Chapter One: Death Drop

"Hurry up, Yugi!" Tea Gardner called from the top of the stairwell, her voice echoing in the other's ears. "We're going to be late for dance class!"

It was a Friday morning and Yugi Motou and his friends, Tea, Triston Taylor, Joey Wheeler, Ryou Bakura, Serenity Wheeler, Mai Valentine, and Duke Devlin were all on their way for the third floor to attend their weekly dance class.

"Who cares if we're late," Joey panted grumpily, clutching his side. (he had a cramp from running up three flights of stairs just after breakfast.)

"WHAT?!" Tea demanded as they opened the door to the third floor and emerged from the stairwell.

"Never mind that," Duke said, looking at his watch. "I think we really ARE late!"

"Oh no!" Tea cried, crestfallen, and they all hurried down the hallway toward their dance room.

As they approached the door, dance music started to fill the air.

"Do you hear that?" Yugi asked, perking his ears. "It sounds like music. But what's it for?"

"I don't know," Joey replied, opening the door to their room.

Inside, the other two dance students, Seto Kaiba and Ishizu Ishtar were dancing in the center of the floor, the instructor calling out each move in case they forgot.

Obviously, they were practicing for class, as the teacher normally had them do if they were early, but Joey couldn't resist. He snickered at the two.

Ishizu stopped dancing and Kaiba gladly let go of her hands and took a few steps away from her, crossing his arms. (He had only joined dance class because it was assigned as a required course.)

"Very good!" The instructor said, walking forward and motioning for everyone else, who were still standing in the doorway, to enter. "Now! Let's get to work. We're going to be learning a new technique today."

"Which one?" Tea asked excitedly as everyone else got into the row across the room, as usual.

Tea's dream was to become a professional dancer, so any new technique presented to her was like a dream come true.

The teacher smiled at her enthusiasm.

"It's called the "Death Drop,"" she replied with a grin.

"D...death drop?" Joey asked uncertainly, backing up a little.

"Let me demonstrate," The teacher said, beckoning Tea forward.

Tea boldly walked forward and took the teacher's hands. Tea bent her right leg at the knee and leaned back until her back was just inches from the floor. Then, she stretched out her left leg so that it was straight as she hung down under the teacher's support.

Then, she popped back up.

"Excellent," she complimented Tea. "Now, does everyone understand?" she asked the other students.

Mai and Serenity's eyes were bulging, and Ishizu looked a serene as ever. She never usually got scared at a new dance tactic.

The boys, on the other hand, looked horrified.

"What if I actually DROP someone?" Yugi thought nervously.

"Hey, can I be Georgette's partner today?" Triston asked nervously, beginning to sweat.

"Georgette" was the name for the invisible partner that the extra boy (there was one more boy than girl if you counted the instructor in the classroom) got to dance with.

The teacher smiled.

"No, Yugi Motou may have that honor, as I believe he's a bit too small to support any of the other girls," The instructor said. "You can pair up with Tea."

"Great," Triston grumbled walking over to Tea, while Yugi sighed with relief at his luck.

"Ryou, you can practice with me," The instructor continued.

"I'm sorry if I drop you," he mumbled as he scuffled over to her.

"May I NOT participate?" Ishizu asked politely.

Everyone looked astounded. Ishizu never backed out of a dance.

"Of course," The instructor replied, however.

"Why ain't you participating?" Joey asked as he took Mai's hands.

"I'm not wearing the right clothing," Ishizu said simply.

Joey studied her for a moment.

"Oh yeah!" he said finally. "You're wearing a dress and if you bent your legs like that then you might show..."

He was cut off as Mai smacked him.

"Learn when to keep your mouth SHUT, Joey," she said angrily.

Mai bent her legs and leaned backwards, and fell right out of Joey's loose grip and onto the floor.

Kaiba squeezed his eyes shut from where he had been observing from the other side of the room.

"That hurt, Joey," Mai snapped, picking herself up and brushing off her skirt.


She turned bright red and walked away from Joey, although, luckily, no one else besides Kaiba had been watching her.

"Sorry!" Joey called after her, but she was too embarrassed to respond.

"I won't drop you, Serenity," Duke said sweetly, holding out his hand.

"Okay, Duke," she said, taking his hand.

She bent her legs correctly and slid down toward the floor, but didn't touch it.

"Hey! I did it!" she said happily as she dangled down.

"Yeah," Duke said, still trying to support her and be happy at the same time.

She struggled to pop back up as Tea had, but found she couldn't.

"Uh oh, I can't get up!" she cried.

Joey quickly rushed over to his sister and helped her back to her feet.

"Arigato, onchian!" she said gratefully, rubbing her shins.

Meanwhile, Triston leaned Tea backward, and caught a glimpse of Joey, Serenity, and Duke. The thought of Duke and Serenity made him so angry that he accidentally slacked off on the support part, which resulted in Tea crashing to the floor.

"TRISTON!!!" she cried angrily as she stood up again.

"Huh?" he replied absentmindedly as he stared at Serenity.

Tea was steaming by the end of class. She was upset with Triston for dropping her, and that they hadn't gotten to do the next step due to the fact that Serenity and Mai couldn't get a hang of the death drop. (Not to mention Ishizu, Yugi, and Kaiba were hardly participating)

"What did you do, Yug? Have a conversation with Georgie?" Joey asked as they walked out of the room.

"Well, almost right," Yugi replied. "I kinda ignored Georgette and talked with Yami instead."

"Oh..." Joey remarked as they headed home.

Kaiba had already taken the elevator downstairs, and Ishizu always seemed to disappear as soon as class ended.

"Bye guys!" Yugi called as he took a turn for the Game Shop.

"See you, buddy!" Joey called as he and Serenity walked toward their home.

Duke and Triston were arguing, and didn't reply, and Tea was still angry about class. (Mai had disappeared as well)

Yugi walked inside the Game Shop, letting the door slam behind him.

"Sorry about that!" he said to his Grandpa, who was standing behind the counter, waiting for customers, as Yugi dumped his bag on the floor.

"Not a problem," Grandpa replied good-naturedly, pulling out a large cream colored envelope and handing it to Yugi. "By the way, Yugi, this came in the mail for you."

Yugi took it. His name was written on the cover in fancy red lettering. There was no return address.

"Hmmm," he muttered as he opened the flap and pulled out a large, thick, card with the same red lettering on it.

"Greetings! You have been invited to a VERY exclusive "Dancing and Dueling" party, to be held this Friday evening at 7:00. Bring your cards, your friends, your date, your family, ANYONE interested in games, and more specifically, Duel Monsters!

Be prepared to duel, trade, see rare cards from many duelists, and dance the night away!"

Underneath the invite was an address.

"What could this be about?" Yugi wondered.

* * * * *

End of Chapter One

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