With creativity bursting this little AU was born. Haven't decided yet if this will be a two shot or three.

Backstory wise yōkai are an alien species that humanity ran into after acquiring long distance space travel. As for those with spiritual abilities it manifests in all sorts of ways.

Wiggling uncomfortably in her space suit a five year old Kagome whined. While her mother concentrated on rocking the fussy infant in her arms to sleep. "Kagome this is a public area, behave." The tone of her voice left no room for the little girl to plead a bit even if it was useless.

Sitting back down the suit clung in ways she didn't like as boredom began setting in. Her only form of entertainment sat in a far away box after being confiscated for reasons by a guard. The waiting area also had no children her own age leaving out a few of the older kids. She knew from experience that most bigger kids didn't play with the younger ones often and those that did were most likely forced into playing nice by an adult.

Glance up at her mother Kagome noticed that she wasn't paying attention to her at all anymore. That had been happening a lot more lately since Sōta arrived home from the hospital. She had been told on a number of occasions to be good and do as she was asked. And normally she happily complied being a good girl that got into little to no trouble.

Her eyes wandered the thin crowd and a boy that looked about her own age had peaked her interest. She tapped a small hand against her mother and mentioned going over to meet the boy. Without the usual order of sit back down Kagome had taken it to mean she could go and play.

Crossing the room and climbing up some stairs she made it to the boy. "Knock it off Inuyasha." A cold immature voice ordered from a spot she couldn't quite see.

Inuyasha rolled backwards as he nearly took a tumble down the stairs. He placed a small hand on his head of silver hair. A eye catching color to the human girl as a set of ears grabbed her attention. While he was distracted by complaining loudly she pounced.

"Ah! Sesshomaru a monster has me!" He yelled loudly towards another boy with a head of silver hair.

His golden eyes narrowed. "Then I guess it's our final good bye Inuyasha." He said in a detached manner.

"I am telling dad!" Inuyasha threatened as the monster continued rubbing his ears roughly. "Get off me!" He whined rolling around on the floor to dislodge the pest.

Kagome frowned as she got up off of the floor feeling the suit ride up again. "You big meanie head!"

"I am not a meanie head your the meanie head." Inuyasha exclaimed pushing her back towards the stairs.

Sesshomaru watched as the little girl had gone sailing backwards through the air. It was obvious Inuyasha had used too much of his extraordinary strength on a simple human girl. Reluctantly getting up out of his seat Sesshomaru went to the girl's side being currently responsible for all of his younger brother's actions.

Kneeling down next to her body that laid still below the stairs he worried. She was definitely one of the human young that'd been brought along to this important and vital gathering. His father told him time and again not to cause any trouble while at this place. That Inuyasha and himself could run wild after leaving that just needed to do nothing to upset either side.

Sesshomaru glanced around seeing that no one had noticed what happened just yet. He reached down planning on using his poison touch to get rid of her. Green light softly glowed from his finger tips as his hand was poised just above where her heart should be. With resolve his hand struck downwards in a quick and fluid motion.

Then something unexpected happened as he did so, a small limp hand reached up to grab his own that was about to land. This interested him greatly as his father spoke at length about such human beings existing among the many. These humans could display great power in two different circumstances the first was when they are being threatened, while the second can be in times of extreme danger when death is a possibility.

Her hand was wrapped tightly around his wrist as it began to burn. Yelping from the unexpected attack he instinctively tried to pull away. His face burned with shame as his efforts to get free were to no avail. The heat crawled up his wrist, up along his arm and over his shoulder before it began to burn a path down his chest right into his heart.

Sesshomaru's eyes went wide as he never suffered such pain from anyone including his own father. The little human girl that had been limp greedily took in a breath of air as her chest began raising and falling.

Inuyasha who'd been too stunned to react moved. He leapt down next to them as a feeling of guilt welled up in him. Both his father who tried to explain the strength he carried wasn't human and his mother...it was she who tried explaining to him how gentle he needed to be with humans. He didn't listen to them and now there was a human girl hurt because of him. His eyes stung fiercely as he also knelt down right beside Sesshomaru.

"Is she...still alive?" He asked tentatively unsure if he wanted his brother to speak.

Sesshomaru still suffering from the after shock of the girl's attack subtly turned his head towards Inuyasha's smaller frame. He didn't want to show weakness and gritted out in an icy tone. "Yes, she is Inuyasha now get back to your seat." The boy held back his tears as he returned a bit reluctantly to his seat.

