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Summary: Takes place after Operation: Grow up. Something's wrong with Numbuh 4... But what is it?

Author: Demon Angel

Pairings: ¾ and possible 1/5 ^^

Disclaimer- I do not own KND or I'd have ¾ 'n' 1/5 in it a lot ^_______^

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"What could be worse than having to leave the Kids Next Door." Numbuh 2 inquired as he leaned against the blue fabric of the couch. At that exact same time a loud knock intruded the five kids conversation.

"Knock, knock." The monotone voices said mockingly. Without waiting for any kind of answer, a large claw banged right through the door, knocking piece all over the tree house.

The kids looked up at the giant robot, occupied by the pale children known as the delightful children from down the lane. They laughed villainously. " Why don't you try kicking our posteriors now." And with a thought they added, "Kids Next Door." Saying it like utter poison as it rolled off their tongues. They chuckled this time. The saws, which were held by the machine, brought themselves together in an 'x' formation. Fire surronded the metal, feeding around it hungrily.

The Kids Next Door team gasped as balls of fire spit out of the of its back. The giant fire balls threw high into the air. It made an illumines glow, that if it weren't a threat, would have made them watch the spectacular beauty.

"YAY! Fourth of July!" Numbuh 3 shrieked joyfully. She clapped her hands while giggling as the fireballs, obeying the laws of physics, began to pummel back to earth.

Numbuh's 1, 2, and 5 ran out of the way.

Realizing that something was going wrong, Numbuh 3's expressions changed. She tilted her head, not comprehending what was wrong. Though there was something inside of her telling her to run, but she ignored it completely.

"Not Fourth of July?" She questioned as one of the balls came closer. She was stuck frozen, unsure of what to do... Nothing was making sense at all.

The ball was coming closer now. She could feel the heat radiating off of it. She was afraid and confused. But most fearfully was the fact that she was caught in the line of fire.

She could hear a gasp coming from somewhere to the right. She couldn't remember what happened, she had blanked out for a few, but as she came to she could feel warmth and arms wrapped around her protectively. She felt safe again.

"You o.k.?" A voice asked her. She sighed contentedly and nodded. "Good." Numbuh 4's voice whispered softly in her ear. She blushed lightly.

"Thanks Numbuh 4!" She exclaimed as he helped her to her feet.

"No prob." The boy responded, lowering his head.

"You saved me!" Numbuh 3 threw her arms around him, now understanding the passed events. She could have sworn Numbuh 4 gasped in pain. But it was soon forgotten.

"'Twas nuttin'." He claimed. Numbuh 3's embrace lightened until her arms rested at her side.

"But Numbuh 4--" She began.

"We need Hippie Hop!" Numbuh 1 commanded as he ran from the claws that were following his every movement. She had forgotten about the battle.

Numbuh 3 looked pleadingly at Numbuh 4, hoping he'd have an answer... Or maybe ask her to stay. But his eyes gestured her towards Hippie Hops lair. She nodded and was already on her way.

He bit his lip as an unexplainable pain seared through his body, though he tried his hardest to hide it. He wasn't the kind to allow pain to affect him. He was a lot tougher than anything! He could beat it!...What ever it was...

His gaze averted towards the battlefield in time to see the parachute fall over Numbuh 3. His eyes opened wide in horror and he turned to Numbuh 2, his pain completely forgotten. "Keep 'em busy!" Numbuh 4 ordered running passed the large boy.

Numbuh 2 nodded and also went for something in his room.

And as you know the rest of the battle was history...

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The force had sent him and Numbuh 3 hurtling towards the abandoned ice cream truck. He let out a small yelp when his back hit hard against the back of the seat. Just as soon Numbuh 3 hit hard against his side. He growled. The pain was almost to much!

He hit the ground on his knees, his eyes gazed up at Numbuh 3. "Yer not 'urt are ya?" He asked.

She shook her head violently. "Are you?" She asked concerned. He shook his head as well.

As he stood he looked at the cooler and smiled. "Wanna get some ice cream?" He starred at her devilishly. She giggled and unable to find her voice, she nodded.

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The tree house was finally rebuilt! It had only took about a week but it was worth it. It wasn't an exact replica but as Numbuh 4 had said it was, "Pretty darn close."

As the evening sky began to come out they sat on the roof. Numbuh 5 had decided to sit by herself, no doubt thinking over everything that had happened and the events that had brought the friends so much closer. Numbuh 2 and Numbuh 1 sat on one side to watch the retreating sunset.

"And that's Ryan's Belt!" Numbuh 3 pointed out. Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4 sat back to back. Numbuh 3 was telling him about all the different stars and constellations. He already knew about them but it made Numbuh 3 happy, so why should he stand in the way of that.

"Really?" He chuckled as she rambled on. His eyes squeezed together as the now familiar pain shot through him. He took a deep breath hopping to stop it. After a second or two it finally subsided.

"You o.k. Numbuh 4?" Numbuh 3 questioned, but didn't turn around.

"Peachy." He lied... He felt guilty about it. He had never lied to Numbuh 3, only what if she were to get concerned? She wouldn't be happy anymore, and he couldn't forgive himself if she was unhappy, especially if it was because of him.

"Okie dokie." Numbuh 3 went on. She stopped for a split second as a star shot by. "Numbuh 4! Numbuh 4!"

"What is it?"

"A shooting star! Make a wish!" She yelled. Closing her eyes to think. He did the same.

He opened his eyes to find the dotted sky and the star was gone without a sign.

"What did you wish for?!" Numbuh 3 inquired of him.

He laughed. "Can't tell ya."

"Why not?" She pouted.

"Ya should know Numbuh 3, if I were ter tell ya what I wished fo' t'en it wouldn't come true.


He smiled up at the sky. He wished that no matter what ever happened to him, Numbuh 3 was happy, whatever the consequence, even if it meant he were out of the picture.

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