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Unintentionally pegging Uchiha Sasuke with a honmei-choko to the mouth during the heat of retaliation was one thing, but having him swallow it whole in front of a gathering of his fan club took things to a whole other level. The mob of girls that rushed to the scene had Naruto exiting quickly, but his anger with Sasuke remained.

Spending time alone, however, did wonders, and after nightfall came and went, Naruto discovered he was able to sleep peacefully without the usual hunger pangs clouding his every thought. By the next morning, the benefits of the extra calories were clear as day. Sure he hated the embarrassment that resulted when he ate the teme's chocolates, but food was a precious and scarce commodity, and with a sliver of hope, he rushed to see if any spare treats were left in his bag. By a sheer miracle he was in luck! Sasuke had stashed a few more boxes of the mouthwatering delicacies underneath his belongings. Taking care to ration them, he tucked the prized delights into his refrigerator to rest on the once empty shelf.

Thanks to those heavenly morsels, over the next few weeks, Naruto found he was able to think clearer, have more energy, and felt better than he had ever had in months!

In the meantime, Sasuke was noticeably absent from his vicinity unless they were forced to train together or on a mission, but even when around the other, neither spoke. Naruto hesitated, and Sasuke plain refused. Friends and acquaintances kept their mouths shut while in Sasuke's presence, but Naruto knew his rival wasn't deaf. The whispers of their peers and their recollections of the infamous honmei-choko feeding was likely loud to his ears too. Backhanded mockery was a regular occurrence in Naruto's life, but the blond knew this kind of treatment was new for the touted prodigy, and over time as Sasuke became even more distant than his usual self, Naruto began to feel a little bad for him. Worse yet, once the anger passed, the more he thought about it, he realized Sasuke hadn't been under any obligation to leave him chocolates or any food for that matter. In fact, being nice was something extremely rare from the boy. All at once, a stray thought had him backpedaling. What if Sasuke was only going out of his way to be generous? Naruto froze. Shoot! If that was true, did it seem like he was ungrateful? When he remembered how he repaid him by flinging chocolates back at him, his stomach fell.

It wasn't easy thinking of a way to repay his arch rival, especially when it came to kindness. Naruto hunkered down and thought. Monetarily the Uchiha was well off and appeared to have so much more than he could ever dream of: gobs of fangirls, top ninja aptitude, and a Kekkei Genkai to boot, and he wondered, what more could he possibly want or need? The answer came in the most unexpected way when he recalled Sasuke's title of last Uchiha. Sasuke lacked a family, and in many ways was just like him. He, too, was very much alone in this world. Being an orphan definitely had its downfalls and loneliness was one of the worst of those reasons. Naruto felt even guiltier knowing he had caused his friend further ostracizing with the unfolding of events he caused. There was no way he could bring his family back, but then a bright idea came his way...

Apologizing was going to be tricky since he'd waited so long. An Academy mishap was no doubt still a sore spot with his friend but since heart felt apologizing had worked in his favor once before, Naruto figured it might be able to help him again. He knew words were empty unless the owner could convey they were truly sorry, and whatever he did, he had to mean it. Stricken with the need to set things right, he grabbed a pen and scrawled a note.


I was a jerk. I did like the chocolates. I know you're mad but let's call a truce. To make it up to you, I'll agree to be your secret slave for a day. Meet me at the bridge tomorrow at noon if you accept. Remember, this offer is good for tomorrow only. After that we call it even.


The note was slipped into Sasuke's mailbox and all had to do now was see if he would show up.

Sasuke was not one to easily appease, but having Naruto be his secret slave for a day was quite an alluring offer. He could definitely think of a few things he could make him do that would bring him great satisfaction. It might not wholly make up for the embarrassment, but it could potentially help, so he made a decision to meet him up with the dobe the following day... their one day off.

"You ready?" Sasuke asked when he located the blond at the bridge.

