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Resolute 20BBY, Ord Trasil System

Admiral Yularen was looking at the calm dark space in front of him, it had a sense of beauty in it, even though he knew any moment now the calm space could turn into the next space battle between the CIS and Republic fleets. He shoved that thought to the back of his head however choosing instead to enjoy the clam and beautiful cosmos that was just outside the bridge.

He noticed a Venator slowly moving into position on his right the Endeavor was ever so slowly preparing for a Hyperspace jump, just like the rest of the Taskforce which also included the third Venator, the Everlasting and a single Acclamator, the Believer. Any moment now Anakin would enter the bridge and bring with him the news that they are moving out for the Mygeeto system to destroy the CIS fleet in orbit.

And just as Yularen thought that the door to the bridge opened and in entered General Anakin and General Obi-Wan. Yularen turned around to meet both of them. "Generals" he greeted them, "Admiral" both of them said. Anakin walked over to Yularen's Right side and asked him while watching the space in front of the bridge "When are we ready for the Jump?"

Yularen said "20 minutes, we are running the last checks on the fleet" now Obi-Wan approached and said "As soon as we are ready, jump, we need to relieve the Forces on Mygeeto" Yularen nodded in agreement.

When the time came all 4 ships jumped into hyperspace. "How long till we exit hyperspace?" asked Yularen one of the clones who answered "30 minutes out sir" "Tell the pilots to get to their fighters, I want the ship to be ready for battle the moment we exit Hyperspace" ordered Yularen.

"Have the Acclamator ready to land on the planet once the space is clear" he told one of the clones before he joined Anakin and Obi-Wan at the front of the bridge. He said "30 minutes till we drop out, we will probably be thrown right into the middle of the battle" Anakin smiled and said "All in the days work, besides its not the first time this happened"

Obi-Wan being the more level headed one there said "Just because it happened before and you were lucky to survive then, doesn't mean it's going to be the same again, you need to be more careful" Anakin smiled and said "Its not going to be that bad"

A clone said "30 seconds" and after 30 seconds, they stretched back into existence. A Space battle was ongoing above the planet, the CIS fleet consisted of 1 Lucrehulk and 5 Munificent Starships fighting 2 Venator's, one of which was badly damaged and its fighter control bridge was gone.

Anakin gave the order "Launch the fighters, we need to assist the Venator's before-" he was cut off as the Burning Venator turned into a small sun as its Reactor exploded. All 3 of them stared for a moment before the Launch bay doors opened, and the fighters launched, just in time to meet the Vulture droids that were heading to them.

"Move the fleet into positions, the Acclamator behind us, move up to the Venator, we can't allow it to be destroyed" said Yularen, Anakin started running to the Elevator, Obi-Wan yelled asking "Where are you going ?!" to which he just yelled back "I am going to join them in the fight!"

He got into his Delta 7 fighter and soon found himself moving to join the battle that was raging between the 2 sides, soon the Resolute and its Taskforce opened up their main Turbolaser batteries hitting the Munificent ships. This caused most of the CIS Ships to open up on the Taskforce.

As the Munificent Class moved up on the Taskforce Flak started opening up on the Republic fighters shooting down a few before they pulled back in range of their own Flak which devastated the Vulture droids.

A Munificent turned into a small star as it exploded damaging another one, while the Lucrehulk finished the Remaining Venator over the Orbit and turned towards the Resolute Taskforce opening up on it.

Anakin knew he needed to do something to lessen the fire that the Taskforce was receiving, so he came up with a plan. "Form up on me, we are going to hit the Munificent that was damaged in the explosion" he said as fighters and a few bombers grouped up behind him and stared following him to the Damaged Munificent.

The Munificent was able to withstand a few Proton bombs and torpedoes but soon to started falling apart with smaller explosions following before the reactor exploded in a small sun, it came at a cost however as 2 Y-Wings and 3 Arc-170s were destroyed in the attack on it.

The fighters and bombers weren't the only ones sustaining damage however, Endeavor exploded shortly after the fighters and bombers finished of that Munificent frigate and things weren't looking good for the remainder of the taskforce.

