Generator Rex and Young Justice Challenge!

You know, Generator Rex was one of my favorite shows, while Young Justice was one grew to like and most of the fandoms, I've read are pretty good so I decided why not get somebody to do this?

First, Rules

1. Its not Rex, must be an OC (Can be either from the Young Justice world or the 'Real World')

2. Two, you may use some, not all, Villains from Generator Rex if you like.

3. The OC must not be aware of the events of Young Justice.

4. When it comes to making new builds, you can make two or three, but it must be spread out across the story.

5. I hate that I have to say this, but Let the OC be a male Please! And Yes, Parings.

Ok, that about covers it, so I hate to steal things but if you want to take on this challenge, PM me…

Would You Kindly?

But Seriously, PM me.