Sesshomaru himself didn't know what to do the girl wouldn't release him from her grip that continued to burn him painfully. He glanced around noticing that some in the room had already started to look their way. His limbs felt weak as he awkwardly picked the human girl up and carried her back to his seat.

Once he was certain that the eyes were no longer paying them any interest he began pulling at her fingers. The delicate human appendages that should've broken off by the harsh tugging from his full strength remained unmoved. As he tried to hide this awkward situation golden eyes continued to glance over from time to time at him.

Internally Sesshomaru seethed as the one who caused this mess sat perfectly fine to his side while he dealt with the little girl's ongoing attack. Though mentally he had refused to admit defeat due to pride, the truth was his body was starting to ache all over while his vision blurred and he grew tried loosing the strength to pull her grip free of his wrist.

Sesshomaru found he couldn't put much strength into his following efforts against her hand still clinging onto him. Then as if the whole ordeal hadn't happened the small hand covered in faint red scratches fell limp.

"Kagome!" The name was called out in a desperate and panicky manner. "Kagome where are you?" The woman's voice even vaguely reached Sesshomaru's ears that felt like they were filled with cotton. The small infant in her arms cried out as she went around asking if anyone had seen her daughter.

A slightly older looking man approached her with his son. The boy was much older than Kagome but he and a few others seen her wander off into the opposite area for the alien delegates family members. Her heart stopped as she began to fear the worst. So many children had vanished never to be seen or heard from again after encountering a rouge alien. Even as they entered a word of caution had been given to keep away from the other area or to do so at your own risk. Since not everyone at this meeting was there looking to broker peace between them.

Lord Taisho sighed while thinking about how the first meeting went. Thing weren't looking too good due in part to the many missing children and young woman. The demands made by the humans were to a point outrageous yet they couldn't make any counters since the humans had kept their word. As all attacks on aliens had come to a stop and didn't start up again until after the disappearances began to steadily increase so as to protect their young. Many of their own species could relate to this sentiment and he was one among them.

Reaching the waiting area where he'd left his two sons and found they weren't alone as a small human girl could be seen next to his oldest, the sight shocked him a bit more than it should've.

Inuyasha got up and leapt into his arms for a hug. The boy was clingy though it usually only happened when Sesshomaru bullied him too much or he did something bad. Lord Taisho trusted his oldest not to make a scene so he concluded Inuyasha did something he knew was wrong.

"What did you do Inuyasha?" He asked while lifting the scrawny halfling up to look him in the eyes.

The boy blinked a few times as tears had began to form and fall. "I didn't mean it!" He cried as the tears really began running down his little face.

Sesshomaru snorted at the display but his overall energy about Inuyasha showing a human emotion seemed too subdued to Lord Taisho's eyes. "He pushed a little human girl down the stairs with all his strength." The older boy said showing his lack of patience for his younger brother.

Lord Taisho didn't know how he should be feeling right now, he was a father as well as a delegation leader. Having two conflicting objectives of one wanting to protect his son from backlash from the humans while the other was wanting to do everything he could to protect the peace talks.

"How is the human?" He decided to ask first.

"She's one of those humans father, after hitting the floor she didn't move but the moment danger was detected her hand grabbed onto my wrist and wouldn't let go." He warily informed his father as he lifted up his arm. Even from a distance he'd easily recognized the red mark as a child's hand print. Angry red lines ran up along his arm and out of sight. Though a few faint marks could just barely be made out under his collar.

He had heard many things about these special humans though not much about their abilities was known to them. The humans also denied having any prior knowledge about them as well. To find one so young and meet them in person left Lord Taisho again split.

"Alright but how is she physically?" He asked instead while walking up next to Sesshomaru with Inuyasha still in his arms.

The cold pair of golden eyes reminiscent of his mother's glanced down at the little human girl. "How should I know? She is breathing again but hasn't moved since releasing my wrist." He reported with a tired tone.

"Why didn't you call for Myōga to help?" He knew the flea wasn't worth much in a fight but getting information passed the usual channels was his specialty.

The boy was too tired to fight his father as he usually did with most subjects. "It was too late once she attacked my wrist things turned foggy..." He said trailing off as his eyes slowly closed shut before once again opening them with apparent effort.

Lord Taisho became worried seeing how strangely his son was acting. As he took a step forward to better inspect the current situation a barrier blocked his path. This wasn't normal, at least not from the few stories he had heard.

Pacing back and forth anxiously awaiting her husband's return while rocking Sōta. The small infant wailed loudly until he'd been handed over to his father who was currently calm.

