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Elena Gilbert hated crying, She felt like she had done enough crying over the years, but sadly as she now sat in her and Damon's

bedroom writing in her diary she could not stop

her tears. In the two years since Stefan had died things had been a roller coaster ride, not like they weren't before, but now in a

different way. Stefan's death was still eating at

Damon, every minute of every day it seemed and as time went on it he was getting worse. Elena knew it was hard for him and it's not

like it wasn't hard for her too, but Damon just

could not seem to function right for a long period of time. Tonight though when Damon walked in the house in the really bad shape,

Elena got angry at him and in turn he got angry

at her and they got into a huge fight that ended in him storming out and her with tears running down her face, it caused her to the

bedroom and she had to get her feelings out, so she

sat down and opened her diary. What Elena wrote down was more than just her feelings though. It was a whole fantasy in her head,

of her and Damon holding hands in the

afterlife, seeing her family again and topped off with Damon and Stefan reuniting, the perfect happy ending she thought.

Unfortunately things did not seem to be heading that way

for her at the moment and she was left with just reading the story she wrote, over and over again, but that just caused more crying.

"Damn it", she wiped at her eyes, then she decided that was enough crying, so she closed her diary and sighed as she got up to put

the book away, but as she got up she knocked

over a glass vase that was on the table, shattering it.

"Damn it", she said again although a little louder this time. Elena tucked her diary under her arm and crouched down to pick up the

broken glass. As Elena was cleaning up she

was still a bit lost in her emotions, so she was not fully being vary careful and of course one of the pieces with a particular sharp point

slashed her hand.

"Ouch", She dropped the glass back down and brought her hand up to inspect the wound, as she did it caused some drops blood to

splash onto the floor. Elena inspected her hand for a moment.

'It doesn't look that bad', She thought she was practicing to be a nurse so she should know. Elena got up to go to the bathroom and

treat the cut, but as she did she noticed a

bright light coming from above her, she looked up and saw the light expanding, getting brighter and brighter. Elena closed her eyes

and looked away as well as bringing a hand up

to shield her eyes, the light only took a moment to engulf her and then darkness. Now in the room was nothing, Elena was gone. Just

a second later Damon came in the room.

"Elena I wanted to apoli". His sentence was cut when he saw she was not there, which he thought was odd because she had not been

down stairs either, just then he noticed the

glass on the floor and the little blood pattern she had left. This caused Damon to worry a bit, so he rushed out of the room and began

to check the others, calling out her name

each time, as he came to the last room and saw Elena was not in it, you could see the panic in his eyes start to take over, it wasn't

just that she was gone, but the blood and the

vase worried him as to how and why she was gone.

'Maybe the cut was bad enough she needed stitches' He thought as he rushed out of the house to go the hospital.

As Elena awoke a number of thoughts entered her head.

'Where am I?, What happened?', but as her vision came into focus she noticed a face, a very handsome face,staring at her, seemingly

studying her, but just as she was about to ask

who he was the man stood straight up a looked behind him.

"Stefan,…she's awake".