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Chapter 1

Swish Swish Swish!

At this moment three young shinobi fell from the sky and expertly landed on a train currently running on the outskirts of Konohagakure. One shinobi had bright and spiky yellow hair and light blue eyes. He had a black jacket and black athletic pants on and whisker like birthmark patterns on his cheeks. He was exactly Uzumaki Boruto. The one and only son of the current 7th Hokage Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuga Hinata.

The second shinobi had a green jacket and blue pants on with semi-long black hair tied up above his head. The son of Nara Shikamaru and Temari, Nara Shikadai.

As for the last shinobi he had short messy brown hair and purple eyes. He wore a white t-shirt with an auburn colored jacket and black pants as well as a necklace that had a small ornament of a Flying Thunder God kunai on it. His name was Karasuma Hiroshi. The son of the 6th Hokage Karasuma Izaya and Hyuga clan head Hyuga Hanabi.

The three of them sat down on the train as it continued traveling around the outskirts of the village. They had rushed out early in the morning to get one of the new limited edition green chili hamburgers. Boruto looked down at his lunch and shouted excitedly, "Alright! Made it just in time! The new limited edition green chili hamburger!"

Shikadai just let out a sigh as he remarked, "Why did I have to come also?"

Hiroshi plopped down next to them and commented, "Is it even going to taste good?"

Boruto smiled at his cousin's comment and replied, "Heh! Burgers are the best! It's a limited edition so it's gotta be good!"

Despite all the hype they still stared a bit doubtful at the burgers in their hands before all three of them took a bite. Not a second had passed before all three of them coughed aloud and quickly took a sip of the drink in their hands.

"Spicy!" Boruto remarked.

"You can say that again!" Hiroshi agreed.

The three of them sat in comfortable silence as they relished the feel of the wind on their skin as the train took them around the village. The large stone faces of all seven Hokage's could be seen in the distance. As Boruto took in the sight before him he remarked, "This train sure is convenient. It's nice not having to walk and run everywhere."

Shikadai quickly chimed in, "Well, Konoha is getting more and more modern. Don't forget that we have to attend the academy tomorrow."

Boruto widened his eyes in surprise as he forgot. "Oh? You're right! It is tomorrow huh?"

Hiroshi nodded. "Right. Did you guys choose to continue your shinobi training? Or did you guys choose to do something else?"

Boruto just let out a sigh. "Haaa…"

He stared at the Hokage stone faces. Particularly at the 6th and the 7th.

"Hey. Hiroshi. Your dad was the 6th Hokage. How often do you see uncle Izaya anyways?"

Hiroshi gave a thoughtful look before replying, "Mnnnnnn...Well, dad is away on missions a lot. Mom says that dad abdicated his position as the 6th Hokage for uncle Naruto because there were things that only dad could do which required his attention outside of the village. Honestly I don't really understand, but dad tries to come back home as often as he can. Sometimes he comes back every month for a few days. Other times he stays for a few weeks. It's rare but there are times when he's home for a few months at a time."

Boruto frowned. "Aren't you frustrated or mad that he's gone so much? What about your mom? Doesn't she feel lonely or sad? Or what about your sister Iraia? What does she think?"

Hiroshi just tilted his head to the side as he gave it some serious thought. "Hmmm...I mean it would be nice to have dad around more. Mom always looks happiest when dad comes home. And dad always looks happiest when he's with mom. Every time dad comes home he always tells us how much he loves her. And every time he leaves I can tell how sad he is. I can't say that I'm really frustrated or mad that dad is gone so much. Every time he comes home he smothers Iraia and I, telling us how much he loves us. It gets a little embarrassing at times. So what I'm trying to say is that I guess I'm okay with our family's current dynamic. After all, even though dad is gone a lot he taught me all of the skills I know. As for what Iraia thinks, I can't really speak for her."

Boruto let everything Hiroshi said sink in before Shikadai interjected, "So? Boruto did you choose to continue your shinobi training?"

Boruto shrugged and replied, "What do you mean? Are we supposed to choose or something?"

Shikadai and Hiroshi simply stared at each other in disbelief from what they just heard Boruto say. Boruto took note of their strange expression so he asked, "What? Did I say something weird?"

Shikadai face-palmed as he replied, "Boruto, don't tell me that after all this time you don't even know how the academy system works?"

Boruto laughed awkwardly and awkwardly scratched the side of his cheeks. "Haha...Well, you know I've always been more of a go with the flow kind of guy."

