Chapter 1


The bright yellow-orange glow of the rising sun spread over the horizon above the town. Adora opened the door to her home,walked out and closed the door as she walked towards her town's market as she had to pick up a few things at the workshop for her friend's invention.

She crossed the bridge of her home to the market. There were many people at the market,ordering from the baker,getting books from the library or simply relaxing near the water fountain in the middle of town and chatting with friends. Adora greeted many of the people as she walked to the workshop. "Morning Adora!"a voice yelled to her. Adora turned in the direction of the voice and saw Perfuma,owner of the flower shop and one of her friends,waving to her. "Morning Perfuma!"she called,waving back.

She had made friends over the years she had lived here and it made things easier for her. Finally,she made it to the workshop. She opened the door and called out,"Hello?" Seconds after a small,thin,long purple haired woman appeared from further within the workshop wearing some sort of goggles that Adora guessed she had invented. She saw Adora standing before the door and smiled.

"Good morning Adora!"she said as she walked over Adora and gave her a hug. "Good morning to you too Entrapta."Adora replied. "I see you made another invention?" "Yeah. I made these new goggles yesterday to enhance my vision so now I can see small things and put them together when I'm building something."Entrapta said excitedly with such an expression of joy,like a child getting its favourite thing,that made Adora laugh.

"I'm taking it then that you're competing in the science fair."Adora said. "You better believe it,"Entrapta said. "I'm gonna take a guess and say that Bow's competing as well?" "Yeah. He seems super confident in his invention this year too. He also says good luck with your invention."Adora said. "If that's the case,he might be my biggest competition yet."Entrapta said with a small chuckle. "Well tell him I said good luck too." "Will do."Adora replied. "Anyway,I assume you didn't come here just to chat with me so what so what would you like to get?"Entrapta said,getting to the point. "I need one screwdriver,a wrench and a pack of nails."Adora listed.

"Coming right up."Entrapta said walking further into the workshop and getting the things Adora had listed. Moments later,she appeared with a small bag in her hands. "Alright,here are all the things you requested."Entrapta said. "Thank you. How much will that be?"Adora asked as she took the bag from Entrapta and went to get her coins. "No need to pay Adora. They're on me."Entrapta said. "Oh no I can't just take these."Adora protested. "Nonsense,"Entrapta told her. "You can take them because I said you can. Consider them as a good show of sportsmanship."she added.

"But-" "No buts Adora."Entrapta said. "After all,you wouldn't refuse a gift from a friend of yours?" Adora looked at the things in her bag,conflicted. She didn't want to seem disrespectful and refuse them but at the same time she didn't want to take something without paying for it like she was getting special treatment.

She must've looked conflicted because Entrapta placed her hand lightly on hers and looked at her. "You have a big heart,you know that Adora."she said. "Huh?"Adora asked wondering where she was going with that. "Most people would jump at the chance to get something free. You,however,feel guilty about taking something for free. Even though I insisted."Entrapta said. Adora looked down to the ground in embarrassment. "I-I don't know about that."she stuttered modestly.

Entrapta chuckled while shaking her head. "Well look,if you don't feel comfortable with taking them for free then when I need help with making a new invention I'll call on you for assistance. Deal?"she said. "Deal."Adora agreed. "Alright,now that that's out of the way,I have to go do some finishing touches on my invention. Tell Bow I wish him luck!"Entrapta said.

"Sure thing and good luck at the science fair!"Adora said before she turned and walked out of the workshop. She hummed a song to herself as she walked back to her home and making it halfway through the market when yells and shouts suddenly erupted. Startled from her peace and quiet she looked around,looking for the commotion and quickly found it. There was a hoard of people crowded near the entrance of the town,yelling and shouting out.

What on earth is going on over there she thought.

Her curiosity got the best of her as she walked over to the crowd of people the closer she got to the crowd,the more she heard the yelling and shouting. "Marry me!"someone shouted. "Lady please,he's going to marry me."someone else replied. "Oh are you trying to catch these hands?"someone else yelled out.

Adora looked at the crowd of yelling people with pure confusion on her face. This has to be a dream she told herself.