"Shields at forty percent and falling! Everlasting reporting multiple hull breaches and shields at Twentynine percent and falling!" yelled out a clone, Yularen yelled back "Reroute power to forward deflectors, order Everlasting to do the same and focus fire on the Lucrehulk with Everlasting, let the fighters and bombers deal with the Munificent Frigates!"

Obi-Wan said "The Battle isn't going our way, I can only hope the reinforcements will arrive soon" Yularen approached him and said "On that we can agree" at that time the Everlasting's bridge was blown off and the ship just turned into a metal coffin for its crew as they could no longer control the ship. Before theResolute could meet a similar fate however, their Reinforcements of 5 Venators and 2 additional Acclamators arrived.

Helping the Resolute to fight off the Lucrehulk who started to lose shields, the captain, who was obviously organic, wanting to avoid his death started to pull out the Lucrehulk and the remaining Munificent frigates. This was met in vein however as all but 1 Munificent survived.

"Sir they are preparing for a blind jump!" yelled out a clone, Yularen could not let this force escape "Tell General Skywalker to return back to the ship, and order 2 of the Venators to follow us, we are going after them do not let them escape, even if we have to follow them with the blind jump" the clone nodded and relayed his orders.

2 Venators detached from the reinforcements and the Believer joined the 2 other Acclamators, when Anakin and the rest of the Resolute's fighter wing returned they instantly made their way behind the retreating CIS ships while continuing to fire on them.

"Sir! They are jumping" yelled a clone to which Yularen yelled back "Follow them!" the clone tried to protest "But Sir-" before Yularen yelled "I said follow them!" the clone complied and the Venators jumped behind the CIS ships.

After a while in Hyperspace they jumped back to reality and were closly following the CIS ships. Yularen asked "Navigation, where are we" the clone responded with "I don't know sir, we are trying to pinpoint our location, but it looks like we are in the unknown regions sir" this certainly wasn't good, but wasn't unheard off, just like majority of the ships that preformed a blind jump into the unknown regions.

A clone yelled "Sir! We got unknown contact, they don't match any known Signatures, and are approaching both the CIS and us" this couldn't be good, they were having a first contact scenario with a unknown race in the unknown regions, and for a moment Yularen feared he and his taskforce might end up the same way that many ships that entered the unknown regions did, lost and never heard from again.

His worry was mostly sweped away when a clone, this time the communications officer yelled "Sir, the unknown ships are hailing us"

Epsilon Indi system, Orbit above Harvest, August 8th 2583

Autumn-class Heavy cruiser UNSC Towards the End, 30 minutes prior

Peace and quiet, that's how he liked it, Captain James Steiner was never one to look for adventures, so being assigned alongside his ship to guard Harvest was a blessing to him and his crew. As a veteran of the Great War he knew better then wish for a adventure, or god forbid a first contact scenario.

But if it came to it, his ship could hold its own against most ships, with its Shields reverse engineered from Forerunner tech, they were on par and in some cases even stronger then Covenant shield. Not to mention its upgraded MAC which fired 1200 Ton slugs at 4% of light speed. If anything decided to mess with his peace and quiet, it would be in for a nasty surprise

And all his work consisted of flying around the orbit of Harvest and scanning the space around the star system, easy enough, some might call it boring and uninteresting but to him it was the best possible assignment for him.

All he had to do was order another scan of the system and then he could go to sleep in his personal quarter, and as luck would have it, the situation would turn from a peaceful and quiet into the most important event in UNSC history after the end of the Great war.

"Sir, we are picking up unknown signatures approaching the system ETA 30 minutes out!" said one of his bridge crew. And there went out his plans for the evening, he approached the officer and asked "What kind of signatures?" the officer answered "Ships, traveling at FTL speed"

Now that was perhaps the biggest news he ever heard, FTL travel by all means should be impossible according to the laws of physics, but here they were, receiving signatures that just threw the world of science into chaos.

