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Chapter 1

It had been fifty years since he arrived in this new world. In that time, with the help of his family, the NPC's of Nazarick, he had gained control over most of the continent. He controlled just under five million square kilometers with races of all different walks of life: Centaurs, Dark Elves, Storm Giants, and Dragons, amongst many other races.

The 'war' with Dragonlords was short by comparison as all it took to end it was killing the Platinum Dragon Lord, the first son of the Dragon Emperor and they mostly surrendered - they did not want to have another situation like the Eight greed kings- enfaces mostly.

A particularly powerful True Vampire Dragon Lord would not give up the fight, she began by bringing thousands of the lesser dragons to bear against Ainz's kingdom in an attempt to destroy Nazarick. They only made it to the third floor of Nazarick where Cure Elm and her horde of undead was slain by Shalltier with the assistance of Ainz and Sebas, the dragon's body was still sitting in cold storage on the fifth floor.

As new territory was gained new information began to be revealed. Legends from ages long past of beings from another world and mysterious structures that came with them. They were still legends though, so it was often hard to track down the source. Adventures would flock to the area in the hopes of a big payday. Items and gold would be discovered and on occasion, they would be cleared out, devoid of anything except the materials that made up such places. If any items were found, the Sorcerous kingdom would often pay exorbitant sums of money to acquire them such that it would not be worth keeping.

Ainz Ooal Gown, disguised as his adventurer persona Momon of Darkness, had just returned from one of these places: an old guild base from Yggdrasil. Of course, the entire mission had been a bust. Not even a single gold coin, but that didn't diminish his high spirits, because today was the day. Today he would finish the last section of books in Narzaricks great library, the great Library of Asherbinal. He'd been trying to stave off this as much as possible, mostly because of who those books belonged to. Ainz even resorted to reading Peroroncino's section first. It had been enlightening if not... disturbing, to say the least.

After teleporting to the great library's front doors, Ainz pushed the massive doors open with no effort whatsoever and made his way to the front desk where the library's main caretaker was stationed. Titus Annaeusu Sekundusu, a skeletal lich, stared at Ainz with the normal blank stare most typical undead wore: Unmoving and unable to show emotion.

As Ainz steadily approached, Titus dipped into a deep bow.

"Is today the day, my Lord?" asked Titus in a raspy, gravelly voice.

"Yes, it is. Can you please guide me to Luci*fer's section? I am anxious to begin."

"By your will my lord. Please follow me." Ainz nodded slightly and they began their walk.

Moments later, they came to their desired destination. A bookshelf stuffed full of novels of all kinds. Some looked like what you'd expect to find in a prankster's collection, such as joke books but also some that looked ominous and dangerous. Resolving himself, Ainz picked the most inauspicious book on the shelf, a brown hardcover book that looked like it had been there for far too long.

Reading the title - one that he felt was very mundane -' The Record of the Four Holy Weapons.' thinking it was a quest item for these weapons back in Yggdrasil, Ainz took the book and sat down at a nearby reading table and began to read with Titus following not far behind.

The book spoke of four mighty heroes summoned from another world to wield four holy weapons of unparalleled might. A Bow, a Sword, a Spear, and a Shield. 'World items perhaps or special equipment like world savior armor and classes?' he thought, continuing to read. The objective of these heroes was to fight off the waves, whatever they were. 'Maybe it was a survival game mode and after you finished a certain amount of waves the weapons were acquired as rewards?'

He kept reading for the better half of an hour when he finally came upon information regarding the shield, it was blank, nothing but white pages. 'Ha, that would be just like Luci*fer making a fake quest item and leaving it unfinished…' "Wait what's going on now?!" he exclaimed as the books empty pages began to flip rapidly and glow in bright yellow, releasing it was a trap Ainz tried to get as far away as he could, even attempting to teleport to a different floor but it wouldn't work! Whatever this book was doing it was stopping any action to avoid its pull. In a state of panic, Ainz yelled to the librarian. "Titus! Contact Albedo! Inform her of what has happened!" For the first time in five decades, Ainz blacked out.

"Oh, Heroes! Please save our world!"

Those were the first words Ainz heard when he woke up. Surrounding him were multiple humans, four of which were corpses that looked like they had rapidly aged. Looking down he found that he was standing on top of a large magical circle with words written in a language he could not recognize, he instantly understood what had happened. These people had conducted a sacrificial ritual to summon him here along with the young boys standing next to him. The old Theocracy had conducted one once in an attempt to kill him, sacrificing hundreds of lives just to cast a 9th tier spell.

"Wait? What?!" The three boys shouted in unison, only to cringe in fear… Ainz was mad, very mad! A dark aura surrounded his body giving physical form to the rage he was feeling. These people had dared to summon him against his will, take him from his beloved family and now they were asking him to save their world. The sheer hubris!

"No. I will not!" He said darkly. He turned to the right and thrust his hand out "[Gate]!"Ainz felt as if all his mana had just vanished in an instant but he did not care, it worked nonetheless and a dark swirling portal opened in front of him.

The mage recognized what he was trying to do and made to stop him "Sir hero wait! You cannot leave, you must help us!" he was ignored, Ainz walked into the portal only to suddenly feel like he was flying through the air, he came crashing into the wall on the other side of the room causing the whole tower to shake violently from the impact and the Gate closed.

A notification popped up in his field of view. 'Warning! An attempt to leave this Dimension has been detected and blocked, subsequent attempts will result in loss of levels!'

