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"Ed can hack hack into net net!" She said.

Spike shrugged and said. "Yay Yay." Sarcastically.

"Ooooooooh." She looked around and pulled a pad from her other pocket. She typed on it quickly and soon was done.

"Three, two, one. BLAST OFF!- BOOM!!-" The concrete walls collapsed as a Edward had said "Blast". She looked over at Spike who was still sitting down. Ed put her hands to her hips and said.

"This hyper hacker getting too much for you, old man?" She grinned that oh-so-famous bounty hunter grin that spelled "Attitude" all over it. Spike closed his eyes and lightly smiled, he then placed his hands on his knees and stood up lazily. She then turned back to the area where the wall had exploded. Spike looked over at her, at the corner of her eyes. They sparkled from her child-like antics but also showed fire blazing in her eyes. Yeah. She was a true bounty hunter, all right. Then his eyes wandered down to her mouth which was curved into a grin.

~ She's either forgetful or incredibly brave ~ He thought, remembering her sudden change in attitude. That was good, he hated to see her like that, the way she was on the Bebop, scared and helpless looking. Even though it was only barely 30 seconds time but he was a quick thinker. And the last few thoughts that floated through that head covered by fuzzy green hair was this…. That in a strange and disturbing way, he and Ed were a lot alike. He closed his eyes and lightly shook his head with a smile laying on his lips. He looked back up to where Edward was standing, Spike now parallel to her, looking into the dust which was now clearing, showing two shadowed figures.

When the dust cleared, two women, around Ed's age apparently stood back to back. The one on the left had long brown hair tied into a braid, wearing simple plain clothes, a dark shirt and dusty jeans and sandals to top it off. On the other hand the girl on the right had short pink hair and had mysterious violet eyes, with a incredibly flurry of an outfit. Black tube top and jeans but were colorfully decorated, ribbons and glitter. But that was nothing compared to the jewelry. Pink, silver, bright colored wristbands, armbands, collar, small wings on the back of her shirt, and more.

Spike lifted a brow at this. Here he was, being busted out by Ed and two girls that in which one wore enough stuff to melt Spike's eyes. But, calmly he looked down over at Edward by his side who ran up to the two.

"Great…thanks a LOT Ed.." Spike mumbled and turned around to hear alarms going off. The three girls giggled and then stopped once they heard the sirens.

"C'mon, lets go!" The one with the wild pink hair ran up ahead as a small gray ship landed in front of the group. Spike eyed the craft, noticing the name, Death Angel. Spike rolled his eyes at the girl-ish ship name. Just as people started to run out, the four were crammed into the small craft meant for two or maybe three. The girl with the pink hair at the wheel of the craft was named Sera Grey or as her net name, Seraphim, Spike soon learned. She was Ed's hacking friend and was also a bounty hunter along with her cousin, also a hacker bounty hunter friend of Edward's, named Kitty Nelson. Kitty typed away quickly supposedly shutting down the whole power system of the facility Ed and Spike had been on while the younger cousin, Seraphim, gabbed and talked away about how she heard all about Edward's old adventures of the Bebop crew. Ed and Spike sat in the back, squished together. Ed was so deeply into Seraphim's talking that she completely didn't mind being squished in the backseat. Spike on the other hand shook his head and muttered.

"Obnoxious little girls.." But surprisingly, all three heard it clear as day and turned and glared at Spike. Spike froze and tried to avoid their gaze. Seraphim made a pouting face and whipped around.

"I was done talking, anyway." She spat and gripped the steering wheel tightly, remaining quiet now. Kitty laughed a bit.

"It's okay, she's always like that. A lot of people are. But you shouldn't of said such things, Mr. Spike, you should actually be thanking us, or else you would still be back in that facility, blah, blah, blah, blah…" The rest seemed to be blurred together as Kitty droned on and on about Spike's comment. Seraphim nudged her in the arm and Kitty quickly straightened up and blinked.

