Chapter 16: The End of the Fiends

"Mai!" Duke cried, looking horrified as the knight prepared to come down upon a terrified Mai.

"DARK MAGIC ATTACK!" Came a strong voice from behind Mai and something whirled over her head.

It was the Dark Magician! He raised his staff again and blasted the headless Knight to bits. Then, he came back down at his master's side. Kuriboh was still floating around near Joey and Triston as they approached Yami and Mai.

Mai's eyes were wide.

"Nice one, Yugi!" Duke called as he and Seto ran over to where Yami and the others were.

"Are you all right, Mai?" Yami asked, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"Uh…yeah…yeah…" Mai stammered nervously, then she blinked and turned around.

"So…" Triston muttered, looking around at the now quiet amusement park. "So…we got them all?"

Mai shook her head.

"Necrofear?" she asked the others.

"Dead. Just like it should be," Joey replied.

"But one question remains unanswered," Seto muttered.

"Yeah. Who conjured up these beasts in the first place," Duke nodded.

Yami thought for a moment.

"There are few people left capable of doing these sorts of things," he said out loud. "Shadi, the man we met in Pegasus's Castle and on the Battle Ship. He has the Millennium Key. Bakura…"

"Whatever happened to his Millennium Item?" Joey broke in.

Yami shrugged.

"I don't know…or at least, can't remember," he said, trying to think back to the last time he had seen Bakura with the ring.

Yami Bakura looked on in anger from the haunted House as he realized his monsters were gone.

"Drat," he muttered angrily, punching his fist into the wall. "My monsters destroyed, and where did Taerro go off to?" he asked himself.

He sighed.

"At least I can't give away my cover just yet," he muttered, letting his hikari side take over.

"Huh?" Came a confused voice, and the others rushed over to the Haunted House to see what the problem was.

"Bakura!" Yami cried, relieved, both to see that his friend was not hurt and that he was not possessed.

"Where am I?" Bakura asked, looking around with the oddest expression on his face.

"The…amusement park?" Joey tried.

"Amusement park?!" Bakura cried. "But I can't remember coming here…"

"Wait…I remember planning to come here, but everything that happened since we arrived, it's all a blank!"

"Maybe he hit his head or something and forgot," Triston suggested, grabbing Bakura's arm. "Listen!" he said happily to everyone. "We can't just LEAVE the place like this. Let's pick up a little, and then let whoever that nice friend of yours who invited us here pay for the major repairs."

"Sounds good," Yami said with a thumbs up and let Yugi back out.

"Yeah, aside from the "we clean up a little," Joey grumbled.

"Guys!" Came a voice from behind them.

Tea, Serenity, and Mokuba were running over to them, waving.

"Did you get rid of that thing?" she asked as she looked around to see who was there. "And what's up with that…that…KURIBOH!?"

"Yes, we destroyed both of the monsters," Yugi replied.

"Both?!" Yami Bakura thought deep in Bakura's mind. "What about the last one…?"

"And this," Yugi replied, tickling Kuriboh a little. "IS a Kuriboh that I summoned to….to help us." (He WAS going to say "as a shield for Dark Necrofear's attack, but didn't want to hurt the little thing's feelings.)

"Kuri-kuri!" Kuriboh squealed happily, floating around.

"But…" Yugi continued, pulling out Kuriboh's empty card. "I believe you've helped enough for today, and you can go home now."

"Kuri…" Kuriboh mumbled sadly, looking up at Yugi with giant, watery eyes.

"I'll visit you again," he promised.

It was only after that did Kuriboh agree to return to his card. He zoomed back inside in a flash of white light, leaving Yugi and the others to themselves again. (The Dark Magician returned by itself.)

Seto, Mokuba, and Duke were all staring oddly at Yugi as he put his cards away.

"That was weird," Mokuba commented.

There was a moment of silence.

"So…should we start picking up?" Triston asked, gesturing to all the pieces of scrap that littered the floors.

Yugi sighed.

"I guess so."

* * * * *

The next morning, Seto was working on a new design for his Virtual Reality simulations (he wanted to use Virtual reality simulations in cooperation with CD-ROM games) when Mokuba walked in holding a sheet of newspaper.

"Hi Ni-sama!" he said cheerily, putting the paper down on the desk.

"Hello, Mokuba," Seto replied, looking up from his work. "What have you got there?"

"Oh, it's a 50% off tickets coupon for Leisure Land!" Mokuba said with a grin. "Were you interested?"

Seto laughed, as he knew Mokuba was only joking.

"I think I've had enough of Leisure Land for a while," he commented with a grin.

Mokuba smiled back.

* * * * *

Later, everyone (with the exception of Seto and Mokuba) met back at Yugi's game shop to discuss the previous night's events.

"Man, I'm just glad the whole thing is over with," Joey muttered, stretching out on the couch. (Duke pushed him back over to the corner, however)

"I don't like nearly getting chopped in half by headless monsters," Mai added, looking at her newly polished nails. "Or being chased by dead-looking ones. Or getting hit by little bouncy ones."

Joey sat up, nervous.

"Oh no!" he cried.

Everyone turned to look at him.

"What's wrong, Joey?" Tea asked, narrowing her eyes at him.

"The little bouncy one…Spear Cretin…" he sputtered. "Did you kill one?"

Yugi shook his head.

"I thought there were only two monsters," he replied.

"Ahhh!" Joey cried, scratching his head furiously.

"You mean that monster is still out there somewhere?!" Mai exclaimed.

Yugi turned pale. There was no telling what a Duel Monster could do on the loose.

"Maybe it will just…go away!" Triston laughed, nervously.

"Or go back home!" Serenity suggested.

"Sure," Joey muttered, sweating, as he fumbled with the remote.

"What are you doing, Joey?" Yugi asked as Joey switched channels.


"I'm going to the news station to see if there are any reports of wild monsters lose," Joey admitted and everyone became silent and looked attentively at the TV screen.

"Yami?" Yugi asked his partner, spiritually.


"Do you think the Spear Cretin will cause anyone to get hurt?" Yugi asked as the news camera focused in on the Grand Opening of a new car shop.

Yami shrugged.

"I don't know…" he said honestly. "Maybe the summoner called it back."

"Well, we'll find out some day, won't we?" he laughed with a smile.

Yami joined in.

"We will!" he agreed.

* * * * *

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