So cold, that was the first thought that came to her head. It then took her a few minutes to get her bearings. She remembered leaving the bar, getting creeped out on the way home, but there was no one there. Oh, but her head hurt... that's right, there was someone! He hit her in the head after she tried to get away. She chanced opening her eyes and found herself in a dark room with a little bit of light coming in from a small window over a door. The room was bare, apart from the small mattress she was laying on... a mattress more suited to a child's crib.

Gingerly she eased herself into a sitting position. Oh how her head ached. She reached up to touch the spot and was suprised to see blood coating the palm of her hand. She felt starngely calm. Shouldn't she be panicking? Screaming for help? Standing to her feet, she started to pace the room to look for anything that might be useful. A bucket in the corner made her cringe in disgust. Obviously, she was supposed to use that as a toilet. That little task could wait a while. As she paced she counted her steps, ten steps from the mattress to the door and fifteen steps to the opposite wall.

The floor was concrete, smooth and cold under her bare feet. Where were her boots? That was when she realized she was dressed only in her jeans and a T-shirt. Whoever had taken her must have taken her coat, scarf, and boots. It was freezing in here. There wasn't even a sheet to wrap herself in. There wasn't much for her to do but sit down and wait. Her head was pounding. Listening for any sign of life, she laid her throbbing head back down on the filthy mattress.

She must have dozed off, when she awoke, the light in the room hadn't changed, but her full bladder told her that a few hours had passed, at least. Using the bucket was an undignified affair, and insult was added to injury at the lack of toilet paper. When she had cleaned herself up as best she could, she went to sit at the base of the she'd be able to hear someone. She felt hungry, but at the thought of food, a sudden bout of nausea hit her. She really didn't want to have to vomit into that bucket as well.

Just as she was starting to doze off again with her head against the jamb, she heard the sound of a door open and close with a loud bang. The noise startled her even more so because of the constant silence she had grown used to. Suddenly alert, she crouched on the balls of her feet trying in vain to see through the non-existent crack in the door. As the footsteps neared, she suddenly remembered that anybody coming through that door would likely hurt her, or... worse.

Scurrying to the far side of the room, she made herself as small as possible in the corner. In her head, she believed in doing so, she would be able to make herself practically invisible. Her muscels were coiled tightly and starting to ache from holding her the intense fear that overtook her made her paralyzed. Cold and sore, she waited for whatever was about to happen.

A key in the door, followed by a large silhouette framed by light which made her head pound worse that ever.

That was the last thing she saw before a mixture of fear and exhaustion rendered her unconscious.