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Chapter 5

When They Lost a Member

"Yusuke!" Toya yelled out into the crowd. "Where are you? YUSUKE!"

"Hiei! Kuwabara!" Kurama yelled. He knew that she didn't care for either of them. "Where are you guys?!"

"Why are looking for the dead?" They both heard someone say from above them. They looked over at a building to see a man with red hair and dark back eyes. His figure was trim and muscular. His composure made him seem around the age of eighteen.

"You wouldn't dare kill my family!" Toya yelled. "I don't even know who you are and I already hate you!"

"My name is Tappan. I lead this little army of demons." He said. "And about killing your family, I thought that you didn't make connections with anyone so that you would't have to worry. But alas, you seem to make friends quickly. Your reputation has been ruined."

"Maybe that part, but I'm still Spirit World's greatest detective!" She yelled. "Now tell me where Yusuke is before I have to make you!"

"Alas, that would not work out little one." Tappan said. "But how about this? We'll trade for your friends' lives."

"And what would you want in return?" Toya asked.

"Your's." Tappan answered. "Your death would bring much joy to all demons."

"Not me." Kurama said. "You cannot just trade her life for anything."

"Kurama, this is my choice." Toya whispered to him. "Tappan, if you want this deal to be completed I am afraid that I must have you show them to us." She called.

"Fine." Tappan said. "Bring the prisoners." He said, and instantly three demons came dragging along Yusuke, Kuwabara, and Hiei. "I believe that three lives for the price of one is a very good deal, don't you?" Tappan asked.

"How do I know I can trust you?" Toya asked.

"Alas, you have made a point. How can you trust your own flesh and blood?" Tappan asked.

"I am not your kind, Tappan." Toya disagreed. "I am a human."

"But again you are not." He pointed out. "You are not a demon, and yet again, you are not a human. You and your brother are just freaks."

"I am myself." Toya said. "That is all I need to know. I consider myself what I am, and I am grateful for the demon part of me because I can kill off every last one of you!" She yelled leaping towards him.

"You might not want to do that." Tappan said snapping his fingers. The little demon that was holding Yusuke held a knife to his throat. "You don't want to kill him do you?"

"You think you can just use wimps like them to make me give myself up?" Toya asked. "Kuwabaka there is a pervert. Hiei is a jerk. And Yusuke wastes his life anyway."

"But now we have someone that we know is important to you." Tappan said pointing behind her. She turned to see Kurama in chains. "Now give yourself up and we'll save them."

"You must release all of them with no harm done to them." Toya said. "If one scratch is on them I will tear you limb from limb." She held out her hand. "Deal?"

Tappan smiled and took hold of her hand. "Deal." And with that word she felt electric charges flow through her body. She could hear herself screaming. When it stopped she fell, and figured out what happened... he had a lightning demon behind her when she said that.

"You do not get to die a quick death, Jimanira. You must suffer through your torchers in front of crowds." Tappan said.

"Do not call me that." Toya said. "Do not call me what my father did." She gasped. She had just remembered something. She had not remembered it in forever. Her father died right infront of her... he was killed. That day changed her life.

A three-year-old Toya was running through the forest. Her father had told her that he had to deal with something, and that she needed to stay home. She couldn't stop herself though. She had to show him the drawing she had made of her, Yusuke, mom, and him. She had finally gotten near a clearing and she could hear her daddy's voice.

But she also her another person's voice... one she didn't know. "You have dishonored us all." The man's voice said. "Demons are not supposed to have young with humans. Those children have spoiled blood in them."

"They are still precious to me." Her father said. That scentence made her smile. "You touch one hair on their heads and I will kill you."

"They didn't commit any crimes towards us." The man said. "You did."

Toya ran forward right as the man stabbed her father right through the stomach. Toya stayed in the bushes, too afraid to move or speak. She did freeze that man's image in the back of her mind though; red hair, with dark eyes and an eighteen-year-old look to him. Many years afterwards she still heard the same cold laughter in her deepest dreams.

Tappan laughed. She knew that laugh. Why hadn't she recognized it before? "You did it." She breathed. "You killed my father." She said and fell into darkness.

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