Naruto nodded, albeit hesitantly. It dawned on him volunteering to be a slave for the Uchiha just might be bad idea, and the alarm that should have come at the beginning of initiating this whole thing began to surface. Oh man, what was I thinking? He bit his lip. Still the deal was sealed with his word. He just hoped he was right about Sasuke's good heart or he was in for a terrible day.

Three hours into things, there was no doubt Naruto should have listened to his instincts. There was no way he was ready for this. Absolutely NO WAY, and he was out of his mind for even thinking the teme had a good heart! The inane tasks asked of him and the embarrassing way he asked him to perform them.


Naruto was a jokester who had been mocked by the Village his whole life. He could dish as well as he could take, but NEVER would he see some of the most common items like a toilet, a tongue, and a toothbrush, in nearly the same way after this stint with Sasuke, and he was ready to pummel him with the slightest provocation. Thinking of all the evil ways to get back at the Uchiha, he was ready to forget his deal and ditch fulfilling his slave compliance when his stomach grumbled right as Sasuke was retrieving a tomato from his kitchen table. His rival stopped and frowned, and then something unexpected happened. After Naruto was done cleaning, Sasuke set aside a bowl of instant ramen and ordered him to sit and eat. Naruto was sure it was a trick, but when Sasuke just stood there and waited for him to comply, Naruto had no choice but to do as he asked. To his surprise, when he took a spoon to sample the broth, it was warm and delicious. After a short period of stalling, and nothing seemingly awry, Naruto's hunger pangs had him throwing caution to the wind and plowing in. Gulping it down by the mouthful, Naruto didn't realize how hungry he's been, until he'd slurped every last drop, licking his lips for good measure. Sasuke then told Naruto to wash the dishes, and once the blond finished, he made an unexpected announcement.

"One more thing and you're done," the Uchiha declared. Naruto at first perked then inwardly groaned at what he feared would be his biggest punishment.

"Retrieve the package at this address and bring it back for me," Sasuke stated, handing him a numbered receipt with nothing but an address and the letters PAID in red ink stamped on it. "Once it's delivered, we'll call it even."

Naruto quirked a brow at that. Wondering what the catch was, he hesitantly took the paper. Why would Sasuke dismiss him that quick and with such a seemingly easy task? But when his rival said nothing more, Naruto, pushed away his skepticism, pocketed the slip, and took off.

Curiosity ate away at him on the walk to his destination, and once Naruto verified that the address on the receipt indeed matched the address to the old weapons shop, his interest intensified. Weapons? Naruto wondered.

As the bells on the door tinkled, the owner of the shop went from happy-go-lucky to wearing a frown. "What are you doing here, brat?" He mocked at the demon child that entered his establishment.

"I'm here for a pick up," Naruto said, pulling out Sasuke's golden papered receipt. Just when he was going to retort, the burly man stopped any word from flying out of his mouth. Gold receipt paper from his shop was only given to special customers, and recalling his conversation earlier with the Uchiha boy whose prominent family was a key supporter of his shop in all the years past, he swallowed his remark and quickly went to the back to retrieve the package.

"Make sure you deliver this in perfect condition," the shop owner warned, not trusting Naruto in the least bit. "He's one of my special customers and I won't have a runt like you messing up anything. Got that?"

Naruto did not appreciate the distrust in the man's voice but nodded all the same. Without question, he would have to be careful with the package, especially knowing he couldn't afford to buy anything in the shop, and he quickly moved toward the door to exit.

"By the way, be especially careful with the box on the top," the shop keeper stressed. "That's a little something the missus made as a thank you for our special customers."

"Got it," Naruto responded and set off before any more demands could be made of him. He nearly tripped on the uneven floorboard at the entrance to the shop, earning him a glare from the shopkeeper, but the packages remained safe in his arms and he quickly started on his way back, wondering what in the box was so heavy. A wide grin was plastered on his face by the time Naruto crossed the street. He was incredibly happy to being so close of fulfilling of his debt to Sasuke, he could taste it! Now all he needed was to get the packages back to the teme and they would be even. Even and done!

