As Naga sadow left Ragnos's chambers Ragnos snarled, he was thinking on how the jedi were bringing down his forcees. He always feared this moment but he thought this moment would never happen. Right that moment, Freedon nadd walked into his thrown room with a young apprentice. What he said to Ragnos was, Master I have a new apprentice, a long haired male walked into the thrown room, he said, it is an honor to meet you lord Ragnos. My name is, Exar Kun, I am a dark jedi. I turned on the jedi, and killed my master in his presents, Ragnos listened as he grinded his teeth together in anger. He was mad because Ragnos despises the jedi, just at that moment Ragnos yelled, GET OUT! everyone got out righ that moment. Despite what people say, just because Ragnos was only in the sith thrown for a century he is the strongest dark lord of the sith.