So I had an idea. What if there was a large group of people that were to arrive on the Ark and how they were all related. Also, what if there more species in the Ark? What if, instead of travelling to the different Arks like you would in normal gameplay, you could just fly or sail there? Well that's where this story came from. My last story was going to lead to something similar, but I think this one will be better. I feel like it's got more potential than just chronicling one survivor. There are going to be some elements from the game, but in a future-scientific depiction. The engram system will be overhauled and branched out more. It's stuff like that, is what I'm implementing here. I hope y'all enjoy it.

UPDATE: I have moved this from my 364th Legion Profile to better keep an eye on it and update it. I'm more comfortable with this profile. Plus, I've rewrote some of this chapter. I've also implemented features from ATLAS, a game with similar game mechanics and basically ARK but with pirates and ships. ATLAS was made by a sister company, So this is kind of a crossover I guess. There's not even an ATLAS fanfiction category on here. To top it off, Atlas was originally supposed to be an Ark Ocean DLC with an Obelisk that expanded on the what Atlas is today. The Kraken in Atlas, is just an oversized reskin of Rockwell from the Aberration DLC.

Disclaimer: I don't own Ark. All characters are OC and their likeness are based on a family and friends I'm close with, all with made up last names. I do not own any Mods that are featured in this story. They are all found on Steam. I will always post the Mods that heavily influenced this book later. In this chapter however, the only mods are maps. Just look them up. They are based on mods found in the steam workshop for Ark: Survival Evolved and ATLAS.

Updated: 4/18/2021 – Changed the surnames of many of the families to give them more of a feel. I also changed how the Mega-Ark's structure to match that similar to the Ark(Installation 00) off of Halo 3. The shape is the same, but there's more to the structure than that.


Ark: Dynasty

Chapter 1: Washed Up

Unknown –

He watched from above at the massive structure below him. It was as big as Jupiter, being a structure shaped like an eight-armed star. At the end of each arm was a tower representing different colors. Directly below the structure he was in, was a larger tower in the core area of the huge structure. Ever since the Ark grid landed on Earth, the Overseer of this Ark has been documenting those that have landed and has been replicating them down to the last grain of dirt and smallest creature from the Island that he first washed up on. It was also the catalyst and template for smaller Ark Stations.

He remembered him and other survivors trying to figure out what the Ark was and how they got there. They discovered that there were animals from prehistoric to fantasy and multiple Ark Stations. They found the journal pages of previous inhabitants and ruins of past civilizations. They had fought the guardians and overseers of each station and even landed on Earth. There wasn't much to Earth except that it had been taken over by the Element and ruled by Titans. But they rebuilt civilization and destroyed the king titan while taming the three local titans there. Then, the Ark grid had landed on Earth which began to reseed it and cure it of its element. Unfortunately, there was one place the Element wasn't eradicated It was the general area of the broken-down station where the horrifying monstrosity called Rockwell. After that, everyone kind of mellowed out and met new tribes from other Arks. Of course, there were a few conflicts, but with Earth now habitable again, and new life began, conflict didn't last long. Well, that was how he left it. Helena had transported him to the Genesis Colony Ship, that was somehow hijacked by Rockwell. He entered the Genesis simulation immediately upon arrival thanks to HLNA, an A.I guide who was created by Helena herself. After defeating Rockwell one last time on the Colony Ship. Afterwards, he ended up finding more information about a new Ark, the one he was currently on. It didn't operate like the rest of the Arks. The Ark had Guardians, but the guardians had offspring which were able to be domesticated like other creatures. Before the Ark grid returned to Earth, humans weren't able to breed once Helena activated the Respawn Protocol. Now they can. It was stuff like that that he found. If he hadn't floated away in space, then finding this place never would have happened.

He guessed it was his fault that this next batch of humans would wash up. His memory was so potent that when he actually submitted himself to this Mega-Ark for screening, it brought new life, both human and bestiary. If there was one thing he learned, it was that every ARK and Genesis simulation hosted its own survival challenges, rewards, unique species, weather patterns, and geography. He had been to most of these ARK's and each had their own designation such as The Island, Scorched Earth, the malfunctioning station now called Aberration or Aberrant Depths, the Center, Ragnarök, or Valguero. Some ARK stations were bigger than others and had their own flora and fauna such as the Archipelago ARK known as the ATLAS. It was probably the biggest ARK outside of the Mega-Ark.

There was a major motion next to him. He looked over to see a hologram of DNA which then transformed into humans both male and female. He recognized them. The hologram quickly began cycling through them. It had only done this once before. It was around several years ago when the original inhabitants were washed up, him included. He was one of the few to wash up and keep returning to the Island Region. The rest all vacated as soon as possible, save a few tribes. This man was part of one that was spread pretty thin. In all actuality, he was the only one in the Control room of the Mega-Ark and the only one to be able to access it whenever he wanted. He walked over to console where the Ark was cycling through different species, many of them he had never seen before. "Hmm." He said, "This could get really interesting."

He walked back over to look out over the Mega Ark below. He put his hand on a diamond shaped panel. He could quickly translate what was in front of him.

Station #: M01-1

Specimen batch ID: 438484 confirmed

Specimen type: Homosapien g10.0

Parameters: Enabled Homosapien Implant system 2.0, Enabled Beacon system 2.0, Enabled Ark Science Systems 5.9. Enabled station Creature species system 5.0.

