Maleficent didn't repress the growl that lingered in her chest as she moved from her makeshift bed along the lower branches of a tree.

"What is so important that it can not wait until one gets adequate rest?"

She grumbled, taking a note at how the girl at least had the decency to seem repentant.

"Sorry, I know you must be tired but my aunties and I were talking and I think we came to an agreement but I need your opinion on it."

Aurora responded, earning a sigh from Maleficent who sat back, closing her eyes once again.

"Alright, get on with it."

Maleficent didn't need her powers nor to look at the girl to know that her response had earned a grin.

After all, she knew the girl well enough.

"Well none of us would be very happy living in my father's place and my Aunties seem to really enjoy being back in their original size…"

Maleficent knew the girl was drawing out the explanation for some reason though the fae paid it little mind.

"The point Beastie."

She lightly quipped, allowing herself a small smile in order to ensure the girl didn't misread the situation.

Last thing she needed was the girl questioning things more.

"Well...I was wondering if I could live with you? We'd have to work out all the finer details because I can't just quit school or leave my friends but I'm sure we can figure something out and…"

Maleficent cut her off, dropping from the tree in front of her.

"Is that what you want?"

She responded, watching ayd the teenager seemed to brighten slightly at that response.

Had she expected to be denied?

"Yes. That is if you'll allow it."

Maleficent gave a nod then, unsure what to do.

"Why would I not?"

trying to resist the urge to step back when the girl moved to hug her for the second time in the last twelve hours.

That was definitely going to take some getting used to.

"Thank you."

Sighing, Maleficent allowed herself to fold a single wing around the child.

They would eventually be alright, she knew, though only time itself could see to that.

"There is nothing to thank me for, Aurora."

Glancing up she saw Diaval watching from a nearby branch, earning a silent challenge from the Fae, although she found that she didn't mind him witnessing this as much as she would anyone else.

In the weeks that followed, Diaval began to notice a gradual change over both Aurora and Maleficent as the clouds of the battle seemed to lessen its hold on Aurora and the Guardian of the Moor becoming somewhat more relaxed.

At least in areas that didn't concern Aurora's friendship with a certain human boy.

"You know, say what you will about it but that boy isn't so bad."

Diaval commented one evening as they watched Aurora lead Philip around the Moor, pointing out this or that to him.

"He is human."

Diaval just arched a brow at that and glanced over at her.

"So is Aurora."

He countered, earning a huff in response so he added:

"Besides, it will be good that she will have one friend who knows the truth. At least give him a chance"

He didn't get any indication that she heard him then, though as she seemed lost in thought.

After several minutes, Maleficent stood, pushing herself off and hovering briefly as she said

"I have work to do. Keep an eye on them."

In that next instant she was gone, faint trails of golden magic left behind her, causing the area around it to rejuvenate.

"More like avoiding the conversation."

he commented, mostly to himself before his attention was drawn back toward the teenagers as Aurora laughed at something that Philip had said.

Yes, it seemed that things were slowly getting better on all accounts.