"Wait, a notification… I have a hud again, but where did it… oh" he had finally taken notice of the small steel shield attached to his left arm, he was unable to feel it because of the armor he was wearing. He tried to rip it off his body and discard it but nothing worked.

Giving up, he cast "[All appraisal Magic item]" on it. His eyes widened as the new information entered his mind "This thing is a world item!"

"Excuse me, Sir Hero are you okay?" the lonesome mage inquired.

"NO I am not … why can't I leave!?"

"I-I'm sorry Sir hero but you can't." The mage replied nervously with a bead of sweat rolling down his forehead.

"His Majesty the King will be able to tell you more shortly as he has asked you and the other heroes for an audience. If you would please follow me." the mage continued, quickly walking off.

Ainz sighed he was still very upset and thought about leaving them here to deal with it on his own but figured it might be prudent to hear what this was about. "The first thing to do when faced with the unexpected is to gather information or retreat." Punitto-moe's voice echoed in his head.

"Very well. I suppose it can't be helped, lead the way."

Ainz followed the mage and the three boys up a winding staircase, passing steel caged window windows that lead to the outside world as they went. Eventually after passing through an empty courtyard and a hallway populated by guards on each side in very low-quality armor they came to a large, plain-looking doorway. The mage opened the doors before they followed him inside.

"Sir heroes if you would please be so kind as to line up beside each other so the king can see you properly, it would be much appreciated." nodding, each of them did as instructed.

"Welcome great cardinal heroes, this is the nation of Melromarc and I am her king, Aultcray Melromarc the thirty second. Please show your faces and identify yourselves." Ainz silently cast an illusion on himself, taking on the face of an old acquaintance of his, a more Japanese version of Gazef Stronoff. He took off his helm and listened to the three boys introduce themselves. They were standing further away from him than they were with each other. Probably a product of what happened earlier.

"Ren Amaki. I'm a high school student and I'm sixteen years old."

"I'm Motoyasu Kiramura. College student. Twenty-one."

"I suppose I'm up next. Itsuki Kawasumi, still in high school, and I'm seventeen."

'All Japanese names… What is it with Japan and getting teleported to another world? Looks like it's my turn.'

"My name is S-"

"Good. Ren, Itsuki and Motoyasu."

'Oh great another arrogant leader'…. "Excuse me Lord Aultcray you seem to have forgotten me," Ainz stated calmly, flexing the diplomatic muscles he had built up over the last half-century of political intrigue.

"Ah, forgive me, please introduce yourself."

"My name is Suzuki Satoru, I'm thirty and my occupation is Adventurer, Adamantite class."

"Now then heroes, I want you to confirm to me your status."

"He just ignored me!"

"Status?" Itsuki asked curiously.

"You guys are dense, it should have been one of the first things you saw. There's a little icon in the bottom right of your vision, just focus on that." Ren stated. Sure enough there it was a tiny little green box with three little dots and the number one floating above it.

"Do any of you have the number one floating above it?" They each gave Ainz an odd look and answers in the negative.

"No, but try activating it, it could be a notice or something like that." Ainz focused on the little green icon and his vision was filled with a grey box with the word 'Notice' in big bold letters. Under it, it said, Gear recognition system is offline please remove item: !&%^#$* to reactivate this system. Understanding what it wanted him to do, he closed the notice and looked at the readout beneath it.

Momonga (Suzuki Satoru)

Shield Hero status

Level percentage 00.00%

Class shield hero: Lvl 1

Equipment: Small Shield

Skills: none

Magic: none

Stats: Shield Hero class + Yggdrasil stats

HP: 22 + 60000

MP: 13 + (Exceeds Yggdrasill limit) 120000

SP: 25

Stamina (Undead bonus trait) Infinite


Yggdrasil Status

Skills: 52

Special magic: 30

Spells: exceeds Limit; 718

Level: 100

Level percentage: 99.99%

Race classes: expand to show more

Job classes: expand to show more

Equipment: Error! Cannot be detected! Please remove item !&%^#$* to see equipment.

"Hmm, it's very similar to Yggdrasil's System. But looking at my shield hero stats they're very reminiscent of what it was like to be a level one starting off back then, they suck..."

"Brave heroes, if you are done looking over your status could you please follow this maid to a waiting room she will take care of you and bring you anything you need. Dinner will be ready in a few hours."

Motoyasu of course had tried to hit on the poor girl the whole time, thankfully she rejected his advances. Eventually, the maid led them upstairs to said waiting room where she asked them to stay put while their rooms were being finalized.

They sat in a room placed high enough in the castle that they could see the world and city outside, Ainz took the two-seater couch closest to the balcony; given his size, it should have been considered it may as well of been a single-seater. Ren was content with simply leaning up against the wall closest to the doorway to the room, Motoyasu simply sat down on the bed within the room and Itsuki sat on the small embroidered chair across from Ainz. They sat in silence for a few minutes waiting to see who would be the first one to speak.

"This is kind of like the new video game I've been playing... Dimension Weave." Itsuki stated, speaking first.

"It's definitely like the MMO Emerald Online, it's huge how have you not heard of it?"

"No your both wrong everything about this place is identical to the Dive-MMO called Brave Star Online."

"Wait, you mean like a real VRMMO? that's impossible. They don't exist."

"What do you mean they don't exist? That's all they are now... Consoles and Gaming Computers were phased out 20 years ago, it's all streamed to your neural interface."

"That sounds horrific even back in 2138 I still had a PC to play Yggdrasil, it was never the best but it did its job. I'll have to make something up here to..."