#M01-1 Confirmed Human Specimen count: 16,064,721,199
White Arm: 1,120,000,044

Pink Arm: 1,001,994,394

Blue Arm: 1,200,586,005

Green Arm: 1,540,399,040

Black Arm: 2,000,469,004

Purple Arm: 1,000,398,992

Red Arm: 1,999,958,887

Gold Arm: 1,665,000,002

The Core: 4,535,914,831

Confirmed Creature Species count: 1,000,400

Variants: 50,049

Confirmed Guardian Count: 500

New spawn Human Specimen count: 1,000 (743/257)

Spawn location: Blue Arm, Region #AMI1 (1/100), The Island

Region Human Specimen Population: (PE 800/NS 3000)

Region Fauna Count: Species-110, Variants-1, Alpha-7 Guardian: 1

-Access Fauna List? (Y/N) …..Y

-Modify list? (Y/N) ….. Y

-Input (Add Corythosaurus, Add Lambeosaurus, Attach to survivor #: NAT-0364, Temporary: 2 days)

-Spawn Human Specimens: (Lvl 2-12 W3, Lvl 1,13-100 W2, S1, S2, S3) (Relation lock: 90%)

There was a reason he mettled as much as he did. Normally, he wouldn't. But he had a certain liking for this group of new spawns. He made sure all the family groups were together. The children would be in close proximity to a nearby tribe that would help them. The others would spawn with those they were related to. There was one he had no clue what would happen. So he just made sure that he'd spawn with friendlies. With everything in place, he pressed down on the console and everything started to fade white at a slow pace, signifying its activation. He could only hope that they'd all survive. He walked over to a circular pad that was built into the area before pressing another console. He immediately disappeared in a blue flash as the control room became blindingly white.

Nate Walker –

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

There was something that people from half a mile away could hear or see if they were passing from a nearby bridge. It was the hustle and bustle of a gathering of around seven hundred people, give or take a few in number. These people ranged from toddlers to elders and were all connected to each other one way or another, whether it'd be family or friends. This was a typical annual event, something this group had gathered on one of the many family's farmland or in the river and every year there were more and more people. The river they had infested this year was the Intercoastal Waterway in Horry County of South Carolina. There were the Parker's, the Lilly's, the Owens, the Wright's, the Stroud's, the Small's, the Karnes', the Holmes', the Tarte's, the Hardee's, the Bellamy's, the Brocks, and the Walker's. There were other family names but they didn't match up to the size of the ten families or weren't somehow connected as family. The kicker? This many people gathering in one spot made it look like a fleet of boats were on this river, all of them anchored along the riverbanks. Music was blaring from some of the inbuilt radios of the boats, mostly playing country music and party music.

That's what was going on down there at least. Above them, in a large leaning water oak tree hanging over the bank, was a twenty-five-year-old man sitting in a tree alone, watching all of them. Most of the crowd knew him or knew of him. He wasn't one for crowds and wasn't much of a people person in said crowds. What he lacked in people skills were made up with being good with animals and his knowledge of flora, fauna, . Like a lot of his family, he was an excellent outdoorsman. He didn't mind hanging out with family, it was just draining going to social events like this one, but he couldn't tell you why. It was one of those things that just was. He did enjoy seeing his family and extended family happy though. As he lazily swung his hanging leg back and forward, he couldn't help but smile at the antics of everyone down there. He was more of an observer when it came to stuff like this. He liked seeing people have fun, but he was also the type to jump in when someone was threatened. Everyone called him a bodyguard for it. There had been numerous moments when someone had gotten in a fight with a friend or family member and he had been there to back them up. He didn't seek violence, but he was a dangerous asset when it came to one. Something that really made him lose his temper was a man putting his hands on a woman. He had beaten a man to a bloody pulp when he witnessed him slapping one of his cousin's friends. It took three or four of the men in his family to get him off of the guy who made the mistake of hitting a woman.

The sentry sighed lazily as he scanned over everyone. He couldn't see them all. There were too many people and boats, not enough river. There was a path along the middle so passing boaters could get through. He watched the older folk gossip on their pontoon boats and kids playing on water mats or in the river with others. Younger men and women were in groups, some of them dancing. He caught himself staring at some of the women he wasn't related to. He looked away as memories started to swell of a time when he was once in a relationship with a girl. Long story short, it didn't work out and left him heartbroken and destroyed. But that was probably the hundredth time he had caught himself staring. He was so enveloped in his thoughts that he didn't see some of the group walk up to the base of his tree.

It was a couple who failed to notice him, who was one of his cousin's named Brandon and a guest who was friends with another cousin. Both of the girls were named Kayla. Brandon had normal features of a Walker. A man in the Walker family were usually larger folks as far as height and muscle went with broad shoulders. He had dark hair and a strong jawline. That alone was enough to attract the pretty blonde headed Kayla. The trouble was, Brandon was a Walker. And like a lot of Walker men, he got in trouble with women. The Sentry above them, knew what was about to go down when he heard their flirty tones and the blonde's giggles. When they started making out and he pressed her against the tree with nothing but her bikini and his swimming trunks between them, the sentry leaned his head back hitting the bark of the tree with a slight groan.

You've got to be kidding me, he thought to himself in slight amusement. He looked back down and saw that Brandon was about to remove one of her strings to her bikini. "Well this is awkward." He voiced his opinion. The couple stopped their antics looking around doe eyed as if two kids caught doing what they weren't supposed to be doing. The Sentry laughed at them, their heads both snapping up.

"Damn y'all," The sentry said, "If you're gonna play cowboy's and Indians you might wanna make sure no one's around first. Might see something they don't wanna. Or do, if you're a peepin' tom."

"Nate!?" Brandon said, "What the hell are you doin' up there?"

"Enjoying the scenery," The sentry said with a grin.

"Well go on somewhere."

"I was here first," Nate replied, "Get your own tree." The two laughed at him.

"Why aren't you down in the river with everyone else?" Kayla asked.

"Nate doesn't like crowds," Brandon answered.

"What he said," Nate spoke.

"Well can you help us out here or…." Kayla said.

"No, no." Nate said lightly as he swung his other leg over to rest his elbows on his lap, "You kids have fun. I was just announcing my presence." This was usual Walker banter. Everything was a joke when it came to perverted tendencies. Nate wasn't as bad as his brethren, usually preferring to keep such content to a respectable level, but there were times where he could give people a run for their money.

"You might see something you don't want to." Brandon said, "Why don't you go find you a girl yourself cuz." Nate's expression changed at the thought. Find himself a woman? After what happened last time he got involved? He was on the fence about that.

