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Chapter 3: Meeting Luna

The last days of summer vacation passed away with outward calmness. While Mrs. Weasley scrutinized Hermione's clothes for the next few days after their encounter, seeing the teenager in jeans and long skirts seemed to mollify the matriarch and she went back to her usual friendly if controlling demeanor.

Hermione, on the other hand, was thinking furiously. The spanking from Mrs. Weasley had taught her several things about herself that she now needed to ponder.

First, looking back on the experience, Hermione realized she had very few regrets about the affair. Being unwillingly spanked into obedience like a naughty child was one of her deepest fantasies, and having it fulfilled by a completely unexpected source did not change that. True, in the moment, the pain, humiliation and loss of control had all been rather frightening. Now, though, Hermione wished she had stayed stubborn for a bit longer, and properly put Molly's spanking arm to the test. The shock and surprise had led to her submitting a bit too quickly for her own tastes.

Yes, her pride was hurt, and a reckless part of Hermione wanted to once more parade around in skimpy attire in front of the woman. Hermione wanted to let Mrs. Weasley know that she was far from cowed, and maybe invite a repeat performance. Even the large number of other people present in the Weasley household wasn't really a deterrent. Now that she was coming to terms with it, Hermione realized she might have a bit of an exhibitionist streak. A tiny part of her was actually disappointed that no one had walked in to witness her bending over and getting her arse smacked.

But while she could fantasize about it, Hermione firmly refused to act on the impulse. First, there was no telling how Mrs. Weasley would react to a repeated transgression. Getting in touch with her parents, getting other adults like Mr. Weasley involved, or even throwing her out of the house - all of these were possible reactions, and none of them sounded fun.

The second, and much more important reason, was Harry.

Once he'd gotten over his initial amusement, his chivalrous streak had come to the fore. Even though Hermione was completely accepting of her punishment, he still hadn't liked the idea of someone else beating her. It took quite a few hugs and kisses to keep him from glaring daggers at Molly for the rest of the vacation. Not that Hermione minded - Harry was just so adorable when he got protective, hugging and kissing him was the very opposite of a hardship.

Hermione had seriously considered just coming clean and admitting to Harry that she enjoyed being spanked. But then that would mean admitting that she was all right with getting spanked by people other than her boyfriend, and that was a conversation she felt they were a bit too early for. Besides, while getting spanked by Mrs. Weasley had carried it with it the thrill of the forbidden, Hermione had no doubts that Harry was the one she was really interested in. And not just to satisfy her kinks either. Now that they were boyfriend and girlfriend, Hermione found him a great person to spend time with. When they didn't have Ron hanging around whining about having to study, Harry had a genuine curiosity about practical magic, and they had found mutual enjoyment in researching interesting charms and hexes that were not covered by the Hogwarts syllabus.

And Harry was so wonderfully tactile. While initially skittish, he'd quickly gotten fond of physical contact, and they had spent many pleasant hours just holding hands or hugging while walking around Ottery St. Catchpole or watching the sunset. And he was such a gentleman about it too. He seemed to genuinely enjoy simple friendly contact, and would never get handsy unless Hermione asked him.

No, it was a very good thing she had with Harry, and she wasn't about to let some random fantasy interfere with that.

Another thing that Hermione had learned, was that she needed to start stocking up on healing potions. Immediately following the spanking, sitting down to the Weasley family meals had been quite an adventure. Her bruised arse had protested heavily against the plain wooden chairs, and she had spent that first dinner wondering if anyone would notice how gingerly she took her seat, or how stiffly she sat in an effort to keep from squirming. It had honestly been kind of exciting, but the lack of options bothered her. If she had some Bruise-Healing Paste handy, then it would have been Hermione's choice if she wanted to sit through dinner on a sore behind.

Plus, there was the issue of Voldemort. While only Harry had witnessed his shade in their first year, Hermione had no reason not to believe him. And considering Pettigrew, who knew how many other secret Death Eaters were running around. Not to mention the known Death Eaters like Lucius Malfoy. And while magic capable of healing things beyond cuts and bruises was too advanced for even Hermione, potions were an excellent stopgap. True, most healing potions were fifth year and beyond, but Hermione was the girl who had successfully brewed Polyjuice Potion in her second year. In hindsight, Hermione actually felt extremely stupid. All of last year they had worried about Sirius attacking Harry, yet not once did she take any cautionary measures like stocking up on Blood Replenishing potions and Essence of Dittany.

