Inuyasha paced the cluttered floor of his bedroom, while kicking things out of the way as needed in bursts of frustration. Sesshomaru he was an awful bastard but he never knew just how bad he could truly be. Kagome's time had never been split evenly between them as things like Student Council and human friends were tossed into a mix of homework and regular visits to the onsite clinic.

Kicking a ball and knocking over a couple of pictures that had them all in it. He let out a pained laugh finding it funny at just how nose blind he been the whole time to completely ignoring all the signs that Kagome didn't like him as anything more than a friend. Just thinking about it reminded him that even Miroku actively advised him to not try pursuing Kagome romantically so as to not get hurt.

He fell to his knees hating himself in that moment. His brother may have laid down the trap but he'd willingly threw himself right into it.

Coming home early from a routine patrol around campus had been his first mistake as he could no longer ignore the truth. His memory of being excited still burned him mentally since this left him no retreat. A muffled sound that caught his attention could've been easily ignored instead he went to find out the source of this noise. No one should've been home yet but he disregarded the obvious and lost all hope when he brazenly went to check upstairs.

Sesshomaru's door was left ajar showing a neat and tidy space through the open gap. A low table with books open to different chapters and pages were the first thing he noticed before his golden gaze trained on the couch.

"Can you stop throwing my purse like that every time." She complained while laying flat and breathless.

Sesshomaru lifted his face showing signs he knew Inuyasha was there. "That little brother of mine got it for you didn't he?" She pushed herself up onto her elbows to get a better look at him. "Just for that you treat my things roughly? Are you perhaps jealous or something?"

Sesshomaru lifted himself up onto his hands. "I am very jealous, you always carry his scent around, accept the gifts that he gives you and even have date nights. While you yell at me for this..." He gently buried his face into her neck the one placed he hated finding Inuyasha's scent. "...when I am only trying to rid his overly strong scent off of you."

Kagome turned her head away from the door and into the couch. "Stop it Maru!" She cried out in a strange voice Inuyasha had never heard.

"See your yelling at me and later you will be laughing and smiling with Inuyasha." He complained like a petulant child but his deep voice and breath left her beating his chest softly.

"Says the one taking...advantage of our bond ah. As for my purse it wasn't just a gift it was a gift for my birthday! As for going out and laughing with Inuyasha what else would you expect friends to do? Now it's different when I am with you..." The red hue on her face brightened as she pulled him into a shy kiss. "...I want to do so much more to you."

He pulled away after they both became breathless. "So you've never considered Inuyasha as a possible mate?" He asked much too seriously that left Kagome sighing. "No I see him only as a little brother. After all won't we become family in the future?" Sesshomaru chuckled lightly hearing this as he took a quick look over at the door. "Yes we will be one big happy family."

Inuyasha found himself unable to breathe when Sesshomaru looked his way while it was those final words that had completely broke his heart in two. His older brother's threat was also very clear that if he said a word he would never be apart of their big happy family.

Being a coward he canceled on Kagome as he called up his only other friend Miroku so they could go out partying. There were countless times the slightly older boy had invited him out but he hadn't taken up the offer until right then needing a distraction.

Glancing up from the floor Inuyasha once again heard a knock. "Inuyasha there is a girl here to see you." Kagome called from the other side.

"I will be down in a minute." He called as his eyes wandered the state of his room, a new level of mess had been added to the already messy room.

Taking a brush to his long hair Inuyasha contemplate cutting the heavy weight off. It regularly tangled and got in his way if it wasn't pulled back or up into a tail. The only reason he kept it so long was because it made Kagome happy. Now though he wanted to move on from these feeling making a big change to his appearance seem natural.

He changed out of his school uniform and into something that was a little more suited to going out before heading down stairs. To find Kagome next to Sesshomaru grilling his guest about her name, year and even grades.

"Kagura and I take it your Kagome and he is Sesshomaru then? Inuyasha talks about you both quite fondly though never did he mention your detective background. Your very nosy asking such thing right after we just met. Ah! There you are Inuyasha let's go we don't want to be too late." She said wrapping an arm around his and pulling him towards the door.

Worried about Inuyasha she glanced up at Sesshomaru who seemed unbothered by the whole ordeal. "Aren't you worried about him?" She couldn't help but ask as the halfling had a knack for getting into trouble.

Sesshomaru shook his head. "Not at all since Miroku will be watching over him while Sango keeps an eye on them both." He explained having already taken into consideration a few factors that would help ease her worries.

Her lips curled up into a playful smile as she turned and embraced him. "See this just proves my point about you secretly caring about your little brother." He kept quiet neither affirming or denying though Kagome was certain he cared.