"I'm unfamiliar with these terms… what is a video game?" asked Ainz, if he had a human body he would be sweating profusely. This situation was uncomfortable. Why did it have to be him!? "Damit how am I going to explain this? It's not like I can say I was transported to another world before… Maybe I should just say something and hope it sticks."

"Right let's sort this out. How about we compare our general knowledge. First, whose face is on the back of the 1 million Yen bill 3,2,1." all of them shouted different names.

"What?" The three asked simultaneously

"Ok, ok let's try something else. What year was it before you came here? It was 2023 when I… left."

"2052," Itsuki answered

"2127," Ren replied

'Quick come up with something you idiot! Uh.' "The year 2138 of the Age of Gods." 'Great, well done, there's no way they're going to believe that!' The three boys simply looked at him in confusion, each raising an eyebrow.

Choosing to move on just hoping to get through this, Ainz asked "We are all from Terra, correct? Do you not have magic where you come from?" "Please work!?"

"Terra? Didn't Earth used to be called that a long time ago - wait did you say magic? Are you saying magic exists on your Earth?" Motoyasu inquired.

"Yes." he said flatly, "I feel I must apologize for my outburst earlier, I was in a state of rage and panic, being forcibly transported to this world, taken away from my family as I was," stated Ainz, trying to look ashamed of his actions.

"It's fine don't worry about it, in that situation I'd probably feel the same," Ren replied.

"Yeah it's no problem, what I want to know is what was that thing you did earlier - the big swirling oval, was it magic?" asked Itsuki.

"Yes," he said flatly once again. 'Why is this working?!' Ainz thought. If it were not for his emotional suppression constantly triggering, he felt he would have collapsed from stress ages ago. As if to alleviate him there was a knock at the door.

"Sir Heroes, your rooms are ready if you wish to move to them, also dinner will be ready shortly!"

"Thank you," Ren said. Not moving from his place against the wall. They each nodded at him succinctly.

For the next hour, the four of them discussed the differences of their worlds like historical events, Leaders, and technology up until dinner was served - Ainz had also been informed that the shielder was the worst class - he had refused service with the excuse that he did not need to eat or drink because of one of the magical items he was wearing, of course, they didn't believe him until he pulled a ring of sustenance out and allowed each of them to try it.

After dinner, each of the heroes went to their respective rooms for rest. Ainz, well, he was doing the opposite. He had just put up [Information Wall] a simple 3rd tier spell that would prevent eavesdropping from anyone outside a designated area; this area being his room.

When that was complete he reached into his inventory; a pocket dimension that was only accessible by Ainz himself, its outside appearance was similar to that of the [Gate] spell he used earlier in the day. When he pulled his hand back out, clutched within his armored hand were a few intricately detailed gold coins and two small scrolls with a magic circle printed on them.

He placed the scrolls on the ground and then the gold on top of them activating them, there was a bright green flash and in the place of each scroll were two kneeling Hanzo's - a level 80 mercenary summon from Yggdrasil - they were typically used for reconnaissance and assassination, today they would be used as the former.

"Leave this room and go into the city, find anything above level 50 and report back to me tomorrow when the sun goes down but only if I am alone."

"Yes Lord!" they acknowledged in unison disappearing in a black blur.

He spent the first half of the night on his bed going over his classes and studying the new skill tree the shield granted him access to. He quickly realized that even with his 100 levels in Yggdrasil he could not access the full tree without killing and absorbing monster parts or items, it made him wonder what this shield could do if he was able to absorb the corps of Cure Elm that was still sitting inside Nazarick, he felt excited just thinking about it, it didn't last, as it was immediately killed by his emotion suppressor.

Sighing at the lost emotion, he got up and moved to the relative center of the room, and switched to his main set of gear freeing his bleach white skull from the confines of his helmet; he couldn't do what he wanted while in that set. He raised one of his hands to the empty spot in front of him and summoned a [Death knight].

In the place he pointed to a grey mass of negative energy appeared, the mass quickly formed into a three-meter monstrosity of fear and brutality that barely fit in the room. In its left hand was a massive spiked black tower shield and in its right was a two-meter-long flamberge that could cut through Mithril like a hot knife through butter.

It let out a roar so loud that it probably would have shattered the wooden glass doors in the room and woken up half the castle if it weren't for the field that encased the room. It looked to Ainz waiting for orders - ones it would gladly accept.

He made his way over to the massive undead and stopped in front of it and thrust an open cupped hand to it. "Break off three of your fingers and give them to me." The creature nodded in acknowledgment before dropping its shield and sword on the floor, grabbed its right hand with its left, and wretched its fingers off, tearing them off in one go at the joint without so much as a whimper of pain. It passed the items to its master, picked up its weapons, and went back into standby, ready for a new command.

Ainz turned around, placing the new items over the green jewel in the middle of the tiny shield that sat on his arm. The shield glowed blue, absorbing the items. When it was finished Ainz heard a 'da-ding' sound in his head, then a new shield tree branch popped up into his vision.

Attention! Unknown material added, unable to process

'Yes! Experiment complete I think… If this world works the way I think it does, perhaps if I add more to it I'll get something new, that's how games work right?" he shrugged and looked at the death knight standing in front of him.

"Break off your hand."

The rest of his night was spent in the books he had in his inventory, diaries, and novels his friends had either made or transferred into the game long ago… he must have read them each a hundred times over by now but each time he did, he felt a growing sense of nostalgia that never seemed to fade.

When morning finally arrived and the shield and sword of the Death Knight had turned to ash, a maid knocked on his door. "Sir hero the King has beckoned you for an audience with the other heroes."