Well, she was going to fix that. The chaos at the Quidditch World Cup had made it clear there was trouble brewing, and Hermione was going to be doing some brewing of her own as soon as she was back in Hogwarts. Starting with Bruise-Healing Paste. Given what a trouble magnet he was, Hermione expected Harry would be needing it more often than she did!

All in all, Hermione thought the whole thing had been a positive experience. She and Harry were closer than ever, she'd gotten to scratch an itch, and now she had a project to keep herself occupied at Hogwarts. Even Harry, when she mentioned her plans to him, agreed that keeping a stock of potions on hand was a good idea, and had volunteered himself as her assistant in spite of his distaste for the subject.

There were just two things bothering her. First, Hermione had been looking forward to engineering her second spanking session with Harry, but that had fallen by the wayside thanks to recent events. And second, Mrs. Weasley seemed to think she'd done a good job 'reforming' Hermione, and Hermione didn't want to leave her with that satisfaction. And so Hermione planned. It would take some good timing, but she had an idea on how to hit two birds with one stone.

September 1 dawned a slightly cloudy day, with a chance of rain. The entire Weasley home had descended into chaos as last minute packing was done. Harry was sitting aloof by the fireplace, above it all. Hermione had easily persuaded Harry to leave with her early with the promise of some alone time on the train, so as ten o' clock arrived, Harry was waiting for her even as the rest of the Weasley children ran around looking for things that they really should have gathered yesterday.

Mrs. Weasley was also there, trying to talk him into waiting for the rest of her brood, when Hermione strode into the kitchen, dragging her stroller trunk. "Are you ready, Harry?" she chirped happily. "Then let's go. Bye, Mrs. Weasley! Tell Ron we'll see him on the train!"

Briskly moving past the two, Hermione picked up some Floo powder from the jar above the mantel and bent down to toss it into the flames. Above the sound of the flames flaring and turning green, Hermione heard the gasp of shock. Looking back, she had to fight from smirking. Harry's eyes were glued to her rear, and well they ought, seeing as how she was wearing the exact same short skirt that had so provoked Mrs. Weasley, and bending down would have given Harry a good glimpse of her underwear, a skimpy blue thong chosen for the occasion.

Judging by Mrs. Weasley's open mouth and darkening face, she too had recognized the offending garment. Not giving her a chance to speak, Hermione gave her a cheerful wave before winking at Harry and stepping into the fire. A few seconds of spinning and smoke, and she was stumbling out on to a mostly empty Platform 9.75.

Harry followed a moment after, and Hermione had to reach out a hand and steady him as he almost fell face-first out of the fireplace. "Easy there, Harry," Hermione chuckled.

Huffing, Harry regained his feet, then glanced down at her skirt. "Hermione, what are you doing wearing that? Wasn't the last time enough for you?"

"So Mrs. Weasley noticed, did she?"

"She'd gone purple in the face! I left before she could say anything to me. Seriously, Hermione, what the hell?"

"Two reasons. One, I know you love me in this skirt. You said you love my legs, and I love showing them off for you. And two, Mrs. Weasley needs to learn that she does not dictate to me."

"So you did it just to annoy her."

"No, I did it because you like it. Annoying her was a bonus."

"Except I specifically told you not to upset her," Harry observed tersely.

"I know," Hermione looked down meekly. "You said you'd punish me if I did it. And Harry, I'm willing to accept my punishment." Then Hermione raised her eyes. "But, I am not apologizing to that woman, and don't you ask me to!"

Harry gave a sigh and ran a hand through his already messy hair. "All right, hopefully Mrs. Weasley will cool off in time. As for you..." Reaching out, Harry took Hermione's hand in his and started leading her on. "Let's get to it."

Hermione's breath hitched. "Wait... here? Now?"

"If we can get a free compartment, then yes, now. Once Ron joins us, we won't get any time to be alone until the weekend, and I'd rather get it over with right away. So move it."