Shikadai just let out a loud sigh before saying, "Boruto. Listen. I'm only going to explain once okay. We've been attending the academy since we were 5 years old. I'm really surprised you don't know how the system works. Enrollment into the academy begins at 5. For the first 3 years all students learn the basic subjects such as Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and History. During the 3rd year attending the academy, that is when we're introduced to the ways of shinobi. Everyone learns about the ways of shinobi and learn basic self defense and basic knowledge essential for Ninja's for the next 2 years. We just completed that course. So tomorrow is when we can choose to either continue our studies as a Ninja or to drop the subject completely. For those who drop the subject they can choose to focus on another area they want like Business, Politics, Medicine, General Studies, etc. For those who choose to continue their studies as a Ninja they will have to keep up with their General Studies as well as their Ninja Studies. They will focus on learning Taijutsu, Bukijutsu, Genjutsu, and Ninjutsu for the next 2 years. During the final year they must take several milestone exams. The first is a written exam covering the basics of their General Studies. The second is the tree climbing and water walking exercise. This tests a shinobi's ability to mold, infuse, and control chakra. The third is the ability to create a basic Clone and use the Transformation Jutsu. And these tests can be taken as many times as needed throughout the final year. If you pass these three milestone tests during the final year then you can take the Final Graduation Exam. This system was developed and created by the 6th Hokage after the 4th Great Ninja War. Isn't the 6th Hokage your uncle Boruto? I thought you'd at least know how the academy worked."

Boruto widened his eyes in surprise as he remarked, "EHH? Uncle Izaya was the one who created the current educational system in Konoha?" He then turned to Hiroshi for confirmation as Hiroshi nodded his head and replied with a bit of pride, "Yup. Dad's awesome!"

Boruto gave a doubtful look. "Really? Well...I've only gotten to meet uncle Izaya a few times before but they were really brief and I was pretty young back then. Is uncle Izaya really that awesome?"

Shikadai turned to Boruto and said, "Honestly you don't read much history books do you?"

"Eh? Why? Should I?"

"If you did you would know at least a bit more about Lord 6th Hokage. Even your own dad for that matter."

"Ehhh? That seems bothersome."

Shikadai let out a sigh. "You know Boruto. Your dad and Lord 6th are considered war heroes from the 4th Great Ninja War."

Boruto nodded with disinterest. "Yeah yeah I know. So many people in the village talk about it that it gets old hearing about it you know."

"Well it's true. I hear that Lord 7th is known as The Hero of the Hidden Leaf. In the history books Lord 7th has several titles that were granted to him such as The Child of Prophecy, Saviour of the World, The Demon Fox Shinobi, The Orange Hokage, and the 2nd Eienkage."

Boruto tilted his head a bit confused. "2nd Eienkage? What is that? Isn't dad the Hokage already?"

Hiroshi interjected at that moment. "Oh! Dad also has the title of Eienkage except he's called the 1st Eienkage. Supposedly it was a title that was granted to only five shinobi in the entire world and it means the eternal shadow. It was a title given by the 5 Daimyo's for their outstanding military service during the 4th Great Ninja War. The title of the 1st Eienkage was given to dad. The 2nd Eienkage to Lord 7th, the 3rd to uncle Sasuke, the 4th to uncle Haku, and the 5th to uncle Kimimaro."

Boruto raised his eyebrow seemingly interested. "Ehhhh? Really?"

Shikadai coughed bringing Boruto and Hiroshi's attention back to focus. "Oi, Boruto, you still haven't answered the question. So, are you going to continue your shinobi training?"

Boruto laid down on the train and simply replied, "Yeah. I guess so. None of the other things really interest me."

Shikadai looked a bit doubtful."Boruto. Don't go doing stuff to embarrass your dad since it'll probably reflect on me too."


"Oi, your mom is always telling me to watch out for you."

"Eh? Mom does?"

Hiroshi lightly chuckled and placed an arm around Boruto's shoulder. "Heh, my cousin does get in trouble often."

Boruto grumbled, "Oi, Hiroshi. Who's side are you on? You're supposed to be my cousin."

After a few more minutes of playful banter the three of them went their separate ways. As Hiroshi dashed off towards the Hyuga residence he stopped midway and stared towards the great stone Hokage faces. Particularly the one at Izaya's stone face.