Really curious to see what was causing all the commotion,she pushed her way through the jumbled,packed crowd having to say "Excuse me," or utter countless apologies for stepping on someone's foot. After seconds of pushing through the crowd and apologizing,she managed to finally get to the front of the crowd of people and see the cause of the commotion.

When she saw what was causing the commotion,she nearly got her eyes stuck in her head from rolling them too far back.

The cause of the wild commotion was Hordak.

I should've known it was him that was the cause of this since everyone here is swooning girls Adora thought. Hordak was one of the best hunters in their town,if not the best. In fact,he was so good that most people often referred to him as the beast king. Due to the amount of girls that swooned over him and the godly praises he got of being the town's beast king,Hordak had an obnoxiously massive ego,proud,greedy and was basically an uncultured pig.

She could see why practically all the girls in the town wanted to marry him as he was a tall and muscular man with dark blue hair combed back and striking icy blue eyes. "Haha please ladies you are much too kind. I wish I could marry you all but unfortunately I can only have one of you."Hordak said with feigned sadness in his voice.

That statement alone should be a red flag to everyone Adora thought to herself. As Hordak waved to the squealing girls his gaze soon landed on Adora. He simply stared at her for a split second before a smile broke on his face.

Oh god no she thought.

She considered turning around and squeezing her way back into the crowd but,unfortunately,couldn't do that as Hordak walked over to her. "Adora. It has been forever since I have seen you in town."he said. He placed his arm over her shoulder and stirred her away from the protection of the crowd. Adora heard the girls stop their squealing and could feel their angry glares on her back at the fact thatHordak was paying attention to her.

"I just needed to get something from Entrapta's workshop."Adora said,shrugging off his arm from over her and taking a step back. Hordak narrowed his eyes,seemingly seeing the withdrawal from her,then his face switched back to a smile. "What a shame. Perhaps next time when you are in town you can join me in a little hunting party?"he asked,his voice dripping with something very close to malice.

Adora shivered.

The sight of Hordak alone was enough to give her goosebumps but hearing him talk in that tone was enough to make her want to rip off her own skin. "I wish I could but hunting really isn't my thing."Adora said,backing away from him. The crowd parted for her as she walked through them,she heard snips of their muttering,"Who would ever refuse Hordak?" "She is a very odd person." "What is wrong with her?"

She blocked out their comments while continuing to walk through them. "Well apparently the orphan doesn't realise what an honor it is to be with the mighty beast king. She'll never truly belong here."Hordak's voice shouted across the town square.

Adora stopped dead in her tracks,his words cutting her like a knife.

She heard many of the girls snicker at Hordak's comment and their laughter only added salt to the wound. Hands clenched into fists,she slowly turned around to look at Hordak who was looking at her with a smirk of his face. "I would rather be an orphan than be an arrogant,self-centered,prick like you!"she exclaimed.

All the girls in the crowd simultaneously gasped in horror and the smirk of Hordak's face instantly was replaced by pure rage.

Adora lifted her higher and glared at him at a few seconds longer before turning away and walking off. She walked out of the town and crossed the bridge connecting the town to her foster mother's home. The orphan doesn't realise what an honor it means to be with the mighty beast king. She'll never truly belong here. Hordak's words rang in her head as loud and clear as a bell.

She tried to push them out of her head but they insisted on staying. She walked onto the stairs of her foster mother's home and knocked rather forcefully on the door,as if taking all her anger and frustration out on it.

The door opened seconds afterward to reveal her foster mother,Angella.

She was a tall and slender woman with long pink-purplish hair,pale fair skin and amethyst colored eyes. She was wearing a long pink dress with purple leggings and boots. She smiled as she saw Adora standing in front of the door. "Adora come on in."she said,her voice firm like iron yet soft like silk. Adora nodded and walked inside the house sighing in relief at being within the place that kept her safe. The house was spacious enough for a home and had a warm and cozy feeling to it. "Glimmer,Bow Adora is back!"Angella called out. "Adora!"a shrill voice called out.