With a frown, Haruno Sakura made her way down the street. For several hours, she had walked the Village in search of her teammates. Kakashi-sensei had granted them a day of rest, but even so, she hoped she could meet up with the boys for a little impromptu training of their own. Sasuke had gone missing, which was a little odd, but when Naruto was nowhere to be found, she couldn't help but notice how unusual that was. She knew the two were trying not to run into one another, and it was understandable they might both trying to be make themselves scarce, but both at the same time? What was up with that? She ran into nearly every classmate and friend, but none knew of their whereabouts. More suspicion came when not even Yamanaka Ino knew where the infamous Uchiha had taken off to. Today just happened to be White Day and she'd be lying if she'd said she wasn't secretly hoping Sasuke was out buying a present to gift to her on this romantic day of returned affections. Still, even if that weren't the case, one would think someone would have a pulse on his whereabouts...unless of course every girl who had a crush on him was giving him space to see if he were going to do the same for them. She wrote this off as a possibility but it didn't seem likely.

Just as she turned the corner, she brightened. At long last, she spotted one of her missing teammates. Naruto of all people coming out of Konoha's most expensive weapon's shop and sauntering down the road with a huge grin on his face.

"Hey Naruto!" she called. "Have you seen Sasuke?"

Immediately his smile fell and he nearly dropped the packages he was carrying.

"Wh-why would I know where the teme is?" he tried to ask without letting his nerves show.

"You both haven't been seen all day by anyone," Sakura replied, making him gulp.

"Ahahahaha, what a coincidence," he exclaimed nervously. "Anyway, I don't see him anywhere around here," he said looking side to side. "Do you?"

But before she could answer or inquire about his packages he scooted back.

"Anyway, I've got stuff to do. Gotta run Sakura-chan!" And then he was off.

Now normally Sakura would have taken his answer at face value, but the way Naruto was acting was definitely suspicious. Just the other day, he was trying to corner her alone so they could spend some time together, but a second ago there was no mention of even hoping to see her later. It also didn't sit right with her that the boy was dirt poor and he was carrying not one but two packages. Not only that but he was exiting an expensive weapons shop with them in hand when he couldn't even afford the 3 required Kunai just a few weeks ago.

Just what was he up to?

Curiosity got the better of her and she dropped the idea of training, along with her search for Sasuke, and instead took it upon herself to trail the blond troublemaker.

The path he took was in the opposite direction of his way home and surprise welled inside of her when she saw where he ended up.

Sasuke's house? What in the world are you doing here, Naruto? And why are you bringing him gifts?

She scampered behind a nearby bush and quickly positioned herself to listen in.

"Teme, hurry and open up. It's me. I'm back," Naruto yelled kicking the door since his hands were full.

She was sure a sharp retort would lash back at him telling him to scram but her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when said door opened for the blond and the was greeted by, "What took you so long?"

Wait... Sasuke was expecting Naruto?

"Geez. Hurry it up. This box weighs a ton!" Naruto complained.

"Shut it, dobe."

Remembering this task would be his last work as secret slave to Sasuke, Naruto let the comment slide.

"Of course, Sasuke, DEAR" he quipped sarcastically.

Dear? Sakura's eyes went wide.

"Idiot! Just set the goods down here and be careful." He pointed to the bench out front.

"Fine. Fine. Here you are, Sasuke-kun," Naruto said with a tease, batting his eyelashes for good measure, just like those annoying fangirls of his. Proud of himself, he smirked at Sasuke's irritation that earned him a vicious glare. Placing the boxes down with care, he dusted off his hands. "There. We're good now, right?"

Looking down to see not only a large cardboard box but a small one on top, Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"Wait, I instructed you to bring one large box. What's this?" Sasuke asked of the small box on top.

"Oh, yeah," Naruto remembered. "It's some sort of gift that goes with your purchase."

"A gift?"


"What kind of gift?"

"Well, how am I supposed to know?" Naruto spat, annoyed.

Wondering if it was a trick, Sasuke glared at the blond. It wasn't beyond Naruto to play a prank after he had fulfilled the end of his deal.