Dad...I wonder where you are right now.

After thinking to himself for a moment he quickly continued on his way. Just as he opened the door to the Hyuga compound he was greeted by the sight of his sister Iraia in the middle of her Taijutsu training. She had soft snow white hair just like Izaya and her personality was similar to Izaya's as well, whereas he was the opposite. His hair was brown like Hanabi's and his personality was similar to hers also, however, they both had one similar feature and that was their purple eyes. Although neither Hanabi nor Izaya had purple eyes their eye color was the product of a unique and natural mutation in their genes. He and his sister were born as fraternal twins, although he was older by a few seconds.

Hiroshi smirked as he sneaked around the corner of the compound to hide in the shadows. Just as Iraia turned her back towards him to perform a spinning kick he dashed out and attempted to tackle her to the ground, however, the moment he successfully grabbed her by the waist he was met with a puff of smoke as he held nothing but a piece of log in his arms. Too late into the dive he plopped on the ground with the piece of log and groaned. "Ugh...How long have you known I was there Iraia?"

Iraia had a look of indifference on her face as she leaned against the fence in the courtyard and replied, "Ever since you got back."

Hiroshi just stuck out his tongue in a playful manner at his sister. "Next time." He then walked off inside.

As Iraia watched Hiroshi's retreating form the indifferent expression on her face changed to that of a light smile as she whispered to herself, "You haven't changed at all. Big brother."

The next day all the students who had chosen to continue their shinobi training gathered outside the academy as Lord 7th stood at the very front in preparation to address the new young prospective shinobi, however, the speech was delayed as two individuals were missing. They were a boy named Denki, the young heir to the Kaminaron corporation and of course Boruto. Hiroshi and Shikadai stood next to each other as they gave each other a knowing glance.

Shikadai whispered, "Seriously that Boruto. Didn't I tell him not to do anything to trouble his dad? Even I made it on time."

Hiroshi just sighed. "It can't be helped. We're talking about Boruto here you know."

Shikadai simply nodded his head in agreement before taking a quick peek at Iraia who was standing by Sarada and Chocho. Her hair was snow white and seemed silky soft. It flowed beautifully down her back reaching just above her waist. She wore a white battle dress that just covered her shoulders down to just above her knees and on her arm she had black arm sleeves that partially covered her hands up to her elbows. The dress had an open part on the right side of her lower waist slightly exposing the white shorts she wore underneath. A long black ribbon was tied around her waist area and she wore long white stockings that reached the middle of her thighs with snowflake patterned designs on them. A necklace with a small Flying Thunder God ornament on it was worn around her neck.

Shikadai couldn't help but be memorized at the natural charm and beauty Iraia emitted. There was something about her that just seemed pure, yet dangerous. She gave off an air of mystery just like her father the 6th Hokage did in the past. And that feeling of being mysterious is what drew him and many others into wanting to know more about her. Hiroshi noticed Shikadai's distracted look so he turned to see what Shikadai was staring at, however, he only took note of Chocho, Sarada, and his sister and got confused. "Shikadai, what're you staring at?"

Shikadai flinched and his cheeks turned a hint of pink as he realized Hiroshi caught him red handed. He lightly coughed and responded, "Ahem. Nothing."

Hiroshi gave a doubtful look but simply shrugged his shoulders. It wasn't long after that a single train cart burst through the air and crashed into the stone face of the 7th Hokage on the cliffside revealing Boruto and Denki as Boruto loudly declared his presence. Everyone on the ground stared dumbfoundedly at Boruto's extravagant entrance. Especially Naruto. Due to that incident everyone was dismissed early. As Iraia took her leave another girl quickly jogged over to her and greeted, "Iraia. It's been awhile. You doing alright?"

Iraia observed the girl in front of her. She was a beauty with pretty red hair that fell 3 inches below her shoulders with dark brown eyes. She wore a light blue shirt, blue fingertip-less gloves, and black shorts with black stockings. This was Yuki Asuka. The daughter of Yuki Haku and Uzumaki Akane.

Iraia nodded in acknowledgement of Asuka's presence and replied, "Hey Asuka. I'm fine. You?"

Asuka grumbled in annoyance. "Can you believe Boruto? If he was going to make an entrance like that where we had to cancel the opening ceremony he should have let us know. I could have slept in then!"