"Oops! Hehe! Sometimes I do that! I go on and on, and --" She was once again stopped by Seraphim's elbow, this time, harder. Then the lecturing brunette held up her arm and examined an old dusty watch secured around her wrist. Spike was in the seat behind her and saw over her shoulder. The watch was an extremely old type. One perhaps from the late 20th century, to where, one would actually have to decipher it from the numbers I-XII while an arrow ticked around it from the center. Spike didn't know much about early technology but he wasn't an idiot. He pointed something out to her.

"It's not working." He observed as the watch stood still. Kitty smiled lightly and nodded, locks of brown hair falling over her eyes. Spike didn't want to pry into a girl's business, personally, he didn't care for that matter. He just wanted to find that son of a bitch who killed Faye, Jet, and Ein. And make sure Ed was kept safe…

Sera flipped the radio on. A newscaster told the local news for the nearest planet, Venus, but the Death Angel was now en route to a spot on Mars where hopefully the police department of investigations would just forget about the incident and the questioning. They already all the needed information and besides Ed got upset when the subject with details was brought up. For some reason he felt strangely protective over Ed, a feeling that was particularly strong, more than just a "friend" vibe. Of course right now the three hackers and Spike are trying to escape a police department so the romance part of the story wasn't quite eminent in our dude's mind. Maybe in a few paragraphs, ne?

-- We have a new news breakthrough on radio station BV3456.72 [ Random numbers…fun J ]--

" Uh-oh… We're busted." Seraphim muttered. -_-;

-- After an earlier explosion at the Mercury Police Headquarters, several police offices were reported dead.

A female police officer, Veerah, stumbled upon the scene of the crime, she said, in quote

"The disappearances of two witnesses to previous murders of Jet Black and Faye Valentine may be connected within these recent murders. Autopsy shows that the two murders of Black and Valentine were through the same methods.

All the information we have now is that they were all killed by a mixture of katana and bullet techniques. We will hold our search for our two escaped witnesses to delve deeper into our current problem."

And in recent news…--

Kitty, Seraphim, Edward, and Spike were quiet as they exchanged glances..

Speaking of Spike..

His head hit the back of Kitty's chair as he muttered "Damnit." Ed looked over to him, the fiery orange eyes sinking down to the color of a soft sunset. In a soft tone, much different from that of which she was a child on the Bebop, she whispered to Spike.

"What's the matter?" She leaned forward, strands of hair slipping over her small ears.

"You friends her could be in some danger here." Was his response. Ed gathered the information quickly and understood. The two cousins in the front seat exchanged glances. If the murders were connected then Seraphim and Kitty could be the killer's next target. But what was with the style and method of the attacks?

Spike and Edward seemed to be on somewhat of the same psychological level, hence, another way the two were similar in more than one way. Katana and gun. Edward pondered deeper into this but the flashbacks of her slain friends, covered in blood, expression of horror across their faces and their hearts no longer beating made Ed choke on her own breath. She squeezed her eyes shut and bit down on her lower lip and slightly shook her head. Spike lifted his head up and looked at the two cousins, in which they were now approaching a small space colony satellite [not the moon type of satellite].

-- Approaching. Earth. -- The Death Angel's computer navigation system said in a female monotone voice.

"Well. With the recent news of that--" Seraphim started.

And Kitty finished.

"We should stop on Earth." She said with a grin and then again checked the broken watch.

It was true, with all the murders and cops going around, Earth is the place where there wouldn't be many problems.

Earth was just a crappy piece of rock taking up space in the solar system. So there they stopped and Spike hopped out first, as Ed slowly climbed out, tripping as she was then caught by Spike who helped her back on the ground.

Seems like she was shaken by the new set of the ten people murdered. That totaled 13 already…

"They look like a married couple." Sera whispered to her cousin who nodded, grinning.

Then some one was seen running, scrambling over a rock, yelling at the top of her lungs,


"WHERE?!" Spike, Ed, Sera, and Kitty yelled.

Kitty and Seraphim exchanged glances as they were still in the Death Angel and all of a sudden, the ship started to life off as Kitty yelled out the window down at the dumbstruck idiots a.k.a. Ed and Spike.

"Uh.. We'll come back for ya later! Byeee!" And then the ship was gone.

"Yeah right." The two muttered as the Cops' sirens were heard in the distance.


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