Binkie went into her kitchen and sat down on a dinette chair. She just finished tidying up the house and wanted to briefly get off her feet. She gently ran her hands through her canary yellow plumose coiffure and softly exhaled. Her thoughts turned to the situation with the clone. She couldn't believe such a thing was possible much less for her to be involved. Darkwing Duck instructed her not to talk to anyone about what happened. If she did talk it could put herself and her family into further danger. But despite that she just had to know if Herb knew anything was a miss when the clone had replaced her. She delicately asked Herb if she acted a little different during the time the clone had taken her place. She was very relieved but a little disappointed that Herb didn't notice any difference between her and the clone. Herb felt that she's been a little under the weather since late winter anyways. She knew he was right, she felt some days like she was just going though the motions. She had no explanation for her funk, maybe her coming so close to dying this past winter might have upset her a little more then she wanted to realize.

Binkie heavily sighed and slowly got up from her chair. She went to the kitchen window and looked outside. It was a beautiful early afternoon spring day. She looked to the Mallard's backyard and saw Gosalyn playing with Honker. She noted Herb and Tank were out grocery shopping. She absentmindedly watched the children play for awhile. She saw Drake come out of the house and talk to Gosalyn and Honker. Since the FOWL incident, Drake was more withdrawn than ever. Binkie wondered if the whole incident might've been too much for Drake to handle. He acts like nothing even happened; maybe he was in some serious denial. Binkie watched Drake laugh at Gosalyn and rub her head in a fatherly fashion. It looked like he warned Gosalyn before he went to go back into the house. Binkie figured that Drake will probably disappear for a couple hours like he usually does. Binkie noticed Gosalyn and Honker got into a heated discussion before the both of them ran into the house. Binkie figured Gosalyn must have another video game that will have her and Honker playing for hours. Binkie stared out to the empty backyard for a few minutes before she decided to start baking cookies like she usual does on a Saturday afternoon.

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