Demon: Ohayo!

Angel: You're back.......Where's Numbuh 4?

Demon: ::whistles:: I dunno.

Angel: n.n;; why don't you start writing?

Demon: Okie!

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A needlepoint was injected once more into Wallabee's ghostly pale skin. This time, instead of withdrawing his blood, clear liquid was injected. Numbuh 3 was enamored by the procedure, but her eyes watched in slight horror and distrust.

The holder of the needle retracted the syringe and disposed of it into the nearest wastebasket. They stepped back to watch the effects with much anticipation. Blue eyes glowed as they glared upon the still with intimidation.

As minutes passed with no further movement, or any type of signs of consciousness, Numbuh 3 turned her attention over to the shadows.

"Why isn't it working?" She asked the shadow demandingly.

"Just wait a while......." The shadow spoke in a soft, boyish voice. It, most likely male, sighed softly. "Just wait," he said again, this time more convincing.

"I wish he would wake up now." Numbuh 3 choked on her words, tears slipping against her will, softening her cheeks more. The shadow, however, did not console her this time, but instead kept his peace.

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A contentious look passed upon Numbuh 1's face. It was tiring for him to hold back any harsh words, or even lash out on his guests. He had a bode feeling of doom ever since Numbuh 2 had allowed them passage through their turf. His austere glare only persisted, eyebrows twitching with agitation.

"Thank you for bringing the 'antidote'......." Numbuh 1 whispered through his clenched teeth. Sarcasm was dripping from his sharp tongue. He was hoping they hadn't caught any of it, but to the continuos misfortune he had dealt with for plenty of years, he owned no such luck.

"You have no business speaking words you do not mean," a female with dirty blonde hair, piercing blue eyes, and a silly pink bow planted in her hair, spoke. "And we did not bring the antidote......."

"We thought that's why you were here!" Numbuh 2 objected. He soon became the victim of Numbuh 1's austere glare. Slowly, Numbuh 2 dissolved behind the couch.

Fixing his glasses further up his nose, Numbuh 1 nodded. "Wasn't that the reason?" He looked them up and down skeptically.

Numbuh 1 had strict beliefs. One belief that his father had taught him was to never trust your nemesis, especially when they seemed extra peculiar.

It wasn't everyday four of the five Delightful Children entered their tree house with the promise of a cure for a certain operative.......

The fact that they knew exactly what was wrong was even more suspicious.

"We don't have the with us.......yet......." The female spoke passively. Her two other brothers seemed to sink into the background as she continued to explain. She took a deep breath and lowered her head shamefully, "When we ________ into an adult," a shudder fell upon Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, and Numbuh 5, "we hadn't realized it, but the fire balls held a venom."

"When we did not see Wallace, nor Kuki, in our previous battle, we realized that something might have happened. We recalled the events and remembered the Wallace had saved Kuki from one and naturally asked Father......." The tall brunette trailed off at the mention of the shadowed man.

"As he told us, we put two and two together. We created a serum that will help Wallace, but we were unable to access any way to create the cure for his disease. We believe that Father holds the prints for the antidote. If you wish your friend cured, than we must establish a temporary truce." As he finished off, Numbuh 1 was sure it was a plot to get them to lower their shields.

First of all, their faces were enough to give it away. They were anxious, almost childish like. The Delightful Children were never anxious, nor did they ever seem to have much emotion. Neither did they exploit themselves in a childish like demeanor. In fact 'childish' was not a word associated with them. They fought on the sides of adults, it was unredeemable.

Secondly, the last time they had constructed a truce, the Delightful children had turn their backs on them. In the end they practically left them for dead at the hands of the 'school bully.'

Lastly, there were only four of them. They never traveled alone, atleast not from the eyes of the other children. One never talked without the other four voices to back them up. But here they were, only four of them (or three in the room), taking turns on talking.

Numbuh 1 looked to Numbuh 5 for a quick deliberation, only to find her expectant gaze. She wasn't going to have any part in the discussion. Numbuh 2 fiddled quietly, more interested with his two index fingers, or so it seemed. Seeing that no one was going to help Numbuh 1, or be the one to fall prey to his wrath later on, he gave in.

"Alright Delightfuls...... we'll take part in this truce, for one of the members of our team." He said the last part more to himself.

The three looked pleased with his surrender. "For Wallace." They said simultaneously. Somehow it was creepier to hear only three voices instead of five. Something about the way they were definite smiles, however, only made Numbuh 1 more suspicious.

"Watch out for them." He warned Numbuh 5 under his breath. She nodded her head as she put a hand to the rim of her cap, making her eyes scarce.

"Numbuh 5 don't trust 'em one bit." She concluded, equally as quiet. Unknown to them, the Delightful Children heard each word, and although on most circumstances they would make some type of comment, they remained virtually unaffected, remaining silent until their fourth member joined them.

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Numbuh 3 sighed as the minutes passed unceremoniously slow. Numbuh 4's conditioned had kept a permanence effect, although there had been a few violent jolts throughout the hours. She had been reassured the other blonde that it was only a sign that the serum was taking its toll. Something about the almost clone-like boy made her believe him. Or perhaps she was only seeing him as an image of the boy unconscious boy?

That didn't matter all that much, anyway. She wouldn't have minded if he had left. Although having someone around who knew what was going on did seem to be the brighter idea.

The boy leaned over more the left, in effect switching the weight from his right foot to his left. His cold grayish blue eyes starred the limp figure down. For the longest time only Numbuh 3's attempt of silent whimpers, and slightly harsh breathing from Numbuh 4.

A pair of sky blue eyes opened to a blurry surrounding. Quick stabs of pain made him groan under his breath. All he could see the faint glow of room lamp, but otherwise everything else was calash of colors and mess.

"Numbuh 4.......?!" A pleasant sounding voice called, hurting his fragile ears. A faint familiarity rang within it, but he paid little attention, a head ache was eating away at him for the moment.

The sound of a door slamming was the last thing that registered before a pair of arms held on to him for dear life.

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Angel: It was ....... Alright.......

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