Roman gasped as he woke up with a start, his breathing hard, his heart beating rapidly, it was a dream. Just a dream, but Roman had been having a lot of strange dreams lately. Ever since Klaus had broken through the fake memories Qetsiyah had implanted in him. The dreams would usually start out with a genine memory, the latest being the conversation he had with Elena in the living room, which had genuinely happened only a few hours ago, then the dreams would devolve into something not real and ended horribly. Roman would get a text or a call. Sometimes even an email, and they all said the same thing. Watch out for the teeth. Then something would attack. Not him, but Stefan, Bonnie, Elena or all three. Different things each time, Wolves, Vampires, Bears and now a Shark, But what did it mean? Roman had no clue. Quickly Roman got out of bed, he needed some air. Roman made his way through the beach house as quietly as he could as it was the middle of the night. Roman made his way down the stairs and heard ruffling in the kitchen. When Roman peered around the corner and saw it was only Bonnie, with her head buried in the fridge, she came out holding a large jar of cheese sauce, shutting the fridge door before noticing Roman standing in the doorway.

"Oh hey!, Couldn't sleep?". She asked before heading over to the giant plate of Corn chips on the counter and opening the jar.

"Um yeah". Roman answered as his eyebrows creased, "Good grief lady what are you doing?".

Bonnie sighed, "Well I was just oh so peacefully in bed and then next thing I know I just had to have nachos and I mean had to!".

Roman smirked in realization, "I guess those pregnancy cravings are starting to kick huh".

Bonnie looked back at Him as she emptied the jar of cheese, "Apparently! Quick too. I mean I'm only ten weeks".

Romans eyebrows creased, "How do you know that for sure?".

Bonnie finished pouring the cheese on to the chips and went to put the rest back into the fridge, "Well I don't know for sure, but just doing a rough estimate from when I noticed my period stopped, so that's supposed". Roman interrupted, his face contorted in cringe, "Woah okay, stop,stop, not go any further!".

Bonnie dawned an amused grin as she went to put her plate in the microwave, "Hey! You asked".

Roman nodded, "I'm aware and I regret it!".

Roman then walked over to the fridge and grabbed a beer. Bonnie peered over at him.

"Uh oh! Romans got alcohol. Something's wrong!". Romans forehead creased, he looked down at the beer in his hands and back at Bonnie, "Am I that see through?".

Bonnie walked up and padded Roman on the shoulder, "Oh to people who know you, you are crystal clear. Now, start talking. What's wrong?".

Roman briefly contemplated before he put the beer back in the fridge with a sigh. Meanwhile Bonnie had gotten her plate of Nachos out of the microwave and sat at the kitchen table. Roman turned to face her with his arms crossed, he paused for a moment to search for his words.

"I've been having...dreams".

Bonnie's forehead creased, "Care to be more specific?".

Roman bean to pace, "Umm, I keep having these strange dreams, they're all different, but normal. Swimming in the ocean, hanging out with Stefan,hell even just fantasizing about a girl". Bonnie gave an affiliative smile at the last part. Roman noticed the smile but paid it no mind, he continued on.

"But it's always the end part that gets me, they all end relatively the same way. I get a message somehow, like a text or a letter, even a voice once, they all say watch out for the teeth and then something appears, like Vampires, werewolves, Bears, Sharks. Among other things, they wreak havoc on people I care about. I can't help but think it's got to mean something".

Bonnie eyed Roman with a slight doleful expression, "Well how long have these dreams been happening?".

Roman thought for a moment and went to speak, "I think since". Roman stopped mid sentence when he all of the sudden felt woozy. Bonnie could see the haze come over him.

"Roman are you okay?". Bonnie asked, Concerned. Roman in turn shook his head, trying to snap out of it. "Um, yeah...yeah I'm fine. Uh, the dreams. I'm pretty sure they've been happening since". Roman once again stopped when he was hit with a wave of dizziness he reached out to grab the kitchen counter, almost falling over, accidentally knocking dishes on to the floor as he went to steady himself. Bonnie hurried over to him, her face full of worry.

"Woah, hey what's wrong with you?". Bonnie grabbed Romans chin to make him look at her, her eyes widened when she saw his nose gushing blood. Roman on the other hand didn't hear Bonnie's question, everything was blurring,all he could hear was buzzing. Then Roman started to feel something, a slow wave creeping up his spine, then out of nowhere it felt like his brain exploded. Roman brought both hands up to clutch his head as he let out a scream in agony. Bonnie was scared at this point, she held on to Roman to keep him from collapsing, she didn't know what to do, try a spell, get him some aspirin. Bonnie gasped in horror as Roman ripped himself from her hands, still clutching his skull, his eyes rolled into the back of his head as he yelled out in pain, but then just as quickly as it had started the screaming stopped. Though only because Roman collapsed, hitting the floor with a thud and fading into unconsciousness.