Iraia's lips curled in a light smile before she resumed her indifferent expression. It was at this moment that Hiroshi jogged up to them and greeted, "Asuka! You're here!" Asuka glanced at Hiroshi matter-of-factly and replied, "Of course I'm here. My dad would be passive aggressively nagging me all day about it otherwise." Hiroshi smiled at her answer.

Iraia sighed inwardly to herself as she watched her happy-go-lucky brother converse with Asuka. They had known Asuka ever since they were little since their fathers were sworn brothers. And ever since she could remember, her big brother Hiroshi had always had a soft spot for Asuka. She lightly coughed and made up a convincing lie to excuse herself from them giving Asuka and Hiroshi some more time alone together. She wandered about the village before finding herself in front of the large cliffside where the stone faces of all the Hokage's were. She looked up at the 6th Hokage's stone face. The face of a handsome young man with a blindfold covering the eyes was carved on the cliff. Her father's face.

Papa. Where are you? I miss you. Mom misses you too! It's already been two months since you last came home. Are you alright? Are you safe?

As she stood there lost in her thoughts she failed to notice the footsteps of someone approaching behind her until right at the last moment. She flinched and was just about to dash backwards to distance herself when she heard the familiar voice of the 7th Hokage.

"Woah! It's just me. Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you."

Iraia quickly reigned in her emotions and saluted Naruto as she said, "Greetings Lord 7th."

Naruto just scratched the side of his cheeks awkwardly before saying, "Iraia. It's been a long time since I last saw you. Hiroshi too. You've gotten taller since then."

Iraia simply nodded her head. "Mn."

Naruto was at a bit of a loss for words at how short Iraia kept her responses. He racked his brains for how to keep the conversation going when he took a glance up at the Hokage stone faces and instantly knew why Iraia was here. "Hmmm...Thinking about your dad huh?"

Iraia flinched at Naruto's comment but nodded. "Mn. Lord 7th?"


"Do you know where papa is?"

Naruto felt completely stumped since he actually didn't know where Izaya was but didn't want to tell Iraia that for fear that it might cause her to needlessly worry, so he rubbed the back of his head and amiably replied, "Your dad is on an S-rank mission. Um...Well you see, S-rank missions are kind of classified so I can't really go into the details, but just know that where your dad is right now he can definitely handle it. I know it's been awhile since you last saw him but I've known your dad for a long time. He'll turn up when you least expect it."

Iraia simply nodded at Lord 7th's explanation and whispered, "Okay."

Two weeks came and went as all students went to their respective classrooms. The two weeks also marked the end of Boruto's suspension so today was technically his first day of attending the shinobi geared class courses. Everyone gossiped amongst themselves as Boruto entered the room. Boruto ignored them and took a seat right next to Shikadai and Hiroshi. Before long Shino entered the room as he was their class instructor. As Shino gave some introductions and instructions everyone followed him outside for their daily Taijutsu exercises. While everyone was practicing their Taijutsu, Shino had Boruto complete the obstacle course in the courtyard meant for evaluating his current proficiency standing as a shinobi. As Boruto breezed through the course and reached the end Denki walked over to congratulate him.

"Nice Boruto! You tied for the second spot time-wise in completing the course."

Boruto raised his eyebrow with a bit of surprise and remarked, "Eh? I wasn't first? Who is then? And wait, what do you mean tied for second place?"

Denki opened his laptop and pulled up a chart. "Hm...Well it doesn't look like the first place holder is here right now. Apparently he thinks it's a waste of time hanging out with a bunch of amateurs. As for the person you tied with, it's-" Before Denki could finish Hiroshi dashed over and wrapped an arm around Boruto's shoulders replying, "It's me!"

Boruto widened his eyes in shock. "EHHH? Hiroshi? So it was you?"

"Hehe! Surprised?"

Boruto simply grumbled as he shook out of Hiroshi's grip. "Honestly I didn't know you were actually that skilled as a shinobi."

Hiroshi simply grinned. "Hey, we may have grown up together but we never actually sparred. We just played around."

At that moment Shikadai walked over and commented, "Yeah. That's what you guys call it but in truth you both just played a bunch of pranks on people."

Boruto awkwardly coughed and replied, "Hey, people just need to learn to lighten up a little. That's all."

Shino watched this banter go on as a doubtful and worried expression filled his face. How did the son of both the 6th Hokage and 7th Hokage end up to be such troublemakers?