Nate shrugged, not saying anything. "Fine," He said swinging down like a monkey to a lower branch then jumping off and landing next to them. "You kids have fun." He started walking down to the river. He turned around walking backwards and pointed at them like a "cool" person would. "And if y'all end up with a baby this is going to be a hilarious story for my new cousin."

"NATE!" They both half-yelled, half laughed.

He left them there, going through the brush and joining the countless people here. Some of them looked at him for a split second and each acknowledged his presence. He did the same, not knowing some of their names. His anxiety was slowly creeping on him as he waded through the water around party-goers. He knew it was stupid but he always felt people were judging him or something. It was real work to purposely make facial expressions instead of the blank stare he was prone to as he walked through groups of people. To someone who wasn't him, it seemed he was just a normal person with no worries. False. He was internally kicking himself for every social decision he made and it was exhausting. As he passed an open area of water where a volleyball net was put with a couple cousins and their friends, one of his cousin's got his attention.

It was Trey Lilly. A man one year younger than him with a slender build. "Hey Nate!" He said, "We need another for a game. Wanna play?"

Nate's eyes scanned the group. Some of them were women he had never seen before, all of them drop dead gorgeous. That would be a fact still, if they did have clothes on instead of bikini's. The thought of playing Volley ball with a bunch of pretty girls made his heart jump to his throat. He regretted his answer immediately. "Nah," He said, "I'm gonna go grab a bite to eat real quick. Ain't ate since last night."

"Alright man," Trey replied.

Nate kept walking. Where was he really going anyways? He was just walking aimlessly, systematically avoiding people. Along the way he questioned himself internally. Why did i come here? Was it because of tradition? Should I leave? Would anyone notice? Do they care? Ughhh.

It was a struggle for someone like him with these thoughts. He was socially awkward and had social anxiety. It was all due to being raised on a farm with hardly any interaction with people save for school. Maybe that was it.

He was about to go around a bend when he heard his name again. There was a slight mixture of agitation and comfort.

"Nate?" I turned to see a group of women. But the one that said my name, was a beautiful woman three years younger than I. She had deep blue eyes and dark hair with a slight curl with a slender figure for a woman. It was Brennan Parker. Holy shit, he thought heart racing. He remembered their last encounter. It was at the local music country music festival. She was cousin's with a second cousin's husband. She was stunning. He went to the festival with one of his cousins and he bought her a mixed drink after she gave him hers, which surprised everyone. Nate, being clueless didn't pick up on the fact that she was interested in him from that point on. It didn't help that he had a stomach virus at the time so he wasn't exactly at one hundred percent. There was a lingering thought for him. Don't fuck this up.

"Yes ma'am?" Nate said, his southern charm coming on strong. I'm an idiot. He had a reputation for being polite and had a cowboy-like charm. But he was too dumb to know when to not take it too far. His grandmother once said he could talk the clothes right off a girl if he wanted to. He didn't believe so though. The man was clueless these days when it came to women.

Brennan seemed at a loss for words for a second. It was like talking to him was next to impossible for some reason. Something about him made her mind turn to mush and heart race. She felt like a high school girl with a crush. It seemed her friends picked up on it. They saved her.

"So this is Nate."

Ah fuck. Nate thought to himself out of reaction. What had been said about him? But wait. Wasn't this the friend who….wasn't she there for all of that stuff? Crap. What was her name? Meghan or something? What game is she playing at? Then Nate remembered. She was the one who was drunk and vocal about the whole thing.

"Well, it wouldn't be incest if you two got together." That was her line in a pizza place on the Boulevard of Myrtle beach 2:00 in the morning. Nate had been replaying that night in his mind with regret. His reaction was looking at her with a deadpan look and thinking, did she really just say that? What the hell. No filter whatsoever.

"Nate was hanging out with everyone at the country music festival," Meghan said, "He's cool. Quiet, but cool."

"Pleasure to meet y'all," Nate answered with a nod, eyes glancing over the group of girls. They were pretty in their own right.



They seemed friendly enough. "Come on girls let's go get a drink," Meghan spoke up. The three girls left Brennan there with Nate. Alone. At that point, Nate's mind was a puddle of mud. People were not his thing, especially if he was attracted to them. "You were saying?" He asked her. Man I'm dumb.

Brennan being at a loss for words said, "H-how have you been? I haven't heard anything out of you."

Nate took a second to respond, carefully deciding his words. "Working mostly," He replied after inhaling some air and confidence, "Twelve-hour shifts Monday through Friday. Other than that, I've been great." Ask her. "How about you?"

"Great!" She spoke, her face lighting up, "Been taking trips with my parents, but I think I'm going to stick around for a while. Save up some money." Ask her.

Nate saw a window of opportunity, something he wasn't going to pass up again. Get her talking. Find out more. Ask her. "Hm," He said in acknowledgment, "What is it that you do for a livin'?"

"I work as an event planner," she said playing with her hair.

"Like as in weddings or parties?" Nate asked.

"Yeah," She said, "Sometimes its tiring, but I don't mind it."

"Sounds cool." Nate said. He immediately just asked a question to try and keep awkwardness down. "Last time we talked, you said something about you ride horses a lot?" Ask her dumbass.

Her eyes lit up, which Nate immediately took that as a good sign. "Yeah," She said, "I love horses. I ride them all the time and occasionally enter competitions for the stables I go to. But I love taking a horse ride on the beach or to the mountains. Have you ever ridden one?" The two made their way to the bank to go sit on a fallen log.

"I used to," Nate replied, "When I lived on our family farm, and I was around ten or eleven. But the two horses got too old to ride. So we retired them to happy lives of eatin' hay and vegi's from the garden. They were rescue horses to boot so they deserved it." Brennan listened intently. His voice was so enticing. It was smooth, deep, and just the right amount of southern drawl. "We used to let them wander around with us outside their paddock, but they'd never go in the garden. But I'd love to go riding again. It's been too long."

Brennan took a chance with him. She saw her window of opportunity. "You should tag along next time then," She blurted out.

