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A week had passed since the events of the double date at Gravity Falls and at Fenton Works in Amity Park, Danny Fenton was preparing for another double date with Wendy, Kara, and Peter. He was looking at his bedroom mirror dressed in one of his finest buttoned up shirt of the fancy, but not too fancy, variety. After he finished putting on his cologne, he went downstairs to be praised by his family for going on his first double date.

"Hey, there's my young man." Jack Fenton announced with grandiose, "Finally going on his first double date."

"Actually it's my second Dad." Danny corrected.

"Well, I'm still proud of you my son." Jack said.

"My young man, growing up so fast." Maddie said as she hugged her son.

"Mom, I've been on many dates in the last month. What's so different from this one beside the fact that it's a double date?" Danny said.

"We're just proud of you, son." Jack said very proudly, "This summer you have dated 30 girls using that service last month and 28 of them asked you out for a 2nd date."

"And I choose Wendy in the end. I know." Danny completed what his father was about to say. Not regretting the choice he made with choosing Wendy as his 2nd date and current girlfriend.

"Were just proud of you Danny." Maddie said.

"Plus you look great son." Jack announced.

Danny groaned slightly in embarrassment.

Jazz reassured her younger brother and said, "You really do look great Danny."

"Also don't forget to get me a Superman shirt in my size as well when your in Metropolis my son." Jack said excitedly.

Danny smiled. He then looked at his watch and said, "I'm going to miss the bus to Metropolis."

So he waved good-bye to his family and walked in the direction of the bus station. As soon he was out of sight of his home, he went into a nearby alleyway and turned into his ghost form. He then flew to Metropolis for his double date, unaware of what was to come.

In about an hour later, Danny arrived in downtown Metropolis and landed in a nearby alley to turn back into his human form. He then walked to a nearby apartment that Kara told him to meet at. He saw that Peter was already there and in his finest as well.

"Hey Peter." Danny greeted.

"Oh, hey Danny." Peter said back, "Glad you can make it."

"No sweat man. Besides I can't wait to explore Metropolis, which I've suppose you've seen several times already while dating Kara."

"Yeah, I've seen this awesome city several times with Kara. How about you though, is your town interesting in anyway?"

"Well it has ghosts."

"Oh right. Amity Park is the town with the ghost superhero Danny Phantom, though it is strange that we saw him Gravity Falls last time we met. Plus the time he took down the operation of some child psychic who turned out to be a fake."

Danny started to become a little nervous when Peter mentioned Danny Phantom's recent involvement in Gravity Falls. While he saw Peter as a good person, he didn't know wether to trust him or not. Especially since he worked for news agency that was anti-superhero.

Danny then said in straightest face he could come up with, "Well uh, you know. Why choose one town you know."

Peter then said, "Sure I guess."

Danny thought as soon as he and Kara were alone (not like that) he should address his concern about her dating reporter that might reveal her superhero identity as Supergirl to the world.

Danny's concerns were distracted as Kara walked out of her apartment wearing a blue feminine dress.

"You look beautiful Kara." Peter said to his girlfriend.

"Thank you, Peter. You look handsome as always." Kara replied, "You look handsome as well Danny."

"Thank you." Danny replied back, "And as Peter said you look beautiful."

Kara simply blushed.

"Hey dudes." Wendy greeted as she entered the scene. She was dressed in a green blouse and black jeans.

"Wendy, you look beautiful as always." Danny said to his girlfriend, who blushed in response.

"Thanks dude." Wendy then said.

"So where to Kara?" Danny said, "You've lived in this city for a while. What's the best place to go and hang out at?"

Kara as in thought and then said, "Well I do know a good Thai place near here for dinner."

"Sure." Danny and Peter agreed simultaneously.

"I've never really tried Thai before." Wendy said, "But sure why not."

So the four friends walked down the street, not really realizing what the double date had in store for them. Especially since neither of them didn't notice the blue box across the street from Kara's apartment.