It wasn't long before lunch time rolled around the corner. As Shikadai, Denki, Boruto, and Hiroshi waltzed back into the classroom to discuss what to eat they heard a loud and rude voice. "Go find some other place to be noisy. I'm using this place right now. You're bothering me."

The four of them turned to see a student get up from a desk in the back as that student glared at them in annoyance. Boruto tilted his head unamused. "Who's he?"

Denki quickly replied, "That's Iwabe."

Shikadai chimed in as well, "He's the repeater Iwabe. Rumors say he failed the graduation exams twice."

Boruto simply smiled amiably. "Oh? So you're our senior. Nice to meet you!"

Iwabe frowned and snarled, "Don't get all friendly with me! You damned Hokage's son!"

Not only did Boruto frown but Hiroshi also clenched his fist in disapproval. Boruto replied with a dark undertone, "It doesn't matter who's son I am."

Iwabe immediately jumped down and gripped Boruto by the collar. "Well I don't like the idea of having a guy like you around all the time."

Hiroshi stepped forward and slapped Iwabe's hand away as he retorted, "Keep your hands to yourself. We didn't do anything to you yet you're picking a fight where there doesn't need to be one."

At that point many of the other students began trickling back into the room to witness what was going on. Iwabe smirked mockingly. "Oh? So the son of the 6th Hokage and the son of the 7th Hokage are teaming up huh? How disappointing."

Hiroshi gritted his teeth holding back his frustration. "Hokage this Hokage that. Does it matter who our parents are? It just sounds like you're making up excuses to pick a fight."

Iwabe frowned. "You both are eyesores. Two brats riding on their father's coattails!"

Boruto snarled and dashed at Iwabe as he shouted, "Bastard! Take that back!" However, Iwabe parried Boruto's attack and gripped him by the shirt tossing him against the chalkboard in the room as he provoked, "What's the matter? You aren't even worth my time. If you've got a problem with me then come at me."

Hiroshi frowned and just as he was about to step in Boruto said, "Wait. Hiroshi. I'll handle it."

Iwabe smirked and slammed his ninja staff on the ground. "Listen up! Strength is everything for a ninja! What's the use of studying like all of you? Even the present Hokage was the strongest in all of history! As long as you're strong you can get away with anything!"

Hiroshi frowned at Iwabe's speech. "You're wrong! My father told me that those who have strength have a responsibility to ensure it is used in the right way! It is because powerful shinobi in the past abused their strength which caused the 4th Great Ninja War! Father and many others fought to end that war and held accountable those who began it! This was only possible because they studied and understood the history of the shinobi world!"

Iwabe scowled. "Hmpf! You're the son of the 6th Hokage. You've been in the limelight all your life. Of course you would spout ideological nonsense so easily. The 6th and the 7th used power to end the war."

Denki frowned and retorted, "But the 7th Hokage has even stated that he wishes to use Ninjutsu in more peaceful ways!"

Iwabe snarled and gripped Denki by the shirt. "Weaklings like you are a nuisance." At that moment Boruto intervened and freed Denki from Iwabe's grasp.

"So your definition of strength is bullying people into doing what you want? Hmpf! I had decided that I wouldn't fight here and cause much trouble, but I'll take you on. What do you say?"

Iwabe simply smirked.

Soon after the entire class had relocated underneath the school compound where the training arena was located. Everyone stood or remained seated in the stands as Iwabe and Boruto stood in the arena. At this moment Hiroshi and Iraia stood by Shikadai, Denki, Sarada, Chocho, and the class representative Sumire. Boruto and Iwabe began their fight as everyone simply watched.

"How annoying." Sarada commented on the side.

Iraia simply nodded her head in agreement before turning to Hiroshi and whispered, "Good job."

Hiroshi smirked. "Good job? I'm assuming you're referring to the fact that I didn't let my emotions overcome me and pulverize that guy to death when he spoke about dad like that."

Iraia simply didn't comment as she watched the fight. Mn. Boruto's Taijutsu skills are pretty impressive. He's keeping up with that senior student Iwabe, but he lacks Iwabe's overall physical strength. Boruto has an edge in speed and agility though. Not bad. His skills are close to that of Hiroshi's. Maybe even on par. Taijutsu-wise at least. Hm? He can even do the Shadow Clone Jutsu huh?

Denki turned to Hiroshi and whispered, "Hey, do you think Boruto is going to be okay?"