It took Nate off guard for a moment, but he relaxed his shoulders and replied, "I'd like that." Nate was good at observation. He might have been clueless when it came to women, but he picked up on subtle changes in people and their body language. She was relaxed, and her eyes showed relief. You really are an idiot. Ask. Her. And just like that, taking a leap of faith, he did. "I think we should go out sometime."

The surprise in her eyes said everything. She smiled. "I think we should too." It was Nate's turn to be relieved. He had never been happier.

It was supposed to mark a new chapter in his life. Things could only go up from here, right? He and Brennan would go on a few dates, hopefully get married, have kids, and grow old together. Right? Everything was perfect, except for how bright it was getting. No one noticed until it was too late. Even then, there wasn't anything anyone could do. The radio's went silent and everyone noticed the intensity of the sunlight.

Nate looked around at everyone and everything. The wind stopped blowing, the water stopped flowing, and the eeriness of the rest of nature being halted sank in. Something was happening. The only sounds were of our family and people. It was turning from questioning to panic.

"What's happening?"

"Man that sun's bright."

"Momma what's happening?"

"I'm scared!"

"Nate?" Brennan said, "What is this?"

"I don't know." He replied looking back at her, "I've never…" In that moment, Nate knew something was terribly wrong. He didn't know how. But he knew. The sun was getting brighter almost making everything a white hue. But then something did happen. The earth started to tremble and gravity decided to take a vacation. First went the boats. They started to float upwards. There were screams. So many screams of terror. Nate did the only thing he could think of at the moment. He embraced Brennan, wrapping her in his arms.

"I'm scared," She whimpered holding him back.

"I know," Nate responded, "Me too. Listen. Before anything…." The two of them began to feel their bodies lift up in the air causing a yelp from Brennan. "I have feelings…." It was like something was pulling the two embraced people apart, like they weren't supposed to be together like they were. "…for you. I want….a future with you." It was so hard for them to breathe as whatever was taking them was stopping communication.

"Me too." She replied. The two tried to kiss but they were ripped from each other's arms as they were well over the tree line and suddenly flung towards the sun. Everything went white.


"I want….a future with you."

"Me too."

Nate kissed her and she kissed him back. They were on a farm surrounded by horses and other animals. The only thing that mattered was those two in that moment. They could hear wedding bells, see a future with each other. The sounds of waves could be heard. That didn't make sense. They were in the countryside. The ocean was miles away. But he heard seagulls, or what sounded like seagulls. He looked around.

"Brennan do you hear that?"

"Hear what?" She sounded so far away.

He turned to look at her. She was gone. "Brennan?" He asked, "Where are you?"

"Come find me." Brennan replied. "We need each other….."

"Brennan!" Nate yelled.


Blue Arm: Island – Northeast coast

He laid there, eyes closed and front part of his body against the damp sand. Was it a dream? Had he just blacked out? Cool water lapped against him from his feet. When he opened his eyes, it took them a moment to adjust to his surroundings. Bright light shining against his closed eyes made everything look like it was grayed out. Eventually the color returned as he got up on his hands and knees looking around. But something on his left forearm started to itch. He look at his wrist, instinctively scratching at the offending sensation. The only problem was, where there was supposed to be veins popping out showing the strength he had in his arms, was accompanied by something else. It was some implant that looked like a high-tech diamond. It was not supposed to be there.

He looked around noting every bit of his surroundings. Everything looked tropical and different from anything he had witnessed in books or real life. The palm trees, jungle in the distance, large boulders, and strange brush let him know one thing. He was nowhere in South Carolina, let alone America. There was a slight breeze blowing, which seemed to catch his attention.

"Where the fuck am I?" He asked out loud. He spun around looking in every direction like some kind of madman. There was no other landmass, save a small island out there. Other than that, just ocean. Faintly, he could see some kind of outline of something in the distance. It was tough to see it, but whatever it was, it was a massive building so far out there that it extended into space. He shook his head. He was seeing things. It took him a moment to remember that he was two miles away from the ocean before he woke up. He was in a river with several family members, their guests, and a beautiful woman he was about to start a relationship with. Now he was in a foreign land. The thought of her actually got to him. Where was she? Where was his family? Where was her family How the crap did he end up on a beach that didn't look anything remotely like his home state's? These were questions that were going through his mind. But what really set him off was the presence of another lifeform. A presence that caused his face to involuntarily make a highly confused expression.

"Is that a fuckin' dodo?" There was a plump bird with a large beak and stubby wings pecking at something in the sand. It had beady eyes and large feet like an overgrown pigeon's. The plumage on the dodo was a mixture of slate gray and some kind of blue. Its beak was dull yellow with a pink tip. "It's a dodo."

He watched the dodo for a moment before looking around some more, aimlessly wandering down the beach. His mind was fresh with shock. Would he see her again? Would he see his family again? Where did all these dodo's come from? He stopped, noting that the beach was full of dodos. A lot of them. They were all wandering around, pecking at whatever they were eating. It wasn't until he saw movement in the brush, that he was worried.

There was some kind of creature there. At first, he thought it was an iguana. But an iguana doesn't walk on two legs have double crests, two small arms with claws on them, a frill, and razor sharp teeth. This creature was not any modern lizard. It was a dinosaur. The flock of Dodo's froze, like chickens do when they see something in their coop. That was the closest thing he could compare their behavior to. They hadn't seen the dinosaur yet, but all of a sudden, a "Fwuupp" sound followed by some kind of black goo came from the dinosaur as it raised its frill up. The goo hit one of the dodo's in the head, causing a massive amount of panic. They all scattered except for the one dodo who couldn't see but was flailing about trying to move. That was when the little dinosaur rushed out the brush and pounced on the dodo with its teeth and claws. The bird didn't stand a chance as the carnivore ripped into it. That was enough for Nate. He didn't want the little dinosaur to attack him too. As much as Nate was slightly scared of the carnivore, he was intrigued.

