A.N: I got this idea when I read a question on VampireMeerkat's tumblr asking what would happen if Marie was raised by her father's family (To know more about that search in her wiki). So she answered that Marie would grow up to be a well-behaved aristocrat girl, and that she will end up with Edd regardless. Obviously the well-behaved part could be questionable with her sisters' influence in this story, so that's a thing.



*Lemon Brook, Eighteen years back*

The wind was strong and unstoppable, and the soft rain was leaving drops of water everywhere. A young redhead woman, barely entering her twenties, was walking through, on her way to the manor on the outskirts of the city. Her will was stronger than the weather, so she kept walking.

Her worn out shoes were a pain, and her coat wasn't so much of a help against the wind, but at least was useful at protecting the two living things she was carrying in her arms. She held the umbrella closer to her body. Luckily her babies were sleeping. Or so she thought until she felt those kicks inside her belly. Well, almost all her babies.

Plan B didn't work, so now it's time for plan C, even if she wasn't sure whether would work or not. Although she new little of Bubba's life before she met him, at least she could gain some valuable information, beside catching the slimy rat cheating on her with a harem of women he was living off. Her first boyfriend was a jerk, but at least he taught her how to do some pick-pocking.

She found out that 'Bubba', her second boyfriend, wasn't even his real name. More like Bobby Juna, only heir of a family of barons and baronesses. Well, now he wasn't the only heir, but she will make sure his family knows that.

She made it to the big gates that separated the land from the rest of civilization. And just in time, because the already grey sky was getting darker with the night. Lucky for her, there was a guard on a hut beside the gates. She got closer and knocked on the window. The man in there looked up, and seeing the young woman's face, with traces of beauty hidden by tiredness and exhaustion, got out quickly with a flashlight in hand.

"May I do something for you, ma'am?" he asked worriedly.

The woman held back a grimace. She hated being looked down with pity, but now she needed to choke throw away her pride and focus if she wanted to get this done.

"I need to speak to the Baron. Tell him it's with extreme urgency." She grinned a little. "He's gonna like what I have to say to him."

"You expect me to believe the nonsense that a pauper like you speaks?" Laughed the Baron once gathered in reunion.

They were on the Baron's office for meetings, the young woman sat on a sofa, rocking the girls hidden by a blanket covering her arms to avoid getting unfortunate attention, or well, to avoid that the girls could see something that could upset them to let out the faintest of sounds. Since she met the man in front of her, she could see why her ex lover ran off from home; the man, who seemed to be in his mid fifties, was an unpleasant person, with total lack of esteem for those who were in the lower class. Well, at least he had some manners, making his insults sound a bit less offensive. The Baron's wife, who seemed a lot younger than him, maybe in her mid thirties, had been standing on a corner of the room all this time in silence, though watching the interaction with caution.

"It's the truth. Your son had been living the life on pubs, seducing women and being with many of them at the same time, always behind their backs." She replied with the calmest voice she could speak, although on the inside her calm and patience were crumbling down, wanting to scream this man all the things she could think of, not even caring if he was a noble or not. She couldn't stand Rod's sexism, much less this man's.

"My son had made a mistake by running away from home, I can admit that. We are making all we can to find him. But you are saying that he was in an area that we already have search in, and committing such vile acts? That is preposterous!"

"Maybe you're not doing a really good job looking for him, sir!" Her voice raised enough to disturb the girls in her arms, specifically the little one, who started to whine. The Baron turned to her with annoyance, words ready to let out. Although, before he could do it his wife spoke up.

"Aw… A baby." She said with the sweetest voice the young women had heard. She walked to her, smiling to the bundle she was carrying. The young woman stilled when the Baroness pulled the blanket back to see the little toddlers; a redhead girl, about a year old, who watched her with fearful eyes, clinging to her mother's chest and another one smaller with blue hair, who was the sobbing at this point. "They are so adorable." She murmured.

The Baron, on the other hand, didn't look moved by the toddlers at all. "That is the reason you have come here? You expect me to give you money for this information?"

"No." She turned to the Baroness in front of her. "I've came here 'cause your son left a legacy."

She used the hand that was holding her eldest daughter to pull back the blanket all the way from the two. The Baroness gasped, reaching out yearningly to take the little one in her arms and getting her closer while rocking her arms to soothe her cries.

"Your son made a fool out of me and left me a daughter. I already had one and I have another one on the way now. You'd understand that it'd be difficult for me to raise all three of them in the conditions I live in. And I also think that you'd understand that without your son, you can't keep on with your lineage. You need this child."

The man was visibly mad and gritted his teeth upon the move that the young woman had made on this game. He walked to his wife, who was making faces to the baby, trying to make her laugh. He watched the girl closely, she certainly have some of his father's looks, but it was difficult to notice them with the color of her eyes and the little spots on her cheeks which she clearly had inherited from her mother. But there was one feature he could not ignore, and that was the blue hair.

"What did you say your name was, young lady?" He asked not looking away from the baby.

"Bebe Kanker, sir." She answered with a serious look on her face, while on the inside she was feeling satisfied by getting a reaction out of him.

"Kanker… Are you by chance related to Lord Kanker?" he questioned. "I sincerely do not remember if she had a daughter."

Bebe breathed in. "I'm a bastard child."

"Ah, I see. An illegitimate child. Well, I am most certainly satisfied to know my son had the decency to mix his blood with someone illegitimately from a noble family."

He seemed pleased, so she wasn't going to ruin it by telling anything about the probably other children Bubba had helped to procreate. Not even that her own father didn't know about her existence and that she only took his last name to tick her mother off.

"Well, I decided to have mercy on you and keep the child. You do not have to worry about her never again."

That doesn't sound good.

"Wait, what?" she got up from her seat, holding her eldest daughter with one hand.

"Isn't this what you wanted? A problem less? A mouth less to feed?" He questioned with annoyance.

"Ok firstly, she isn't a 'problem'. And secondly, yes but… I'll let you guys raise her under conditions…"

The Baron and Baroness now were looking at her, the woman still rocking the baby.

"And would those conditions might be, if I may know?"

"I still wanna see her… At least once a month — I'm her mother after all. And that her siblings have the chance to grow up together with her."

The nobleman seemed to consider it for a minute, and then nodded.

"Very well, your demands will be answered. Now if you excuse me, I need to contact my lawyer to write the adoption contract you will be signing." And with nothing left to say, he walked out from the room, leaving the two women alone.

Bebe didn't know what else to do, other than fixing her eldest daughter's curly hair, who started to talk a little for attention once the Baron's frightening presence was out of the room.

"She is so adorable." She hear the Baroness say. She turned just in time to see her sitting down on by her side on the sofa. "They both are."

She didn't know what to say, so she just thanked her.

"Especially my granddaughter, little… Oh, excuse me, what is her name?"

Bebe gave the first genuine smile of the night. "Marie."