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Words: 3,837

Tony Stark loved his life. Most of the time. This was not one of those times. He'd tried his hardest to get out of tonight, but if Pepper was anything, it was persistent. At least she came with him, even if she'd left his side.

Being in a room full of rich snobs was the farthest thing from what Tony thought of as enjoyable. Admittedly, he was one of those rich snobs. Or he used to be. He liked to think that he's changed.

If he was being honest, he'd forgotten what this event was even for. All he knew is everyone wanted to talk to him and he was getting a headache.

Speaking of headaches, Tony thought with a sigh as he scanned for an easy escape. Too little too late. Nathan Tinnez. Aka, a rich snob. Tony had met him a few times before at events just like this one. He knew the first time he'd spoken to the man that he didn't like him.

"Ah, Stark," The taller man greeted with a wide smile and Tony returned with a tight-lipped one of his own. He'd been here too long to try any harder. "How are you?"

"Peachy." Tony answered and if the man caught the sarcasm in his voice he didn't say anything.

"Have you ever met my daughter?" For the first time since he spotted the younger man, Tony noticed the young girl at his side. Teenager. Looks to be around Peter's age, the billionaire thought, a real smile pulling at his lips at the thought of the kid.

"Can't say I have." Tony nodded to the girl who smiled back. She didn't want to be here anymore than he did, Tony noted with a smirk. Her father most likely dragged her along.

"I was hoping to catch you tonight, I wanted to speak with you about some things." You and everyone else here, Tony thought to himself. The fact that he didn't even introduce his daughter or give her a chance to speak and do it herself irritated him.

With a quick scan of the room, Tony found himself nodding when he didn't see a polite way to excuse himself. He didn't care about being polite but knew Pepper would be mad at him if she heard he was being rude and avoiding everyone.

As Nathan began talking about something Tony was far from interested in, the billionaire noticed the man's daughter sneaking away.

He's not sure why it annoyed him so much. It was obvious to him that the teenager would rather be anywhere but here. Her tight smile matched his own in a way that screamed 'get me out of here'.

Tony had no doubt that Mr. Tinnez brought his daughter to show her off. It made him sick to think about. People like that didn't care about anything other than money and things that would benefit themselves.

He remembered a time when something like that wouldn't have been a big deal to him. Sure he wouldn't have liked someone parading around their sixteen-year-old kid but it felt different now.

Peter was the reason. He knew it even if he wouldn't admit. The kids changed him for the better. And maybe he was getting soft in his old age.

What felt like many hours later, Tony was able to slip away from the man talking his ear off. He saw Pepper in the distance, looking as beautiful as ever. He put up with the man long enough, that had to be good for something.

"Please, can we leave." He wasn't begging, he wasn't. But if it came to it, he would. He really didn't want to be here.

"Tony, we've only been here an hour and a half." Pepper reminded her fiancé with a smile. At least he was trying.

"That's it!?" Tony whisper shouted at her, his eyes going wide. He could've sworn it was at least four hours.

"Yes," Pepper chuckled. "How about you take a break and go get something to drink."

Sighing, Tony nodded as Pepper kissed his cheek before disappearing into the crowd. Moving through the bodies blocking his way, Tony headed for the bar.

"I see you escaped my father. Congratulations, that's not an easy feat." A young voice said from beside him after he ordered a club soda. He was nine months sober, even a crappy party wasn't going to change that.

"Is that why you here and not anywhere else?" Tony asked the teenager, leaning his back against the bar.

"How do you know I don't want to be here?" She shot back, copying his position.

Snorting, Tony twist to the side to set his drink down. "You look like you five seconds away from murdering everyone in this room." He supplied simply.

"That's a little drastic, I was thinking the fire alarm would be easier. And less messy." The teen shrugged, not surprised or put off by his comment.

"I'll cause a distraction, you pull the alarm and we'll make a run for it." Tony was only joking but he wasn't above actually doing it.

"Sounds like a plan." The girl agreed before chuckling. "I thought people like you enjoyed these things."

"People like me?" Tony questioned, hoping his voice didn't betray how those words made him feel.

"I mean- I'm sorry," The girl shook her head. "Uh, just... I grew up around these people. They're all the same. Egotistical, money-hungry assholes."

Raising his brows, Tony glances away from the crowd and down at the girl, amused by her language. He couldn't have said it better himself.

"But I should know by now not to take the press seriously. You actually seem like a cool dude." She shrugged again, leaning back on her elbows.

"What's your name, kid?"

"Ada." She sighed, a vibrating sound following right after her voice. Her phone, Tony realized. It had been placed on the bar between them, the screen lit up with a notification.