He had always been interested in wildlife. He studied zoology, botany, Paleontology, and environmental sciences as one of his hobbies as well as profession. Another hobby was being a survivalist. He was skilled in Bushcraft, Hunting, Agriculture, and many different engineering trades. He had worked with animals in a zoo as a keeper, trainer, and was pretty good in enclosure maintenance. He realized this was a Dilophosaurus. But the problem was that it wasn't nearly the size that he had Nate gave the little carnivore a wide birth to get around it and its meal. The Dilophosaurus growled at him, as if it thought Nate was trying to figure a way out to steal his meal. That couldn't be further from the truth, as Nate moved down the beach. Just in case he came across one of those Dilophosaurus', he picked up the largest stone he could find. He wandered up the beach further looking for signs of civilization, even if the odds were slim to none.

As he walked, Nate tried to figure out exactly where he was. A basic survival skill and a general rule while one was out in the wilderness was to not get anymore lost than you already were. A sense of direction was pretty important, especially if one was in a land full of dinosaurs. He sighed looking around. The only thing he noticed about the land was a small island off to his right as he walked up the beach. He also noticed behind him was a large tower that had a glowing green diamond crest near the top. He only saw it because there was a mountain in his way. To his left were more mountains, and atop a snowy mountain was another tower with a blue diamond. He felt like he was going further North. He didn't know how, but he was. He found himself in a field as he passed the jungle along the coast and at the northern most point was a slope that seemed to drop completely off when the land ran out. The area was quaint. There were a few shrubs, trees, and boulders spread out dotting the land. But then there was something else. More dinosaurs.

They were bipedal with similar body structures, but vastly different heads. Some of their crests arced out like a crescent with webbing, others had large round-shaped crests, while some had sharper rounded shaped crests. He knew what those dinosaurs were. They were Hadrosaurs. Parasaurolophus, Corythosaurus, and Lambeosaurus. They were Herbivores, and often traveled in herds. What Nate didn't know, was how or why they were in such a distinct herd. He had never known of any bones that intermingled with each other like this. Maybe it was a new behavior? Then again, there were bones, so new was probably not the best way to think about it. He watched them though, each with different colored skins and crests. Some of the herd looked at him curiously while others didn't pay him any attention.

He walked towards them as they grazed the grass, and some ate from the bushes. One of the younger Parasaurolophus' walked up to him. Each of the fully-grown animals stood much taller then him, his head coming just below their shoulders if they stood on their hind legs. The younger one that walked up to him innocently was only waist high. Nate held out his hand like he was going to pet it. Its breath was warm as it huffed at him. The Hadrosaur allowed him to touch it. Nate had ran his hand on a crocodile's head before, but this was much smoother. It bleated before getting closer to him. Nate couldn't help but grin. Maybe this place wasn't so bad after all. He ran his hand down the side of the Hadrosaur stroking it like he would if he was petting a dog. He sighed. He could stay here forever. But there was a rumble in his stomach that disagreed. He needed sustenance. He watched as a nearby Corythosaurus stripped purple berries from one of the bushes. He observed it for a second. It didn't really discriminate from the berries except for the black and white ones. In fact, if the shrubs had black or white berries on them, the dinosaurs avoided them altogether, except for the Lambeosaurus. That was generally a good sign. He tasted one of the other colors. The Hadrosaurs ate three distinctive colored berries. Red, Blue, Yellow, and Purple. He tasted them separately, noting the different flavors. The red berries tasted almost like a mixture of cherry and strawberry. The Blue ones tasted like blueberries and kiwi. The Yellow Ones were like the berry form of banana and coconut. The purple berries easily tasted like concord grape and blackberries put together. Then there were the other two kinds of berries. One of them was bitter, like a cucumber that had been sitting out too long. That was the white berries. It dried his mouth out but it gave him a bit more vigor in his step. The other one however tasted plain, like avocado. It was the black colored berry. That one made him drowsy and his mouth and tongue numb. He made a note to himself to stay away from both the black and white colored berries. They were like an energy drink for the white and a morphine tranquilizer for the black.

He made his way through the docile herd picking through bushes, sometimes sharing a bush with one of the large Hadrosaurs. It was like he was part of the herd. He ate as he went, being careful to avoid the berries that weren't fit for consumption. Nate felt fully immersed within the herd. It almost made him forget what his original goal was. He kept wandering through the herd, before he came upon the top of the cliff that faced the north shore. He sat down and leaned against the lone tree singing a tune.

"Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenanadoah River, life is old there, older than the trees, Younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze, Country roads, take me home to the place where I belong, West Virginia, mountain mamma, Take me home country roads."

Maybe he could just rest his eyes a little. After that, he'd try to find his family and….her.


Eric Parker-

Blue Arm: Island - South East coast

The last thing he remembered before getting here was that his family and friends were all pulled up into the sky by some kind of light. Now he was waking up on shore with several other members of his family. Along the shore were countless people, all in bathing suits or whatever they were wearing before they were sucked into the sky. He looked around at all the other washup's. He recognized the majority of them. Everyone was panicking. He watched as everyone started helping others up and looking around. Confusion was the second thing that started to rile everyone up. How was it possible to be on a random beach when they were all in a river?

There were so many people. He saw his mother (Jenny) and his father (Donald) talking with each other.

"Eric!" His mom said running to hug him, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," Eric replied, "Have you seen Kayla or the kids?"

"No," His mother replied, "Oh my god. I hope they're….."

"Eric!" Everyone turned around to see his wife running up to them with a baby boy in her arms. He ran to hug her. "I'm glad you're okay. Where's Lillian?" She had dark hair, brown eyes, and was short.

"I don't know," His wife said panicking, "All I remember is being sucked up into the sky. And Cooper screaming next to me. What's happening? Where's our little girl?"

"I don't know," Eric replied, "We'll find her. She can't be far." He continued looking around for his daughter but noted all the other family and friends that were there. Everyone seemed to be panicking and trying to figure out the same things. It was chaotic. People were dotting the coast as far as he could see, none of them having any idea what was going on or how they got there. It was going to take time for everyone to get their bearings.

