Disclaimer: I am not Stephenie Meyer, so I do not own Twilight. Probably a good thing, because I suspect it would be a much darker story if it had been mine.

AN: This story is going to be written in a driblet to drabble fashion. Individual chapters will average between seventy-five to three hundred words and there will probably be several updates a day. I know most people who write drabble fics tend to write more romantic or comedic style fics with a tendency towards fluff. That isn't what this is going to be. This story is going to be high angst with potential triggers, major character death, and possibly more. This story is set at a junior high level, and while there will be some early budding romance in it, for very obvious reasons, lemons won't occur. Also, I'm tempted to rate this T because it truly is a YA story, but I'm worried the topics that will be covered may be significantly disturbing so I'm rating it M for safety. And finally, to keep word count more accurate, I won't be posting the disclaimer every chapter like I do with most stories.

We Saw the World End on a Tuesday

Chapter 1

She rubbed her eyes, wishing the teacher would stop blabbing on and on. It had been a long evening with her best friends the night before as they'd stayed up to the wee hours until finally her oldest bro, Garrett, had threatened to tell dad.

But it had been so much fun to gossip about the newest movies and music with hushed whispers about the hot boys in school thrown in at the most inopportune moments.

And still, even knowing she was going to fail her English test next period, it had been worth it.

Who honestly cared about a book about rebelling farm animals?

Sleepovers were far more interesting

"Bella, care to solve the problem?"

Shit! She had no idea what the math problem even was. Damn Mr. Molina to the deepest pits for calling on her.