He wasn't snooping. Or he hadn't meant to. He couldn't care less about the Instagram message the girl received, what caught his eye was her lock screen.

Smirking, Tony waited until she had placed her phone down once more before speaking. "Spider-Man, huh?"

"What?" Ada asked, seeming distracted by something. "Oh," She mumbled before Tony got the chance to say anything, realization dawning on her. "Uh, yeah, I guess."

"Not judging," Tony held his hands up in surrender. "He's a cool dude." Peter is to never know he said that.

"I sometimes forget you're an avenger."

"You and me both." Tony mumbled to himself, wincing as he took a sip of his drink. He hated club soda. "That's interesting though." He commented, tapping her screen to once again show the artwork of Spider-Man. "You do that?"

"Yeah, I dabble." Ada nodded, turning to face the bar and look down at her phone.

"It's good." Tony complimented with a shrug.

"At least someone thinks so." He wasn't sure if he was supposed to hear her words but they piqued his curiosity.

"Daddy dearest not a fan?" He guessed.

"Yeah, well, art isn't good enough to live up to the family name." Ada said with false cheeriness and Tony suspected she was repeating her father's words. "It's whatever."

"He can't control you forever." Tony told her and Ada met his eyes, offering a small smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"That fire alarm is sounding really good right about now." The teen said with a tired sigh.

"Tell me about it." Tony mumbled.

"Tony," He didn't jump, he didn't, anyone who says otherwise has had too much to drink. And when did Pepper get so sneaky? And in those shoes? "I promise we'll leave soon, maybe try talking to a few more people."

"I am talking to people," Tony told her while gesturing behind him to Ada. "Pepper, meet people. Or more commonly known as Ada."

"Is he bothering you?" Pepper asked the young girl, ignoring Tony's offended face.

"No," Ada chuckled and shook her head. "He's actually been good company."

"At least someone here thinks so." Pepper said, throwing Tony one of her looks. "Oh, there's Mrs. Salivio." Pepper mumbled to herself when she spotted to older women across the room, leaving the billionaire and teen by themselves once again.

"Say that five times fast." Tony said, earning an amused snort from the teen as she nodded. "So about that fire alarm."

"I think we'd both get in more trouble than it's worth." Ada grumbled in disappointment, her eyes staring straight ahead.

"You're probably right," Tony agreed. "This sucks." He sounded like a child and he knew it but couldn't bring himself to care.

"Right? I could be listening to my music volumes louder than safe and reading some murder mystery book." Ada rambled. "I'd even settle for a cheesy romance novel, anything's better than this."

Casting his eyes in her direction, Tony observed the teens profile. He felt bad, she didn't want to be here anymore than he did. Probably even less actually. She shouldn't be here, he found himself thinking. There was nothing wrong with it, other than the fact that she obviously hated it.

Tony Stark was known for many things. Nowadays Iron Man was at the top of that list. And it was a long list. Over the years things have shifted around, his wild past may be behind him but was not forgotten by anyone who knew his name. He was a genius but that didn't mean every decision he made was smart. That something that hasn't changed.

Waiting for the confirmation text, Tony doesn't bother to think of any possible consequences that may come from this. What's the worst that could happen? The billionaire only shrugged off the question, his eyes shifting away from his phone to the teenager next to him. It pained him to see how much she truly didn't want to be here. And sure, it was just one event, she'd be leaving in a few hours to return home. But to what? Repeat this same process multiple times a week for years to come? All because her father says so.

"Hey, kid." He mumbled loud enough to get her attention. "You know how to get to the roof?"

"What?" She asked with a confused chuckle, her brows furrowing.

"The roof." Tony said as if that would actually clear things up for the girl.

"Um, yeah, I know how to get to the roof." Ada admitted, still regarding the man with suspicious eyes. "Can I ask why?"

"Well, if you're interested, I have a tip that a certain red and blue spider might be swinging by." He stated casually, feeling his lips turn up when he saw realization pass over Ada's face.

"Wait..." The girl trailed off, not allowing herself to get excited yet. "Like?" She questioned, her eyes flicking down to her phone where a picture of Spider-Man lit up her screen.

"The one and only." Tony smiled with a small nod, feeling better about the whole night as he watched Ada try to grasp the situation. Wonder if it was even happening. She couldn't hide the spark of excitement in her bright eyes though. "But if you'd rather stay dow-"

"No!" The teen quickly cut him off, looking around when her voice came out louder than intended. "No, I mean, really?"

"Really, kid." Tony chuckled. "He's on his way. I'll cover for you." He told her sincerely, nodding to where he knew the elevators were located.