"I see, please wait a moment I will be out shortly," he said, switching back to his armor.

When he and the other heroes arrived they noticed the twelve people lined up in front of the throne: a mix of female and male, all human, all dressed in adventure gear. After waiting for a bit the King entered the room followed by a man Ainz could only assume to be the king's adviser.

"Thank you for coming brave Heroes, today you will be forming your parties, I sent out a call last night for adventurers to aid you in your journey, evidently that call did not go unheard." The King stated proudly.

"Adventurers, at your discretion please choose the Legendary Hero you wish to join and travel with." the adventures accepted the adviser's proclamation and began to move. Each lined up behind their desired hero with an unexpected result - at least for Ainz, it was.

Behind Ren were four, behind Itsuki stood three and five behind Motoyasu. While Ainz had an astronomical amount of zero. "That's unexpected. What is it with this shield that people hate so much?" Ainz stated no one in particular.

Whispers could be heard from the nobles standing in the rows of seats above the throne, as well as the king and his advisor.

"Lord Aultcray could you please explain to me what is happening?" Ainz questioned in a noble manner.

"Apparently there is a rumor being spread that you, the shield hero do not know much about our world."

'It was probably the maid that was stationed outside the waiting room while we spoke last night.' thought Ainz, trying to connect the dots.

"Is there anyone who would be willing to follow the Shield hero?"

Instead of moving behind Ainz, the adventurers only moved closer to their respective hero. Ainz was about to announce the fact that he didn't require anyone to help, if he did he could summon a high-level entity to do anything he requires. He stopped himself from saying so when the beautiful redhead who was looking at him earlier stuck her hand up and moved out of line from behind Motoyasu.

"Are you sure you wish to do this?" Asked the King with a minute hint of worry in his voice

"Yes, my king." She replied in a cheery voice.

Most men would have lost their breath when looking at the beauty, but not Ainz, when he compared her to Albedo, Shalltear, or even the Pleiades battle maids she was simply… average, just another human girl he would pass by in the street. Though Ainz did feel some solace at the fact that someone had joined his party, it faded as all emotions did.

"Anyone else?" the King asked and again no one moved.

"I see, very well, since no one else wishes to join you, Mr. Satoru you will be given a bonus of two hundred silver to your war chest, you will also have to gather more members to add to your party on your own." Ainz nodded slightly, accepting the advice.

"Now, as his Majesty mentioned before, Sir Ren, Itsaski, and Motoyasu will receive six hundred silvers while Mister Satoru will receive eight hundred silvers. Please accept these war chests, this allowance will be given to you each month. On behalf of the kingdom of Melromarc please accept them so you may begin your path towards saving our world."

When they reached the outside gate - with a large coin purse strapped to his side. The girl approached Ainz from behind and placed a hand on his forearm to gain his attention.

"It's nice to meet you, Sir Hero, my name is Myne Suphia." the girl stated, extending her hand.

"The pleasure is all mine Mrs. Suphia, my name is Suzuki Satoru but please call me Suzuki," He said taking her hand and shaking lightly.

They then began their walk out of the castle and through the sprawling city below - leaving the other heroes to discuss amongst themselves.

On their walk, Ainz had begun to ask some questions about Melromarc and her people. It turns out that Melromarc is a matriarchy, something that Ainz had yet to encounter in the New World though he had come across something close to it, the old Roble Holy kingdom. It was once ruled by a Queen but it was summarily destroyed when 'Jaldebaoth' attacked.

Ainz then learned that Melromarc practiced human supremacy with demi-humans kept as slaves, his opinion of Melromarc sunk dramatically and sunk lower as the minutes ticked by; slavery is inefficient and detrimental to a country's economical growth. It had been outlawed the moment the Sorcerer's kingdom had been founded and then a few months later when the Baharuth Empire submitted as a vassal state.

Myne had suggested that they go to a local weapons dealer but Ainz flat out declined, he wouldn't show it but he was very excited to start leveling up again and any gear he had on him would be leagues above what they had here.

When they reached the grass plain; somewhere Myne had suggested starting leveling up. As they arrived at a clear spot, Ainz spotted some entities hiding among the grass. When he got closer he saw that they were a type of rubber ball monster with teeth, he wondered internally how such a thing could survive like that. They quickly gave him his answer when six of them rushed him.

Seeing this he ran at them and swatted one away with the shield killing it on impact, he then in quick succession punched at the remaining five killing them instantly.

When he killed the balloons Ainz felt something change within him like he'd gained something that wasn't there before, then a notification appeared in his vision that said: "Level Up" he closed the notification and another one popped up with a little (i) icon to the far right of it. "Shards of Yggdrasil Unlocked!" excitement quickly grew when he saw this. He focused on the little (i) hoping it would give him what he thought it meant. Another screen appeared in his view, though this time it was Yggdrasil UI.

Shards of Yggdrasil System

"You have discovered a Shard of the Yggdrasil! The shard emanates with overwhelming power perhaps it can be used to better yourself?"

Shards of Yggdrasil are not normal allocation points, they can be used to either significantly upgrade your stats or to unlock new job or race classes previously inaccessible to you. Any changes made will be permanent and can not be changed. Please take this into account when deciding on placement. More Shards can be gained by leveling up.

XP required for next shard (00005 / 10100)

His sheer joy at being able to level up had overwhelmed his emotional suppression as it had been constantly triggering for the last minute. He closed the notification and opened up his status quickly.