"Can you tell where they will jump out?" he asked the young officer who promptly answered "About 300 thousand kilometers from Harvest" Steiner thought for a moment and said "Bring us up to 100 thousand Kilometers of their expected exit point." He turned towards the rest of the bridge crew "Relay the order to the other ships and send an emergency message to Reach, Alpha priority, tell them we have a first contact scenario"

The small force that was guarding Harvest consisted of Steiner's Cruiser, 3 Medusa-class Destroyers, the UNSC Backwards, UNSC Till Midnight and UNSC Evening Star and 6 Paris-Class Frigates, all of the ships moved out towards the 400 thousand Kilometer point.

When they reached the co-ordinates they waited, and waited, and waited, until the unknown ships jumped into system, there was a massive ship that was a half circle with a sphere at its center, it was escorted by a far smaller vessel, and behind it 3 wedge shaped ships followed.

The 2 forces had different markings and the Large circle ship was heavily damaged, probably by the 3 wedge shaped ships in the back. The UNSC couldn't take any chances and all captains sounded the battle alarm, preparing for battle if it came to it.

Steiner ordered "Hail the 2 forces, we need to know who and what we are dealing with" the communications officer followed the orders and started hailing them. He finally got a connection and motioned so to Steiner who just nodded.

Resolute, present time

"Patch them through" said Yularen with both Obi-Wan and Anakin standing beside him. The intercom sounded "Unknown ships, you have entered UNSC space, identify yourself and halt immediately" What came as a surprise to the whole Bridge crew, was that the Aliens spoke Basic.

Yularen walked over to his comms officer and said "Show me those ships" the officer complied, Yularen saw a single Ship that was larger than the Venator itself by about 300 meters, the others were smaller and obviously 2 different classes altogether. All of them were ugly, but from their looks a person could tell that their purpose wasn't to look nice on parades, it was to wage war, that unsettled the Admiral and the 2 Jedi.

The Intercom sounded again "This is your final warning, identify yourself, or be destroyed" the sensors officer yelled out "There is an energy build up on the front of the ships!" Slugthrowers? That puzzled the Admiral and the Jedi even more, it puzzled them for long enough for this 'UNSC' to fire.

It was a warning shot directed at both the CIS and the Republic ships; it went several hundred kilometers over both of them. This snapped them out of their mind and they were about to answer the person when the Lucrehulk opened fire on the large ship.

The Red bolts appeared as if they hit its surface, but a yellow light shimmered where the bolts hit, they had shielding technology. The Sensors officer yelled out "A massive energy build up on the front of all ships" then they fired, Yularen and the Jedi didn't even have time to process the information, as the space was filled with 11 slugs of varying sizes all heading towards the CIS ships.

The Munificent went down in just 2 shots from the medium sized ships, it stunned the bridge crew once again, the idea of them being up against primitive people went out the airlock, a Munificent Frigate took several minutes of constant fire from a venator to go down, the 'UNSC' ships managed to destroy one in two shots.

But they didn't go without losses of their own, two of the smallest of the ships turned into small suns as the Lucrehulk destroyed them and one of the medium sized ships had to pull back, the Venator sized one pressed forward however as it fired for the 4th time.

This time the Shields failed and a large hole went through the Lucrehulk, and shortly after it turned into a star as its reactor went critical. The Sensors officer yelled "Unknown ships, moving in on firing position on us!" Yularen had to act or he also would face the same fate, but Obi-Wan put his hand on his shoulder and said "Something is wrong, I am not feeling anyone on board of these ships"

Yularen had no time to process what the General just said as he opened a comms link to the larger ship and said "This is Admiral Wullf Yularen, speaking from on board of the Resolute of the Republic Navy, we do net mean you any harm" the person on the other side didn't say anything for a while before saying "Admiral Yularen, move to these co-ordinates and prepare to come on board of my ship"

Yularen complied and ordered his ships to move to the co-ordinates he just received from the person and got on the LAAT together with the 2 Jedi.

