Chapter 70

                Seras heard his baritone voice reverberate through her head and she halted immediately, just a little out of range from the group. A good distance, about seven or eight feet, a just good enough view to see.

                Her eye twitched and she held her halconnen out in front of her, just holding it at the ready, making sure it was already loaded just in case.

                Alucard tried what he could with his modified Jackal, but his close range left them to have the ability to dodge with ease.

                So he ended up bashing one that lunged at him with the bottom of the gun, and put it away. There were many, and Nosferatu were faster than FREAK vampires, naturally. Even his Jackal was of no use in this fight.

                He didn't even see, for the split-second he turned his back, the one that snuck up behind him as he avoided the previous attack. The wolf, however, tripped up the sneaking Nosferatu and gnawed at its kneecaps, giving Alucard just enough time to swing around and sock it in the face, good and hard.

                A normal Super FREAK would have died on impact, but his attacker fell backwards as if running into a brick wall.

                One by one the vampires lunged at him, within seeing range. It was until he sensed a vampire performing an aerial attack, did he shout to his servant through his mind.

                Seras, above me! FIRE!!


                And she was at the ready, with her finger poised on the trigger.

                But she had no time to get into proper position, lying on the ground to better steady the cannon; so she aimed up above her master's head perfectly, standing upright, and fired once.

The silver incendiary round pelted towards the attacker and ripped its chest to shreds, the jolt causing it to fly into the trunk of a nearby tree.

But it did not kill him. He soon raised himself, fixing his damaged body parts.

Alucard, naturally, was not pleased with his situation. He had not faced Nosferatu in quite a while.

It was going to be a lo-oong night.

As the numbers of vampires jumped him, he stayed standing, throwing them off violently with incredible force. His legs still weak, he sucked it up and found the energy and strength to defend himself.

He broke from the circle and ran like a red blur, his long coat flailing crazily behind him; he extended his arms to his sides as if he were about to take off into the air, but used his hands and attacked them to the best of his ability.

His hand plunged into one of them, all the while being chased down by the remaining lot. His white glove now stained deep red, the sigil on the back glowed faintly as he backed the enemy into the bark of a tree.

The vampire only smiled at Alucard, maliciously, as his troop jumped on Alucard from behind, and pinned him to the ground.

Seras loaded the gun again and fired three times, lying down on her stomach to get a better aim of the offenders who were on the ground.

She, as she already witnessed, knew that shooting them wouldn't finish them off, but it might have helped her master out a little. She cursed under her "breath" and reloaded her gun, stealthy as ever, keen on not being caught—she would have absolutely no chance against them.

Alucard felt hands grabbing and pulling him down, pinning him to the ground with enough strength to match his own. He knew that he should have been stronger than they.

He jolted as he felt a number of them brutally shot off and away from him, blood flying everywhere; of course, it was Seras' doing. He tried to push the rest off of him, his arms and body melting flatter against the ground and slipping through empty gaps and becoming free.

He attacked them one by one, but there were too many adversaries, and they were too strong.

The only thing he could see through the mass of vampires was the lone white wolf, whose eyes were glowing an interesting color of bright red. Alucard didn't have much time to ponder this, as the next thing he knew he was being lifted up and something...

Something was awakening inside of him. He could feel it rising, and it was outside of his control.

Her keen vision could let her see every little detail that was going on, from her vast distance. Her eyes widened a little as she might as well have realized what was going on.

She wasn't as slow as she might have let off, she gritted her teeth and scrunched together her eyebrows as she focused herself.

Alucard's body was transforming. But it was not he, nor his darkness. He could see out of his eyes, but was not in control of his body.

The wolf...he thought to himself, noticing the white wolfs red eyes focusing on him.

Alucard's hovering body lowered, and his feet touched the ground again. His eyes were completely blacked out, showing absolutely no pupils within the black depths, and the moon reflecting oddly in them, the glints looking like small stars.

His Cheshire-cat smile spread across his darkness; the vampires stared at his transformation, knowing that this was what they had been waiting and fighting for: to try the powers of the No-Life-King Alucard.

He wasted no time, and attacked them all at once, and head-on. His darkness spilled out on the ground as he moved, holding them all in place as if they had been frozen.

High-pitched laughter pierced the night, as he tilted his head forward, hanging it a little. His hair fanned out around his body.

Concealed where she was, she cocked her head, watching intently. She would think to herself: 'would he get them all?'

And occasional thoughts of 'why was she sitting in hiding when she could help' intruded among her cluttered mind.