Momonga (Suzuki Satoru)

Shield Hero status

Level percentage 25.00%

Class shield hero: Lvl 2

Equipment: Small Shield

Skills: none

Magic: none

Stats: Shield Hero class + Yggdrasil stats

HP: 167 + 60000

MP: 47 + 120000

SP: 50

Stamina (Undead bonus trait) Infinite


Yggdrasil Status

Skills: 52

Special magic: 30

Spells: exceeds Limit; 700+

Level: 101

Level percentage: 00.001%

Shards of Yggdrasil: (01)

Race classes: expand to show more

Job classes: expand to show more

Equipment: Error! Cannot be detected! Please remove item !&%^#$* to see equipment.

"I did it, I Leveled up! After so many years of trying I finally did it!" Ainz shouted loudly and joyfully until his suppressor kicked in again and it was gone. He opened up the Yggdrasil part of his character screen and put the new allocation point into the job class (War mage). This class would grant him access and allow him to cast more spells than the initial five he could access while wearing his heavy armor but it was restricted to fire, utility, and siege spells such as [Nuclear blast] and [Vermilion nova].

He still wouldn't be able to cast super tier magic in his armor until he got the job class to level 5, though if absolutely necessary he could switch back to his normal divine level set opening up all of his classes and spells.

To test his new class out he picked a large group of balloons off in the distance and cast [fireball], a small incandescent flame flew out of his hand at great speed towards the unknowing creatures, by the time they saw it they were already dead. The fireball exploded leaving a small crater and nothing but ash.

Myne quickly ran over to see what he was shouting about, asking if anything was wrong, but she could feel the happiness wafting off of him but she had one lingering question.

"Sir Hero, what was that spell you used just now? I've never seen anything like it." Mynes' question brought him back to a more rational state of mind.

"It was a simple fireball spell, nothing more," he said flatly. "Mrs. Suphia, if you would allow me a question of my own, is there a way to share experience between a party's individual members?"

Mynes' face was taken over by a small scowl that she quickly rendered normal again. "Yes, there is, just picture you're sending me a party invite."

"Oh, that's easy enough, here" he replied, sending the aforementioned request.

When she accepted the invite Myne spoke again. "If we're going to be serious about getting stronger I'd like to suggest you get me stronger armor and a better sword, maybe if we go back into the weapons shop you can get me one there, this one was already on its way out." She announced, showing him a sword that amounted to a rusted piece of trash.

"Hmm, I see. For now, take this, I wish to stay here a while longer." Ainz said reaching behind his cape and pulling out a small Chinese short sword. Its hilt was small and bronze with an image of a bright five-pointed star printed on the tang between the handle and small silver steel blade, the grip for the sword was a spiraling navy blue ribbon.

It was only a medium-grade item so Ainz didn't feel worried about letting the girl borrow it. "As for your armor, all I can do now is cast a few support spells on you."

[Body of Effulgent Beryl] [Body of Effulgent Aquamarine] Mynes's body was surrounded by a bright yellow and deep purple aura for a few seconds. She instinctively felt like she could take a hit from god and survive. She looked at Ainz in wonder for a second and frowned slightly. Ainz of course didn't notice it and stated "These should protect you from those ball monsters for a few sustained hits, but please don't be needlessly reckless in your attacks."

"A-as you say Sir Hero!" she said in a cheery voice.

Soon dusk fell and they returned to town with a satchel full of monster material; they went straight for the most famous blacksmith in town - the one Myne had suggested earlier this morning.

It wasn't long before they reached the blacksmith, it didn't stand out much as it looked like every other townhouse that stood next to it. The only indicator that it was a blacksmith was the red and white coat of arms that sat above its entrance.

When they entered Ainz noticed the rather tall and bulky human sitting behind the wooden counter at the other end, then looked around the shop and saw the assortment of swords, spears, bows, armor, and shields that were all placed on weapon racks throughout the shop.

He made his way to the counter, "Greetings, I'd like to purchase some new equipment or my companion here." the man looked at them over, his eyes lingered on the girl for maybe a bit too long. "Miss have we met before you look familiar."

"Sure..." she exclaimed grabbing Ainz by the arm and standing behind him. For the blacksmith, it looked almost comical. "... I've been here before, your shop is rather renowned after all."

"Aww, sweet of you to say miss, anyway, who is your Knightley-looking friend here?"

"My name is Suzuki Satoru, Shield Hero, I'm glad to make your acquaintance."

"Well now, the shield hero you certainly look the part but you're probably still a dud like the rumors say… what can I get ya."

"Seriously what is it with this shield?"

"I will leave it up to Miss Suphia to decide, it will be her gear after all. In the meantime, might I take a look at your highest-grade weapons and armor?"

"Yeah, right this way but I don't see why you need it, the stuff your wearing looks like its of way higher quality than anything in here, where did you get it?" The blacksmith questioned leading him to the plate armor on the wall.

"I wish to compare. As for where I acquired it… one of my Children made it." he replied sadly." After appraising the steel armor on the rack, only one word came to mind "Trash." everything was top tier or lower.

"Children? Well, you must be very proud."

"More than you can ever imagine!" He stated proudly. "On that fact, I wish to make a wager with you, have you the time for it?"

"A wager hmm? Alright, let's hear it."

Ainz pulled two bars of metal out of his inventory of a type the blacksmith hadn't seen before. "This is Star Silver, it's a very rare material from my world, it is the same metal that was used in the forging of this armor, if you can make a shield out of it that matches this armor in design in hmm... 10 days that should be enough, I'll pay double whatever I spend on Miss Suphia today plus the construction of the shield."