"What's wrong big boy, not enough sleep? Come now no need for tears." He said as his eyes glanced around for Kagome.

"Dear...I only took my eyes off of her for a second to get Sōta to finally go down and then when I turned back she was gone. I found out from another parent that his boy seen her go over to the other area." Her eyes watered as guilt filled them for not paying better attention.

"Calm down I will go over and speak with someone I know. Hopefully they will be of some help in finding Kagome." He placed Sōta back into her arms before walking off with a confident stride.

The anxiety bubbling in her stomach had calmed seeing him so sure. Taking a seat she quietly hoped this person would be able to help them.

"Tōtōsai would you happen to have seen or heard about a human girl crossing the line?" He asked as a skinny twig of a man checking out some woman clad in battle armor that would never be functional for humans to protect themselves.

"Oh ah it's just you, thought it was those pesky security guards. A human girl you say, on this side. Hm well I did see one going over towards InuTaisho's boys. A right pair of brats they both are." He said while coping a feel before getting thrown through a wall by a punch.

He knew of Lord Taisho being one of the few who actually wanted to broker peace between them. With some help from an oddly dressed man he found the seating area and his daughter. She was currently sleeping next to a pale face young boy in purple robes. He looked much like Lord Taisho though his hair was worn down.

"Um Lord Taisho can I have a word." He called out with uncertainty as to what was currently going on.

The man turned around showing a second boy that took after him. "I am sorry but I am currently in the middle of something." He said while patting the back of the boy in his arms.

"Well I am here to get my daughter, she'd wandered off while my wife was putting our youngest down for a nap." Saying so he attempted to get closer to the seating area as a invisible barrier kept him away.

"Ah...so the little girl is yours. I am sorry it seems my sons have caused your child some unnecessary troubles." He said as the younger one started crying.

"I am sorry!" The boy wailed as snot ran down his face. "I really didn't mean to hurt her."

The older boy just silently stared at him as Lord Taisho continued. "You have no need to worry I have called someone that may know more about the situation." It didn't less his growing fears but at least he had something to tell his wife.

Trapped in darkness Kagome fearfully sat in one place waiting for someone to come find her as she didn't know where she was currently. Dark thoughts of never being found filled her mind while remembering a promise made to her mother.

Fat tears rolled down her cheeks as she'd run off again without permission. At the time it didn't seem like a big deal after all the men in uniforms were patrolling the place and keeping it safe. Her mother had even smiled seeing so many while saying how safe it made her feel.

Now trapped in this empty darkness she regretted not quietly waiting instead. It wouldn't have taken long for Sōta to go down for his nap leaving her mother free to fully pay attention to her.

Sesshomaru closed his eyes again for an even longer length of time. He could still hear his father calling out for him to stay awake and that help was coming soon. It didn't make much of a difference to him as none could apparently pass the barrier erected by the girl.

As a feeling he'd never before experienced coiled around his heart. Not quite sure what to do he followed it to the source. There at his very core he found a foreign presence within him. The faint presence quivered fearfully as it tried making itself smaller. Instinctively he knew this must belong to the human girl. Though that fearless attitude had its apparent limitations it seemed.

Sesshomaru lazily opened his eyes feeling his strength had been further sapped, he reached over clumsily for her wrist. Then proceed to gently push the faint presence back into its rightful body.

At first the faint presence refused to move but as time passed it finally gave in and left. Sesshomaru found he could breath a little easier once the foreign intrusion left.

Lord Taisho felt relief seeing the expert he summoned finally arriving. To see the fox with nine tails come from her perch he'd need an equal price for any help that she would provide.

"My lord your looking rather well since our last encounter." She said with a coy expression while wrapping herself around his free arm inviting others to completely misunderstand.

"You're looking as young as ever Aiko it seems your new diet is treating you well." The smile he wore while saying so left her pissed hearing the implications of those words.

Her expression didn't change though as the smile on her lips brightened further. "Oh my you're much too kind my lord. It would be a shame if I couldn't help you due to you being unable to repay me in an equal amount." As she spoke a fan came out covering her face partially.

"You're always so quick with the barbs Aiko."

"Not as quick as you my lord, now tell me what exactly have you summoned me for it was spoken of as an emergency." She said snapping her fan shut while releasing him to an extent.

"It would seem that my youngest here has offended one of those kinds of humans. At the moment my oldest is dealing with the consequences."

The fan was replaced with a long thin pipe as a pair of glasses suddenly appeared on her face. "My how charming this barrier is not bad for...a child? Interesting. So what exactly do you want me to do?" She asked glancing back at him.