Hiroshi pondered for a moment as he tracked the fight before responding, "Mn. There's no need to worry. He lacks Iwabe's physical brawn but he makes up for it with his agility and creativity. To be honest Boruto and I are probably even in our Taijutsu skills. We haven't actually fought before but I can tell by the way he moves."

Denki tilted his head as he caught a glimpse of Iraia and whispered, "You and your sister are twins right? Is she just as skilled as you in Taijutsu?"

Before Hiroshi could answer everyone heard Iwabe scream out in frustration and anger as he dashed away from a worn out Boruto and over to his weapon picking it up. Iraia frowned in disapproval as she glanced over at Hiroshi who nodded at his sister in silent understanding. Iwabe gripped his weapon and slammed it on the ground causing a giant wave of rock, earth, and debris to come crashing towards Boruto.

Hiroshi narrowed his eyes in disapproval.

Hmpf. This guy said he wouldn't use his weapon but ended up going back on his word. Since you cheated don't blame me for intervening. Boruto is my cousin!

Hiroshi quickly formed the hand signs of Rat, Dog, and Tiger and said, "Wood Style: Wood Dome Jutsu!" Just before the giant mass of earth could smash into Boruto a wooden dome appeared in front of him effectively blocking Iwabe's attack. Everyone widened their eyes in complete shock. Sarada fixed the glasses on her head to make sure that she wasn't seeing things.

"W-Wood Style? The same as the 6th Hokage?" Shikadai glanced at Hiroshi with incredulity but no words came out. Boruto also looked at the wood dome in front of him in a daze before turning towards Hiroshi with a complicated expression. Hiroshi frowned and said, "Iwabe. You promised not to use your weapon so don't say I'm being meddlesome or unfair. Boruto nor I are riding on our father's coattails. I hope you can see that now."

Iwabe flinched and stared dejectedly at his hand that held his weapon as he apologized. It wasn't long after as Shino rushed into the arena hall in shock and began to strictly lecture everyone. After that incident the days passed by quite peacefully aside from a few minor strange incidents happening in the village. Iwabe began coming to class regularly and started to interact more with others in a more friendly manner. He even attempted to study diligently.

A week came and went as Iraia and Asuka were walking towards the Hyuga residence. They had just gone out to a food stall and bought some meat skewers. Meat skewers were the favorite food of Asuka's dad Haku and overtime Asuka took a liking to them as well. She had asked Iraia to accompany her to which Iraia agreed. As they were walking in comfortable silence they took note of Boruto, Shikadai, and Inojin hiding behind a bush as a distraught and angry looking Metal seemed to be searching for them. Asuka tilted her head in curiosity and walked over to them as she said, "Yo! What're you guys doing? Playing hide-and-seek?"

At Asuka's loud words the three hiding in the bush immediately had a deadpanned and panicked expression on their faces. Metal turned to look at them and smiled sinisterly. "So there you are."

Asuka only remained confused and asked, "Metal? You okay? You seem a bit...out of it."

Boruto widened his eyes in alarm and quickly said, "Asuka, Iraia, run! There's this weird aura around Metal and it's making him crazy! He's attacking anyone and everyone! It's just like the other weird incidents that happened this week!" At Boruto's words both Iraia and Asuka flinched in surprise as Metal quickly dashed over and attacked, however, just as Metal threw a palm strike at Asuka she expertly sidestepped and countered gripping Metal's wrist and swinging him in a circle before tossing him through the air.

Metal quickly spun his body in several somersaults to stabilize his body before landing perfectly back on the ground. Asuka narrowed her eyes in surprise and a bit of excitement. "Oh? Not bad. Very interesting. Metal is the son of the famous Taijutsu expert Rock Lee. Then let me see just how good you are!"

Without further notice she and Metal began to engage in a fierce whirlwind of hand-to-hand combat all the while Boruto, Shikadai, Inojin, and Iraia stood on the side watching. Iraia watched with indifference, however, the three boys simply had their jaws drop in shock. Inojin awkwardly smiled and commented, "I didn't know Asuka was skilled in Taijutsu."

Shikadai nodded in agreement. "It's not only that. Metal is extremely agile and speed is one of his strongest attributes. Not to mention he's extremely strong, but Asuka is matching him blow for blow! How?"

The three of them turned to Iraia for an answer as she simply shrugged. "Asuka isn't as physically strong as Metal. But there's no one faster than her. She has a unique Kekkei Genkai. Metal won't be able to keep up. It's Asuka's win."