"And if I lose?"

"You give me back the metal and triple of what I spend today." The blacksmith chuckled lightly and grinned widely. "Your ON!"

"Hey, guys if you're done can I get this please?" Myne inquired, a pile of steel light armor and longsword sitting in front of her on the counter.

"Sure thing little miss, let me have a look here... that'll be six hundred silver!"

"Hmm, that's a little too much, how low can you go before you start to lose on it? Ainz asked, fully knowing what the blacksmith was trying to do.

"I can come down to 520 silver, that's the best I can do or you'll be eating into prophets..."

"That's understandable, Miss Suphia what is the average cost of a meal and a night for the inns around town."

"There's no need to worry about that Sir Hero, the stronger I am the more loot we can collect from monsters, right? She quipped flirtatiously, grabbing his forearm and placing her breasts against it.

To say he felt awkward would be an understatement! "Miss Suphia, could you please release my arm, your advances are appreciated, but unwarranted, I am married." 'That's a complete lie!'

"Oh, I see… my apologies then," she replied awkwardly and released his arm.

Ainz looked at the blacksmith who was scratching the top of his head and looking down as if trying to forget the event. "Ahem…" Ainz coughed attempting to get the man's attention. "I accept your price, we will take all these."

"Ah, that's great hero, gotta say you have a nose for good business!"

"Thank you Sir hero." Myne chirped happily.

"Before we go, could you tell me if there is a trader or merchant in this city who will exchange Monster parts for coin?"

"Oh, yeah there is one down the street but I hear his exchange rate sucks so it might be worth looking around for a better dealer."

"Thank you, the help is most welcome."

"No worries you take care now and I'll have that shield ready before you know it.

"Hmph, We will see."

It was already night by the time they found a decent inn and Myne was beginning to become hungry. "Miss Suphia I will pay for your meals and then I fear I must turn in for the day."

"Oh no, Sir hero, I was hoping you would join me for dinner and a glass of wine. I hear they have an exquisite vintage here, are you sure you don't want to stay and try it with me?"

"I'm sorry but perhaps another time, not tonight there are other things I must do," he said flatly, shaking the bag and the shield.

"I see then, I'll head up after I'm done."

When Ainz got to his room he locked his door and put up another [Information wall], he then went to the rooms only windows and opened them, allowing the Hanzo's who were standing on the wall outside to enter and kneel inside.


"Yes my lord, we are sorry to report we have found nothing that fits the typical description of level 50."

"Elaborate. What do you mean by typical description?"

"Yes, Lord! While we have found multiple entities over level 50 their stats are not consistent with that of a normal level 50."

"Can you give me an example?"

"Oh, yes my Lord there is a wolf creature of some kind. It is indeed level 75 but Its stats are more consistent with that of a level 30 beast-man."

"Interesting… where is it located?" he asked incredulously.

"Near the east side of town. Held within a cage Inside what appears to be a large yellow and grey war tent. It is also surrounded by lots of other creatures and a few very low-level demi-humans."

"Thank you I will look into it at a later time. For now, you may leave, separate, and continue your search, stay within a fifteen-kilometer radius and notify me if you find anything interesting.

"By your will O summoner mine!"

As they left, Ainz sat down on the bed and started feeding the material he got from the balloon monsters to his Shield. It took a decent number of scraps to unlock the rather aptly named orange and yellow shields, all they did was give him an insignificant stat increase, but it was an increase nonetheless.

Deciding he wasn't going to just sit around all night, he put the now lighter silver pouch into his inventory and cast [Greater Teleportation] leaving an empty room behind, unaware of the plot taking shape outside the door.

Ainz appeared next to the tree he had been grinding next to all day. He stayed there casting [fireball] after [fireball] killing hundreds, probably thousands of little ball monsters gaining level after level after level, reducing them all to ash and dust.

When the sun rose to greet him for his third day on this world he had unequivocally had enough of grinding these stupid little monsters and returned to his room via [Gate]

Upon returning there was an incessant knocking and shouting at his door. "Shield hero! Open this fucking door! The king wants to talk to you!"

Ainz opened the door before the soldier could start knocking again, the man's hand mid-swing. "What seems to be the problem, is the king in need of my services?"

"Yeah you could say that… you're under arrest!"

Ainz backed away, slightly taken aback. "What for? This has to be some kind of misunderstanding?"

"You'll have to ask the king when you get there, come quietly or else." The knight said, his voice mild and commanding.

"I see, I will come along in hopes that we can sort this out, I am willing to work with you. I would not jeopardize myself for no reason," he said calmly, turning around with his arms behind his back.

"What'd you do that for?" the knight asked

"Is it not proper procedure to cuff someone under arrest or is that not a policy of this nation?"

"No it is, we were just expecting you to resist a little that's all."

"I have done nothing wrong. I simply wish to sort this out in a civilized manner, therefore I have no reason to resist."

"I see then thank you shield hero." It took some time to find cuffs big enough to fit around Ainz's armored hands, he was willing to work with them but he flat out refused to take off his armor for any reason.

As they reached the castle's gate the man who had arrested him handed him over to another more gruff-looking soldier, this one was much less considerate of Ainz's plight.

When pushing him didn't work the man resorted to yelling "Get a move on!" when Ainz did as instructed and moved faster the man would shout "Slow down! Are you trying to flee you coward?" When Ainz replied calmly "No, I was simply doing as instructed." the man would become angry and start yelling, they continued this dance until they reached the throne room.