Meanwhile, at the other side of the city, a black van was parked in an alleyway. Inside it were the three criminals and their stash of alien weaponry.

"Remember the plan dudes." The larger of the two men said.

"Of course we do idiot. We raid the LexCorp vault and see if there's any kryptonite in there so we can stand up to those two alien freaks who dare call themselves super." The woman of the group said.

"Let's just hope the underworld chatter we heard through our sources that this is true." The smaller of the men said.

The trio of criminals got out of the van and entered the sewers through a nearby manhole.

After a while of navigating through the sewers of Metropolis the trio of thieves arrived at their destination.

"This is where we set the charges on the ceiling." The smaller male of the trio said.

After setting the charges, moving away from where they set them, and detonating them. The thieves enter the chamber that presented itself and the thieves entered it.

The chamber was filled with green rocks or rather known famously as kryptonite.

"Dudes this is gonna be awesome." The larger male of the thieves said having him and his accomplices gamble had finally pay off.

Meanwhile with our double date, our two couples were just finishing their romantic dinner.

"Man that an awesome meal dude." Wendy said to Kara.

"Thanks Wendy." Kara replied.

Both girls having ordered a large platter and wolfed it down, getting a few odd stare from other costumers. Danny and Peter didn't mind of course, both having been used to such eating styles for a while.

Danny decided to talk to Peter and said, "So you work for an anti-super newspaper?"

"Well, yeah Danny." Peter answered, "Didn't I already tell you that when I first met you?"

"Of course." Danny replied, "So if Kara had some sort of secret would you tell your bosses about it?"

Peter immediately scowled and said, "Look Danny, focus on your girlfriend and I'll focus on mine. Besides I tend to separate my working life from my dating life, so maybe you should stay out of my business please."

Danny didn't mean to be rude to Peter, but since he worked for the Daily Bugle, that concerned Danny that if Peter found out about Kara's "super" secret he will expose her at a moments notice.

Though what Danny didn't know was that Peter Parker was actually the Amazing Spider-Man, if you didn't know that then wow you don't know anything about comics do you. Anyway both Peter and Kara knew about each super identities when both first dated each other while using the service and that's how a perfect match was born. Though latest iteration of the Sinister Six had a few bones broken during that night. The heroic couple have been a powerhouse ever since.

Danny was aware that Supergirl has had recent team-ups with Spider-Man in the last month but wasn't really paying attention, since he had to deal with a lot of stuff in the last month as well. In fact, Danny hadn't really done team-ups before using the service.

Then his ghost sense went off. Danny looked around the restaurant to see the paranormal entity that set off his ghost sense.

"Excuse me, I need to get some fresh air." Danny announced to the table.

He winked at his girlfriend to let her know that he sensed a ghost and making sure that the entity didn't try to find anything funny. Wendy thankfully caught on to her boyfriend's wink and nodded to let him know that she approved.

Looking at a nearby alleyway, Danny saw a ghost that he met before. Amorpho the shape-shifting ghost. But at the end of that one encounter they left on good terms that they wouldn't get in each other way. So what was he doing in Metropolis. Probably decide to go back to causing trouble, though Amorpho was more of a prankster than an outright villain, like Vlad, Skulker, or Technus.

So Danny went into the alley where he saw Amorpho and turned into his ghostly persona of well, you know. He then turned intangible and saw the ghost shapeshifter shift into what appeared to be a rich-looking old man judging by the way the ghost was now dressed. So the Ghost Boy followed his target to where he'll catch him redhanded.

But unfortunately for Danny someone also noticed as well, Peter Parker, who was suspicious of Danny because of him asking those weird questions about relating to him, his job, and sweet Kara. He didn't see Danny change into his ghost form, but did he did see a weird blank-face man change into a rich looking old man.

Chameleon, Peter thought. So he quickly changed into the costume of his superhero persona, the Amazing Spider-Man, and followed the shapeshifter before he could cause any harm.

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