The Meeting and Results:

At a meeting table all of the powerful supernatural creatures that gained immortality. God, Death, Lucifer, Dracula (Alucard), Ta ō (werewolf king), Tattina (fairy queen), Danny Phantom (ghost king), Bayonetta (queen of sorceress and warlocks), and Trina (shiftier queen) were all present.

"As you all know, we are here today about a girl's soul" death exclaimed with unexpected seriousness.

"And why should we care about death?" Alucard exclaimed impassively.

"She was neither good or bad was she" Lucifer grinned sinfully.

"Death" god pushed on for someone to continue.

"*sigh* No she was not. here *pic* this is her chained up soul" death exclaimed as an image on the table appeared.

"Hmm" Alucard exclaimed.

"Why is she chained up?!" Danny Phantom yelled while smacking his hands on the table.

"Thinking of your glory days as a half ghost half human, ghost king" snickered Bayonetta.

"Shut up! you stupid witch" yelled the ghost king enraged.

"How dare you, you insolent ecto ghoul" yelled Bayonetta.

"Enough! The reason is because of her past you fools' ' yelled death as he slammed his hands on the table. "Now let's get down to business" death exclaimed now calm.

~time skip~

So that's her life death exclaimed.

"wow. And they say I'm the heartless one." Exclaimed both lucifer and Dracula at the same time both not snickering and serious.

"how dare they do this to their own kind." Tattina exclaimed enraged while fluttering her wings at the same time as slamming her fist down at the table.

"I was thinking of something other than a normal reincarnation " death exclaimed while God nodded.

"ah~ you mean to do that" the others exclaimed muttering after words.

"Yes but we need all of you to agree" death exclaimed.

"I'm in" Lucifer exclaimed interrupted

"it seems fun and quite interesting " Alucard exclaimed finishing the thought smirking as others around them nodded even the ghost king agreed surprisingly.

After Training with Lucifer he gifted her with the eyes of hell. She can control fire with these eyes, but with the cost of feeling her opponents pain and to have constant nightmares that feed on her worst fears. Training with Poseidon and Zeus helped as well they gifted her with the eyes of the sea and the eyes of lightning. The eyes of the sea gives her control over water, but as a consequence she has to be submerged in water to be able to use the eyes since when active she can only breathe like a fish. With the eyes of lightening she can control lightning but every time she uses it she shall feel the pain of immense guilt. Earth's eyes were given to her when she trained with the fairies and shapeshifters. Thus given control over plants but in return she will know the feeling of all the plants around her, even their pain. Lastly Kami trained her so she could be gifted with Heavenly winds so she can control the winds but only for the defensive. This all took 2,714 years after that death took her soul and put her into a person's womb allowing her to have all her memories, the last thing she heard was the word Youthful.