Inside were nobles, the mage who had summoned them, the King and his advisor, a taller man in a green cloak, the other 3 heroes, and finally Myne who was cowering behind Motoyasu.

Ainz was taken to the middle of the room where he was surrounded by guards who then pointed oddly three-prong spears at his helm; some had chosen to stand by further out but Ainz could tell they were tense.

"Miss Suphia are you ok?" he asked with a tone of worry, in response she further cowered into Motoyasus's shoulder.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Your majesty this has to be some kind of misunderstandi-

"Silence You Filth!" the king shouted in rage.

"What is going on?"

"Haar…" sighed Aultcray leaning into his rested arm and closing his eyes "Myne my dear I'm sorry to ask, but would you please repeat your testimony?

"Mm-hm." She whimpered "I-it happened last night, the shield hero forced his way into my room... He was stinking drunk. He grabbed me and pinned me down on my bed and said something like "the night is still young, my dear" and the next thing I know he was tearing all my clothes off..."

'What is she talking about? I was in the field all night. Could it be something like a greater doppelganger or an illusionist?'

"...Somehow I managed to escape, I ran down the hall for help I found Sir Motoyasu who happened to be staying in the inn."

'What the hell?'

"If she had not asked me to wait till morning to call the knights I would have gladly cut you down myself," Motoyasu stated angrily, holding Myne tightly to his chest.

"That could not have been me, I didn't stay there last night. I did not require sleep so I went out into the field to level up. I have a sp-

"I said, Silence devil! I will not suffer to hear your belialed excuses a moment longer! To think the cardinal shield would commit the greatest sin in this country!"

'Devil? What is going ON?!'

"In Melromarc even attempted sexual assault on a woman is punishable by death! The adviser announced.

"Think you, idiot!"

"Let me take over," a deep voice boomed in his mind.

"No this is the first time I've been out in months, I'll handle it."

"If you wish, I suggest you show them Albedo, though it pains me to use her in such a fashion, this may be the best course of action, besides taking off your helmet."

"We both know that will make this worse."

"Your majesty I assure you it wasn't me. [Mirage]" The entire courtroom was stunned into silence as the most beautiful women they had ever seen appeared standing next to the shield hero. She wore a beautiful pure white dress, and the faint smile on her face was that of a goddess. In stark contrast to her dress, her hair was a blowing, lustrous jet-black that reached down to her waist accentuating her hips. Although her golden irises and vertically-slitted pupils were somewhat odd, apart from those she could easily be considered a world-class beauty. However, a pair of curved horns sprouted from the sides of her head. In addition, a pair of black-feathered wings emerged from her waist. She wore a golden necklace that patterned after a spiderweb. It extended from her shoulders down to the tops of her breasts. Her slender wrists were covered in a pair of lustrous silk gloves.

"I have a wife and family in my world, why would I stoop so low as to… ahem, assault some girl who is a fat ugly cow by comparison?"

The king's face grew red and enraged as every word spilled from his helmet. He didn't look at Myne but he expected she would look the same. "I do not dane to know the goings-on inside a monster's head! Let alone one that consults with demi-humans!" he growled. His face grew sinister and nodded towards one of the knights standing off to the side, the same one who brought him in from the Castle gate.

"Your majesty." the knight bowed. "When we performed a search of the Shield heroes room we… um found this, strewn across his bed." the Knight stated holding up a torn frilly purple bra. Seeing this, Myne blushed a deep shade of red, squealed, hid her face, and ran behind Motoyasu once again.

"You fucking animal!" the spear hero shouted angrily.

"This has to be set up, but who?"

"The proof seems rather undeniable don't you think?" Aultcray stated confidently.

"How so? This "evidence" is circumstantial at best and planted at worst. It wasn't there when I returned to my room, nor was it there when I left last night."

"Silence shield devil!" the king exclaimed.


"So you're a cheating bastard and a rapist to boot, I would have thought you were someone with higher moral values than this? I guess because you think you're a hero you could get away with it," said Itsuki.

"I wish to kill that one." a whisper at the back of his mind said.

Seeing that both Motoyasu and Itsuki were both against him Ainz turned to Ren in the hopes someone would at least see reason "Sir Ren in the past few days you've known me, have I at any point seemed like the kind of man to do this kind of thing?"

"I can't say, I don't know you."

Myne opened the hands that were covering her face and smiled dainty, her left hand then fell away from her face and her right pulled down the underside of her eye slightly, revealing the pink flesh underneath, to further add insult to injury she stuck out her tongue.

"Oh, so that is what is going on here…" Suzuki said in a deep voice far deeper than his normal tone. He snapped the chain binding his cuffs together and moved to step forward before his armored foot even reached the red carpet below. The world froze… time came to a complete stop, nothing moved, not even air inside the room, everything. All except Ainz Ooal Gown.

In this world devoid of time he moved past the guards that had surrounded him, weaving between the multiple pitchforked spears that had been in his way, calmly moved past the three 'heroes' and to the conniving brat that had caused this stupid mess... He waited for time to resume its flow, placing his large hand on her tiny neck just under her chin. When the [Time Stop] spell ended he picked the girl up before she even realized what was happening, when she did her eyes widened and she screamed in fear.

For those who had witnessed what happened, Ainz would have looked like he blurred out of existence and appeared with the girl in his hands. When the nobles saw this, they bolted for the door, only to find it locked.

"You don't realize who you're messing with, do YOU?! I've been nothing but polite and candid towards you and this country and what do I get for it? A stuck-up brat that is intent on slandering my name."