Hermione could feel her heartrate kick up. It always turned her on when Harry acted assertive. And now he was proposing to spank her on the Hogwarts Express, surrounded by their unknowing schoolmates! He couldn't have pushed her exhibitionist button harder if he had tried, and Hermione had to keep herself from rushing forward in her eagerness.

Alas, for a time it seemed luck was against them. In spite of their early arrival, every compartment they looked into seemed to have at least one occupant. Hermione was keenly aware that any minute the rest of the Weasleys would show up to spoil her fun. Harry must have felt the same way, because when he spotted a compartment that only seemed to contain a single younger girl, he knocked politely at the door.

The girl, a skinny blonde waif with long lanky hair and slightly bulging eyes, looked up and bade them enter. Her first words, delivered in the same tone as one might comment on the weather, was, "You're Harry Potter."

Harry nodded, "I am. And this is Hermione Granger. I don't think we've met...?"

"No, we haven't. I'm Luna Lovegood. Did you wish to sit here?"

"Ah, not quite. Miss Lovegood..."

"Luna, please."

"All right, and you can call me Harry. Luna, could I borrow your compartment for just ten minutes? I need to have an urgent and private conversation with Hermione. I know it's an imposition, but if you could help us...?"

"Oh. Of course. Happy to help." As the girl stood up, her large eyes turned from Harry to Hermione and back again. "Are you sure you need only ten minutes? I can wait longer if you need it."

Harry flushed as he realized what the girl was insinuating, and Hermione couldn't help but giggle. "Yes Harry, only ten minutes? Are you sure?" she laughed.

Harry spluttered for a bit, before he firmed his voice. "Only a few minutes Luna. Thanks a lot."

"You're welcome, Harry." As the girl dreamily wandered into the corridor, Harry closed the compartment door and drew the curtains. Then silencing charms were swiftly applied to the doors and windows. By this time, the butterflies in Hermione's stomach had started dancing a jig. As Harry turned to her with a stern look, she felt a heady mix of arousal and fear course through her veins.

Silently turning around, Hermione bent down and placed her hands on the seat. Reaching one hand back, she flipped up her skirt.

Harry swallowed. The lacy blue thong Hermione wore did only the minimum to protect her modesty, the creamy swell of her bottom was almost completely bared for his inspection.

Hermione peeked back and gave him a grin, "Do you like my new underwear, Harry? I picked it out for you!"

Harry swallowed and cleared his throat. "You knew you were going to be punished and you picked underwear that would barely cover anything?"

"Well, its not like regular knickers provide much protection. I figured if I did get spanked, I'd at least get to give my loving boyfriend a show," Hermione explained, smiling, even as she gave her bum a saucy wiggle.

Harry swallowed again, eyes transfixed. "Ah. That's... very nice of you..."

"Isn't it?" Hermione shifted her weight from one leg to the other, and she almost laughed as she saw Harry's hypnotized gaze following her swaying bottom. "Since I'm such a good girlfriend, maybe you could go easy on me?"

That seemed to snap Harry out of his daze. "You are not getting out of this now."

Moving into position, he raised his hand. Hermione turned her eyes to the worn leather of the train seat and braced herself. CRACK!

Hermione gasped in shock. That stings!

Three more echoing smacks followed on alternating cheeks. Each one drew a hiss or a gasp, and tears started prickling Hermione's eyes as she swore she could feel palm-shaped brands forming on her buttocks. Either her mind was playing tricks on her, or Harry was spanking her way harder than last time.

Peeking back and watching Harry deliver the fifth spank, Hermione was certain it was the latter. Standing as he was, Harry had the room for a good wind-up, and was putting his entire body into each swing.

Hermione closed her eyes and gave a soft moan as the sixth spank crashed into her bum. Harry's not holding back at all! He really means to punish me this time!

Eyes closed, Hermione imagined she could feel the intent behind each slap. Each time Harry's hand landed, the pain carried a message - You've been a bad girl, and you deserve to be punished.

I have, and I do, Hermione mentally replied. Her whole world narrowed down to her burning bottom, and the more subtle heat growing in her core. As the punishment reached an even dozen, Hermione could feel the tears starting to drip down from behind closed eyelids. Soft gasps gave way to sharper yelps, and sighs were replaced by sniffles.