The three boys only became more shocked as they gave the same dumbfounded expression. "EHHHH?"

Boruto quickly asked, "Asuka has a Kekkei Genkai? First Hiroshi and now Asuka? Isn't that like, supposed to be super incredibly rare? What kind of Kekkei Genkai is it that lets her move so fast?"

Iraia stared at Asuka's fight with Metal without answering for a few moments before saying, "It's called Swift Style. I heard from papa a long time ago that it's an extremely unique and rare combination of Wind nature and Yang nature. The Wind gives rise to incredibly swift speed and the Yang allows it to manifest as an enhancement to the body's physique."

The three boys could only stare on in even more astonishment as they returned their attention back to the fight.

Boom! Bang! Smack!

At this point both Asuka and Metal had exchanged more than hundreds of punches as their fists moved as fast as the wind, however, Asuka was slowly becoming faster and faster and faster to the point that Metal's attack and eyes could no longer keep up. Just as Metal struck out with his fist Asuka disappeared from his sight and appeared right behind him striking his back with a sharp elbow blow.


Metal was instantly flung into a tree. Before he could recover Asuka appeared by his side and kicked him right in the head knocking him out. At that point Boruto's vision obscured slightly as he saw the dark aura detach itself from Metal and vanish into thin air. He tilted his head in confusion but thought nothing of it as his vision returned to normal.

Asuka took a deep breath in before taking a deep breath out and commented, "Mn. That was a good fight. Metal definitely lives up to being the son of one of Konoha's greatest Taijutsu users. If I lost focus for just a moment I could have been the one who lost." She quickly returned to Iraia's side and said, "See you guys. Come on Iraia. Let's go."

Iraia simply nodded and walked off along with Asuka leaving Boruto, Shikadai, and Inojin completely dumbfounded.

The next day at the academy there was a loud shout as Sarada and Boruto fought over the last piece of the yakisoba bread in the cafeteria. The guys stood behind Boruto while the girls stood behind Sarada. Iraia simply watched in quiet amusement as she ate her own yakisoba bread. Just as they were about to fight Shino quickly appeared and mediated, however, things didn't quite go as everyone expected as Shino quickly said, "After class I'll prepare a battleground for you all."

Iraia slightly flinched in surprise after hearing what Shino-sensei said and gently placed her yakisoba bread back down. And just like that, after class the boys and the girls were split on either side in front of the academy gates. Iraia just sighed to herself. How did I end up getting dragged into this mess?

Hiroshi stood on the opposite side of the girls by Boruto and the others with a fiery expression in his eyes. Hehehe! This oughta be fun!

Shino stood between the boys and the girls as he said, "There's one rule. You will start here at the entrance. The first to grab the flag atop the roof of the academy building wins. Losers will listen to the winners. Understood?"

"Yes!" Everyone responded.

The moment Shino gave the signal to start everyone dashed towards the academy building. Before any of the girls could make it through the gate Iwabe shouted, "Earth Style: Mud Wall!" A giant wall made of earth rushed out from the ground and obstructed all of the girls from moving forwards as the boys all rushed through.

Chocho smirked and activated her Partial Expansion Jutsu greatly increasing the size of her arm and smashed right through the earthen wall knocking Iwabe into the ground. As the girls gave chase close behind, Shikadai quickly turned and activated his Shadow Paralysis Jutsu capturing many of them, however, Iraia and Asuka quickly dashed in the air and performed a flip successfully out of the shadow's reach. Just as Asuka was about to counter Hiroshi formed the Snake sign and said, "Wood Style: Silent Strangle Jutsu!" Several wooden tendrils erupted from the ground aimed straight for Iraia and Asuka, however Iraia quickly countered forming the Tiger sign and said, "Lava Style: Severing Stream Jutsu!" From her mouth a powerful concentrated stream of hot lava cut and melted Hiroshi's Wood Style.

Asuka smirked at everyone's distracted and baffled expressions and quickly activated her Swift Style to move at inhuman speeds arriving right next to Shikadai and pushed him off balance freeing the girls from the Shadow Paralysis. It was at this moment that the boys who were ahead of the pack stopped in their tracks due to a large boulder falling from the sky and blocking the entrance into the school.

Inojin frowned. "Shino-sensei placed Traps? Let's go around."