"Open it." Sasuke demanded.

"Wh-what? Why me?"

"I said open it!" Sasuke insisted with finality.

Naruto huffed and shifted uncomfortably but he did as he was told and unwrapped the small box as Sasuke watched him.

A shiny gold foiled box appeared, surprising both of them. All at once, Sasuke knew it was nothing Naruto would ever be able to afford, and he quickly deduced the box had to indeed be a gift from the shop keeper.

"Give me that!" he demanded as he snatched it away from the blond.

"Geez! One minute you ask me to open it and the next you're grabbing it back. What's with you?" Naruto grumbled as he scooted toward him and curiously looked down to see what was in the box.

Sakura waited with bated breath too.

The Uchiha tilted his head down and peered down to inspect its contents. Ten tiny beautifully sculptured chocolate kunai lay within. The heavenly smell of the chocolate treats wafted in Naruto's direction and his eyes went wide. Sasuke's stunned look and the pure ridiculousness of the whole scenario hit Naruto and he suddenly burst into laughter.

"Sas...Sas..."he could hardly get out the words. "Kunai chocolates! Your favorite!"

Sasuke paled as he lifted one the delicate treats from the box. Not only was this a tease but it was better than any joke Naruto could have come up with, only he knew it wasn't his doing. The expensive gift was definitely from the weapons shop. He quickly covered the box and muttered a "Shut it!" grabbing both boxes and blustering into his house with a final slamming of the door.

"You're welcome teme," Naruto laughed.

In a flash, Sasuke's front door opened and a cluster of kunai sped by at lightning speed. Naruto swiftly stepped to the side as they pegged the trunk of a nearby Japanese maple tree instead. The door was then slammed shut just as fast as it was opened and Naruto walked over to said tree.

"Kunai?" For me?" he said in jest. "Thanks teme." Naruto chuckled as he walked away.

Sakura froze. Shock didn't even begin to describe what she was going through. Wha...? How could this be? Her mind raced to wrap her head around what she just witnessed. Did Sasuke just accept White Day chocolates from Naruto? And was that Naruto who just received a gift in return?

The tall, fierce Ninja then stared down at the Hokage's young son, eyes glaring red.

"You can only imagine what happened after that," he said with a growl.

Boruto could only gulp.

"Now," he said nearly grinding his teeth. "Assuming you hope to live, and I hope you do...this story will NEVER to be repeated." The threat was there.

"Uuuuuunderstood," Boruto said with a shaky voice.

"And you now understand why I don't care where you found this mold or who you heard about Sasukunai chocolates from," he seethed. "Right?"

Trembling, the blond nodded.

"So follow MY orders. Burn this mold. Stop interest on this matter, and NEVER EVER mention White Day or Sasukunai chocolates again! Got it?!"

"Yes Sempai!" Boruto was quick to agree. He should have never listened to the gossip that the Sasukunai chocolate were named after Sasuke and rushed to the conclusion it was his favorite treat. That Sarada! He was sure she knew about this and purposely fed him an incomplete story just to get him in trouble. Unfortunately right now with Sasuke-Sensei's intense glare on him, he would have to bow his head and hold his tongue on this for the time being but...

Uchiha Sarada! he seethed. "You big sneak! Think this is funny? Yeah, right. Just you wait. Laugh all you want now 'cause it won't last forever. One day I tell you... if the opportunity arises, I, Uzumaki Boruto might just return the favor back to you big time!

The End

Isn't it funny how some things change but some don't? I don't know if I'll continue this but I had fun imagining the children of the next generation learning about the history of younger days of Team 7 through Sasuke in crackfiction and as always I enjoy seeing what trouble might be incurred with a bit of incomplete information. I hope you readers have a Happy White Day and unlike these characters, your love is returned in a good way, without any misunderstanding. Thanks again for reading, and remember, to promote more story sharing, don't forget to spread the positive constructive review. It's the best treat ever! In this time of the pandemic, I think we all need a little more love and good news with the sudden outbreak of the corona virus! Take care everyone.