"He can take care of his own matters. So we don't have much homework left how about we go out on a date?" Her blue eyes lit up hearing this those it seemed she'd missed the point a bit.

"Oh! That's a brilliant plan let's go spy on them."

He honestly tried to stop her and explain. "Kagome...that's not what I meant." But his words were ignored as she raced up stairs to get changed.

"Hurry up or we will never catch up!" She called down to him.

Inuyasha glanced over at Kagura who was currently driving. She'd told him just a bit about herself which included her hobby of fast cars and illegal street races which was where they were currently headed. One of her many acquaintances was holding a big race soon and to pick the contestants was hold multiple smaller races in different areas.

The drive had been short as Kagura with ease sped through the airways. She had a great memory as each unavoidable check was met by the proper speed limit. Never before had Inuyasha been so entranced by something other than Kagome.

Landing on a old factory roof where many humans, halflings and aliens gathered. A pounding beat filled the night air as cups could be seen getting passed around. The sight of it all left Inuyasha dazzled as he was pulled along by Kagura.

"Follow me and don't wander off, this is a neutral area but doesn't mean bad things don't happen. Now come on I've got to go check in with Haku."

Inuyasha followed along and in the crowd managed to spot Miroku dancing with of all people Sango. He would never claim to be an expert in love but he was pretty sure Sango hated his guts. The dart board at home with a picture of his face that was no longer recognizable.

The crowed thinned out as things became quieter. Two men in black suits could be seen standing guard. "Hey boys how's the kid?" She asked stepping up to the men.

Both glanced at one another before letting her walk through. "He's with me." She'd added when they looked ready to stop him.

"This is the control center where the races of this area are broadcasted live to other places. Haku bought this place after the factory went out of business. He is a bit of a mad man though smart, sometimes too much for his own good. Don't scream." Inuyasha didn't understand what she had meant until his feet came out from under him.

Falling into a black hole without warning before sliding down a ramp left Inuyasha frightened. Kagura gave his chest a hard pat. "And don't forget to breathe." She'd added at the bottom where she planted a sly kiss on his cheek.

"Oh Haku I am home!" She called out in a loud voice.

"Keep it the fuck down you crazy bitch I am in the middle of a critical part in my research!" Came a young childish voice from some unknown area.

"Then learn to be more punctual!" Under her breath she muttered. "Lousy bastard."

From above a box came falling from some place unseen. "Don't fuck it up Kagura he is watching tonight." Haku called leaving Kagura fuming.

"No promises princess!" She called out as a loud bang could be head.

"Don't mind him, his bad habit gets out of hand when he's in charge. So let's go back to the party, from what I have seen at the club you've got quite the moves." She said wrapping her arms around his. Inuyasha blushed as the faint scent of night air and something all her own reached his nose as her softness pressed against him making it hard to really concentrate. "Sound like a plan." He mumbled softly enjoying all of the attention.

Arriving on the factory roof top Kagome glanced around finding the scene more than she could handle. Her senses over the years had heightened making places like libraries and small cafes comfortable to visit for hours at a time while loud and crowded areas were a bit much for more than a few minutes at a time.

"We can leave if you want." Sesshomaru said with hopes that she would agree.

"No we can't leave just yet we need to see how Inuyasha is doing." She reaffirm even as the world around her caused her pain.

"Then let us go find Sango, she mentioned being caught by Miroku." Kagome nodded while grabbing onto his hand so he could lead the way.

Sango gritted her teeth holding back the urge to slap away the hand belonging to Inuyasha's perverted friend. He was an infamous character who had over time become known to the general student body as the wandering hand. As every single girl in the school seemed to have gotten groped by him at least once. He also didn't disappoint to live up to his monicker as he took liberties with their current position. Feeling his hands that were originally supposed to stay on her hips move ever so casually as he pulled her into an embrace from behind.

Sango found herself searching along the crowd trying to pick out Inuyasha in an attempt at distracting herself. The silver head of hair was a bit hard to miss in this particular crowd filled with a rainbow of dark hair colors.

Unable to endure she ended up pinching the back of his hand when he took it too far. Though quickly regretted it when he made a lewd sound next to her ear. "Not too rough Sango dear you should know how your delicate touch excites me." He playfully said loud enough for a few of the nearby ladies to hear.

Sango felt he did that on purpose as more hostile stares could be felt from a few ladies. Refusing to answer she remained vigilant instead while trying to keep her strength to a minimum.

A flash of silver caught her attention, she turned in Miroku's arms keeping an eye out for her target over his shoulder. He moved in such a way that it didn't hinder her view. Pressed against his chest Sango frowned feeling those hands of his taking advantage again. "Keep it up and you will be on the floor."