The quintet of family walked the beaches looking for their kids and familiarizing themselves with family once more. Everyone made a joint effort to find out where their kids were. There was just a couple problems. One that various people pointed out. It was questions like this that made everyone wonder what was going on and where they were.

"This bird's a dodo!"

"Is that a giant tortoise?"

"That's one big dragonfly."

"Look at those towers!"

"What the hell are these things on our arms?"

"Guys something huge just jumped out the ocean!"

"What was that roar?"

A woman screamed. Eric turned to see what was going on and everyone crowded towards that direction. A large reptilian was seen hooting at all of them. It had gotten in over its head by the looks of it. It had carnivorous teeth and a frill. It stood no taller than a large dog, but it was still menacing looking. The frill opened up and it immediately spit a glob of goo at one of the random in the crowd. It would have hit them too if they hadn't ducked and closed their eyes. The creature backed up, hissing at the crowd of people. It then bolted off into the jungle brush. This raised more questions and people were voicing their opinions and statements.

"That was a fucking dinosaur."

"What kind was that?"

"A carnivore."

"But that's not possible! They're extinct!"

"Not anymore."


Silence fell upon everyone. Shock coursed through everyone. The questions seemed endless, but there was one that was a primary concern that was brought to everyone's attention.

"Hey." Eric's father said, "Do you all realize something. Apart from Toddlers and most of those who are teenagers…..the children are missing."

His dad was right. Any child that was able to walk and talk, was nowhere to be seen. There were a few teenagers, but it wasn't all of them. Eric quickly found out that the majority of the Parker's, Small's, Stroud's, and Hardee's were in the immediate vicinity. There were a couple of the members of other families and some of their friends, including Kayla's best friend Kayla Osborne and Brandon Walker.

Everyone just started milling around at that point, as people tried to figure out what to do. A large group of people in a single area was safe, but some of them pointed out that they had no idea where they were and what they were going to do about food and water. Everyone gathered in a crowd to listen to Eric's father. Survival Mode had kicked in.

"Listen everyone," Donald spoke, "We need to do a few things. Most likely our kids and grandkids have washed up somewhere. We're going to have to pull together to figure out how to find help, food, and build shelters. First thing's first…"


A similar situation was unfolding elsewhere….

Clyde Walker-

Blue Arm: Island - South Coast

Clyde Walker had experienced some weird things in his lifetime, but this one had taken the cake. Them being sucked into the sky and spit out on the coast of somewhere full of extinct animals gave everything else a run for its money. This large group had already gone through the shock of waking up and not being where they remembered. The majority of their kids were missing as well as the rest of their families that were present before their arrival. There were mostly Walker's, Wright's, Owens', Lilly's, and Karnes' here with a few from the other families. He listened to his Uncle, Fred Walker talk. They had found themselves on a Peninsula.

"We got to pull together y'all," He spoke to the crowd of people, "There's no guarantee that help will find us. So we have to assume that we're here on our own. There are so many of us but there's also these darn dinosaurs we got to watch out for. So I say we go ahead and see about looking for food, make some spears, and figure out what we can do about fire. We might have to make a lot of them. Nobody should go anywhere alone. I think we should keep in large groups of at least five or more. For the campfire we're going to need anything burnable and stone. I know how, but anyone know how to start a fire?" A few of the group, including Clyde raised their hands. "We might be teaching everyone how today. Alright y'all?" There were nods of agreement. "Okay. We need people on making tools. It's going to suck like everything else right now, but making them out of wood and stone is the only way right now. We'll need to make wooden spears as well as try to get some clothing going."

"Clothing?" One of the Owens' said, "How're we supposed to get clothing?"

"Well for right now we're going native," Fred said, "Clothes made out of plant material and wood will have to do for now. Unless you prefer to be running around naked eventually?" No one wanted that but there were a few chuckles, Clyde included. "Okay then, lets get started."

Clyde immediately spoke up over everyone. "Hold up," Clyde spoke up, "Anyone over the age of sixty don't do much. The rest of us will do most of the work. Girls if you got babies, stay put as well. We don't want any dino's snacking on y'all."

With that, the whole group of a hundred and fifteen got to work with the exception of the seniors and the women with infants. It didn't really take long to gather enough wood for campfires. But whenever a piece of wood was found that was straight and long enough to be turned into a spear, it was. The most time consuming job was gathering various berries. The group had found out to avoid the black and white berries as they were filling, but their side effects weren't worth it. One could put a person to sleep and the other was like an energy drink but dehydrated the consumer.

Clyde was one of the ones sharpening straightened sticks into staves, then eventually spears. "Wish I had my damn knife or somethin'." He spoke to Eddie Walker as they both sharpened their respective spears with a piece of sharpened stone. This method wasn't very effective, but it worked out eventually. The two were first cousins.

"Me too," Eddie said, "What you think's goin' on here? How the hell did we end up here?"

"Beats me." Clyde replied, "But these animals are throwin' me for a loop. How the hell are there still dinosaurs alive?"

"I don't know cuz," Eddie replied as he picked up another branch, "But if those little fuckers are around, then you know there's somethin' bigger out there."

"Yup," Clyde agreed finishing the point on his spear, "I got eight done, how about you?"

"Seven," Eddie spoke, "Forrest?" Forrest was his oldest son, who was also the older brother of Brandon Walker.

"Nine," He replied.

"Seven over here," A young woman named Brenna said. She was the fiancé of Trey Lily, Clyde's nephew and Kayla Parker's younger sister.




There were twelve more people who were making wooden spears acknowledged their counts. They started passing them out to every able body, which were mostly the men. The women were fast at work trying to piece together crude primitive clothing made of leaves and plant fibers or helping out with gathering berries. Some of the men had found some Dodo's and were actively killing any they saw for meat. Cleaning a Dodo, was oddly similar to cleaning a chicken. Fires were being built as well as primitive rotisseries made up of a few long sticks or branches. Clyde had looked at their group. With everyone working together, they might just make it. That is, unless something big didn't get to them first.


