WARNING! This is a sequel to 'Percy's Goin' to Piggypimples' so it you haven't read it...what are you doing with your life GO AND READ IT!!!!

Anyway, here's the first chapter of book two of the Piggypimples series.

Harry Potter was a boy who had faced fear, danger and death, he had faced the darkest wizard in all wizarding history, and many considered him to be a legend, the embodiment of courage.

However, Harry Potter was unable to face his two best friends.

Well, mostly because he was angry at them, leaving him alone at the Dursley's, without communicating, although a tiny, rational part of his brain told him that it wasn't their fault: they had been ordered by Dumbledore not to tell Harry anything.

However, Harry was likely to forgive Ron very soon, but it would take a little longer for Hermione to achieve his forgiveness, given what had happened last year at Hogwarts.

Lord Percy's flashback:

The moment Ron and Hermione entered the Great Hall, Harry rushed up to them.

"It's Percy!" He cried, almost sobbing in happiness, "He's alive! I saw him!"

Ron, as expected, looked slightly happy, but mostly unsure of what to do, given that he didn't know Percy at all.

Hermione, to Harry's surprise, however, instead of looking cheerful, looked sceptical.

"Harry, are you sure?" She asked, "When did you see him?"

"Five o'clock this morning," Replied Harry, frowning.

"And did you get any sleep before that?" She continued.

"No..." Said Harry, getting a suspicion at what she was getting at.

"Well, Harry, how can I say...you were tired, and filled with guilt about Percy's death~"

"Oh!" Yelled Harry, feeling indignant, "You think I'm deluded? You think I don't know what I saw?" A wave of anger suddenly hit him, "Do you want him to be dead?! Is that it Hermione!?"

Ron was looking at this scene with wide eyes, as were the other students nearby, knowing that he should not intefere.

"No!" Cried Hermione, looking horrorstruck, "That's not it at all! It's just, you saw him get hit~"

"I'm going to get some sleep," Growled Harry, stalking past her, ignoring her pleas for him to come back.

Lord Percy's flashback over.

Harry scowled at the memory, he knew what he had seen, yet Hermione adamantly refused to believe him.

So Harry was sitting in his gloomy room at Grimauld Place, trying to do his holiday homework, whilst the others were cleaning downstairs.

Suddenly, he heard a loud crack! and felt something land on his desk, spilling in everywhere.

"Sorry about that," Said George Weasley, grinning madly.

His brother, Fred, flicked his wand, and then ink returned to the holder, no sign that it had been spilt at all.

"What're you doing here?" Asked Harry dejectedly.

"Well," started George, "As you're our brother's best mate,"

"We thought," continued Fred, "That you could do,"

"With some cheering up," finished George.

"Shouldn't you be cleaning?" Asked Harry, not feeling at all happier.

"There's an Order meeting going on," Said Fred ecstatically, and George held up some sort of flesh-coloured object, "Fancy listening in?"

Lord Percy's very quick time skip.

"We need someone to be in Hogwarts to protect Harry, we can't have a repeat of last year," Came Mad-Eye Moody's voice, which, Fred, George, and Harry heard through the extendable ears, which were dangling right outside the door.

"Well, I doubt a mass murderer would make a good undercover agent, what about you Moony? You could become the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher again," Came the familiar voice of Sirius Black, Harry's godfather.

"Now that they know I'm a werewolf, I doubt they'd trust me following Harry Potter around," Came the dry voice of Remus Lupin, a friend of Harry's.

"No, no, no, what we really need," Came Moody's growl, "Is a student, someone capable enough to defend Potter, yet also befriend him, to avoid suspicion, unfortunately, all the students are too young and inexperienced to do that."

Suddenly, a deep, familiar voice, that Harry didn't think he'd ever hear again, piped up, "What about me?"

Harry stood stock still, along with Fred and George, too shocked to move, he assumed that the Order members felt the same way, as there wasn't a sound to be heard from the extendable ears.

Finally, Harry heard Dumbledore, sounding more surprised than Harry had ever heard him, splutter, "P-Perseus?"

"Albus, as I've said before, it's just Percy."

That, more than anything, snapped Harry out of his shock, and he barrelled down to the kitchen, flinging open the door, and ignoring the surprised cries from the Order members.

His eyes landed on a certain muscular, handsome boy, "Percy?" He asked, barely believing it was true.

The boy smiled, his eyes, as always, shining with mirth, and his face, as always, in a huge grin, "Hey Harry."


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