"Uh, O-okay, is-okay." Ada stumbled over her words, unsure of how to act. Was she really about to meet freaking Spider-Man? She thought to herself. "Thank you."

"Don't sweat it, kid." Tony waved her off. "Now, run along."

Huffing a laugh, Ada calmly walked away as to not draw attention to herself, trying not to let her smile become too big. She couldn't put how she was feeling into words. When Tony asked about Spider-Man earlier, she may have downplayed how big of a fan she was. Although the teen suspected he knew that. It wasn't creepy though, she admired the hero and thought he was awesome.

Entering the elevator, Ada pushed the last floor there was. She'd have to take the stairs the rest of the way but it wasn't a problem. The teen shifted on her feet, nerves and excitement mixing together and shooting through her stomach. She thought for a fleeting moment that this wasn't happening. Maybe Stark was just messing with her, but he wouldn't do that. Right?

Guess she was about to find out. Exiting the metal box, Ada moved to where she knew the stairs to be. Pushing the door open, the teen didn't even wonder why they always made those so heavy as she climbed the steps. She hesitated at the exit for a moment, smoothed a self-conscious hand over her hair before pushing into the cold night air.

It wasn't quiet. The city noise echoed off the buildings until it reached the teen's ears. But it was peaceful. Much better than it was inside. So much so that Ada found herself walking to the ledge, her eyes scanning the beautiful city being lit up by other buildings, street lights, headlights.

Resting her hands on the ledge, Ada leaned forward as a quiet figure dropped down behind her. He stood there for a moment, eyes taking in the girl before moving to their surroundings. He knew no one else was up here, now just to get her attention. With no better plan, Peter cleared his throat softly.

Jumping at the sudden noise, Ada spun around with a hand over her heart, wide eyes landing on the red and blue hero. "I'm so sorry." Spider-Man rushed to apologize, mentally cursing himself for scaring the girl.

"It's okay." Ada smiled, lowering her hand as her heart calmed down. It was still beating fast, but can you blame her? Spider-Man was standing right there. Like ten feet away. "Uh, hi." Cringing at her awkwardness, Ada kept her back to the ledge as she watched the hero. Avenger?

"Hi." Peter breathed back a greeting, lifting his hand in a wave. "I hear the party's a bust." He commented casually, taking careful steps towards her.

"No more than normal." Ada shrugged, watching him as he made his way next to her, leaning on the ledge like her. "I've never liked these things."

"I'm sorry."

"Not your fault." She smiled up at him. "I am sorry though, I didn't mean for Mr. Stark to take you away from the criminals who are no doubt missing your company."

"Slow night." It was Peter's turn to shrug, his gloved hands resting on the concrete slab behind him. "I didn't get your name."

"Ada." She mumbled, her eyes looking up into the white lenses of his mask. "And yours?" The teen wasn't sure, but she thought the mask shifted as the hero opened his mouth before pausing to look down at her. "Had to try." She chuckled.

"Almost had me." Peter laughed as well, spinning on his feet to look out at the city.

Following his motions, Ada couldn't help but think about how young he sounded. Maybe he just had a soft voice but the teen imagined he wasn't much older than her.

"I bet you're used to views likes this." The teen commented, proud of herself for keeping her inner fangirl from breaking out.

"Yeah, I'll never get tired of it though." Peter sighed, his eyes roaming over the city he loved so much. He'd been out, idly patrolling around the edge of Queens when Mr. Stark had texted him. The man didn't offer much information, just an address and a quickly typed message about someone he should meet. The billionaire may have mentioned the young girl was a fan as well.

"What's it like? Swinging around like you do." Ada asked softly, her eyes moving from the picturesque scene in front of her and over to him. She felt envy towards the freedom he had. The teen often thought herself as selfish for being unhappy in her life. Her father was a wealthy man and even if he could be strict and uncompromising among other things. He'd never treated her badly. Harshly maybe, but he was a man set in his ways.

"Like flying." Spider-Man answered and Ada didn't have to see his face to know he was smiling. "There's no other way to describe it, it feels like freedom."

"Sounds nice." A wistful smile graced the teen's lips as she once again looked out at the scene in front of her. There was an underlying feeling of sadness building inside her and it confused the girl. How could she be sad when Spider-Freaking-Man was standing two feet to her right?

Maybe it was the look in her eyes, the way her small smile turned into an even smaller frown that held so much sadness. She had a pretty smile, Peter would rather see it than her frown. Maybe that's why he offered. "I could show you."

Looking over in surprise, Ada's eyes shifted from the masked face in front of her to the hand he was holding out to her. It took longer than it should've to realize what he meant and when she did, the teen gave a disbelieving laugh.

