Summary: Hellsing story...Alucard and Seras are main charas...smidgen of undead romance maybe? ^^'' see for yourself...

Rating: PG/PG-13

Death Can Be A Beautiful Thing

Story based off of RPG by myself and a friend

I play Seras Victoria "Police Girl"

Melissa plays Alucard

Chapter 1

                Alucard, a true, immortal nosferatu, walked down a long hall, his face stern and his eyes concealed by means of his orange glasses. His hat cast a dark shadow across most of his features, and his deep red trench coat billowed slightly as his gait quickened. He saw a door slightly open, and recognized the room to belong to Police Girl.

" is early yet to be awake." Alucard passed by her room and stopped to look in, seeing her door open and she awake, sitting on the edge of her bed. She was holding her head; but looked up only when his voice was heard.

                "Hai, master," She rose and walked over to the open door, approaching him, noting the sky darkening as the sun was setting. "I know."

                Alucard looked her up and down, his glasses moving down to reveal his startling blood-red eyes in a piercing gaze. "Come with me," He walked to his study, and sat down in a wooden chair next to a table. Seras followed him with no hesitation, wondering what he could be planning.

                "There is a new collaboration of freaks, I've heard...super freaks..." He paused, sitting back in his chair. "They're strong...almost as strong as I am...Category A."

                Seras' pupils dilated, as she stood adjacent to the table he sat at.

                He grinned widely. "This should be fun...don't you think so, Police Girl?"

                Seras' mind was preoccupied with other thoughts, and she seemed to not have heard him question. She just averted her gaze to the floor, thinking deeply. Alucard noticed she did not answer, and he looked out a near window and grinned even wider.

                "The red moon is out ...let's go outside and enjoy it ..." He rose from his chair, in all his 6-foot-tall glory, and walked to the closed door of his study, and opened it, allowing Seras to exit before he.

                "Arigato, master," He thanked him and walked out, and he closed the door behind them both. It clicked, the sound echoing strangely down the corridor. He wasted no time, and walked briskly down the hall and out of the castle, onto the castle grounds.

                Alucard stopped completely and looked straight up at the moon, his insane grin becoming full, as he took in the beautiful sight before him.

                "The red moon...isn't it wonderful," He stated more than questioned.

                Seras looked from him, to the moon above her head. Her eyes mirrored the image and color of the moon brilliantly. "Hai, master. It is wonderful."

                "My master is out...I can smell blood...she is becoming stronger, but she is in need of help...and yet she does not call..."

                Seras was silent. She looked away at the mentioning of Integral.

                "Like myself, you can call to me, as well."

                She looked back up at him. "Really?" She blinked, then raised her two hands and put her two first fingers on her temples and squeezed her eyes tight shut. She stood this way for at least a minute.

                "It's not working, master..."

                Alucard laughed throatily, and patted her on the head. "Not like that, you fool..." Seras smiled. She was only kidding around with him.

                His hand left her head and he ripped out his guns from inside his trench coat, firing behind him. Seras jumped from the sudden unexpected sound.

                "Just warning shots...there are ghouls surrounding us, Police Girl," He cackled insanely as he shot wildly at the nearby brush, floating around in midair.

                Noticing he had disappeared from her side, she grabbed at her cannon, that was so conveniently located resting on her back, and brought it forth in front of her. Aiming it at a huge sanction of ghouls in her sight, she fired and blasted them and the entire scenery in her path away.

                She grinned, finding this mass destruction ver y appealing all of a sudden.

                Alucard laughed at every gunfire from Seras, enjoying the feel of bloodshed and the thrill of the slaughter. She was getting stronger; it made him more attracted to her. He shot madly at anything that moved, other than Seras.

                "Having fun, Police Girl?!"

                She grinned sideways up at him, taking a moment to load her gun and to acknowledge him. "Hell yeah!" He yelled, adrenaline kicking in and she used all of her ammo in the cannon as quick as she had loaded it, shooting blindly. One bullet barely missed Alucard, still hovering somewhat in the air.

                Seras, taking out a dozen more invading ghouls, fired another gunshot.

                There was a sudden rush of wind, then darkness surrounding her from behind, as Alucard slid in behind her and closed in on her. "You wouldn't be aiming at me, would you, Police Girl?!" He whispered in her ear.

                She cackled in her throat and looked at him through the corner of her right eye. "No, Master, it was a fluke..."

                There was another rush of wind, and he zipped back to slaughter some more. Blow after blow, he plunged his hand straight through each one, making them all disappear. He cackled and grinned, his eyes popping out of his head. He was enjoying this immensely.

                Seras aimed at him this time, and shot at him, wondering if he'd escape the fire.

                And he did. She shot again, and again, and again...and he missed each blow. One fire, however, wiped the edge of his coat clean off, and blood spattered on his grinning face.

                "More, Police Girl, don't stop my fun!" He cackled again and watched Seras fire shot after shot at him, until she was out of ammunition once again.

Suddenly, in the break of the masses of ghouls, he sensed Integral's presence. "Master...she's here!" He darted over to a larger brush area on the opposite side and readied his guns in both hands.

                "Master...come out and fight me like a real vampire!" He blasted the brush twice, one from each of his guns, and then stopped.

                Meanwhile, Seras fell to her knees, the onslaught of ghouls halting, and wiped her forehead with the back of her gloved hand. She held her oversized cannon in her other hand.

                Alucard's dark form suddenly engulfed Seras, his body leaning over her and his trench coat blowing around her body. "My Master won't come out and play with me..." He still held his two guns in his hands, grinning down at her.

                Seras grinned up at him, loading her gun and then closing it back up with a click. She rested it on her shoulder. "Why don't we play, master?"

                He slunk back from her and his hair flew out wildly from his head, getting longer and longer and longer until it surrounded Seras in a portal of pitch-blackness. The moon was blocked out, and all she could see was black all around her. She growled and blasted once in front of her.

Alucard's large Cheshire-cat grin appeared behind her.

"You must practice, Police Girl..." Seras looked around for the origin of the voice, but it seemed to surround her and come from all over. "Try and sense my presence, then shoot...if you are just but a mere human."

Seras cocked her cannon and spiraled in a tight 360-circle. She stopped.

"I think...right..." She fired once in that direction. "...there!"

Having shot right at the pivotal part of Alucard, the surrounding blackness of his hair disappeared, and his menacing grin disappeared as well.

Seras lowered her cannon as the darkness disappeared, and the moon and the scenery came back into view. Her eyes widened as realization dawned on her...that she had killed her own master.