She could feel him shutter. "Sango dear if you want to force me to the floor why not reconsider my proposal?" His hands went down cupping her ass as he brought them flush together.

"I am working right now ask me on my off hours." She said once again denying that offer given to every woman that he came across at school and on the street.

"You're breaking my heart Sango." She'd ignored him as Inuyasha finally showed up properly along side a dark haired woman in a outfit that stood out.

"What do you know about Kagura?" Of all the people she could ask he seemed to be the most fitting.

Miroku continued to move though he had lost the rhythm a bit. "Compared to other members of her family she could be seen as the least threatening." With each word spoke his body further stilled until he was simply left embracing her tightly. "Please promise me you'll stay away from her Sango dear..." Ever so gently he pressed a kiss just below her ear before continuing in a softer whisper only she could hear. "...her background isn't a simple mater much like this crowd. Don't ask how I know as I regret it very much."

Their positions shifted as he continued moving in a rhythmic manner behind her.

Inuyasha could still remember that night as he sat up in bed confused. Next to him laid a note with a tablet, opening it up the screen showed a news article.

Getting up out of bed he nearly stumbled to the floor. His legs felt unusually weak, something he never had to deal with since his alien heritage kept him healthier than a normal human. That when he noticed a few bandages covering his arms and even his upper torso.

"Get back into bed Inuyasha!" Kagome's voice came from some unknown position in his room scaring him slightly.

"Kagome?" He called out while noticing a few things out of place leaving his room in a clean state.

"Get back into bed Inuyasha." Her words repeated twice more before he realized it wasn't her just not paying attention to him.

Not listening he got up out of bed with a bit more care. Downstairs in the kitchen he found Sesshomaru cooking something that wasn't like him at all.

"Oh how peculiar you didn't listen." The cold voice of his older brother commented without turning.

"Keh, I am not her pet why would I listen when I feel fine." He muttered opening a cold draw.

Sesshomaru didn't say anything for a bit as if he couldn't either way. "No your not but you've been her loyal dog for quite a few years now. She will be upset to find out her good little brother is no longer so cute."

Inuyasha found his hand tighten around a bottle of juice. "Bastard." He growled out annoyed more with himself than his older brother.

"Be good and return to bed it's been two weeks since being exposed to Light. And later when she comes in to see you don't forget to thank her." Inuyasha didn't like being ordered around by anyone since he had gotten passed being a child. "Why in the nine hells should I listen to you?" He countered hating him for stealing Kagome away without an open fight.

Sesshomaru turned around with a frosty gaze. "Because Inuyasha if it wasn't for her you wouldn't be here right now." He didn't stop though as Inuyasha expected. "You don't have to like me for what I've done but she is mine and I am hers since that fateful day and nothing is ever going to change that fact and did what I felt I had to in order to protect her friendship with you." Inuyasha couldn't believe he was actually trying to defend his actions. "Why do you even care whether or not we're friends? Don't you want me gone from your lives instead." The harsh hit that followed his words shocked him.

"Even if I can't stand your presence she's happier when you are around. And really enjoys the fact that towards Sōta you act as a big brother. Her love for you isn't a romantic one but she loves you very much Inuyash, enough to the point of risk her life to protect yours." Saying his peace Sesshomaru went back to the heating unit.

"What does that even mean?" He couldn't understand his brother at all.

"That halfling woman fed you Light and abandoned you to die." The response was terse but it finally allowed Inuyasha to understand what he was getting at.

Inuyasha returned to his room not feeling well after hearing what Sesshomaru had to say. No one could care as much about Kagome's health and happiness as he did after they were bonded together. He still could remember her trying desperately to convince him that deep down Sesshomaru cared about him and at the time he'd just laughed it off. The bastard hated since he arrived, but couldn't deny that after they had bonded those hateful glares that left him feeling small and unwanted seemed to vanish.

Inuyasha was pulled from his thoughts as Sesshomaru came in with Kagome. She'd never appeared so fragile since that awful day. Her eyes shined though as she looked at him sitting there awake. "Inuyasha..." Her voice came out raspy and unlike the last time he heard it. "...I am glad you're safe."

It pained him to see her suffer once again because of his reckless actions. "Kagome I-I...thank you." She gave him a warm and gentle smile before her eyes closed and she fell into a deep sleep.

Inuyasha watched as he readjusted her in his arms. "Thank you for your help." With that Sesshomaru turned to leave.

"Will she be alright?" He asked before his brother could get too far.

"Hm...she will recover though it will be a long time. Continue looking after Sōta in her place Inuyasha."