Because, her mind cut in, she wouldn't be able to do anything. Not just yet.

The struggling vampires bit and tossed themselves, unable to break free from Alucard's darkness. As their razor sharp teeth tore at him, bits of his hair flew wildly at their writhing bodies like spears, driving straight into their bodies.

Their dead blood splattered his looming body; it only made his grin widen. But the vampires were not dead. One specifically hoisted him off and away, and lunged at Alucard as a last attempt, and sank in his teeth deep into his arm that he caught.

Alucard's shrill laughter pierced the momentary stillness of the night.

                Seras' senses peaked at the laughter, the hair on the back of her neck prickling and standing on end. Her fingers clutched her gun tightly as she gritted her teeth, trying her greatest to keep her presence concealed.

                Of course, she did a great job with that.

                More and more rows of teeth penetrated his skin as they all started to rebel against his darkness, emerging from the black background of his shadows with his hair sprouting from the ends, the vampires clamped their jaws down onto his arms and chest.

                Blood trickled from the wounds quickly; but the more he bled, the more his face lit up with dark amusement.

                He laughed high and dark again, throwing back his head and whipping out his arms to his side. He flicked his wrists and threw one off easily from his arm, as if it were nothing more than a pesky insect.

                The body thudded against his mass wall of hair, and on impulse the ends became spikes and plunged through the attacker's head.

                The white wolf was the only thing not trapped inside of his darkness, however, as a new type of aura surrounded them. The three that remained bit down harder, their efforts drawing more blood, and now they were apparently trying to drink it as well.

                Because of this, he felt his energy weaken inside of him, but still managed his spiked hair to lock the three in place, squeezing them until their eyeballs decided to blow from their sockets like marbles.

                Seras tilted her head back as she watched long, pitch black spikes rise from the pool of hair on the ground, the bodies of the vampires struggling, too; she watched as if she were entranced.

                Soon, Alucard wasn't the only vampire bleeding. The whole area became one huge blood spill, all except for the white wolf, who had managed to get itself into an arching, overlooking tree branch and remain unharmed and unscathed.

                The whole scene seemed to stir something inside of Alucard, a memory perhaps. Incognito had died on a stake as well, driven by his own lack of sanity and his broken Jackal. But the real Alucard was still trapped inside of his mind.

His Madness was awakened again.

                Not even my darkness is this horrible, he thought over and over as he watched the blood poor like a waterfall, through eyes that would have been his, if his Madness was not presently in control.

                A strand of his hair yanked off the vampires that had been pinned to him and lifted them up in the air with ease. With a blink of his rolling, glowing red eyes his hair tightened, and twisted their bodies until he heard their bones crack and snap in two, and felt their limp bodies grow heavy on the strands of hair.

                Being sure to grab at the neck the second round, he ripped off their heads with one clean swipe and descended their bodies to the ground, ensuring their painful death.

                The other helpless bodies writhed on their stakes, trying to free themselves; trying to escape in their last moments...

                Seras' hands twisted around her halconnen; the extreme amount of blood was so enticing she had to keep herself from moving from her spot, or she would have gotten up, not in her right sense of mind, and moved into the scene...

                Who knows what would have happened then, if she did such a thing.

                The few that squirmed on their stakes, started to grow limp one by one. Their jerking motions amused Alucard to oblivion, and he laughed sadistically.

                " food." He said, his eyes slits and his grin so big, he must have been talking through his teeth. From his hair formed a black hound with many rolling eyes, his teeth in a greater number. Three of them appeared from the darkness and snarled, spit and drool lapping from their tongues and flying as they growled.

                Alucard's grin grew so large; it went from one end to the other on his face. His eyes widened, and his dogs attacked viciously against the bodies on the stakes, that seemed to rise from the ground.

                They ripped limbs clean off, left and right. The blood spilling out from the body parts was immensely satisfying for all the gore within itself, he felt like his old self again.

                Continuing the onslaught, he disposed of them all until he reached the last of them. It was barely hanging on, as he tried one last attempt to free itself.

                When it realized that it was a lost cause, its eyes widened in fear at the approaching monster.

                She rammed the end of her halconnen into the ground, and considering her strength it went down pretty far and she gripped it hard, making sure she wouldn't let it go; she squeezed her eyes shut tight and was somehow drenched in a cold sweat.

                She willed herself to stay put.

                His amusement seemed to feed from its fear.

                "Your allies took my blood, and I shall now have yours." He said, an insane edge to his quivering voice. His hounds snaked around the bottom of the stake and crawled their way up, their eyes rolling with excitement with the thrill of their long-waited fight.

