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============= A dusty, shady old restarunt. Earth, 2077=============

"Dya hear that folks?! Its gonna be a scorcher!!" A man with an accent on the holographic vision unit said. Four of them

were placed in the high corners of the restaurnt.

"Damn. Its always like that." Someone said.


"What do you expect? Earth is nothing more than an old desert! And this old crappy wooden piece of a restarunt

doesnt help!!" He banged his fist down on the wooden table. Everyone was silent except the TV like thing. The fans creaked

above head, providing the only cooling system.

The waitress walked out from the bar to one of the tables with a glass of water. She set it down andwiped her forehead with

one hand.

"Well.Know this is the only place within 300 miles and one of the best areas around. Be grateful! We only

have a gallon of water left!" She stomped away but the man grabbed her by the skirt and pulled her on his lap.

"No. Theres more water, you're just not lookin' hard enough" He said and tightened her grip on her.

"N..no! Theres not! This was our emergency supply. You'll have to go elsewhere..Im sorry! Please let go of me sir!!"

He growled and tightened his grip even more. The woman whimpered. Then. The doors were kicked open. A lady walked in.

She had long orange red fiery hair in a ponytail. She wore Internet goggles atop her head. She had tan skin and wore a

white tanktop and blue jean shorts with a gun in the back pocket. And old dirty sneakers. But most of all...she had a big

bottle of ice cold freash glistening...water. She held it upside down above her head and squeezed the valuable water all over

her hair. She shook her head back n' forth like a dog.

"Whew! That feels good!" Ed laughed d grinned. She walked past the guy and the waitress up to the counter.

"Helloo! Service! Service!" She banged her fist on the countertop. The guy let go of the girl as she ran up to the impatient


"Mmmm..Ein and Ed would like a sundae" The guys laughed.

"All the icecream is melted..." The waitress sighed.

"Awwwwwwhhhh!" She snapped her fingers and stomped her foot. She ran over to the Tv like thing and changed the channel.

Everyone in the restarunt watched. She flipped it to a channel with a bounty hunter show. A man's face showed. He had brown

hair and a mustache and a scar on his left cheek. Just then the man who had held the waitress coughed. He coughed

and coughed and and covered his face with his jacket.

"Have you seen this guy then?" She asked and tapped the screen. The waitress nodded and pointed to the man that had grabbed

her but her was already gone!

"Ed will get him!" And ran after him.

"Whos Ed?" The waitress asked.

"ME! Ed is Ed of couse!" Edward replied tired of people ALWAYS asking that. She was STARTING to talk like everyone else

but she found it easier to talk just like her old self. She found herself staring out at the desert wasteland with no one in sight.

"Now where did...-VROOOOOOM-" Ed looked to the left and saw the dude running off with her ...or Spike's ship, the Swordfish!

"AHHHHHH!!! NOOOOOOO! THAT'S ED'S SHIP!" She waved her hands and ran after it. It was just picking up speed but Ed was quick.

She lunged and grabbed hold of the side just as it lifted off the ground.

"Wheeeeeee! Get 'em Ein!!" She said when she came opened the door.The welsh corgi in the front seat barked "OKAY!" And bit

the guy's butt.

"AHHH-OWWWWW!" The guy yelped and let go of the steering wheel.

"Alleyyy--oop!" Ed sand and swung into the Swordfish, closing the door and kicking the guy out of the way. She quickly turned it

to autopilot and grabbed a piece of rope and quickly secured the guy to the backseat.

"Bang!" She laughed and pointed at the gun as if shooting a gun. It was Spike's "trademark" and now her now that Spike had...

passed away. He was her hero.She sighed. And took the wheel, proud of her bounty capture but...something had bothered her. It

was the 6 year anniversary after *his* death.

"Cowgirl Edward Won Hau Pepalou Trivisky the fourth misses Spike person...A lot."