Inuyasha got up and moved through the morning motions of washing up, getting ready and heading downstairs. Sango in her own school uniform finished the last touches for a quick breakfast for them all, as Miroku happily suffered under quick hand.

"Don't you ever get tired of that?" Sango looked right at him and in a serious tone answered. "Yes." While Miroku adeptly pulled her into an embrace. "Not at all!" He happily said while trying to kiss her. A deft hand blocked him which he kissed as if it was his intended target all along.

Inuyasha tried and failed to keep focused on his classes. While on patrol duty he'd found himself face to face with Koga. The wolf had an amazing knack for being one of the few still able to piss him off.

"Hey dog breath when's Kagome coming back to class!"

"None of your dame business you mangy wolf, now get back here so I can give you a detention!"

Koga chuckled softly. "Not a chance mutt catch ya later." He yelled over over his shoulder as he took off in a gust of wind.

Inuyasha slowly chewed on a pastry that Kagome liked to order them after they'd finished playing around at the arcade. As Sōta worked silently on a practice test it was Shippō, Shiori and Sōten who filled the silence.

"You've gotten better Shiori." Shippō said while getting death glares from Sōten as a small smile formed on the younger girl's face.

"Sōta has been a big help..." She said as her eyes shyly glanced over at him. This got Sōten to lighten up a bit. "His is the best next to Inuyasha, between them we got so many great prizes this time too." She said happily snuggling the stuffed fox that was shaped like a ball.

Shiori nodded while marking something on her own practice test with a pen that matched Sōta's.

"Next time I will definitely get it." Shippō said with his arms crossed, he refused to have others help him reach his goal.

"But you said that last time, what exactly are you trying to get anyway?" Sōten in an unhappy tone asked having gotten tired of him rejecting her kind intentions to help him.

"Not telling." He said while directing his attention back to his own work driving Sōten mad with the secret he refused to share.

"Sōten would you like to come over for a sleepover next weekend." Shiori asked in a small voice.

"Ah that's right your birthday is coming up! Do you want anything special for it?" She asked having no idea what else to get her. Shiori nodded her head as she pulled up a picture on her tablet. "Friendship bracelet? Hmm...seems easy enough to make, I will try finding some fun colors tomorrow when I go shopping with my mom. She is the best at finding deals." Sōten bragged having watched her mom work out magical deal in the past.

Walking the children home Inuyasha felt old after listening to them ramble on. He could still remember doing the same with Kagome who pulled him along on many different adventures. It was during that time she hated being constantly watched over by Sesshomaru.

The smell of ramen had his stomach give a growl. He still couldn't bring himself to visit their usual spot without Kagome so he continued home.

Mentally worn Inuyasha felt ready for bed but decided to find a snack. He felt a pang of bittersweet emotions seeing a steaming bowl of ramen waiting for him. At first he couldn't bring himself to look at his most favorite food of all time. Too many of his memories of it were wrapped up with her. He didn't want to ever touch it again but couldn't argue when Sesshomaru popped up one day and forced him into a ancient styled restaurant. The placed served one of the best ancient recipes that he'd never tasted with Kagome.

"Don't make her worry Inuyasha and feel free to eat your favorite food." Inuyasha couldn't get used to this more talkative version of Sesshomaru.

"You're even worse than Kagome way too damn pushy." He complained before he'd properly dig into his meal.

Sesshomaru looked over the latest reports concerning Inuyasha, finding nothing out of the ordinary. Their father had worried Inuyasha might go out seeking more Light as the addictive substance allowed strong halflings to tap into their lineage to draw upon greater power than they're normally able. Sesshomaru didn't worry as Kagome had assured him Inuyasha would be fine before she'd fallen into this deep slumber. Their father wasn't convinced and wanted to send Inuyasha a special facility, he only held off on this after hearing say he would take full responsibility for his actions. So far Inuyasha had yet to disappoint though it wasn't surprising since he didn't know.

Sesshomaru held onto Kagome's smaller hand. The bond allowed them to share a bit more than feeling or memories as she crossed the line. "You're feeling unwell." She commented the moment she arrived in what used to be a small dark place. It now held a bright light that left him bare to her.

"Being separated from you is hard, I am constantly worried about never seeing you again when leaving the city." Never did he try hiding these thoughts which by now became a constant loop to her ears. Warmth filled his chest as she pulled him into a hug. He wished she would wake up soon but as the warmth faded so did she back into her own body to sleep.

Sesshomaru reluctantly loosened his hold on her hand and gently replaced it by her side as his own determined to find the culprits that hurt her was reignited.