At this point both the girls and the boys were neck and neck in the race. They all entered the school through the windows as they all began rushing to the stairs leading up to the roof. The only boys left in the race were Denki, Boruto, Inojin, Shikadai, and Hiroshi. As for the girls they were Sarada, Sumire, Iraia, Asuka, and Chocho. Denki quickly found a control outlet and plugged it into his laptop as he hacked the academy system forcing a metal shutter to drop down in the hallway right before the girls. Inojin quickly activated his Super Beast Scroll Jutsu and created a giant lizard-like drawing to come to life, however, Asuka quickly retaliated as she formed the Ram sign and shouted, "Water Style: Gunshot Jutsu!" She opened her mouth and released a powerful pressurized water bullet that shot straight through Inojin's Jutsu.

Shikadai frowned and stated, "Oi oi, doesn't this feel more like an actual ninja battle than a race?"

Boruto gritted his teeth and shouted, "Let's go! We gotta get to the roof first!"

Sarada frowned and also shouted, "Don't let them get to the flag!"

The race continued once more. As Boruto and the others disappeared, Sarada and the girls continued rushing to the roof. Just as they made it and Chocho was climbing upwards to get the flag, Boruto appeared. He smirked as he held a large scroll and created some blood on his thumb before forming some hand seals and shouted, "I won't let you! Summoning Jutsu!" A flash of purple light filled the area as a strange creature with a large snake-like tail appeared. It roared and was just about to strike Chocho when Hiroshi immediately became alarmed and formed the Snake hand sign shouting, "Wood Style: Wood Snake Jutsu!" Quickly a wooden snake shot from his arm and bit down on the strange creature's tail just in time to prevent it from hitting Chocho.

Iraia acted next as she immediately arrived before Chocho and pulled her away to a safe distance. Hiroshi gritted his teeth as the giant creature was much stronger than he had anticipated. The tail of the creature wrapped around his wooden snake that was attached to his arm and pulled thrusting Hiroshi into the air eliciting a scream from him.


Iraia widened her eyes in alarm and panic at the sound of her brothers scream. Just as the strange creature was about to attack Hiroshi, Konohamaru appeared and shouted, "Rasengan!"


In a flash of bright light and but a mere moment the strange creature disappeared. Just before Hiroshi crashed into the side of the building Asuka dashed out with extreme speed thanks to her Kekkei Genkai and caught him in her arms like a knight in shining armor. Hiroshi smiled awkwardly in their current position.

"Uh...Ahem, thanks Asuka."

Asuka furrowed her brow and simply dropped Hiroshi on the rooftop. "Hmpf." She let out before slowly walking away.

As they all settled in front of the academy yard getting a lecture from Shino-sensei a loud creaking and quaking noise could be heard from the academy building. In but mere moments it caved in and crumbled in on itself leaving everyone dumbfounded. Off in the distance watching the entire ordeal happen was Mitsuki as he stared at the entire event with great interest.


A warm breeze blew by in a desert wasteland as the sun began to set in the horizon. It painted a colorful orange and red hue across this desolate looking area casting two shadows across the ground in its glow. One taller than the other. The shadow of two shinobi. The first shadow belonged to a shinobi who wore a white dress shirt with black buttons. The sleeves were rolled back to his elbows and he wore black pants to match. He donned a white haori over his shoulders with black fire patterns along the border. Black falling leaf images were printed on it as well. A katana was strapped to his waist and a leaf headband was tied to the sheath. A silver ring was worn on his left ring finger and a necklace with the letter H hung from his neck. His snow white hair softly swayed in the direction the wind blew brushing it off his blindfold covering his eyes. This shinobi was precisely the 6th Hokage, Karasuma Izaya.

Walking beside him was a young shinobi with handsome features and messy black hair that made him seem a bit imposing. His eyes had a distinctive golden hue to them giving many the impression of danger yet keeping them drawn by a mysterious feeling of intriguement. He wore a black dress shirt with gold buttons and a black pants to match. A golden colored cloak covered his frame and a locket in the shape of a jade colored magatama was worn around his neck. At this instant Izaya stopped walking prompting the young shinobi to stop as well. After taking a sweep of the surrounding area Izaya pointed to a large single tree in this desolate wasteland and said, "Zen, we'll camp there for the night. It doesn't seem like what I'm looking for is here. We'll head in the direction of Konoha tomorrow morning."

Zen simply nodded with great respect and replied, "Alright, Karasuma-sensei."