UNSC Towards the End, 15:24 UNSC standard time

Steiner stepped into the Hangar where Medical teams and a team of ODSTs and Marines were waiting, the Medical team was wearing their Hazmat suits since they had to check the people coming on board for any unknown pathogens. The Marines and ODSTs all saluted when they saw Steiner enter the Hangar, he saluted back and they prepared for the arrival of the Admiral of the so called 'Republic'.

The transport of the Admiral came through and approached landing, it didn't have any thrusters so it had to use technology similar to the covenant. When it did land everyone stood ready for the bloody flood to come out of it, everyone was on edge considering the last first contact nearly 60 years ago almost ended in the extinction of the Human race, or so they thought, because when the doors of the craft opened, the entire world of the UNSC and UEG got thrown upside down.

Out walked 3 Humans, yes Humans, and someone in white armor with blue markings, he had something that looked like pistols on his belt. This caused the Marines and ODSTs that were already on edge to raise their weapons on the white armored soldier who came to a stop when he saw that everyone was aiming their weapons at him.

The Admiral and the 2 other Humans also stopped in their track when the UNSC soldiers raised their weapons, seeing that, Steiner walked out in front of his soldiers and said to the 'Republic' group "You will have to forgive me Admiral, but our last first contact scenario ended in a war that lasted for close to 3 decades, that's why your…soldier, will have to stay on your ship"

The Admiral somewhat begrudgingly said "I understand" and motioned for the soldier to go back to their vessel, Steiner then walked forward and shook the hand of the Admiral before saying "I am Captain James Steiner of the UNSC Towards the End," the Admiral said "I am Admiral Wullf Yularen of the Resolute, and with me are Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi" he showed to both of them

Steiner then said "If you would please follow me, we will talk in a more suitable surrounding" and motioned for them to follow him to a conference room deeper in the ship. Obi-Wan whispered to Anakin "I don't like this, I can't sense them in the force, its as if they are not there" Anakin responded with "I can't feel them either"

When they arrived at the conference room Steiner answered almost no questions since most of them were classified, so the Admiral and Jedi explained who they were, why there were here and who the people were that the UNSC just destroyed. Steiner said "There is a lot to unpack here Admiral. The incident with the 'CIS' can be explained as just that, a incident since they were using droids they might have thought that we were attacking them. What is concerning me is the war you are at.

I can say that my government doesn't want to get involved in it, but that will have to wait. Admiral, Generals, until my superious arrive in this system in a while, you are to remain in it and are not allowed to leave the system." Yularen said "I can understand captain, and I wish we could have met under better circumstances" he was then escorted alongside the Jedi by Marines back to their Ship so they could return to their Starship.

Resolute, 17:53 UNSC standard time

"Yes master Windu, we will attempt to convince them to visit the Senate" said Obi-Wan, he alongside Anakin were talking to the Jedi council about their findings and their current situation, the Council decided that it would be best if the 'UNSC' and their government entered into Politic Relations with the Republic, mainly so they could learn more about both the Unknown Regions and how they could live without any trace of Force in them.

After the emergency meeting was over, a clone told them that they were needed on the bridge. When they arrived there Yularen was waiting for them and said "The 'UNSC' fleet with someone of higher ranking then the captain to begin the initial negotiations"

Just as Yularen said that 6 white holes opened up in the fabric of space, the whole bridge crew stared in awe and horror as a UNSC ship that was 5.7 kilometers long accompanied by 2 ships similar to the UNSC Towards the End, and a more exotic looking ship slightly smaller then the UNSC ship accompanied by 2 more smaller exotic looking ships exited the wholes.

The comms officer said in a shaky voice "S- Sir, we are being hailed by 2 of the Large ships" Yularen was non-responsive for a moment, staring at the monstrosities of ships that just came out of holes in the fabric of space, when he regained his composure he said "Patch them through" and soon was met with a screen of a Human with gold bars on his shoulders and a Alien that was over 2 meters tall.

The Human said "Greetings admiral, I am Admiral Laskey" the Alien introduced himself too "I am Arbiter Thel 'Vadam" the Human said "Approach the Infinity on these co-ordinates so we can begin our talks"

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