Shifting her feet and gyrating her hips, Hermione wriggled her bum in a futile effort to relieve the sting - and also to give her boyfriend something to aim for. I hope Harry enjoys the show! He really is so good to me!

After Hermione had mentally counted twenty spanks, there was a pause. She could hear Harry's breathing, heavy from exertion. Then his warm fingers were gently cupping and giving a brief message to her burning buttocks. "All right Hermione. You can get up now."

Twenty spanks was much shorter compared to the last time Harry had punished her, but Hermione wasn't complaining - the blazing heat told her Harry had put every ounce of strength behind each spank. Hands clutching her bottom, Hermione oohed and ahhed as she hopped on her toes, doing her best to soothe her aching rear. After a moment of that, she turned to her boyfriend, smiling through her tears. "Wow Harry, you really gave it to me!"

"Well you really asked for it!"

This had them both laughing as they hugged. Hermione buried her face in Harry's shoulder and simply enjoyed his gentle warmth. After a minute of being held, Hermione felt she had recovered enough to face the rest of the day. Sharing a kiss laden with promise, the teens separated. Harry dispelled his spells, pulled back the curtain, and opened the compartment door. "Luna? You can come back in."

The blonde girl was humming as she walked back in. "All right then, Harry?"

"Oh yes. Thanks for loaning us the compartment, Luna. We'll be going now," Harry replied with a smile.

"I don't mind sharing. It's not like I'm waiting for anyone," Luna offered. "And the train's filling up."

Hermione glanced out the window. Luna had a point - in just a few short minutes, the platform had grown far more crowded. Still no sign of the Weasleys, though.

She shared a look with Harry. "We're only really expecting Ron..." Hermione murmured, and Harry nodded.

If Luna was pleased they had accepted her invitation, she gave no sign, her face retaining the vaguely puzzled expression she had worn since they met. The two newcomers quickly stowed their luggage and took their seats.

Or tried to, in Hermione's case. Sitting down a bit too quickly, Hermione gave a hiss as her throbbing rear forced her halfway back to her feet. I never realized how hard these seats were! A second, more cautious attempt saw Hermione finally seating herself. It's going to be worse once the train starts.

Looking up, Hermione flushed as she realized Luna had seen her little dance. Hermione was just wondering if she should ignore it or try to make up some explanation, when Luna turned to Harry and said in her disinterested tone, "Tell me Harry, is it hard babysitting someone your own age?"

Hermione felt her jaw drop and her face grow as hot as her bottom as her brain came to a screeching halt. Harry too, seemed briefly lost for words, before he managed to choke out, "Babysitting?!"

"Well," Luna place a finger on her chin in a thinking pose. "You're certainly not her parent, but you just gave Hermione a spanking. So that must make you her babysitter."

Hermione was spluttering, trying to decide exactly which part of that statement to address first, Harry chose to focus on the practicalities. "How did you know? I silenced the door."

"Maybe," shrugged Luna. "But if you look, the door's only a part of it, there's also that bit of plain wall before the next compartment starts. If you aimed only at the door, then the spell field might not have extended all the way. I think that's what happened."

"H-how many heard?" choked out Hermione, horrified.

"No one else, I think. It was quite faint. I could only hear it because I was leaning against that bit of wall while I waited."

Embarrassed, Hermione wanted to accuse the girl of eavesdropping, but Luna's frank tone and untroubled gaze forced her to leave such accusations unvoiced. Harry too seemed uncertain how to proceed, which gave Luna a chance to drag the conversation back to her point of curiosity. "Harry, how did you end up as Hermione's babysitter? Did her parents hire you?"

"He's not my babysitter, he's my boyfriend!" Hermione snapped. Taking a breath to calm herself, she continued, "And, if you must know, we have an agreement that if I do something wrong, he can punish me for it with a spanking."

There was a long moment of silence. Harry still seemed to be struggling to speak, and Hermione was trying to come to terms with the fact that the first person to find out about the true nature of her relationship with Harry was a complete stranger. Maybe this is better? I can find out how other magicals will react to something like this without involving our friends...

Hermione's train of thought was thoroughly derailed by Luna's next observation. "So... he's an unpaid babysitter?"