She heard the running footsteps above her before Bow and Glimmer,her foster sister and friend,ran down the stairs,bulldozing into her and trapping her a bear hug. "Wow,geez I only left for like a few minutes guys."Adora said teasingly. Glimmer was small and stocky with messy pink hair,pale skin,brown eyes and long eyelashes. She wore a light purple tunic with matching purple boots. Bow was tall,dark skinned,broad-shouldered,muscular with black afro like hairstyle and dark brown eyes. He wore a white sleeveless tank top with blue pants strapped with a brown belt and white boots.

Both of them pulled away from her,chuckling.

"Yeah but you're the only person who doesn't drive me crazy."Glimmer said while throwing a pointed look at Bow. "I did not drive you crazy."he replied indignantly.

Glimmer rolled her eyes. Adora chuckled.

"Well I got the parts you needed for your invention Bow."she said as she extended the bag towards him. It would have been an understatement if Adora were to say that Bow's eyes lit up like a lightbulb. He let out a high-pitched squeal and wrapped his arms around her in another bear hug. "Thanks Adora,you're the best!"he exclaimed happily. "It was nothing,"Adora said. "Now come on,let's finish your invention." "And try not to nearly blow it up again Bow."Angella said. He nodded while taking the bag and they all went outside the house and walked to the trapdoor in the front of their house which lead to the basement or,as they jokingly called it,Bow's workshop.

They dropped down into the basement and Bow instantly ran over to his invention and began adding his finishing touches. "Do you think you'll win this year Bow?"Glimmer asked him excitedly. "I do. In fact,this invention will be the start of a new life."Bow said as he screwed in several screws in place. "Well,when you become famous just remember that we always believed in you."Glimmer said with mock sternness. "Trust me,I won't forget you guys."Bow said,softly yet firmly. "We know that Bow."Adora replied.

They fell into a comfortable silence as Bow tickered with his invention. Despite the comfortable and relaxing atmosphere,the words of the crowd and Hordak rang in her head. She wanted nothing more than to rip those words from within her head and toss them far away from her but unfortunately she couldn't and just tried her best to ignore them.

Minutes afterward,Bow got up from his crouching position and stretched his body. "Alright,it's all finished. Glimmer and Adora,I now present to you: the LumberJack!"he announced proudly. "Finally!"Glimmer exclaimed. "Now let's test it out!" "Already ahead of you Glimmer."Bow stated then turned to Adora. "Adora,could you please get me that log holder and one of the logs from the pile?" "Sure thing."Adora replied.

She walked over to the log pile for their fireplace and tucked one log underneath her arm then walked over to the log holder,grabbed it in her other hand then went over to Bow. Adora knew she was a strong and muscular person as it was one of the many things that made her stand out with the girls and women in the town and made them consider her odd.

"Where do I put them?"she asked him. "Put them in front of the axe part of the LumberJack."Bow said. She nodded then placed the log holder before the axe and put the log on top the log holder. Once she placed them,she moved away from the invention. "Alright,now everyone stand back."Bow warned them. They obeyed immediately and took a few steps away from the LumberJack.

"Now behold the LumberJack and be amazed." With that,Bow pulled the lever of the invention. The LumberJack began making a whirring noise then steam came out from the sides. As the steam came out,one of the things connecting the axe soon began to move around in a circle before the axe made a downward arc and began chopping the log in front of it until the log broke into two parts. Bow pushed the lever back into place and the axe instantly stopped.

" works!"Bow exclaimed. "It actually works!" "Of course it would work Bow. You are the inventor after all."Adora said. "You're going to be famous Bow!"Glimmer squealed. Bow grabbed Glimmer and her hands and shuffled to the side in a circle while the two of them joined him,laughing.

He then abruptly stopped causing Glimmer to bump into him and Adora to bump into her. "Geez Bow if you're going to stop our celebratory dance then at least warn us."Glimmer said. "I have to go get the horse ready to go to the fair!"Bow exclaimed.

He let go of their hands while running over to his invention. "I'll go get the horse ready."Adora said,wanting to help Bow get ready. "Thanks Adora,"Bow replied gratefully. "Glimmer help me get this out of the basement." Adora walked out of the basement and headed over to the back of the house where the animals were locked in the pen. She unlocked the pen,swung the gate open and walked inside. "Swift Wind?"she called out.