Similar activities were happening elsewhere

Shayne Tarte

Blue Arm: Island – South West Coast (Craig's Island)

Shayne's hands were bloody. The blood wasn't his own or any other human's. He had just dug a spear into one of those spitting dinosaur's heads. The little fucker attacked the group just now. After he and his group had started to make a temporary camp on the riverside, they were swarmed by a pack of spitting dinosaurs. Dinosaur's should have been extinct! But no. Those fuckers were alive and kicking. He let out a sigh.

"Thanks," A woman named Whitney spoke. She was the cousin of Shayne's younger half-brother, Hunter.

"No problem." Shayne replied, "Everyone needs to be more careful. No one saw this thing come closer?" There were people shaking their heads. His military and police officer training kicked in. "Yeah, that's not gonna work. We're going to need sentries or something. What if something bigger got to us? That'd be a bad day. And I don't know if there's anything we could have done to stop it."

"Well," A man named John Brock spoke, "At least it's more meat. Know how to dress a dinosaur?"

"I know reptiles," Someone named Kale Sutton said, "I've cooked lizard before. Can't be too different. Let me see that knife." He was speaking to John Brock who had fashioned the knife out of wood, stone, and some plant material. John gave it to him.

Shayne looked at the survivors all around them. Some of them crowded in their own groups or were gathering berries from nearby bushes. Others were currently cooking some of the fat flightless pigeons that were killed. One person was even making a makeshift lean-to shelter against a tree. Everyone was busy or something.

"Anthony come with me man," Shayne called to one of his friends.

"What's up?" Anthony asked walking closer.

"Just need some help looking for good places to post sentries," Shayne said, "We're on an island with dinosaurs. Plus that Red floating tower looks ominous as hell."

"Why don't we try to get over there?" Anthony asked.

"We might try if Uncle Roger says so," Shayne said, "He's kind of in charge right?"

"You both are really," Anthony spoke, "He's the voice, you're the muscle."

"Whatever," Shayne replied shaking his head, "Look. We need at least two people at each place we find good for a lookout. Like up there." Shayne pointed at the top of a cliff above where most of the group was. "And right over there." On the opposite side of the river was a hill that was elevated enough to see over the crowd and into the forest.

"We gonna build barricades or something?" Anthony asked.

"I don't know if we're going to get to," Shayne replied, "If there is someone looking for us. We might not be here long. But man, I tell ya, I think we're stuck here."

"That's just great." Anthony said sarcastically. He was worried for his children. They were missing like many of the other children of parents in the group. "I just want to know where my damn kids are."

"You're not alone in that," Shayne spoke up gesturing to grieving parents all around, "Listen man, we all got to pull together. I don't know if there's enough food to sustain us all. That's the main problem right now. My dad's over there working on a way to purify water, It's going to be hard, but I think we can eventually manage."

Peyton Walker-

Blue Arm: Island – North West

"Mom! Dad!?" She heard the sounds of some kid ask. She opened her eyes. It was cold. Everything was cold. So cold. There was crying. She looked around. Her parents were nowhere to be found. Just a bunch of kids standing or sitting around. Peyton Walker was eleven years old. She had never been too far away from any adult. But this was a lot of kids. What happened? The last thing she remembered was being pulled up in the sky and ripped from her mom's arms.

Every one of the kids were calling for their parents, shivering at the cold. Peyton looked around. In one direction of the beach was a snowy place with a big blue glowing tower on top of a mountain. In the other direction was a red tower. The blue tower and snowy place was much closer to her and the kids. She didn't like this. All the grownups were gone, and it was cold. The only thing everyone had on, were bathing suits.

There was a scream. Peyton recognized her cousin. It was Lillian Parker. She ran to her. "Lil!" She yelled.

"Pey Pey!" The blonde three year old said running for her, "I want mommy and daddy!"

"I know," Peyton said hugging her, "Me too."

Kids started crying. Everything was going bad. But then something stopped it all. "ooh!" One kid pointed out, "Look everyone! An elephant!" Peyton looked over to see a massive furry elephant with strange tusks eating berries off a bush.

"So pretty!"



"Hey look at that!"

Peyton tore her eyes from the hairy elephant to see something much smaller. It was a large cat with long fangs. The only problem was, it was coming towards a group of the smaller kids. Peyton knew that big cats were dangerous and knew they were all in danger. "Everyone run!" She screamed. But the kids were frozen in fear as the big cat started to run towards them. There were screams but that didn't stop the big cat from running at them. It got fifteen feet away before there as a loud crack in the air.


The big cat toppled forward rolling then collapsing into a heave of meat. Everyone looked for the location of the gunshot. From the forest came a figure in fur clothing and a balaclava wielding some kind of rifle.

"Holy shit," Peyton heard the figure say. It was a man. "Uh….hey kids." The man looked around at everyone. "Fuck…." He pulled out something and spoke into it. It was a radio. "This is RC-N. I'm on the North West coast, two clicks down from the NW-outpost. It's happening again. Alpha level orders this time, I got a bunch of kids at this location. No adults in sight. Ordering for delivery of fur clothing, survival gear, and release of my pack to my location. Immediately. Over."

"Roger that," The person on the other side of the radio said, "Sending out the Calvary as soon as possible. Over."

"Good," The man said, "If there are kids here, then there are adults. Send scouts to all washup locations and have them report in any new survivors, asap. Over."

"Confirmed," The person on the radio replied, "over."

The man put the radio away before walking up towards Peyton and Lillian. He was acting strange, like he was trying to figure the two out. Letting out a sigh, he called all the kids. "Hey everyone, come here quick! I know it's scary being without your parents, but y'all gotta listen to me if you want to find them!" As he spoke, all the kids started coming towards him. "I'm going to do everything I can to help you get back to them. As long as you listen, you'll be safe and I promise nothing will get you. There are some scary animals on this island."

"I'm scared!"

"Who are you?"

"Where's my mommy and daddy?"

"I want mommy!"