That was too much for Harry, and he burst into laughter. "Un... unpaid...Hah! Ha-ha-hee! Good one, Luna." Barely keeping his mirth in check, Harry continued, "I have to admit, sometimes I really do feel like an unpaid -hah - babysitter."

"Harryyyy," Hermione whined, but under her mortification she could feel her own laughter bubbling up. Luna, Hermione felt, had a very strange sense of humor.

"To answer your question, Luna," Harry said cheerfully, "It does have its downsides. For instance," he held up his right hand, the pam of which was still visibly red, "Being Hermione's babysitter - sorry, boyfriend - can be quite hard on my hand."

Feeling ganged up on, Hermione pouted and looked away. Luna, in the meantime, was making sympathetic noises at Harry's situation. "That looks like it hurts. Oh, wait, I have something that could help you out."

"Really? What?" asked Harry curiously.

"A hairbrush!" exclaimed Luna. "It's a pretty large one made of wood, I think it would work much better for a spanking than your hand. You can borrow it if you want."

Hermione's attention immediately whipped back to the conversation. Part of her was horrified at the thought of Harry spanking her with a hairbrush borrowed from this little minx, and the other part was very curious as to what such a spanking would feel like. Would it sting worse than Mrs. Weasley's spoon?

"I don't know, Luna," mused Harry with mock gravitas. "Do you think your hairbrush will work on Hermione?"

Luna seemed to ponder this with utmost seriousness. "You'll know how tough her bottom is better than me," she declared. "But you can inspect my hairbrush. Shall I get it out of my trunk?"

Hermione couldn't help it. In spite of the embarrassing topic, she let out a snort of laughter. She simply couldn't tell if Luna was serious or not, and that somehow made everything funnier. Her mirth set Harry to laughing as well, but that didn't stop the banter at all. Hermione found herself cheerfully participating in a discussion that may as well have been titled How to Spank Hermione Granger. From that rather niche interest, they moved to more general topics. By the time the Weasleys finally arrived and Ron dragged the conversation to Quidditch, Harry, Luna and Hermione had accomplished much.

First, they had established that since Luna was a 3rd year Ravenclaw, it was logistically infeasible for Harry to borrow her hairbrush whenever he needed it. Either Hermione's spanking would have to wait a day or two, or Harry would have to use his hand or some other alternative.

After discussing proposed alternatives, it was agreed that the simplest option would be for Harry to use his belt. Hermione objected on the grounds of her bottom being too delicate for such harsh treatment, but her laughter detracted from her argument, and the motion was carried.

The next thing to come under fire was Harry's subpar transfiguration skills. Hermione herself pointed out that the cane had been the traditional implement of corporal punishment in muggle Britain, and as a muggleborn it was only right and proper that her bottom be made to uphold tradition. However, the easiest way to source a cane in Hogwarts would be to transfigure one. Hermione had sufficient skill for the task, but since she refused to "conjure a rod for my own bum", Harry found himself saddled with homework even before the school year had started.

Once the topic of transfiguration had been introduced, school work came to the fore. Hermione and Luna both bonded on their love of Runes, though Hermione was more focused on the practicalities of enchanting whereas Luna had more interest in the historical aspects. Harry on the other hand was far more accepting of Luna's theories on magizoology.

Hermione found Luna clever, quirky, and possessed of a truly outstanding poker face. While Harry was clearly treating the discussion on spanking as a joke, and Hermione was treating it mostly as a joke (while taking mental notes), Luna had maintained the same distant semi-serious air throughout. And yet, that very seriousness made everything ten times funnier for Harry and Hermione. By the end of that train ride, Luna had cemented her place as a friend to both Harry and Hermione. And Ron might call her 'Loony' and Ginny might roll her eyes at Luna's ideas, but it didn't matter to them at all.

It was easier for Harry - he was always delighted to meet someone who treated him as Harry Potter rather than the Boy-Who-Lived, and her being both clever and funny was a bonus. Hermione though couldn't quite forget how the conversation had started. But, in spite of the specter of hairbrushes and belts and canes and other such horrible things being introduced to her poor defenseless posterior, Hermione had a feeling that - much like the morning's spanking - being Luna's friend would be worth it.