Author's Note:

Hey everyone, I know its been awhile since the last update but worry not! I am NOT dropping the story. It's just that I've been really focused on my Bleach story. I've got a lot of ideas and stuff that have been popping into my head for the Bleach story and I've been writing them down. I don't want those ideas to disappear and go away and so that's where a lot of my attention has been.

As for THIS story. I have some future ideas outlined for it already. Also, the next chapter is actually already written. I just haven't uploaded it yet. I'm trying to write several chapters ahead first in case I write something in a future chapter and want to change something in a previous chapter so the story makes sense or to make it flow better. That is why I haven't uploaded in awhile.

Sorry to everyone who has been waiting,'ll be a bit longer before I upload the next chapter, just know that I'm working on it. It's written and I'm working on the other chapters ahead of it.

Thank you for everyone's continued patience and support.