Day 1

Hello my name is Kath I am 4 yrs old. My mommy told me to hide in the closet. I don't know why though. All I here is yelling right now and it is scaring me. There was a loud bang down stairs it scares me. Mommy says daddys gone. I hope he returns soon. There a banging at the door. I'm scared what should I do?

Day 45

It's me again. I just turned 8 years old. All I feel is pain. Right now I wanna tell you what happened to me. I got kidnapped, they stopped looking for me. The police gave up thinking I was dead. Heh. I wish I was dead. It would be better that way. So I don't have to endure the pain. Then again I fight, I always do. Even if the chained me down. I run every chance I get. Getting beatings every day and forced to clean up their messes. They are all monsters, I am starting to think the government is corrupted. No one gives a damn about me. Not god. Not slenderman. Not zalgo. Not Lucifer. Not death. Not even the so called helpful police. No one. Because everyone that cared for me is dead.

Day 50

Yup it's me again, sorry I did not write in this but I could not get caught with this. Right now I am 14 the age of experiments. Right now they are doing non-life threatening one's on me. I still get beatings, but not frequently and no more chores. They are still jerks so you could say they should go to hell. Life is pretty harsh but hey it could be worst, right?! I am starting to forget my name. They started calling me useless or worthless, I guess that's my name, but I won't except that so I am zf-428 now. Well see you soon, pray for my life to get better, even if that stuck up jerk of a god won't listen. I am now death's and Lucifer's favorite show to watch probably. …. If anyone finds this I hope it's not that captures but an innocent passerby.

Day 80

My life is slowly fading away I guess it is my time. I may live a horrible life but I just hope no one would have to go what I had to though. They are all dead, old age, caught, killed off, or suicide they are dead. All but one , the scientist that took pleasure in torturing me. I am right now 17 years old turning 18. Everything is going up in flames, except the flame proof blanket in my cage. This is where I hide this book. This is where I hide, but it looks like I am not going to make it… goodbye cruel world and good riddance. Let all evil doing that are in both darkness and light burn in the flames. I hope this world will come to be a better one.

Newspaper Clippings:

Dead body found with journal

A dead body of a 17 year old girl was found in the ashes of a burned down abandoned building by a girl named Gwen Dwalls. The time of death was around 11:45 pm at night on October 15 2016. The victim died of suffocating and illegal experimentation. The book seems to be the journal of the victim and was well hidden.

It shows the true horrors of the world. Let this poor helpless girl rest in peace. The book is now going into the museum to be kept preserved to be recorded through history, so it may never be repeated ever again.

Criminal found

The mad scientist found experimenting on a child found in an underground room. Kid was brought to a hospital for mental and physical rehabilitation. The man named Jones D. Gaven was arrested with his assistant Jewel P. Frea and was sentenced to life in prison. Will this world ever learn? Will history be doomed to repeat itself. can this poor kid recover from this event.

Painful truth

Never in life has anyone grieved. The child did not make it . A funeral will be made for James E. Heffner, a poor 10 year old kid. A memorial right next to Kath C. Diana the 17 year old that was kidnapped and suffered pain and revolting violence for 12 years straight. This is truly a tragedy among all things great.

Not has ever caused great sorrow among the mothers and fathers of this world. These tortured souls may never get a day's rest knowing that this community is getting worse than better by the day. May god give us hope that we get out of this slump and pick ourselves up to make things right.

Death Comes:

Kath's life (zf-428):

After the young girl wrote the last sentence in the book she closed her eyes letting the darkness consume her with open arms. Just then a dark inky shadow loomed over the dead girl's body grinning as it spoke with a mixture of a male's and female's voice. "Katheryn C. Diana, age 17 turning 18, died of suffocating and blood poisoning; nicknames are Kath, Ms. Balance, zf-428, useless, worthless and kitty. Had a good life, until it turned for the worst at the age of 4. Her mother got killed at age 4. Her father died in a car crash on her birthday. Was used as a punching bag so much, she can endure lots of physical and mental pain. Both optimistic and pessimistic, gave up on life at the age of 10 and accepted her fate, but still tried to escape. Hmmm interesting guess me and my 2 siblings will have to discuss of things on this one."

James (victim):

The boy gave one last breath before he flatlined signaling the hospital that he had passed. Everything was in a panic to reeve the boy, but it was all in vain. The boy's parents cried over the loss of their only son as they held onto their crying 5 year old daughter, trying to gain comfort in such a way. As everyone left it came again sighing as it looked at its paper in hand muttering something about a waste of life and how harsh the world is. Even though it enjoyed its job it also enjoyed life among the humans as well. "You will go to a better place James E. Heffner a place called heaven."

Jones (psychopath scientist):

Dyeing in his sleep from his nightmare sleep the enrage death admittedly took him to hell to never be reincarnated ever again. This man's soul keeps on repeating the same thing but gets worse and worse as time goes on. To be kept out he has a thorn in everyone's side and better off in hell and to be never used again.