"Hey!" The man shouted, but not violently, "try to calm down kids. Listen, there's a bunch of friendly doggies on the way. They're my friends and they'll have stuff for you all to put on. But for now, huddle together and hug each other tight. You'll stay warm. With that, he began to take off his fur clothing and wrapping up the little kids with it. He wore normal clothing but kept his balaclava on. Peyton felt there was something familiar about him. She couldn't place it though. "Here Lillian."

How does he know her name? Peyton wondered curiously, maybe he heard me when I said it?" She didn't know. All she knew was that this man was helping them.

He wrapped her up in his fur jacket. "Share with them." He moved her closer to a little boy named little Charlie and his older four-year-old sister Dixie. Their parents were Joshua Walker and Brandi Walker, and were the niece and nephew of Nathan Walker. "You keep them warm okay?" He was talking to Dixie.

"Pey-" He stopped as if catching himself.

"I'm Peyton," She said.

"Peyton," He repeated then continued, "I need ya help. Make sure they keep this shirt on okay?"

"Okay," Peyton replied, "But I don't trust you." Truthfully, she kind of did. Something about him seemed familiar and he was helping them. She normally didn't trust strangers, but he was nice.

"That's the smartest thing you could ever say to a stranger," The man replied, "Especially in a place like this. And I don't blame ya. Yer mom and dad taught you well kiddo." He turned to some of the other children. "Here. Use this like a blanket. Everyone huddle together! I told you it's too cold. You have to stay warm!" There was some complaining, but the kids actually listened to the man.

Peyton didn't know where her parents were, or how any of them got here. But she sure was glad someone came to help them before they froze to death. There were so many questions that filled her mind, that it was almost overwhelming. Soon though, she hoped to be reunited with her family. The kicker was, she knew the majority of these kids. They were all related in some shape or form. Their family wasn't a tree. It was a bush with too many vines on it. She remembered that a lot of her family said that each person in the family should come with nametags and what branch they were from. She hoped to see her family soon.


Moments before the Wash up

Unknown –

Blue Arm: The Center – Tropical Island South

Far west of the Island, was a region known as Center. There lied a contingent of men and women on an island where a blue Obelisk sat a large settlement that was surrounded by stone walls. The settlement itself was encompassed a bay and the cliff of the island. The architecture was medieval. All in the bay were ships such as Schooner's, Brigantines, and Galleons. There were a couple fishing vessels as well. The crescent bay was protected by stone walls with battlements atop them. There were different artillery emplacements ranging from medium sized cannons to Ballista's. There were even catapults. The town inside the walls were full of stone and wooden structures. There were homes, barracks, an armory, Ship construction yards, and various other structures. It was the perfect settlement. The inhabitants were blissfully enjoying their day. One woman was visiting one of the fish markets. She wore a 1860 century western blue gown while and her hair up in a snood. The women of the town wore clothing like this.

"Good morning Miss Sarah," the merchant said in a deep country voice. He was rather rotund and older looking with poorly stitched clothing on, "Is your husband working today?"

"Why yes he is," She replied in an equally western tone, "I came by to pick up tonight's dinner. How has your day been Martin?"

"Mighty fine Miss Sarah, mighty fine," The merchant spoke, "This is yesterday's catch from the Singleton boys. Of course, they got some Coel. But they also got Centrian Grouper, Centrian Tuna, and Islander Icthyosaurus. I didn't get any shrimp this time around though."

"That's fine," Sarah spoke, "Islander Sea Icthyo? That's rare around these parts. The Singleton's actually sailed back to the Island Region?"

"I guess so," Martin replied, "Not many Tribes or Company's out that way to trade with, so it was indeed a rare trip. They did say something about getting some goods from the Ranger detachment though. I'm not sure what."

"Oh really?" Sarah asked, "Hmm. I heard all the Tribes that were in that Region had finally left."

"There's still a few remaining," Martin spoke, "I remember when our tribe sailed out to this Region. We never needed anything more. There weren't any raiders or hostile tribes. That's why I love this Region."

"To be fair," Sarah spoke, "not many people have explored the Center Region right? My husband said there were scouting parties still mapping out the Jungles. The further west they go, the more diverse the region gets. The only thing is, there's three large mountains that way. There's even talk of one of them floating! Floating! Can you imagine?"

"That sounds preposterous," Martin spoke, "A floating mountain? Dinosaurs we've seen, but I've never heard of a floating mountain before."

"Anything is possible," Sarah replied, "Listen, here's some coin. I'll take some of the Icthyo. My kids will love the treat."

"Very well," Martin said taking some coin, "I-" He was cut off by something East. A blinding light flashed as the entire Eastern sky changed from blue to white and back blue with sound stopping for a moment. In the distance was a large tower, barely visible from the atmosphere. "Well would you look at that."

"New arrivals in the Island Region?" Sarah asked as the pure white sky turned normal color again.

"I suppose so," Martin replied putting the fish in a bag, "I wonder how many will make it?"

"I don't know," Sarah replied, "Listen. I have to get back. I'll see you later."

"Goodbye Miss Sarah!" He returned to her.

Martin let out a sigh, watching the people pass by. He washed his hands for the eighth time today. He looked out at the battlements where he could see soldiers walking them, patrolling the bay walls. It was a normal day in Folly's Harbor. Everyone was currently living a normal life. His gaze drifted up towards a cloudless sky. Something caught his attention up there. Two large "dots" flew lazily west. They were large pterosaurs, big enough to support a platform saddle. These were wild however. It was a pair of Quetzalcoatlus, or Quetz' for short. They were massive flying reptiles that were hard to domesticate because of their size. They were a common sight in the region due to the tall narrow mountains in the jungle biomes, where they nested and roosted. Martin watched them fly over the harbor and out of sight behind the cliff that overlooked the harbor. Soon, he would return to tending to his shop, waiting for the next customer. His thoughts rested on the new survivors that had just washed up. Statistically, he knew not all of them would make it. But he prayed that they'd adapt and not become so hostile. That first year is pretty much an "anything goes" kind of deal. It was survival of the fittest. He was glad those kinds of days were behind him for the moment. "Good luck to you all."