Universe 6: Kefla-Till I Collapse

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Chapter 1:

Planet Sadala,

"When can I expect you home darling?," Sierra asked.

From the other side of the screen her husband Clark responded, "not sure, really depends on how long the boss out here plans to keep the job going."

Sierra nodded, "so then its safe to say I probably wont see you till some time tomorrow?"

Clark sighed, "I'm sorry."

Shaking her head, Sierra assured her husband that it was all right.

"I wouldn't want you to come to harm because of me," Sierra expressed.

Clark took a quick look around, most likely making sure he was out of ear shot from anyone that could hear him.

Thinking he was in the clear for now Clark whispered in a serious voice, "It doesn't matter what happens to me, if any way you were caused pain then I would go any route to heal you from it."

Blushing, Sierra thanked him graciously before checking the time. Strapped to her wrist was really an advanced form of a watch like the one she had back home.

Checking it she noted that it was time for her to get back to work which was mostly likely the same case for Clark to.

He of course never liked the fact that they forced to keep their contact short but knowing the likely outcome that came from defying work he kept himself in check.

"I love you Sierra, and I miss you every time we are separated like this," Clark proclaimed.

Deeply touched by his words, Sierra told Clark that she missed him too and that she loved him with all her heart.

After saying her goodbyes, Sierra shut of the communicator and got up from her bed. Groaning as she did so.

It was becoming harder and harder to maintain her responsibilities now that she was five and a half months along, but she pulled through by reminding herself that it was truly in the best of her, Clark, and their as of yet born child that she continue.

Making her way out the door, Sierra began her long journey.

"That's it little one, its okay," Asagi whispered soothingly to her daughter.

She had returned home for maybe six minutes, and all the ready the kid was at it again.

Adjusting her arm a bit, Asagi watched with a smile on her face as her daughter went to work.

"You know," Asagi commented, "as of now I can't see what all the big fuss is about. So far your showing the traits of a Saiyan."

Asagi laughed when she felt her daughter go harder, "you've already drove me crazy with how many times you have asked to be fed."

Reflexively, her daughter's tail began to swing back and forth in the air, probably signaling some sort of agreement.

Asagi studied the tail for a second and suddenly all her amusement was begging to fade away.

Her eyes wandered down to her free arm were on her hand and wrist layed the splatter of blood.

The Doctor had splattered the stuff on her right after she had killed him.

Asagi brought the blood coated hand up so that she could see it more clearly.

It had been a long time since she had claimed a life and although the thrill was there, what overshadowed it was a great deal of shame and regret.

There was no honor to be gained based on the actions she choose to make. The opportunity given was not one of purity, rather it was one clouded in disgust.

But, Asagi took her attention and placed it back on her daughter, those choices she had made were only that much more necessary.

Upon finally reaching her destination, Sierra stopped to take a quick breather.

Her back was killing her, and it was taking a toll on her ankles making it difficult to walk as well.

Anyone else would tell her that she should not be doing this.

However, Sierra still punched in the code to the home and proceeded to make her way inside.

"Hello?", Sierra called out. Wanting to make sure if anyone had returned since she had left.

Asagi's eyes shot open after hearing the voice ring throughout her home from downstairs.

Instinctively she stood up and got into a defensive position.

However, once that voice called out again did she get a chance to take it in and soon it became recognizable.

"Sierra?", Asagi asked.

From downstairs, their came back a confirmation.

Biting her lip, Asagi pondered the best course of action to take.

Her daughter had finished eating and was slowly entering a nice little nap session. So that took care of that little problem.

Though this did not help the even bigger problem.

Once again, Asagi felt herself put in the spot to make a drastic decision with little time to do so.

Sierra was surprised that Asagi was home so quickly.

The other had informed her that she would be going to Zadis in order to take care of the birth of her new child.

Asagi had not specified the time that she would be gone but Sierra had assumed it would be a while.

Hearing the sounds of footsteps, Sierra turned to see Asagi walking slowly and cautiously.

And when she got a better look she could not help but gasp.

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