Almost on cue a horse neighed loudly and trotted over towards her while his maple colored mane flowed in the wind. "Hey Swift Wind."Adora greeted softly. She reached out and petted his muzzle softly,his white skin soft and prickly to the touch.

Though he had been Angella's horse from when she was younger,she had given him to her since apparently Glimmer wasn't a fan of horses. His name had been Horsey,as Angella embarrassingly admitted,so Adora had changed it to Swift Wind as part of his amazing speed. Despite him being her horse she still allowed Glimmer or Bow use him whenever they needed to.

She walked over to the animal equipment and took the horse reins and saddle then walked back over to Swift Wind. "You have quite the walk to go buddy,"Adora told him while placing the saddle on his back. "So I hope you rested well." Once she had securely fastened the saddle,she proceeded to place the reins on him with slight difficulty. After the reins were placed,Adora moved before Swift Wind and gently placed her head against his muzzle. "Make sure to keep Bow safe,ok?"she told him. He neighed softly,as if he could understand.

She sighed content then took the reins and guided Swift Wind out the pen and,to her surprise,saw Entrapta on a horse in front of their house. "Entrapta?"she said. Entrapta turned her head over to Adora and waved to her. "Hello again Adora!"she called. "Not that I'm not happy to see you but why are you here?"Adora asked. "Well since you had told me previously that Bow was going to the science fair as well the obvious scientific solution would be to go with him."Entrapta replied as though it were obvious.

"Um...I guess that makes sense."Adora said,still confused. "Adora! We need your help!"Bow's voice shouted. "Coming!"she called as she left Swift Wind and jogged over to the basement. She looked inside to see Bow waiting beside his invention.

"What do you need help with Bow?"she asked. "I need you to help me lift the LumberJack from here to the cart that Glimmer should be setting up outside."Bow said. She nodded then placed her hands underneath his invention and waited for Bow to do the same.

"Ready?"she asked him. "Ready."he replied. They simultaneously lifted the LumberJack from the ground and carefully,slowly they walked back up the stairs until both of them were out of the basement. "Glimmer,where's the cart?"Bow called out. "It's behind you."she replied. Adora maneuvered herself as did Bow so they were sideways to the cart then,with one last heave of strength,placed the LumberJack in the cart. "I'll hook it up to Swift Wind."Glimmer said while pulling the cart towards Swift Wind.

"Alright….that's it."Bow panted. "Out of breath from a little lifting,Bow?"Adora teased. "Not everyone can be as strong as you Adora."Bow replied with a smile. "Hello Bow!"Entrapta called. "Entrapta? What are you doing here?"Bow asked. "As I just told Adora,since you're going to the science fair as well then the obvious scientific solution would be to go with you."Entrapta replied. "That's great! We can chat and catch up on the way."Bow said happily.

"Alright the cart's hooked up."Glimmer told him. Bow nodded. "Bow!"a voice called. Everyone looked to see Angella coming out of the house. She walked over to them and greeted Entrapta before looking at Bow. "I wish you good luck in the science fair Bow. As I know you'll win first place."she told him softly with a warm smile on her face as she grabbed his hand in hers.

Bow smiled,happiness brimming in his eyes. "Thank you Angella."he said then looked at Glimmer and Adora. "Thanks you guys for helping me with my invention." "No problem. You're our friend Bow and that's what friends are for."Adora told him. "Yeah. And we'll always be by your side to help you with anything."Glimmer said firmly.

Bow grinned ear from ear and his eyes shone as tears welled in his eyes. "Aw come here Bow."Adora said and pulled him and Glimmer into a bone-crushing hug. "Best friend squad!"Bow cried happily. Soon they pulled away and Bow got onto Swift Wind then turned to Entrapta. "Well Entrapta,let us go make history!"he said.

Entrapta nodded and they put their horses into a steady trot as Glimmer,Angella and Adora waved them goodbye and watched them leave until they were just tiny specks in the distance.