"Can't you do anything about the barrier? It's plain to see that my son needs medical attention sooner rather than later."

Unmoved by his impassioned words Aiko yawned while taking a long drag. "At this point I wouldn't recommend forcing your way in as this type of barrier is protecting the soul force inside. Seems when your boy there did whatever it was to endanger the girl, she hit him twice as hard nearly killing them both in the process. For now it's a waiting game to see what happens, if your boy is anything like you were at his age he will find a way."

Kagome blinked open her eyes in mild confusion not knowing where she was currently. There was a vague feeling of missing something important as she'd noticed a particular smell. Sitting up in bed she found herself free of that awful space suit that wasn't at all comfortable. Looking around the surroundings she'd finally figured out that someone must've sent her to the clinic. A light screen she quite liked of cute animals at play was currently circulating.

In a low tentative voice Kagome called out for her parents. "Mommy? Daddy?" She waited for a response as the steady beeps from a panel behind her filled the silence.

Sesshomaru stepped through the light screen used to split their rooms in two and frowned at the little girl as he felt each of her emotions. It seemed even though the foreign presence was gone they were still connected in some way.

"Will you quiet your emotions human I am trying to rest." The obvious annoyance in his voice was clear to even her.

"I know you! You were sitting near that big meanie head." She said pointing her little finger at him.

His mood slowly became worse having to interact with this strange human girl. "He is my younger brother Inuyasha and I am Lord Sesshomaru or I'll be after defeating my lord father in combat and taking away his title. Now then can you be quite having dealt with your outburst has drained me."

Kagome blinked at him for a moment as if taking in his words carefully. "Hehe...you talk funny Maru."

His face twitched slightly. "Sesshomaru or Lord Sesshomaru will do human."

"If you don't like Maru how about Sho?" She countered while tapping a finger to her chin.

"Maru will do." He didn't know why he'd caved to this little human but the then a second onslaught of emotions not his own attacked him.

She giggled happily as she squirmed in bed looking ready to get up and pounce. "Try to be more careful your hooked up to an IV." He said while walking closer to the bedside.

"My name is Kagome and I am five years old. But my birthday is soon I am going to be six, I am also a big sister. My brother Sōta was born a few months ago. He was just this big when he came home from the hospital and now he's gotten a lot bigger." She moved her hands about to show his size.

Standing beside her husband she wasn't sure how to take the news. From now on all the children that were here with their parents would be attending school next year together. The reason being Kagome and Sesshomaru's little stunt as others now referred to it as, though she couldn't blame her husband for wanting to do all he could to protect the peace.

A lovely couple with a few infants of their smiled over at her. "Our little ones will be in in the same grade together, I do hope to be able to get along well with you in the future." The wife said while cradling and cooing over a much smaller infant than the others.

She tried to smile and act like this didn't bother her but it still did to some extent as it was her baby girl that got hurt and then used. But she also didn't want the fighting to continue either.

Lord Taisho guided the Higurashi couple away as he took them towards the clinic. Inuyasha sat nestled in his arms unwilling to move from the spot so he got to be one of the first to see his brother. The usual cold and reserved facade had been removed as he warmly interacted with the human girl who nearly died because of him.

Kagome stopped mid sentence as she was embraced by her mother. "Mommy!" She cried out happily though it quickly turned to tears. "I am sorry mommy!"

Lord Taisho noticed his son glance over at him. "Father." He greeted coldly while his eyes narrowed at Inuyasha.

"Sesshomaru your looking better." A nod was his only acknowledgment his words had been heard.

Golden eyes noticed the slight change in the once cold and aloof boy. His icy gaze followed their ever movement as if the humans would attack their own young.

Kagome waved a small hand as she gave a good bye to everyone in the clinic. On her cheeks were a pair of stickers while she'd been forced back into the space suit. The anticipation of getting home ran through her as she couldn't wait to never see the thing ever again.

Sesshomaru stuck close acting like he was reluctant to follow the little girl on her way out. He didn't know what curse she placed on him but every cell in his body now placed her welling as the highest order. As his own ambition of growing stronger seemed to be of a lesser importance now. His days that played out monotonously in execution were now filled with a rainbow of colors, sparkles and a lot of stickers. Before leaving she pulled him aside, taking out her pad covered in positive and motivating words to cute and covered in glittery little stickers. With a slight bit of trouble pulling the two shapes free she stuck them onto his face.

"Now you don't look so sad Maru and look now we match." She said happily showing off the smaller version of the ones now stuck to his face.