"Sir Motoyasu help me?!" screamed Myne.

"You bastard! Let her GO!" the Spear Hero yelled, finally realizing where the armored knight had gone, charging at him with his spear. In response, Ainz turned his body, his right arm extending as he did so, and caught the tip of the spear in between two of his fingers. Try as he might, the spear hero could not remove his weapon from the iron grip.

By this time Itsuki and Ren had moved to flank him, attacking from each side. Itsuki shot a flaming arrow and Ren swung his sword as hard as he could. Both, aiming for the neck of the Shield Hero and failed to hit their mark, bouncing off the Passive Shield that encased the body of their target.

"What the hell was that?" asked Itsuki

"You were too weak to get past my defenses… thus the attack bounced off me as yours just now did."

"But how is that possible? There's no way you could have leveled up that quick, you're only the shield?" Ren asked, his face contorted into anger and confusion.

"And you would be correct if not for the fact that I was already that strong when I was transported to this world," his voice changed. "I've only gained 5 shield levels grinding all yesterday and last night."


"[Shock Wave] Ainz Incanted cutting off Itsuki and sending all three 'heroes' and the guards to the other side of the giant room, sliding along the floor and into the wall, knocking them and the nobles out.

In what she thought was a moment of ignorance Myne stabbed him in the back of his neck where she could see a small gap; with the sword, he had bought for her earlier, Myne smiled at the successful hit and thought. 'This fool will Die for calling me Ugly!'

Her grin instantly turned fearful when he grabbed the sword with his gloved hand and twisted, snapping it in two. "Were you listening to a single word I said, what made you think that you could hurt me when they could not."


"I noticed yesterday you seem to like using your body to manipulate others, I'm sure someone such as Motoyasu would appreciate it more than I, punishment is due all the same, let's see how much you like it when you're trapped inside it, unable to talk, unable to move." [Extend Boosted Magic: Paralyse] Mynes's body went limp like a ragdoll, and meekly fell out of his hand as he opened it and turned to the thrones.

"For you, my foolish king... [Force Teleport]" the king disappeared in blue light and reappeared in Ainz's hand. "I wish to know how I might leave this world, tell me and I may think to forgive you for these ridiculous accusations. If you do not… Well, I may not be able to leave this world but I can bring others here..."

"Yes! yes!" he replied in fear. "Just don't hurt my daughter!"

"Daughter? What daughter?" asked Ainz, intently looking into the eyes of the king. Unbeknownst to Aultcray his eyes momentarily drifted to the limp unmoving girl on the floor.

"Oh, her. So this was a setup… that is irrelevant now. She's not dead if that's what you're so worried about, just… otherwise occupied. Now how do I leave?.

"You can't! Not until you die or fend off all the waves!" Aultcray shouted in desperation, pulling at his thumb in an attempt to remove himself from the overlord's grip. The king's strength was surprisingly immense, but unfortunately for him, a quick silent cast of [Perfect Warrior] was enough to dissuade him.

"That's not what I want to hear…" his grip redoubling.

"Aackk, That's all I know! I swear!" he coughed, the Overlord's grip growing tighter on his neck

"I see, then it seems I am forced to stay here... How long until the next wave and how often do they appear?"

"Four weeks, Cough* the dra-

"My king you can't! he-!" his adviser shouted urgently, Only for his voice cut out inside his throat when Ainz cast [Perfect Silence] on him.

"You were saying…"

"Y-yes, the dragon hourglass tells us when the next wave will appear."

"Where can I find this hourglass?"

"Inside the three heroes church! the building with the three great towers in the middle of town."

"Whether you want me to or not I'm going to save this world," Ainz stated ominously, bringing the king just close enough to the eye slit in his helm to see the deep red soul fire within.

Aultcray' eyes went wider in fear. "W-what are you?" He asked meekly.

"You wanted a devil of the shield? You got one." He announced throwing the royal 'lightly' into his throne with enough force to crack the wood it was made of. Ainz then turned in one fluid motion - his long red Cape flowing as if there was a light breeze within the room - and made his way to leave. He stopped just before the bitch and looked down at her, her eyes wide in fear, whimpers leaking from her barely audible voice. "You people will not take anything else from me." he declared, pointing at the armor she stole.

[Destroy Lesser Object] the armor started to creak and crack then disintegrated into blue motes of light that floated away into the aether. All he left the girl with was the leather dress she had on when they met. Then continued on his way.

He suddenly stopped before the exit and looked up to the balcony overlooking the throne room and spoke "I hope you enjoyed the show, girl in the shadows." he said, leaving through the massive door he punched right off its hinges and leaving a fist-shaped crater.


So I know some of you are going to point out that Ainz being able to use Gate to get back to Nazarick is a bit broken so to counter that I'd like to point out that in Yggdrasil, [Gate] was the main spell players used to get around the 9 realms ( 9 individual planets separated by different dimensions) To also add to my point I'd like to direct you to the overlord wiki where the description of the spell is listed. "Summons a portal, allowing travel of a large number of people over great distances. It has no limits on distance and a 0% chance of teleport mishaps. It is considered to be the highest tier of teleportation magic."

This is a stomp at the start, Ainz is way too broken and powerful for the shield hero world and some creative liberties had to be taken to write it the way I wanted to. The plot reason for this is both a combination of world-class items'(WCI) ability to break rules of the world and a player's level system to count across worlds as it did in the game. Every world item that exists inside Raphtalias world is a little bit of Yggdrasil exerting its will on it hence why Ainz can do what he can.

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