won't be as easy as you think it is. I will let you go first and if you start having trouble I am going to cut in even if you don't want me to. If you get in my way I'm sorry if you end up going to spirit world in a match box."

Yusuke looked at her strangely but he was at least smart enough to take her seriously. They sat in complete silence until they got there. Yusuke was a little bit nervous but when he looked over at his sister she didn't seem to show any sign of being hesitant. When they got there Toya headed towards an abandoned factory. Right when they got in there they both could feel a strong power on high above them. There was nothing else in there except for Toya, Yusuke, and Diron. All of this seemed to easy to Yusuke, but for some reason he felt like his feet had turned to stone. He didn't want to climb the stairs.

Toya turned towards him with a smirk. "Are you ready?"

Toya: Ooh how scary! I hope you guys like it so far. What will happen to Yusuke and me? Come back to the next chapter and find out! -