But as fast as it came, it disappeared. "You have no idea how badly I want to say yes to that, but I can't." Both teen's shoulders deflated at her words and Ada offered an apologetic smile. "If my father doesn't see me soon, he'll probably send a search party. Also, I'm wearing a dress, doesn't seem like proper swinging attire."

"Another time then." Peter found himself saying, smiling even if the girl couldn't see.

"Another time." She nodded with a huffed laugh and a small smile. As much as she liked to dream, the teen didn't think she'd ever see the red and blue hero again. But she'd take what she could get.

When a vibrating noise cut between them, Ada looked down at her phone and frowned, feeling her heart drop and her stomach become heavy. "Speaking of my father..." She trailed off, holding up her phone that held a message from the man. "Thanks, for uh, for coming. You made my night. Week actually."

"It's no problem." Peter shrugged, standing straight as Ada did the same. He felt disappointed that she had to leave, the night had been boring until he'd got here. Even if they hadn't talked much, it was nice. Just talking about nothing, taking in the beautiful view, no one holding any expectations.

"Thanks anyway, it means a lot." The fleeting thought of asking for a picture passed through the teen's mind and she immediately dismissed it. She hated herself for it. It felt rude and insensitive, the guy was just trying to go about his night. And she didn't have anyone she cared to show anyway. Knowing she'd met him was enough. "I'd love to stay but he'll make me stay longer if I'm not with him."

"He sounds like a douche." Peter blurted out, cringing as soon as he did. "Sorry." He was sorry but he still meant his words. The dude sounded like a piece of work. Mr. Stark may have used a bit more colorful language to shortly describe the man to Peter earlier, but she didn't need to know that.

"Don't be, you are correct. And don't get me wrong, he's my father and I love him but..." Ada trailed off with a shake of her head and pursed lips. "Anyway, it was amazing to meet you."

"Y-yeah, you too." Peter stutter slightly. Even with the mask and the confidence it gave him, the teen still got flustered sometimes. And a beautiful girl saying it was amazing to meet him was definitely flustering.

Chuckling as Spider-Man scratched the back of his neck, Ada slowly inched back to the door. Despite her disappointment at having to leave, there was a smile on her lips as she watched him.

"Hey, I was serious about another time." Peter called after her. "I will take you swinging around the city."

"Oh yeah, how? You don't even know my last name." Ada laughed, pausing her steps. She pushed down the excitement she felt at the possibility of what he was saying. The gesture was appreciated but the teen wouldn't get her hopes up.

"I'm a superhero, I'll find you." Peter shrugged, throwing his arms out to the side.

"Yeah, that's not creepy at all." Ada said with a sarcastic tone, laughing again when he only shook his head.

The saying 'never meet your heroes' sprang to her mind and the girl thought she'd never heard something so untrue. Sure, sometimes people aren't who you thought they were. Sometimes they don't live up to expectations. But maybe we shouldn't hold people to those expectations. Shouldn't project onto them what we want them to be, need them to be.

And people lie, pretend to be someone they're not. Whether it's because that's how they want to be seen or because that's what the world is telling them they have to be. We shouldn't hold people to be someone they're not, but accept them for who they are.

"Goodnight, Spider-Man." The teen says softly, smiling as she waved.

"Goodnight, Ada." Peter said just as softly, watching as the girl walked backwards until she reached the door. She spun around to open it, swinging the grey object out and stepping inside.

The heat of the building warmed Ada's skin as she entered but the cold was still present on her back. Hand still holding the door open, the teenager turned back to Spider-Man, smiled and waved one last time.

Descending the stairs, Ada climbed back into the, thankfully empty, elevator and pushed the floor number that held the party. She clasped her hands in front of her, eyes glued to the doors, smile glued to her lips.

It didn't take long for her father to find her once she reentered the crowd of people. The older, yet still young man placed a hand on his daughter's arm as he looked down at her. "Where have you been?"

"Mingling." Ada smiled up at him, giving him an innocent look she hoped he'd buy. "Is something wrong?"

"No, just," Nathan sighed, his eyes sweeping over the people around them. "Stay by my side."

"Yes, sir." The teen muttered to herself as her father turned away, already trying to track someone else down to speak with. Across the room, Ada met Tony's eyes and smiled a more genuine smile at the man, tipping her head towards him in thanks.

Returning the gesture, the billionaire turned away as the teenager did, greeting Pepper when she approached. It wasn't much, he knew, but he felt a little better.

And somewhere deep in the heart of New York, a teenage hero planned to keep his promise.