                Alucard's actual form was no more than a foot away as his dogs started to gnaw at the victim's legs, dissembling it little by little. The crack of bones was heard, and it lost its right leg.

                The blood splattered into Alucard's nonchalant face, and dripped from his hair that hung from around his face and framed it. His eyes moved, motioning them to back off as he eyed the victim hungrily.

                It had been quite a while when last he could drink freely from a host.

                He tilted his head back, exposing his fangs and sinking them into the neck of the body, drinking deeply until the vampire moved not a twitch more.

                Alucard stopped, grabbed the neck of the dead vampire, and twisted it sideways, breaking it. The proof being the loud crunching sound that emitted from his fist.

                He stepped back, blood dripping off of his teeth and soaking his already drenched body. His servant hounds dissipated into his darkness again, and his hair wrapped around his body, becoming one again.

                However, his dark eyes still roamed the premises for more amusement. And doing so, he turned partially, seeing his servant through strands of blood-soaked hair, for the first time huddled there in the brush.

                The silent audience, the white wolf with red eyes and a dark aura, jumped down from the branch to the ground, it's brilliant white paws wet with red blood. It stood motionless next to Alucard, who paid it no attention.

                Seras blinked, naturally feeling his eyes on her and looked up, feeling herself still drenched in her cold sweat, shaking a little from restraint and gritting her teeth as she clung to her halconnen. She looked like a total wreck.

                Alucard's dark red eyes seemed to match those of the wolves, as his hair dissolved back into his scalp. His feet stumbled toward Seras, and his eyes hazy; as if not actually seeing her.

                Inside of him, he was screaming to let himself out, but his facial expression bore no hints of anything. The wolf followed closely at his heels, seemingly compelling Alucard to move forward; egging him on, almost.

                Three feet away at most, he was at a close enough range to cause harm to his servant. His blood-soaked clothing and skin did not keep him from etching away his wide smile.

He croaked out, eyeing her as his feet moved again. His arms raised like he were possessed, and looked as if he were trying to reach out, and grab her...


It wasn't like Seras didn't expect this to happen to him; she was just barely hanging on to her own sanity, too. She stared him down and ripped the Halconnen from the ground, thrusting it out in front of her.

Her vision was sloppy but it was on a good enough range for her target; she aimed not at the wandering figure of Alucard, but the wolf that suspiciously guided him by his feet.

Her finger snapped and she pulled the trigger, shooting it dead in the center of the wolf's skull. One more time did she pull the trigger, thrusting a round deep into the flesh of its muzzle; her aim was misguided, however, the second time.

She planned for another attack on the skull, or maybe it's heart.

                As soon as the first round cracked into the wolf's skull, Alucard's weakening legs gave out on him, and he fell to his knees, clutching his sides. It was the first time he had snapped back into reality, and it was then he realized the blood that dripped from his being. Blood that was not his own, but from his own kind, no less.

                He ended up coughing up more, his body shaking bitterly as it spilled onto the ground. Unconsciously, he gasped for unneeded breath.

                The wolf, with some sort of living miracle by not being destroyed by the explosive tip rounds, growled and rolled over as a stream of blood poured from a deep gash in it's forehead.

                The color of its eyes was a deep-set blue, a more normal color for that of its kind, as it glared at Seras. Lifting it's body up, turned heel, and ran like a bat out of Hell in a previous direction, knowing instinctively that it was its time to escape before more damage would befall it.

                His body started shaking violently, his glazed eyes coming into focus; blood soaked his body and tattered clothes. He seemed to have his fill for one night.

                He remembered the sheer joy of the feel and smell of death of his kin; his brain urged him toward his apprentice, lusting one more death by his own hands. His mouth would refuse to open to allow him to speak, as he fought and strained for control.

                He could feel it all, and it burned like an open flame on bare skin.

                The blood that ran off of Alucard's slumped form surrounded into a growing puddle; Seras fell back down to sit on her knees again, the end of the gun ramming into the ground to hold herself up, as she had done before. She leaned heavily on it for support.

                She had fallen into a small puddle of blood on her knees and it splashed her shirt, her face, and her legs; she shook all over to restrain herself from tasting it. In her eyes, everything seemed to be in a grayscale, and the blood was the brightest of reds, enticing her more.

                She stared at her gloves on her hands that held the gun, but jerked her head back when she realized her gun was partially soaked with the blood as well, staining her gloves and leaving her to struggle with restraint.

                Her body craved the blood.

                Alucard fought his darkness for control, gripping his sides and eventually falling over, and into one of the many bloody pools on the moist grass; he paid no mind, he was in such a state of denial.

                What his darkness had unleashed was unimaginable, feeling the slight churning of his insides again. It had been waken from slumber, and seemed rather displeased.

                His eyes streamed blood as he looked over at Seras, hardly even seeing her through the redness of the blood. Her view seemed to fade in and out.

                But when he did see her, it hit him with the mere illusion that if they had had their guards up as they left the mansion to train...

                Seras blinked heavily and pushed against the halconnen, using all of her strength to stand. She ripped the gun out of the ground forcefully, determined to get out of the blood she was sitting in. She hobbled toward her master and stared down at him blankly, her eyes looking as if they were literally dead.

                Her voice sounded the same as her eyes looked.

                "Master...We have to get out of here..."

                Covered in blood, he tried to look up at her. His voice caught dryly in his throat as he attempted speech, so he just stared at her, his face holding no emotions.

                With great effort he pushed his hands against the ground and pulled himself up, standing shakily as the blood dripped off him. Seras was in, basically, the same condition.

                She looked at him dully, her head rising so it would not break her trance-like stare.

                "Master…We must go."

                He continued to stare at her, and eventually nodded slightly, his mind still not completely there. He moved one leg after another, slowly trudging with Seras as they approached their well-awaited destination.

                Seras took faster steps, even for her, dragging her halconnen until she realized enough to shoulder it. And she did, finding it heavier that usual for some reason.

                Maybe she was just weaker this time.

                Where his coat dragged the ground, there was a trail of aging blood, and it took them longer than usual to walk back; it was quite some time, being that they were pulled far off into the forest.

                Throwing open the doors without a care, they made it to their respective rooms easier and faster than thought believable. Alucard made it to his without trouble, it being closer to reach than Seras'.

                And at this point, he didn't care about much, besides knowing that he was going to fall over if he did not use the stonewall for support.

                As soon as the door to his room opened, he took one step inside and collapsed as his body seemed to shut down. Instinctively, his arms went first, and his fall was saved some potential bodily harm.

                Seras did not enter the room; she just stood in the doorway. She stared at her master and then walked in, but not before propping her halconnen up against the wall in the hallway.

                Bending forward from the waist and bending her knees, she leaned down to look at him.

                "Master...Here, I'll help you." She lifted him up and laid him on his bed, stepping back to look at him again.

                "We still have a meeting with Integra to complete, master. I can go and get her to tell her that she will have to see you here..." She turned and slowly made her way out, wishing inside that they did not have to meet with her this night; they were definitely not up for it. But she knew if they missed tonight's...

                Since her master was in no condition for walking, she took it into her own hands. She grabbed her halconnen, soaked with blood that still had not completely dried yet; she looked down, noting the large stains of blood all over her shirt and skirt, not to mention her legs and arms; everywhere. She was a mess; maybe it would speak for itself to Integra.

                Alucard stared at the wall, his hands soaked with blood, covering the sigil and all. He was trying his best to calm himself down, but he still shook all over.

                Sitting at her desk and reading a number of assorted papers, a scowl spread across Integra's face as she read the death toll. The faint pale light emitting from the balcony in her study showed that dawn was approaching within the hour. She stirred in her chair and looked up as she heard a little click of the door being opened and closed; someone, probably Alucard, had entered.

Though, she couldn't think of him using the door...

                "Aluca-" She looked up and raised an eyebrow in surprise. "Seras?" She noticed right away, the blood; she stood up in surprise and stared at her condition. "But...What happened??"

                Seras walked in, taking a couple of more steps, until she stood rooted to the spot, swaying slightly as her balance was nil.

                "Sir Integra..." Her voice was soft, tired, and strained. "My master is not able to come and see you, so I have suggested that you go and see him for the nightly report." There was blood caked into her hair and speckled on her face as well as all over her body; she leaned heavily on her halconnen for support.

                Integra stared at the blood, her eyes straining at the sight. She knew its origins, but did not speak of it. She knew, that if Seras was this bad, Alucard could be just as worse. She would have to see him, and question him as well.

                She moved around her desk and stood next to the exhausted, mentally drained Seras. She raised a hand and wiped some of the blood off of Seras' smudged face indifferently and inspected it.

                As if in realization, her eyes twitched and she blinked.

                "I see, this does not explain the events..." She held Seras' weary gaze with a cold, strict one of her own.

                "But for one night, I will let that be. Take me to him."

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